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Good Roads, Biennial Sessions, Special
Courts, Railroad Legislation, Taxation
And Other Important Matters.
Columbia, January i8.--Tuesday
being the anniversary of the birth
of General Robert E. Lee and a
legal holiday in this State, the gen
eral assembly adjourned on Satur
day until Wednesday.
A good deal of work was done
during the first week of the session.
-Good roads, biennial sessions, edu
cation, taxation, railroad legislation
and a number of other important
measures have already been touched
upon. The elections will be held
on Thursday and then both houses
will get down to the real work of
t lie session and there will be noth
ing to interfere with that work.
The elections will be held on
Thurscay, beginniiig at 1 i o'clock,
and are to be taken up i:i the fol
lowing order: Associate justice, for
a terni of eiglit years; two directors
of the StatI penit(,itiarN, for ternis
of two years a State libirariall, for a
terinl of two years; a dispensary
co.1iimissioler, for a terml of two
years; a chairman of the State board
of dispensary directors, for a term
of two years; two members of the
State board of dispensary directors,
each for a term of two years; two
trustees of the South Carolina Col
lege, for terms of six years each;
three trustees of Clemson College,
for terms of four years each; two
trustees of the State College, at Or
aigebur, for terms of six years;
two tru.stees for Winthifrop Collce,
for terms of iix years, It the elee
tionls are 11 coicluded by 2-15
o'clock pro'isionl is made for a
recess initil 8 o'clock, wh1 en the\,
are to be resu ied.
Vorimer Senator Mcl)ermotte, of
I-orry, ias announced himself a
candidate for the position of chair
man of the dispensary board in op.
position to I-Ion. H. H. Evans.
All inlicationis point to Mr. Evans'
Mr. W. D. Black has withdrawn
from the race for liquor commis
sioner and Mr. Tatum will pe elect
ed without opposition.
The other races remain practically
order the same as stated in the last
issue of The Herald and News.
The house has made a special
of all bills relating to biennial ses
sions for WVednesdlay at 12 o'clock.
Three bills for the regulation of
-railroads have ailreadly passedl thle
house, as follows:
Mr. Beam guard's bill providing a
penalty of$i o a dlay in addi tioni to
the penarh'es ailready' imposed for
the unireasoniable dlelay ini the ship).
tuent and delivery of anly goods;,
wares and merchandcise by any
railroad or other connnon carrier
for hire in this State.
M.Coggeshall's bill providing
that after the 1st (lay of May, 19o04,
all railroad companies in the State
shall transport to their destinaton
all freights received for transporta
tion wit hini points in the State of
.South Carolina within the following
.times after the same shall have been
received: Within 48 hours, between
points not more than ioo miles dis
tant; within 78 ho.irs between
points more than ix and not more
200 miles distant, within 96 hours
between points exceeding 200 miles
Mr. Dorroli's bill abolishing sin
gle truck cabs on railroads.
MO. Johnson, of Fairfield, has in
troduced a bill to )rovide a penaltv
of $5,ooo against any railroad cor
poration on which a head-end col
lision or wreck occurs from which
there shall ensue death or personal
injury through the carelessness,
incompetency, recklessness or fail
tire oil the part of the railroad com
pany to take the necessary precau
tion to prevent such collision or
wreck. The penalty is to be paid
to the State treasurer.
The house has passed to a third
reading a bill introduced bgs Mr.
Doyle providing that it shall be un
lawful for any prerson to sell, bar
ter or give away or treat another to
any malt or intoxicating liquors
within three miles of anly votim
precinict dn primlay r
.ther election day, nn-der a penlalty
tierevof of not llore tlann S-1 1101'
less tllan ' ,o, or ;o tlays imprii.
nVilt 6ith or w\ithout labor.
FA\\ L.\ JoIR.
There has already been discnssiion
in bills providing additional puiili
ment for violatorF of farm labor
contracts, and it is probable that i
some action will be taken along this
line dit,-ng the session.
Considerable discussion was pIro
voked in the house oi Tllursdav on
a bill to reduce the tax on fertih
7ers, which tax now !1os to the
support of Clemsn. ()I llotin o'f
Mlr Kihler the dhi.-MassionI w,et 81.
journledi until Th':ursday,, b c:
which time it is thought. "he h-me
wouldl have reports befo:c it con (-.
ing ilformatioi ol which to tal-c
intelligent action.
'Plie senate on Thursday rejected
Senator Mayfield's resolution pro
viding for the paymient of the rail
road fare of county supervisors who
attend the good roads convention to
be held here.
