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soldiers battled was not lost, and
paying tribute to the life and ser
vices of the South's most distin
guished soldier, of whose birth this
day wAs the anniversary.
Dr. Cromer said that only a few
days ago many assembled here to
pay the last tribute to one of Lee's
great lieutenants. This was Lee's
day, and it was fitting that the peo
ple shduld assemble that the women
might honor the survivors of the
Confederacy, the followers of Lee.
These guns here were of a different
pattern and belonged to a past
generation, the shadows of whose
survivors were lengthening towards
the east.
Dr. Cromer drew a beautifui pic
ture of the South as the "land of
memories." He pictured the field
of Gettysburg-the field of monu
ments, with its, tablets recording
the history of Federal commands,
with its hundreds of monuments
marking the positions of Federal
regiments, some of them costing as
high as $8o,ooo and $9o,ooo. There
is one Confederate monument on
that field marking the highest point
reached in the tide of success by a
Maryland regiment. Complaint was
made by the Grand Army of the
Republic because the Confederate
regiments, when allowed to erect
monuments, desired to mark the
high tide of their success. And so,
that complaint having been regis
tered, barring that one Confederate
monument, that field is a field of
splendid Federal monuments. But
the visitor standing on Cemetery
Ridge and beholding the monu
ments erected there to Federal valor
and devotion, is struck most of all
with admiration and wonder and
awe, not that the Federal army was
able to hold the heights, but at the
courage and devotion which actu
ated the Confederate line as it swept
up those heights and like a gray
sea beat on the rock crowned sum
mits. We have the memories if
not the monuments. Our great
leader taught us heroism in defeat.
"It was my fault." It was not his
fault. His followers knew it was not
his fault, and yet in his big heart
that magnanity which marked lis
character out from that of all- other
men was willing to assume the re
Gordon, said Dr. Cromer, had
compared the battle of Gettysburg
to the battle of Waterloo, marking
the high tide of success and defeat
But Napoleon; fled from Waterloo
practically deserted, while Lee
withdrew in defeat but not in des
pair and even in that dark hour he
held the supreme confidence of his
Dr. Cromer read the magnificent
tributes to Lee and to the "sword
of Lee" from Ben Hill and Father
Ryan, which he said should be
learnedi by the children of the
South. The dominant note of his
character was the voice of duty,
"stern daughter; of the voice of
Imagine that the time may come
when the descendants of one of
you, said Dr. Cromer, addressing
the veterans, rumaging among the
effects of your family may come
across thisglittle cross, whose in
trinsic value is only a few cents.
And the child may ask, what' is
this? There may be gold medals
and unbounded wealth there. But
what is this? On one side will be
read, "United Daughters of the
Confederacy," and on the other
"Deo Vindices, 1861-1865," and on
the corners "Southern Cross of'
Honor." And then somehow, by
a tradition in the family perhaps, it
will be found out that no one other
than the one on whom it was be
stowed dare wear it, insignificant in
value as it is. He himself could
not wear that cross without violat
ing the laws of his. State. The next
question wouldjbe,-What wete the
naugtramf rhennfed&rrev and
the iext, Where is the Southern
Confederacy? I ask you survivors,
Where is it? What have you ac
complished? Were your services
given for nothing? What flag did
you follow? A flag that floats no
where on land or sea. What govern
ment did you serve? A govern
ment that lives only in memory.
What have vou to show for your
services? Scars and old guns and
tattered flags.
The Southern Confederacy has
given to us, first of all,-given to
to us so that it shall hereafter be
wrought into the very structure of
government,-the right of, local self
government, a right never to be im
paired. It gave to us a soldier,
moved by patriotism and duty, who
showed us not -only how to win
victory-the Revolution gave us
that-but how to die and how to
live. Had it given us only Lee and
Jackson, examples to the youth of
this country. not a|drop of the blood
that was spilled would have been
shed in vain. When the world to
day would find examples of leader
ship in war, examples of character
in leadership, the world looks to the
South. And not long ago a North
ern statesman took the postion that
the Federal government would be
fore the middle of the present cen
tury erect a monument in theCapitol
Square to Robert E. Lee, n:>t as a
rebel, but as the finest example of
American' manhood, %orth, dignity,
bharacter and courage.
