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Bil-Proposing a License Tax on Corpora
tions-only Three Weeks More of the
Columbia, February i.-Today
being salesday, both houses of the
general assembly adjourned on Sat
urday until tomorrow at noon.
'The two measures of most im
portance and of most general in
terest which have come up during
the past several days were the several
bills to provide for the creation of
additional judicial circuits and the
bill imposing a license tax on cor
porations. The former were killed
in the house after a great deal of
discussion. No action has yet been
taken on the latter but it has been
made a special order in the house
for tomorrow.
Practically the whole time of the
house on Thursday and Friday
was given to the discussion of bills
which sought to give relief to the
crowded condition of the criminal
and civil dockets of the courts.
'here were three measures before
the house and each was taken up
and killed. A very large majority
of the members of the house thought
that some relief was necessary, but
the measures failed for the reason
that those who wanted some meas
ure passed could not agree upon the
There were two bls before the
house for the creation of two addi
tional circuits. The measure known
as the committee bill placed New
berry. Greenwood, Laurens and
Abbevii'- in the same circuit, while
the Magill bill placed Newberry,
Greenwood, Laurens, Edgefield and
Saluda in one circuit. Then Mr.
DeBruhl had a bill which sought to
divorce the civil from the criminal
The point was made t-at the con
stitution provides for two circuit
court-, one civil and -the other
'The three measures were dis
cussed by the house during the en
tire session on Thursday and this
discussion was continued when the
house met on Friday. A vote was
taken on each bill separately and
each bill was killed.
This action on the part of the
house means that in all probability
no relief will be secured from the
present session of the general assem
bly. It is possible, however, that
the house may get together on a
senate bill.
Probably the most important bill
that has been introduced at the pre
sent session of the general assembly
is the license tax bill, prepared and
presented by the tax commission,
consisting of Senators Manning and
Mower and Representatives Thom
as, Moses and Tatum. The bill, it
will be seen, is aimed entirely at
corporate interests. The measure
provides for a report to be made to
the secretary of State by certain
corporations named, and further
Section 4. Every corporation or
ganized under the laws of this State
bto do business for profit other than
rnaira cnmpanies. express coin
panies, street railway companies,
navigation companies. waterworks
companies, power companies, light
companies. telephone companies,
parlor, dining and sleeping car com
panies, shall, upon Ahe filing of the
report required if th:n in Section
:, pay to the Secretary of State on
or before the 1st day of April in
each year an annual license fee of
one-half of one mill upon each dol
lar subscribed to the capital stock
of said corporation, said license fee
not to be less than ten dollars in any
Section 5. Upon the filing of the
report required of foreign corpora
tions in SeCtion 2, the Secretary of
State shall from the facts thus re
ported, and any other facts coming
to his knowledge, determine the
value of the property of such cor
poration used within this State by
them in the conduct of their busi
ness, and shall charge and collect
from such company, in addition to
the initial fees provided for in the
Code of Laws of South Carolina,
1902, and Acts amendatory thereto,
an annual license fee of one-half of
one mill upon.,each dollar of the
value of the property of each cor
poration used within this State in
the conduct of its business.
Section io That the said State
board of assessors shall, after as
certaining the gross receipts for
business done in South Carolina or
the gross earnings from its opera
tion within South Carolina of any
railroad company, express com
pany, street railway company,
navigation company, water-works
company, power company, light
company, telephone company,
telegraph company, parlor, dining
and sleeping car company, notify
the Secretary of State of the amount
thereof on or before the ist day of
May of each year. and the Secre
tary of State shall there-upon pro
ceed to charge and collect from
such company, and such company
shall pay to the said Secretary of
State an annual license fee of three
mills on the gross income of such
company for business done within
South Carolina for the preceding
fiscal year, which license fee shall
be paid by such corporation on or
before the ist day of June in every
Both houses on Saturday devoted
themselves largely to the consider
ation of routine and uncontested
matters. Thus a great many mea
sures of a purely local nature were
rushed through.
Representative Aull has succeed
ed in getting through the house a
bill carrying out the suggestions of
the citizens' meeting on the school
question held at Prosperity last
Tuesday. The bill provides for an
election in School District No. 1 4,
in Newberry county, upon the
~question of an issue of bonds for
the amount of $3,500 for the pur
pose of erecting a new school build
ing and purchasing a lot therefor.
A number of new bills have been
Proprietor Wheeler Weds.
