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Seralb ahL tws.
Attack Cost S100.00. In Ammunition.
Other News From the Rnsso-Jappa
nese War.
\'ladivostok. .March 6.-A fleet
of iye Japanese oattle ships anld
two cruisers appeared off this place
at 1.2; o'clock this afternoon. and
bombarded the town and shore bat
teries for fifty-five minutes.
The fleet anproached from the di
rection of Askold Island. at the
east entrance of Ussuri Bay, and
about thirty-fi,e miles southeast of
Vladivostok. Entering Ussuri Bay
the enemy formed in line of battle.
but did not approach to a closer
range than five and one-third niles.
Thi. directed their fire against the
shore batteries and the town, but
no damage resulted. as most of
their two hundred lyddite shells
failed to explode.
The Russian batteries, command
ed by Gens. Veronetz and Artamo
nofn. did not reply. awaiting a clos
er approach of the enemy.
The Japanese fire ceased at 2:20.
and the enemv r.tired in the direc
tion of Askoid Island. Simultan
eously two torpedo boat dest. y
ers appeared r ear Askoid Island
and two more near Cape Maidel.
The Japanese ships were covered
with ice.
The attack resulted in no loss to
the Russians. but cost the neyi\
2o0.0,0 roubles iSloo.ooo) in an
munition. Most of the projectiles
Ivere six and twelve-inch shells.
The population of Vladivostok
was warned this morning of the
presence on the horizon of a hostile
fleet and of the prospect 9f an at
tack during the day. but it remained
St. Petersburg. March 6.-Offic
ial dispatches received here con
cerning the bombardment of Vladi
vostok by a Tapanese fleet this af
ternoon. do not mention any Rus
sian losses. but private advices say
that five were killed, four sailors
and the wife of an engineer. It is
apparent the Japanese were afraid
to risk exposing their ships to the
plunging fire of the land batteries.
and it is considered probable here
that the attack was really for the
purpose of drawing the fire of the
Russian forts, compelling the Rus
sians to disclose the position and
calibre of their guns. and also for
the purpose of ascertaing whether
the Russian squadron is in port. if
this was the object of the Japanese.
it is believed to have failed signally.
as the batteries did not fire a shdt,
and if the squadron is in port it
could not be seen from the Japanese
position in the bay of Ussuri on ac
count of the high land, which rises
from the coast on that side, ob
structing the view of the harbor.
Russian p)rivate letters disclose
the fact that in the recent engage
ments between the Yalu River and
Ping Yang the Russians. with su
perior numbers. defeated the Jap
anese. btit lost heavily.
Hanged Under Exciting Circumstances
C. H. Sparks. a negro murderer.
was hanged a!t )peleika. Ala.. on
Saturdlar, undler exciting circum
stances.' liore being taken from
the cell Sparks assaulted and se
verelv wounded one of the guards
with' a knife. Sparks wvas then
p)inned! to' the wZll with a p'tchfork
andI the 'sheriff ando deputies over
pow:ered anid h'andcuffed him, af
ter which he-wasq led to the scaffold.
The first dIrop) was unsuccessful on
:,1' it wa~ necesary for the mur
The r pe wa5 shor'tened after this
Items of More of Less Interest Con
densed Outside the State.
TeL* accou of the World's Ex
-isition at Chicagi have been clos
ed. The t0tal.C't o f the 'x])O-i
tion was S3000000.
Prairie fires in 0klahoma last
Weck caus.d the loss of three lives
an a tancial los of half a milli(Iln
The. lississippi keislature by a
Svote reiused to change the
iini of the coun11tV of Lincoln to
flb:a (.f Davil.
It is reported from St. Peters
hur- thiat it is teared that Iaron
T . the explorer, has perished in
the Arctic ocean.
.\dmial Walkcr. chairman of
the Isthmian canal commission.
savs that he exnects that his con
inission will sail for the Isthmus on
the 22( of this month.
The severest earthquake in thirty
vears occurred at Lima. Peru, on
I:ridav morning. No lives are re
porte<d to have been lost. The prin
cipal daimage was caused by the
cracking of walls of houses.
Thcre are 15 persons dead. 15
known to have been injured and
three missing as the result of the
collapse of the unfinished Darling
ton apartment hotel building in
New York on last Wednesday.
L. 1. Gassetts shot and probably
nortally wounded loseph William
07n on Saturday morning. on a
-Passengcr train between Citra and
Gainell-SVIe. Ga. Bitter words had
Spassed between Lthe men on account
of a wvoman to whom thv were
both paying attention.
The New York democratic state
c Convention will be held in Albany
on the 18th of April. This decision
by the State committee was a com
promise between the Hill and Mur-'
phy factions. the former yielding
the date and the latter the place of
the meeting.
Six men were drowned and four
others injured as the result of the
collapse of a bridge spanning Yel
low Creek. near Irondale. Ohio. oni
the Cleveland and Pittsburg rail
road on Saturdav. The men were
on two locomotives that attempted
to cross the bridge together.
a.iss M. j. Green. of Macon.
Ga., was robbed of diamonds val
ued at $2.500. shortly after leaving
Salisburv. N. C.. Saturday morn
ing. while en route from New York
to Macon in a Pullman car. She
had left her hand bag. containing
the diamonds. in her berth and re
turned about fifteen minutes later
to find the berth made up and the
hand bag missing.
\\~mi. I. ( )iBrien, an msanw dis
A.'arged soldier. t!ered the wvar (de
partment at Washington. on Thurs
day. andl shot Robert J. Manning,
a inessenger. and Arthur Wiecker.
a clerk. The injury to Mlanning is
regarded as dangerous. Before the
maniac cotuld fire a third time he
was overpowered. It required the
combined strength of half (dozen
men to finally stubdue the man.