No synop"sis will do justice to Dr.
Cromer's address. Many an old
oldier was moved to tears and that
they appreciated it and loved the
man for it utterances is the highest
tribute that can be paid it.
On motion of Dr. E. P. McClin
ock,. Dr. Cromer was elected an
onorary member ot the James D.
ance Camp and the thanks of the
Veterans, the Daughters and the
3ons were extended to him for his
magnificent address.
Crosses were then conferred up
>n the following veterans, according
to the rules governing their bes
towal: P. F. Day, R. Y. Leavell,
AL. B. Mayer, W. P. Pugh, G. F.
ells, H. T. Fellers, E. C. Jones,
ik. H.'Miller, H. C. Moseley, Dr.
G. A. Setzler, Thos. F. Tarrant.
Others who would have received
:rosses were not present.
The exercises closed with the
inging of "Di~xie," all standing and
aking part, and the benediction by
Dr. McClintock.
The next meeting of veterans will,
e held on the ioth of May,-Me
norial Day,-and crosses will be
:onferred by the Daughters on that
. N Imnaugh's Way.
A woman (not in Newberry)
nce advised one of her young fri
nds to never, never, ne-;er marry
newspaper mnan. Shi said she
knew what she was tafl ug about ;
hat she had married one and that
the big bundle of papers, from all
over the country, which he-brought
ome every night nearly drove her
razy-because they were filled
with the most astonishing bargains
in stores a hundred miles away.
Well, now, that doesn't apply to
this town and some of its merchants.
Mimnaugh fills much space right
here telling of the most astonishing
bargains, and .no gentle woman has
any excuse or reason whatever in
not being satisfied with his advertise
ment in the Herald and News and
the bargains he offers therein. He
does an immense business and it in
creases yearly and rapidly. He piles
up good goods and the people buy,
and he keeps on piling up and hav
ing them pulled down and disposed
of. He believes in advertising. Read
his advertisement, ladies and gentle
men, and then you will know what
to do, and when and how.
WVhen people are in love with
eah other they don't fool anybody
abou it ment themselves.
Laura Williams, Who Has Been Masque
rading in Male Attire, is Now Serv
ing Sentence.
The State, i8th.
Laura Williams, of newspaper
fame, who has been masquerading
in male attire for several months,
subjected to the hardtst toil of com
mon laborers-at cne time working
as lineman for the Bell Telephone
company at Tryon, N. C.-last
night slept a prisoner in the city
jail of Columbia.
The pathetic story of the girl's
disappointmnent in life has been
given publicity, the tragedy closing
in on an orphan girl at 14 years
old, working at what she could
sometimes the meanest labor. Final
ly facing the inevitable, she made a
last brave, bold stroke for an hon
est life, donned man's apparel and
went forth into the world with a
light heart and a ready hand to do
things as men do. Her sex from
time to time being discovered. she
was driven from pillar to post seek
jag work. Arriving at Newberry
last week her sex was again dis
covered upon search by police offi
cers, who believed "he" was John
Long, implicated with others in
obtaining money under false pre
Money was contributed by citi
.ens of Newberry to clothe her
properly and to pay her railroad
fare to Columbia, where she could
obtain medical attention, of which
she was in extreme need. The girl
came, to Columbia and was found
by Policeman Brown Sunday night
at midnight wandering around
broken down from nervous shock.
Yesterday morning Laura Wir
.iams was arraigned in the re
corder's court for vagrancy and as
she had no defense only of having
no friends, no money and needing
medical attention, the recorder had
her taken to the city jail where she
could have proper care and pro
The girl has only one suit . of
lothing and as she will probably
remain a month in prison, the ex
tent of her sentence, all contribn
tions of clothing and edibles of a
light nature such as fruit wiU be
grateful to her in her present con
Tribute Of Respect.
