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---- ) 1 0. T'WICE .W E EK, 1 . 50 A YN R R
Miss LaBorde Elected State Librarian
Messrs. TowllI and Boykin Members
of the .Board.
(Special to Herald and News.)
Columbia, January 21.-In joint
session of the general assembly to
da [yiHlon. C. A. Voods was elected
associate justice of the supreme
court to succeed himself. ir.
'Woods had no opposition.
D. B. Puerifoy and J. 0. \Vingo
were elected members of the board
of directors of the State peniten
Miss Livnie I0al3orde was elected
State librarian to succeed herself.
She was opposed by several ladies.
W. 0. Tatum, of Orangeburg,
was chosen liquor commissioner.
T he I on. 1. 11. E va s, of N ew -
berry, was elected chairman of the
dispensary board of directors, re
eiving 99 votes. Mr. Evans was
opposed by Former Senator and
now County Treasurer McDer
motte, of Ilorry.
Messrs. John Bell 'Towill, of
Batesburg, and Boykin, of Ker
shaw, were elected members of the
board of dispensary directors.
The board, as will be seen, will
be constituted as follows
II. II Evans, chairman ; John
Bell Towill and loykin.
Columbia, January 21.-The
gencral assembly convened yester
day at noon after a recess taken
since last Saturday. The day was
very ulleventful in both i houses,
except for a message from Governor
-eyward in regard to lynching and
an a(ldress by Senator Latimer.
Senator Latimer's address was
made at i o'clock, in response to
an invitation sent him last week.
It was a presentation of arguments
in su pport of his bill now pending
in Congress to secure. gov'ernmient
aid in tile building of good roads.
Governor H-eyward's special
message, which, it will be seen,
was insp)ired by the recent lynsch
ing in D)orchester county, was as
TIo the H-onorable the Gentlemen of
the General Asseibly:
In miy annual nmessage to your
hlonorab:e body reference was made
to lawlessnecss in our State, the fre
(quenit occurrence of lynching being
* sity of respect being p)aid to tihe law
*by civilized commllunities was urged
in thlis conniectionl. Vou, the law
makers, hlad not been assembled
here a week when another evidence
of this lawless spirit is given in tihe
lynchling at Reevesville.
The governor is popularly cred
ited with the power to prevent or
punish these outrages against the
State. In reality he is practically
powerless. When notified, he may
sometimes frustrate the mnob by the
employment of troops, but when
the crime has been committed his
hands are practically tied. The
meagre rewards he has been Cin
powered to offer out of his contin
gent fund have proven ineffectual,
and this is as far as he is permitted
to go. In ie meantime the spiril
of lawlessness is unchecked. Any
band of lawless men may fee' se
cure in taking the life of a fellow
being oil almost any pretext. This
deplorable condition ought to be
remedied. To compel greater re
spect, the proper respect, for tihe
majesty of tile law I recommend
the enactment of special legisla
tion in reference to lynching, that
the great responsibility of officia!!.
directly charged with enforcing the
law be brought home to theim, and
that more effectual meisures be
taken for the apprehension of per
sons who take the law in their own
hands. /
In lieu of some legislation, I sug
gest that the governor be provided
with an adequate fund for the pur
pose of suppressing lylciling-a
fund that may be used in offering
suitable rewards or in obtaining
evidence against lynchers in such
manner as may be deemed best.
I sincerely regret the necessity I
for this and am not desirious of ad
ditional responsibilities, but I will
not shirk any duty that the general
assembly may see fit to impose for
the welfare and good name of South
D. C. Heyward,
The memorial from the State
Temperance Law and Order League
was received in both houses as in
Ii the house all unfavorable re
port was received oil the bill to
change the time for the imeetifig of
the general assembly to the secoln(l
Tueslay in May.
Senator Brice introduced a peti
tion from the vomen of Yorkville
asking for the removal of a (ispeil
sary by popilar vote.
Senator -lard in's concurrent
resolution providing for the change
of the name of the Columbia Female
college to Columbia college and
emipo,wering the trustees to dispose
of the present property if desired,
was passed and sent to the house.
A resolution was passed granltinig
a chlarter to thie South Carolina
Immigration society.
Senaor Butlerslbll to exempt
Cofdrte soldiers fr.-om peddlers'
and hlawkers' licenses was sent to
the house.
Itemls of More or Less Interest Condensed
In the State.
A negro nlamledl Jiml Stevens, liv
inIg oil Mr. 3. D). Prothro's p)lace,
ab)out seven miles from A ikeni, was
shIot and killed by Mr. Jacksoni
l'aninmg, tile overseer. Thei troul
hble grew out of a dispulte over water
ing stock. The negro shot Mr.
F'anniing with a shot-gun, pepper
ing hlis face withi bird shot,
The execultive commnittee has
issued a call for a mneeting of the
State Republican convention on the
24th day of Fear.
