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_pA3A8j} 1865 SEBI~ . ., F'FZ PI D)A . .Nt AR \Y (29. -190 1. S%ljQ W E , 15 A.Y A
A Great Deal Of Important Work Traiis
actej By The Ge.eral Assembly
This Week.
C n111111), Janunary 28.--Much
work of importance and of general
interest has been traisacted by the
general assembly this week.
The joint reiolution passed
lasL year by the senate pro
viding for biennial sessions
passed its third reading in the
house on Vednesday by a bare
two-thirds majority and this much
discussed question will now be sub
tnitted to the people. There was a
bard fight to put the bill through
its third reading, on account of the
absence' of members. On the first
ballot the vote stood 78 to 28, 83
being necessary to pass the bill.
The vote was reconsidered and the
reconsideration postponed until 12
o'clock. At that time a second
ballot v.-as taken and there were 83
-votes in favor of the bill, exactly
the number required to pass the
This question has been agitated
in the general assembly since 1896.
It now goes before the people.
The biennial sessions resolution
camne up in the house on Tuesday.
It was the same resolution which
passed the senate last year, and af
ter a long discussion a yea and nay
vote was taken, and the resolution
was ordered to its third reading by a
vote of 87 to 30. The entire New
berry delegation voted for the pas
sage of the resolution.
The resolution as it passed the
house is as follows:
, Section i. That tile following
ancn(ilt lit to the cotnsttut ion of
the State of South Carolina be sub
mitted to the qualified electors of
the State at the next general elec
tion for Representatives, anid if a
majority of tile electors qualified to
vote for members of the General
Assembly, voting thereon, shall
vote in favor of such amendment,
and a majority of each bralchi of tile
General Assembly shall, after such
election, and before another, r:.tify
the same amendment by yeas and
nays, Section 9, of Article III, of
the Constitution, relating to the
Legislative department, be amended
by adding after the word "place"
in line ten of said section the words
''until tihe end of tile session. occur
ring in 1906, after which the said
sessions be held at the same time
and place Liennially,'' so that said
section as amended shall read as
The annual session of the General
Assembly heretofore elected, fixed
by the Constitution of the year
eigh teen hundred and sixt y-eight,to
convene on the fourth Tuesday of
Novemlber, in the y-ear of eighteen
hundred and ninety-five, is hereby
postponed, and tihe same shalli be
convened and held in tile city of
Columbia on tile second Tuesday of
J ahnuarv ill the year eighteen 1hun1
dred and ninety-six.
The first session of tIle General
Asebly elected unIdIer this Coni
stitultionl shall conivene inl Coluija
on the second Tuesday in Janunary,
in thle yealr eigh teenmI hund(red and
ninmety-v* enl, and( thereafter an
nuhally alt tIle same timhe and( place
un itl th(le enld of the session occur
rintg ini I906, after wIihi the saidI
sessionis shall b)e heldh at the same
time and place biennially.
Should the casualties of war or
contagious diseases render it un
safe to meet at the seat of govern
ment, then the Governor may, by
proclamation, appoint a more secure
and convenient place of meeting.
Members of the General Assembly
shall not receive any compensation
for more than forty days of any one
session; Provided, that this limita
tion shall not affect the first four
sessions of the General Assenbky
under this Constitution.
Section 2. That the (pestSi of
adopting the amendment prefacedi
in the foregoing section shall he sub-I
Imitted to the electors as follows:
Thcse in favor of the amendment
shall deposit a ballot with the fol
lowing words plainly printed or
written thereon: "Constitutiona.l
ameiinment to Section 9, of Article
III, of the State Constitution, add
ing after the word 'place' in line ten
of said section the words 'until the
end of the session occurring in i 906,
after which the said sessions shall
be held at the same time and place
Those opposed to said amendment
shall cast a ballot with the follow
ing words plainly printed or written
thereon : 'Constitutional amend
ment to Section 9 of Article III of
the State Constitution, adding after
the word 'place' inlii.e ten of said
section the words 'until the end of
the session occurring in 906, after
which the said sessions shall be held
at the same time and place bienni
If no other resolution passes and
the people vote ''yes'' on the amend
ment there will be biennial sessions
after 1906.
Another very important measure
passed by the house on Tuesday,
after considerable argument, was
Mr. Whaley's bill which exempts
the stock of legitimate building and
loan associations from the taxation
which it was recently held they
were liable for. The bill was passed
by an almost unanimous vote.
Unfortinately, on Wednesday
the hill w,%as recommitted. It may
be passed yet, however, when it
comes uIp again for third reading.
It was annouiced in tile last
issue of The Herald and News that
the house oil Momday killed Mr.