The following tribute 'to the me
mory of Miss Bessie Scott has been
adopted by the pupils of the Little
Mountain graded school:
Insamuch as it has pleased Al-:
mighty God, in his all-wise prov
idence, to remove from our midst
our dearly beloved friend and fel
low student, Bessie Scott, who after
a short 'Illness was called home on
Wednesday, Dec. 23, x9o3, we, the
pupils of Little Mountain graded
school, out of our high regard for
the noble influence which she ex
erted when among us, and the great
love which we have for her, feel it
our sad, but pleasing duty to offer
the following resolutions of respect:
Resolved, i. That by her death
our school has lost one of its noblest
and most talented students, al
ways setting an example of kind
heartedness and obedience
2. That although our hearts are
saddened and we cannot see why
one so young, so promising should
be snatched away, we feel that it
was the best and bow in humble
submission to the will of Him who
doeth all things well.
3. That we extend our heartfelt
s mpathy to the corely bereaved
4. That a copy of these resolu
tions be sent to the bereaved family,
alo sent to each of the county pa
pers for publication.
I BIBr SHEELY, Committee.
Newberry Readers must Come to that
It is r.t the t-llinlug of a single c-e
in Newberry bt -cores of cit;.ns trie
tify. Eidor. erment by psop:v you kroo-v
bea-s th. ,tan .r trath. The follow.
ing n, on or i he puh. ista et[W s made
in this localitv aout Do-,n's Kidney
M .I. G.rabam sale-man in furn4ture
st,re on Main s: s.a.-: "My back hurt
me for a lom: time e?p cialy a night
wbeu I have lain awake m-iny a time
suffering witn it There was a nasty
dull achiwg pain across my )oins and
no po.ition I n-sumer would ease iD and
it burt so Lu tura over that I had t)
take b-th bands and just pull my self
over. The -ec-e:iors -from the kidneys
were Care and fuli of sediment besides
being so frtqutiit iii action that my
nizbts rest was broken as miany as sev
eral time;. I used different kidney rem
edies but nolhing touched the right
spot until I g t a box of D.an's Kidney
Pills at W. E Pe!ham's & Son's drug
store. I was surprised at the result ob
tained. The sediment disappeared
from the secretions and they resumed
their natural apparaance and action so
that I could sleep all night and arise in
the morning rested and refresbed. I
have not had backache since."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents
Foster-Milburn Co. Buffalo.
Remember the name Doans and take
no other.
Blank Books.
Begin the New Year
With a New Ledger.
We have
In fact we have every
thing needed in Book
Asthe Year 1903 t-:
end I want to thank my many pat
rons for their liberal patronage dur
ing .the past year and hope for a
continuation of same..
Remember I am at the same
stand and am always ready to serve
you with the very best of Jewelry,
Watches, Toilet Articles and every
thing to be found in a First Class
Jewelry Establishment.
My business in Optical Goods has
greatly increased also, showing my
knowledge and ability in fitting
Spectacles and Glasses.
New Sterling Silver just received;
new ideas and new goods, also
quadruple plated goods, Whiting
Mfg. Co's, Derly Silver Co., Bene
dict & Rodgers.
Yours for a prosperous new year,
Real Estate for.Sag..]
ling described property for sale on
terms that will enable persons desiring
homes to secure same:
Seven tracts in No. 2 Township, con
taining respectively 147.33, 211.13,
198.50, 192.75, 142.29, 217 and 186 acres.
These are choice lots, highly productive,
wel wooded and watered, with plenty
of the best pasture land on each place.
There are two good dwelling houses
and several tenant houses, barns, crnbs
and stables on two of them, good well
or spring water in plenty. Also one
handsome residence in the town of
Newberry, admirably constructed with
modern improvements, desirably located
on one of our main thoroughfares, and
in one of the most desirable sections of
our town
In connection with this place there
are several handsome building, lots
which we will dispose of at an early
For prices and terms a pply to
Newberry, S. C.
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Newberry, S. C.
Orgarn.issect 1896.
Capital - - - $50,000
Surplus - - - 19,50Q
Paid Stockholders
since organization 21,000
Paid Depositois in
Savings depart
ment since or
ganization - - $9,200
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for the time he puts in at work, but
when that man saves a dollar for his
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