Another Meeting This Afternoon to I
committee Rleport- Statement of Pro:
perity's Financial Condition.
Tihe citizen,; of School Dist:
No. I 4, in which is Comprised
town of Prosperity, muet in
chool building at Prosperity
I'uesday afternoon to discuss
ntter of a new school uildi,
I'he attendance was very sm:
After very little discussion the m
er was referred to a commit
.vhich will report to an adjouri
neeting to be held in the sch
>uilding next Tuesday arternoon
The matter of a new school bui
ng has been agitated in Prosper
or several years past. A lii
nore than a year ago an elect
vas held on the question of vot
)Onds to the amount of $5,000
his purpose but the bond is!
ailed by a very narrow majority
The old building in which
neeting was held on Tuesday aft
loon is sufficient argument for
iew building. It is an old woot.
Liructure in a dangerous locali
eing situated just against
colutnbia, Newberry and Lafr
-ailroad track. It has long si
;erved its use and is a structure
,vhich neither pupils nor patr
ior citizens of the town genern
:an take any pride whatever.
The citizens of the dist ict
>ractically agreed that a new bui
ng is needed. Some, howev
vant the money raised in ()ie w;
me want it raised in anoth
v,hile some think it will cost
nuchl to erect a new biikli:
aking the position that what
yood enough for tihe fathers is g<
n1ough for the children and will
rood eniough for generations
111born. The result of tle elect
nentioned above showed that th
ii favor of a bond issue lacked o
i little of being inl a majority.
The ieetilng of citizens on Tr
lay afternoon, called to disciss
Imatter, was called to order by
L. T. Wyche, of the board of ti
Lees, who stated the object of
meeting. Dr. Wyche was cho
.hairman and Mr. B. B. Schuml
D)r. Wyche briefly outlined
three plans by which the money
a new b)uilding could be raised:
b)y private sublsciption; 2nd,
levying a 2-mill tax; 3d, by a b
Personally, he favored the is
of bonds because he thought it
easiest andl most equitable way.
a bond issue were dlecidled il
however, inminediate action shc(
be taken b)ecause thle legislatutre
no0w ini sessioni anmd it would be
c'essarly to secuire legislat ion ini 01
to an election. lProf. Counts,
said, hmad secuied from Archi
Milburnm planms for a b)uilding.
was est imanted that a wooden 1hr
iing would cost b)etweeni $2,500
$3,oo0, while a brick building w<
cost $4,000. It wouldl be nlecess
also to purchase a lot in aino
location. Dr. Wyche spoke al
this line at some length, shov
the urgent necessity for a new bi
lng and favoring issuin bo
purchasing a lot and going to wo
at once.
NG Mr. H. Moseley ofrered t.
following resolution, which w
UNS adopted:
"Rtesolved, Th'lat twelve conisc
vative personls be appointed by tl
el lairman t) consider tile practic
bilitv of erecting a buildiig, wh
kind of building is needed, whe
rict it should be located, and report
the an adjourned inecting.'
t lr. Moseley su)lpported his res
intioin in a short talk. The e
the pense of alew\' blilding sholu
be taken into considera t ion, lie sai
lie for one didn't want Prospwril
to get in the fix of her sister cit
tee .
ied After the adoption of t he resol
ool tionl the meeting adjourned subje
to the call of the chairinan.
Chairman Wyche innmediate
called a ineeting to be held in ti
old scho I bilding next Ttuesd:
ity afternoon at 3 o'clock. In accor
ate ance with the resolution passed, I
as appointed the following cor
n Iitt - : 11. C. Nloselcv R. I
fr I'ther, G1111re) Hlarmon,l D)r.
W heeler, J. II. Hflinter, T. \. Dwm
intick, R . I. Stondemavr, J. N
eWhee!V1r, A . P1. Domlinick, .1
el, Wise, j C. C'tmxits.
hei PRsPE+ ITV's Fl1NA NC HS.
y,There seenus to be no (anger
the Prosperity getting "in'the fix of hi
ens sistor city. Newherry" by voth
ne bonds to erect a new school buil
incf" -
ill II g
The present debt of the town
lIV $ ,ooo, part of a debt of $j,60o i
curred in the erection of the ci
hall during the year 1902. A tu
ade of two and one-half mills was levi(
d- to retire this debt and has alreat
paid $600 of it and with tlw i
cl Celied ailiouit which will be (I
to rived from it incident to the grow
of tile town,--the erection of a c<
toil oil mill, stores, etc., etc., - t
remiung Si,O,-thlie town's t
t:l debt--%%ill he wiped ouit in It.
thanl two y(ars lmre..