Mr. Aull has intoduced in the
house the following road bill which
was referred to committee and
which, at Mr. Aull's request, will
not be acted upon until the Good
Roads convention meets and makes
its recommendations:
Section 1. That tihe Governor- Is
here by authorized and directed to
apploinIt and( conniniissioni two d is.
creet electors in each coutiy L in tile
State, whose Ltnni of oflice shall h)e
four vears floiin date of the coill
iissionl and( wllo, witlh tlle c.oulity
superv1\isOr, sllall he kniowtl as tlle
counity good roads euunnIis.sionlers,
who shall he ~ auttorizedl and1( emi
p)owered to performi the (lit ies here
inafter mione)101md.
Section II. That the coun tty
goodl roads con uissioniers p)rovidled
for ini this Act are hereby author
izted in their dliscretioni to order a
sp)ecir.1 elect ion for the purpoI)se of
deciding upon the (questionl of issu
ig interest bearing coupon bonds
or of voting an annual tax, not to
exceed two mills in lieu of bonds to
be used in macadamizing or perma
Be on hand rain or shine
big values to little prices a
veying away some of the
on the wheels of reduced i
to brave any kind of weath
rhese Prices Hold Good For Only Four
50 Pieces English Long Cloth, 12 yar
[00 Pieces India Linen worth 20c an
or less at I 2'c the yard,
50 pieces White Prsian Lawf. oril
to a customer a h d
I 0 pieces New iV,zh .4-"'
the b i u d ' !,ca le, IN Oc the
25 piece~s NeOw Piues. as; whl.ite as tI
for this big UIO i, V 1 s th:
\ big pile of Check mn- , woIth 12
100 Large White Bed #preacis, worti
1 00 Large White Bed Spreads, worti
30 fine Marseilla'. Quilts, worth $2.5
5 fine Marseillas Quili:s, worth $3.5(
ive Thousand cakes of Fairy and Fai
Three Hundrad Pair of Lace Curtains 1
100 pair worth 8 I .50 to go act only.
100 pair wor '2.0') to -.> at on l
100 pa woih .3 0 . at are
20 Rea~:y Made Iew 2ases
We place on sale about i
3ols worth $1.50 $1.75 and
this sale, your choice at 9E
Thousands and thousands of yar<
Neek for less than half price.
Our entire line of Ladies' and Chi
First cost.
The E .ding Store
11ud hiighw~ays in) said 2ount y, except Shall beL. hld( at the V
1s hereinafter ptovided. \And that .a 1!iw establis ii
saidl elect.ioni shall be~ ordereCd antd (1uringk' the houris
ield after the nulJicationi of t heons at thle tiine ad'
iotice thereof once a wveek for at not ice of said( electioi
east four consecutive weeks in one agers atppointed for t
r more of the papers p)ublishedl in ,said count y' g(ood roa<
bhe county. That said notice shall ers ; that the return of
uet forth the object of the election shall be made to thc
uo ordered and the amount of the roads comliuissioners
>onds or the number of the mills week after said el
:o be voted oni. determination shall
We have hitched up
nd the team will be con
most durable bargains
)rices. It will pay you
er to reap the benefits.
DaUs--Wed.,Thurs., Fri. and Sat.
I lengths .. . 98c Pc.
d 25c, 1 2 yards to each no more
25c and 35c, riot over 10 yards
, Ii-s, w Ith 25t i 35c for
CA 1,
e droiven snow and writh 25c,
I U(
C And I 5c for this sale 9c.
$1.50 for this big sale, 98c.
$2, for this big sale, $1.43.
0 and $3, for this sale, $1 .98.
J and $5, for this sale, $2.98.
rbank's Tar Soap, 3 cakes for 10c
o Be Closed Out at a Sacrifce,
- -98c p3air.
- - -. $1.43 pair
- - . $ ' ,94 pair
-. 49c each
PASOLS, 98c.
wo hundred fine para
some worth $2.00 for
3 cents.
is of embroideries to be sold this
Idren's Underwear at less than
>f New./berr"y, S. C.
said ch-etio i ce of appeaLl.Cl b, na(le withIin onie
>)tinlg pr.eiint; week thlereaftvr to thle State board
each (c(nult v of 81 cavaSers. w ic boar )0:1( sha:ll
genierl e lee- haive suIch j i l ollu as unow ex
'ertised iln the (reised under1( generlal electioln
andl by man.- i ws.
at purpose by Sect ion IV ThIlat the qu festioln
is COnunl)ission..- shall be sInflitte(i to such g lli fied
said inanmagers:electors as are free- holders of the
county good county, and at such eleCtionl there
within one shall be written or printed onm ballots
e.ction, whose to be prep)ared1 by said1 conIuission
>e finmal unless rrotiue - pae-.

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