Haskell's bill to repeal the statute
allowing the appointment of special
judges 111)011 tile petition of any
given har or the solicitor. The
bill was killed by a vote of 50 to
49. It was argued by many of
those who opposed the bill that
special courts and special judges
should not be abolished until the
creation of new circuits, several of
those who took part in the debate
against the bill saying they would
favor its passage after sonme action
which would give the proper re
lief from over-crowded dockets.
At the night session of the house
on Wednesday Mr. D. 0. Herbert's
bill to provide beneficiary scholar
ships in Clemson college was passed
to its third reading after a long die
bate. The only change made in
the h)ill was thlat it was mlade to
provide for either agricultural or
mlechlanical scholarships. T1hle hill
provides for as manliy $i oo schola
ships ini each county as there are
miemibers of thle house.
TI'lAT FFiR'1TII.iZi(l F ACT'ty,V
TholdughI the seniae hCias al readly
killed two hiills lookinag to the estah)
lishmen t of a State fert ilizer factory,
Senator Warren has initrodluced an.
other resolution with the same idea
in view.
The senate on tile previous (lay
had killed the house resolution pro..
Fifteen Cetits a Pound Paid for Large
Quantities--Seed Cotton Worth
Having These Days.
I,aurens, Jan. 27.-Yester(lay
Smith Bros., of Kinards, inl Newber
ry coulity, Close to tile Couitty line,
sold to William I, Gray of this city
625 bales of cotton at 15 cents lhe
pound. This price was for the run
of the cotton, regarcless of grades.
The total Price rea:ized was about
$j7,ooo. The Messrs. Smith are
merchants anId farmers They pro- t
duced a considerabIe portion of the i
cotton and bought the remainder
when the price was far below what
it is now. About 100 other balesr
were sold yesterday, the highestla
price beitg 15 1-8.
leport of the Special Committee to Ex- 5
amine Into the Condition of the ij
State Colleges. t
At the last Sess ion of the eral
assembly Senator 1-Lardin ianm Rep
resentatives Rninsford an(d Kihler
were apj)oiinte(l as members of the
commitee, inl accordance with the
provisions of ain act, "to examine
into the expenditures of the apipro
priations for State educational insti
tutions and the conditions of the
same." Mr. Kibler is secretary of
the committee. 'Tle conulnittee
visited all the State colleges and
submitted their report under date
of January 20. The report appears
im the journal of the senate of the
22nd instam -nd fills about thirty
one pages of ?iat publication. It sit
a lengthy and comprehensive report
and show- evidences of careful and
thorough work on the part of the
committee. It is too voluin1olus
to be re)rodluee(d in these colilninS,
and is too concise to be con(lenlsel
It will repay perusal by those who
are sulficiently interested to secure
a copy. 'le contuittee had an
ar(loous undertaking, )ut they did
their work well and have contribut
ed a valuable document to the genl
eral assemlbly. 'Thie report makes
interesting reading, full of important
information, and is a complete sur
vey of the field laid down 1 by the
Death of Mr. H. M. Domi Ick.
Mr. Henry M. Dominick dlied at
his home in Stony Battery township t
on1 the 20th inst., in the 76th year
of his age, and was buried at P3ros
perity. HeI was a membler of Beth
el Baptist church. The old vali
ant veterans are passing away. The
deceased leaves three sons, Messrs.
Simpson, Brad y and Snowden
viding for an investigation into the
advisability of the matter by the
State penitentiary authorities, the
senate resolution to this effect hav
ing already been killed. The sen
ate resolution had been indefi -
nitely p)ostponed in the house.
The senate sIilihtly amended thle
shad b)ill, passedl it through its
thir-d re'ading and1( it beconie a law.
ianIy dcaRIuAta.:s AS IIAsC,(A(. '
Th le seniate has passedc a bill r
<purintg coin noin carrier s to carry
b)icycles and baby carriages undaer
lie same rules and1 suieet to thle
same liabilities as gov'ern trunks
and other separate b)aggage of
Ln Election To Be Held On Tle Question
Of Issuing Bonds To The Amount
Of $3,510.
Priosperit(y, JailliaryN :,. The
itizens' tieetiug si for ullesday
-ist, at ; o'clock 1). mu., to hear ree
'iin1cidationls if the coinittee of
wvlve previously appointed. wIs
alled to order by Chairimi C T.
The report of the commnittee was
ead by Mr. T. A. Dominick in.the
bsence of Mr. J. 1-1. Hunter, the
oimittee's chairman.
This report recommended a franie
muilding not to exceed in cost $3,
00 to lie raised by an issue of
onds and that in this act creating
lie bond issue he incorporated the
overnmental machinery of the
lewberry graded schools.
T1he Chife iIItelest Cedtl-01 arouin11d
lie cost of the building and there
,Is a strolIg feIlilg that it sh1ou11d he
icreased, and with the understand
Ig tla[Lt the CoIlmiittee would give
urther consideration to it.- report
lie citizens adjourned to meet at
The attendance at the evening
iceing showed a growing in
Crest in the school house question.