Cards are out announcing the
marriage of Proprietor Samuel
Wheeler of the Columbia hotel to
Miss Emily Marie Noterman of
Hendersonville, N. C. The cere
mony occurred at the home of the
bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs Joseph
Noterman, in Hendersonville, on
the 28th of January. Mr. and Mrs
W heeler will be at h .me to their
friends in Columbia after the 2oth
of February.
Mr. Wheeler's many friends in
this, his native county, wisfl for
him and Mrs. Wheeler much hap
There Have Been Several Additions and
Transfers-A Few Names Dropped
From the Rolls.
The county pension board met
vesterday in the auditor's office and
passed on a number of applications
for pensions. The roll as finally
made up by the board is printed
below. There was about a dozen
additions and several names were
transferred from one class to an
other. Less than a dozen names
were dropped on account of death
or other circumstance.
There were present at the meet
ing Chairman W. G. Peterson,
Messrs L. M. Speers, D. W. Kinaid
and Dr. S. Pope. Mr. R. T. C.
Hunter, the other member, was
not present on account of sickness.
The complete roll, as finally made
up, giving the names of all those
from this county who, in the opin
ion of the board, are entitled to
pensions, and the various classes
in which they have been placed, is
as follows:
This class composes those who
lost an arm or a leg in the service
pension, $o6 per year: J N Bass,
W R Jones, George Lester.
This class composes those who
were wounded in the service-pen
sion, $48 per year: Rainey Hitt,
J Philip Kinard, G. D. Lathrop,
F. D. Moats, T M Smith, W P Wil
liams, H D Cannon, G S Noland,
John Sheppard, J. Press Kinard.
This class composes those who
were in the service and who are
now above the age and included
under other conditions prescribed
by law-pension to be determined,
last year about $17: W J .Beden
baugh, D.T Boozer, F A Boozer,
Levi Britt, J T Calmes, J D Cannon,
J B Chambers, M H Livingston,
J P Blair, Wade H Setzler, E P
Bradley, D D Willard, M M Dick
ert, T J Eison, J H Alewine, Joel
T Crisp, W P Davenport, R S Da
videon, W T Dennis, 0 A Dickert,
John A Enslow, G D Fant, W B
Franklin, Levi 3 Fulmer. J H Gail
lard, Walker M Glymnphe, W W
Griffin, Levi Gruber, J H Kibler,
Levi Kibler, James Lester, D T
Livingston, D W Livingston, Y C
Myers, Haokett Poague, J B Quat
tiebaum, B W Reese, W E Ruther
ford, D E Sease, E C Cromer, F M
Smith, J W Swindler, G W Thrift,
J W Tolbert, H G Turner, 3 T
Weed, Belton Wicker, W D Clop
ton, E S Cromer, G S Livingston,
James A Riser, B P Boozer, W R
Elmore, WV P Fulmer, Jonathan
Werts, W WV Willinghami, R. B.
CLASs c. NO.
This class includes widows.whose
husbands were killed ur did in the
army-pension $48 per year: Sarah
H Bright, Emiein . Cromer, E R
Lake, Rebecca J Thomipson. Amr.
da Bridges, Mary 3 Dickert, M R
Hunter, Margaret Kisard, Caroline
hapman, Elizabeth Kelly, L M
K;ier, Mary Oxner, M C E
CLASS c., NO. 4.
This class includes widows over
6o-pension, same as Class C., No. 2:
Catherine Bedenbaugh, Sarah J
Bishop, Rebecca C Boozer, E C
Brooks, Louisa Brown, L Frances
Campbe'l, Ann S Campsen, T C
Cannon, Elizabeth Cromer, Marga
ret E Cromer, Mary Cromer, Re
becca Cromer, Bettie L Davenport,
Cat herineDehart.Nancy C Dickert,
Harriet R Epps, Margaret Epting,
Elizabeth Felker, S E Fellers, S L
Garlington, Mary C Graham, S C
Halfacre, Nancy C Harris, E V
Chalmers, Matilda Beacham, Jane
Hendrix, Rebecca J Hendrix, Mar
tha Herbert, Emily Horton, So
phronia Hardy, R Jane Johnson,
S C Kinard, S E Koon, Mary Ann
Long, F S McGowan, M M Mann,
Louisa L Mayer, Elizabeth Metts,
Jane A Montgomery, Dolly Morris,
Elizabeth C Neel, Mary Nesley,
C L Rhodes, Nancy E Richardson,
Frances Rikard, Margaret A Ringer,
Julia Sanders, Marcello Schautz,
M J Senn, Elizabeth Sheely, R
Catherine Sheely, Eliza Sheppard,
H L Sligh, Mary F Stillwell. Nancy
otockman, Mary M Stuck; Sarah
'.'odd, Drucillar Tygert, Martha
Wilson, A E Crooks, Sallie Holt,
S E Henry, Catharine Moon, L M
Merchant, Harriet F McCarley,
Margaret Reeder, S A Reid I, M
Wertz, Margaret C Clamp, Jane
Havird, Julia A Kibler, S N Maf
fett, M S Perry, R M Waits, Jane
W. Tobias, transferred from Claren
don.;. Sarah L. Johnson, Nancy
Death 4f Mrs Wright.