Before the erection of the ci
a:l11 Prosperity had no debt al
her citizens paid n1o taxes exc
the two iiill school tax levied I
i e school district. The inlci(
deLrived from liles, street (iltY, etu
wa s.1; soficient to pay ctirrent e
1 p e l l - s . T h l I > t :1 t a x I i d b y 1
the uitizes ow. iicluding the tu
iill school tax, it will be seen
>ert only four and one-half mills.
wert 1 - 1
consiiderab'le~it som is no,w deriv
from the dispensary anid if no10
thet dIitional dlebts atreiii neired in b
frthani two yeats P)rosperity will agr
'5 he p)ayinig not a cenlt of tax exct
b)y the school levy, or if the tax et
t( inuies to be pi i will simpnly
cumulate in the town treasury.
StuC This is a brief stateiienit of Pr
the perity 's fi nanlcial cond(it ion.
I f In this age of ed uicationlal advani
On, mienit it is rathier remtarkable that
u iIC townt practically without diebt ui
was jtolerate sneh a schoo)(l bnuild(1inig
tne- is located int Pr'osper it y.
tect', leatiedn nnvray
Mr. ennc Wilia Clry,
. th IIealdand ewsfoice of t ' :
111will on F'ebruiary 1st dIropi his st
aind anid rtule for- a dlay anid take a p)i
mld Iof wood in somle shape or forni:
;ary the home of his sister in the col
thter try-the residence of Mr. anid M
n Clarence A. Matthews, where
Swhen will be celebrated the fi
vinig anniversary of the inarriage
alId- wooden wedding--of Mr. and M
nds. Matthews.
as _
cross of 11onor Conferred On Veterans
~ l y Daugliers--Scholarly Address By
at Dr. Geo. It. (:romler*.
L> _11xercises appropriate to tle an
niversary of (e birth of General
o- Robert E. I,xc, (lie South's ilost
Sdistiiguishied Soldier, were hlId in
d the opera hIok.se oil Tlesday at
I. ioonl, uinider the auspices of the
y local chapter Daugh411ters of the Conl
v, federacv at which tihe the Southern
Cross of I1onior was conferred by
.i- the Daughiters upon a number of
t veterans and II, admirable address
was delivered by Dr. George 13.
y Cromer.
ie The stage had been appropriately
and beautifully decorated by the
1- loving hands of tihe )aughters. O1n
ie the right was suspended t1le flag of
I- the James 1). Nance Caip, No.
33I, lite( CnfIderate \'eterals,
.and ( tlie left the bailneri. of the
Jiio NI. Kinlard CaMp, No. 35, Uli
I . ted Sons Confederate Veteranis,
I thl wreatlied with evergreen. Ill
th'. centrie was sul;penIded the han
tier of tle survivors of \Villiams'
( 'juards, Co. B., .d South Carolina
r Regimient-a field of blue emiblazoni
ed with the eleven golklen stars. On
J- the right was a large picture of Gen.
Robert E. Iee, eitwinled with
i. gray moss, and opposite was a
htack of guns. Evergreen an(] gray
moss were tastily draped and fes
tooned throughout.
I Seated on tihe stage were )r. E.
P. McClintock, chaplain of the
James 1). Nance Camp- Mrs. (). B.
M.ayer, Miss Neville Pope, Mis.
Robert ). \\'right, Ind Mrs. (IC()-ge
JohnPitstonie,rvepreseinting thy l)ravtin
Rutherford Chapto.rI., 11)aIigters of
the Confederacy, and who tied
Ie crosses oil the veteralls, and
)r (eorge B. Crotier.
Col. (. I,. Schuipert, adjutant
11of' the James D). Nance (:mip, pre
ptsid ed.
The exercises we(r opened with
prayer by )r. I,". P. j(Clintock.
Dr. McCiitbck's petition was fer
vent and eloqutent, reuiriiig thanks
r that Geniel L-ee was what he was
0. and that lie was enabled to:do what
Ie did, and beseeching that the
Christian virtues. anldFexco.-Ilencies
edAwhi adorned t he character of their
w ith r en w e or e i to the lives o f
ilthe Sotherin people,
pt Adljuitant Sebmpijert cal led (lie
n. James D). Nanice Cam1) to order anid
re-lie fol lowitig new mietmbers were
>s- men H. D)owd, Co. HI., 13th1 Regi
:e. S. S. A bramii, Co. F., 20(1h Regi
a mienit.
jill I. Z~/. Ablrams, Co. B. , 7th Caval
T'hi "'Boniiei Blie lag"' was
feelingly retndered by\ a seleet ch<,.ir,
(lie audi(ience'( 'standitip
IicDr. George H. (tomler, thle orator
-eof (lie occasiotn, was inltrodluced anid
te delivered an eloquetnt and( inispi ring
1 adldress, picturinig the heroismi, the
lnd courage and thie devoioni of the
fth Confederate soldier, who knew how
Lhe to die and who knew how to liv e;
rs. clearly bringing otut the truth that
the cause for which the aSoath...

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