General Chaifee, chief of staff.
grappled with him.
As the result of an explosion of
poder and dynamite at magazine
near Latrobe, Pa.. one man was
killed and twventy-one others were
inured. A man who was in his:
ome half mile from the scene
of the explosion wvas so badly hurt
he his hotuse b)eing carried1 from
t' foundation. that he will die.
II uses within a radlius of a mile
were tippled from their founda
ti. and w.indow gvilasses in houis
e twev n ilel di.tant wVere brok
iis repo rted fro m Noirfolk. \'a..
tat whe,i I hn < >utlaw. of Curri
tuck c.umtv. N. C.. became tired of
his wife and two children some
weeks -arn he so1,1 the trio, togeth
1Ltow ric Leadel
Just Re
Two car loads of nice Bt
we are going to close out a
cant afford to pass us by.
The iargest shipment c
Saddles that ever struck I
and will be sold CHEAP.
If you need extra Buggy
Shalves, Rubber Curtains,
Tire Iron, Spokes, Rims,
can't afford to miss.
Paint guaranteed not to
shows up well, covers well
Don't fail to see us, we can
Linseed Oils, Harness Oils,
Stains, Glass and Putty, et
)il, Alcohol, Machine Oil.
we handle oils. Atlantic \
lbs. just received, and the
heard of. Plows, you want
Distributers. Largest lot !
aver struck town, to be soic
and Bridle.s. You can't do'
Lime and Cement at low
Don't fail to get our pricE
try Netting and 1arm Fen<
Big lot of Garden Rak(
Shovels and Spades. CE
Wagons just received. T
Yours for prompt atter
.r with all his love and affection for building The vote
hem, to his brother, Jerome Out- and against the p
aw. He received in exchange two The national gove
ishing nets. The matter was re- t o
)orted to the authorities and war
*ants were sworn out. The trial inein of t et
Iccurred at Currituck. It develop- .
d the fact that John Outlaw (lid
lot think there was anything wrong f~ 0Vl0 1
n the affair: neither did Mrs. Out- ateia nuli
aw nor Jerome Outlaw. When frtespoto
lohn Outlaw became awvare thatlra.maigaia
here was a possibility of the trans-gis fero S.5
tction being annulled by court he tolO ulig
lathered up his fishing nets and
lecamped. A pdmco
tems of More of Less Interest Con-al(lg iltiect
densed in the State. l.
Work onl tile New Columbia Fe-SeaoTiln
lale college building near Hyatt t ienvl~))0
Park. Columbia. is expected to be- b Xelcia h
in ile neCxt few wyeeks.Vrl IlSaon
Two negro mnaged in a
iht near D)ue W\est. on Saturday. fn uigtl e
md one of them cut off tile other's o 8o50
'e withI a shovel.Th 1) irs ntl
Mr. Tohn L. Pitts. ayoung farm-i :t~bo1
-r of Iaurenls county, was struck ctrr. erg
mdlt instantly killed by a failing *
re while at work on his farm on rcin th l)at
The to.wn of lKershlaw. in an elec- V etmt( r
ion heldl on Saturday. dlecided to
crect nd eqip a oders ecL~ tio S.of heSt
rs of Hard wrefe
iggies, all styles, which
.t prices so low that you
They are money savers.
)f Buggy Harness and
lewberry. Just arrived
Tops, Dashes, Wheels,
etc., don't fail to see us.
Shalves at prices you
peal, crack or blister,
We have the agency.
save you money. Also
Turpentine, Varnishes,
.c., Neatfoot Oil, Castor
Come in and all the way
Vhite lead--pure--2OOO
lowest price you ever
Cotton Planters, Gantt
Strap and T Hinges that
I cheap. Collars, Hames
,n our styles and prices.
est prices.
s when in need of Poul
:ing-lowest prices.
is and Hoes, Ditching
ir load White Hickory
iey are the best.
tion and lowest prices,
r Bros.
stood 117 for RAILROAD TO SALUDA
-nent has de- The People of Wards Vote Unamiously
ficres for the To Aid The Proposed New
ite militia and Line.
-n arranged by
st. \\-ard's. Mlarch 5.-A mass meet
.o inr-jg of the citizens of the town and
-:nhsga-county was held here yesterday to
icome of850take definite steps in the matter of
aarei e h Cm- the' proposed railroad from tis
bl for. tharne- p)oint to Saluda. M1ayor J. A.
Sorteee-Satcher acting as temporary chair
man, called the meeting to order
ydrophobia is and Senator James M1. Forrest was
alent in Char- make permanent chairman and Jas.
hett issued a A. Satcher secretary. Maj. B. B.
g that for' the Evans was present and stated the
from Mlarch 5 requirements of the syndicate and
hould be muz- Civil Engineer C. 0. Parker, and
stated that the road would undoubt
edly he built. Without a dissenting
dded S224,ooo voice from the committee or the
ration bill.- to; citizens. and by a unanimous vote
harleston navy Iit was agreed to meet all the re
.added to the (quirenment.
the house, will Mlr. A. I. Cargile of the Saluda
ad a working Standard was p)resent, and gave an
t fscal year ot interesting talk on the railroad. and
somre timiel" advice to the tax-pay
powertiouecr5. referring to the nmany henie
power ouse its to the countvyi the roadl is b)uilt
(o.. (bar nmanu- from here, as thie entire road would
own. exploded be in Saluda county.
:completely Mlai. Evans left tonight for Go
m1 killing one lumbhia where he will communicate
.c 'tes with the syndlicate an(l it is expect
a 1ew ot ersIe at an early dlay to see the sur
)erty loss is jer in the Sid aind the work
enommenced.--The State.

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