Mrs. Irabel Jane Wright, relict
of the late Mr. F. Z. Wright, of
Laurens, died at the home of her
son-in-law, Mr. G. F. Little, in
Laurens county, on the 3oth ultimo,
after a long illness, at the age of 72
years, and was buried in the Lau
rens cemetery on Sunday. She was
a consistent member of the Presby
terian church and a thorough Chris
tian, and was noted for her many
good qutlities. Her most intimate
friends knew her to be one of the
noblest and best all through her
long and useful life. Besides an
extensive circle of relatives and
friends. including a large number
of grandchildren and several great
grandchildren, her surviving chil
dren are: Mrs. Geo. F. Little, of
Lanrens county, Mr. Z. B. Wright,
of Whitmire, Mr. W. F. Wright,
of Laurens county, Mr. R. D.
Wright, of Newberry, Mr. Geo. P.
Wright, of Atlanta, Ga., Mr. Has
kell Wright, of Newberry, and Mr.
Julian Wright, of Houston, Texas.
Rev. W. B. AtEl to Preach in Chcao.
Rev. W. B. Aull, cf Dyson, S. C.,
post-graduate [email protected] theChicago
Seminary, will supply the pulpit of
Wicker Park Lutheran church,
Chicago, during the absence of the
pastor, Rev. Austin D. Crile, who
has been granted six months' leave
of absence on account of illness ot
his wife, and has gone to New
Mexico wi: h his family. The con
gregation is a large one, with a
Sunday-school numbering nearly
Soo-. Pastor Aull is instructing a
large catechetical class.-Lutheran
Amendment to Town Charter Proposed.
Council Requested to Suspend License
Ordinance for Twelve Months.
The citizens' meeting held on
Friday afternoon very clearly and
definitely expressed itself in regard
to the license ordinance. A com
munication to council was adopted
recommending that the interest
bearing debt of the town be funded
at 4yz per cent. and coupon bonds
issued therefor, a levy of one mill
being provided to pay interest and
to retire the bonds; and that the
license ordinance be suspended for
twelve months and that it shall-hot.
go into effect then unless after a
fair test the revenues shall have
been found insufficient to meet the
current expenses.
Then, in order to prevent the re
currence of a floating debt after the
present debt shall have been pro
vided for, unanimous action was
taken looking towards amending
the charter of the town so that it
shall be unla*ful for any municipal
officer to incur a debt except after
the manner prescribed by law for
State and county officers. The
amendments proposed make it un
lawful for any municipal officer to
incur a debt in a sum in excess of
the tax levy or an amount appro
priated for that specific purpose, or
to divert the funds arising from the
tax levy for one fiscal year to the
payment of an indebtedness in
curred for a previous year, or to
draw a warrant for a public debt
except upon money then actually
to his credit, and also make it un
lawful to divert the funds zaised for
one specific purpose to purposes
other than that for which they were
The meeting was called to hear
the report of the committee pre
viously appointed to confer with
council in regard to the matter.
i As the committee stated in their re
port below, it had as yet not had
opportunity to meet with council
except in an informal way, but had
prepared the communication to coun
cil which was adopted.
The meeting was held in the
court house and was attended by
abzut 75 citizens. There was a gen
eral desire to get down to business
and to take some definite action in
order to bring the whole matter to
some conclusion, and there was
very little discussion.
The meeting was called to order
by the chairman, Dr. George B.
The committee, through its chair
man, Col. George Johnstone, re
ported that it had met with council
and in an informal way had dis
cussed the whole matter. Finding
that it was impossible .for all seven
of the .ommittee to get together,
a sub-committee of three was ap
pointed to confer with a similar
committee from council. This sub
committee was informed by the act
ing mayor that council, being satis
fled with its ordinance and having
no amend-nents which it desired to
make, desired to act as a unit and
refused to appoint a sub-committee.
Tf the committee from citizens had

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