The committee reconmnended that
lie amended act of the last legisla
nre be re-enacted with a few
hanges: That $3,500 be substi
Lited for $5,000 and the trustees be
ained in the act. F'or the trustees
lie Coililittee iiaied five citizelis
f the ditr ict.
Except the nIaiiiing of the trils
es. this report was adopted.
Tne adoption of this report of the
onnittee will do niuch toward
-trionizing t he selool' interest iI
hle distriict aiid it iS believed that
he hond issue will Iow meet with
iit little opposition 0f course,
verybhody is not perfectly satisfied
here a1re somjie who believe that
lie school interest is sacrificed inl a
01nd issue for less than $5, 00.
lhere are othi rs who feel a little
rieved because tile trtstees are not
1) he i1,ined in tle act. But these
re some of the gives and takes and
lie compromises where there is any
orward movement.
chool Question Now Uppermost in the
Minds or tihe People-Comitng At
traction -Pc! sonial.
Prosperity, January 28.--The
choolhouse questioii is uppermost
ii the minds of most of our p)eop)le
hIs week, and if we are discreet a
chool builing for this dlistrict will
>e ready for the niext session. Only
ealsoniale conicessionis are nee(ldd
o bring our eleCll together and to
:edp thieii together.
D r. C. T. Wych'le hias beenl off a
ew (day s to SaIsh ury, N. C., on
>rolessional8 businetss.
Tlha, Ar ioni tnal( <ptarte'tte w ill be
icre oni t he eveing of I'ebruiarv 6.
\lII loer od(IS f miic shioul ( heai
>~een ini the C., N. & L,. office here
vith Mr. D) WV. Holand, is now in
harge of the oflice at Goldville,
RiareiS Contv. WA hope for Mr.
Boozer a big measure of success.
Mrs. Janie S. Reagin is now oc
eupying her new house on Elhn
Miss Marie Lorick has returned
to her home at Irmo.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Kennedy have
ret (ried to their home at Due West.
Miss Ethel Paysintger is here with
friends and relatives.
Mr. 'oim Johinison, of Newberry,
has ete here Oil a1 Visit.
Mrs. Addie Hodges, of Spartani
brg, is spending some time with
tlie family of M I. A. I1. I lawkins.
Mrs. L. C. Merchant an1d clil
dren are in Newherry with relatives.
Mr. A. N. Crosson is inl the Po
maria section on business.
Mrs. K. Baker is here with her
mother, Mrs. S. C. Barre, who has
been sick for quite a while.
Miss Janie Kinard, of L,eesville,
is visiting friends and relatives
around the old home.
Ite ms of More or L.css Interest Condensed
Outside the State.
hlie national house of represen
tIti\'es has Ia SSCd the am appro
priationg hill, carrying approxi
miately $75,000,000.
The U1. S. senate has passed a
bill providing for the appropriate
marking (I the graves of Confeder
ate soldiers who died inl northern
prisons dturing the civil war and
appropriating $200,000 for this
Former President Cleveland,
when asked by the Associated Press
ecrrespondent for his opinion of
WI. J. Bryan's statemuent that no
Iman who voted for the Palmer
Iinckner ticket can he nominated by
the DIem'ocrats, smiled and said:
"I have not. a word to say inl the
matter, except that Bryan has got
the stage; let himl) go it. [ guess
that's defilite e ngh.
Wkhitaker Wright, who was once
one of the k1ings oI finance and
courted by royalty, was found guil.
tv inl London 'Iuesday afternooii of
fraudulent practice ini promoting
gigaitic finaicial schienes anid was
I sentenced to seven years' penal ser
vitude. Almost innediately after
receiving his senteiice Wright
dropped dead in the ante-room of
the court. Whether lie took his
life by poisonling or whether (leatih
in, the 'nattural course robbed the
law of its fulfillment will not be
known until the post mortem.
Items Of More or Less Interest Condensed
In the State.
J im Dorn, a negro, was shot and
k ilIled in his home at T reniton last
week h)y another negro, Charles
lBland. I orn hia' retine.nted Bland
to leave Onm accomunmt of remarks
miadle byv lii:himbont D ormi's family.
Thle A inter:si aihmer of 'oin
imerce hias out1liuuen a plani to estabh
lishid a CII in~ it ii!a in at A iIdersoni
p)at ternied along' t he hlne of a cotunt y
high schiool, 1hat moire advancmued and(
horoughI, withI two dlist iinct couirse.I
-one literary, aindI thle oither sdlac
ical and busineissi. It is piroposed
to raise $b oo,ooo, $25,000 for
ecluipment and the remnainider for

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