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TOL. XL. NO. 91. .N~>3ERRT, S. C., TUESDAT, M ARCH 15, 1904. TWICE A WEEK. S1.50 A YEAR
Russians Had Twenty-Five KiUed On One
Ship And Twenty In The Town
Torpedo Boats Engaged.
.)ki'). larch I3.-- fEcial and
.ate reports bothl indicate that
.\kmiraI Togo's fourth attack on
P: Arthur on tie toth instant was
..-e m11ost effective since the nrst as
(alt of a month ago. One Russian
torPedo boat destroyer was sunk
and several Russian torpedo boat
destroyers'seriously damaged. The
fortilications and city were subject
ed to a heavy bombardment lasting
nearly four hours. The naval bom
bardments of the land works have
generally been ineffective. yet the
peculiar topographical conditions
Port Arthur make immunity from
serious loss from bombardment al-i
most impossible. Admiral Togo's
torpedo flotilla opened the action by
boldly steaming in under the bat
teries and successfully placing a
number of mechanical mines at thel
mouth of the harbor. Following
that there was a desperate bow to
bow encounter between the torpedo
boat destroyers. in which the Jap
anese appear to have scored a clear!
victory. Then followed a long-!
range duel between the cruisers.
ending in the retirement of the No
vik and Bavan. the only Russians
The closing action was the bom-:
bardmlent of the inner harbor by the
Japanese battleships. The latter
to 1OK a )ositiOn southwest of Port'
Arthur and used only their 12-inch
guns. There were twenty-four 12
..ch guns in the squadron of six
hattleships and each gun was fired
n )e r(unds. making a total uo2
h:ge proiectiles that were ired at
city. The bombardment was delib
e_ate and carefully planned. In or
to) aid in perfecting the nring
niral Togo stationed the cruis
er- in a position due east of the en
rtance t, the harbor and at a right
an-le to the battleships. The cruls
er observed the range and effect of
the firing and signalled the results
and suggestions by wireless tele
2; KI.LE (N NE sn> .
ien Tsin. March 13.-Informa
t; n from an official, who was an
ee-witnoess of the bombardment of
i .\rtur. on \\ednesday and!
T urVa'. is to the effect that the
Rusians had twenty-five killed on
0att'1 s'hip ev ,twelty
- theRetvizan and twenty in the
t .The R4ians claim t have
suka Jap)anese cruiser.
The Russians assert that their
<lamagedl cruisers have been repair
ed and are readyv for sea. The bat
tIe ship Czarevitz will be ready
shortly. There is no dock here ca
pable of taking in the Retvisan.
The Russians are preparing for
the defence of New Chwang. find-!
ing it impossible to stop the land
ing of the Japanses.
Col George Johnstone.
Col. George Johnstone returned
on Sunday from Bishopville. where
he was one of the leadmg counsel:
for Spain Kelley, in his trial last
week for murder in the killing of
\\. F. Creech. wvho ruined Kelley's
sister. Kelley was acquitted. Au
gust kohn. correspondent of the
Ne.ws and Courier, says or Col.
Johnstone's speech to the. jury in
the case: ".\Ir. George Johnstone.
the dlistinguished and able lawyer.
the man of versatile and marked
ability and splendiid eloquence spoke!
next. .\r. fohnstone is better
kn wn in upper Carolina. but his
c iunsel in this case and his elo
uence have won for him much
nise here.'
Improvement Due to Relief Experienced
From Lancing Of Another Abcess
On Throat.
Spe~cialI to The !!Ierah adN.s
.a e 1. .\ arch.4.-.\t noon
todYav Senator Tiillman's condition
was reported much Improved. Hc
cxpects ti leave \\ashin.rton for his
home in Edgefield ~in a very few
The improvement is due to the
relief experienced from the lancing
of another abcess. The senator
swallows readily now and is able.
to converse without difficultv. On,
Sunday morning the senator suf
fered extreme pain, its intensity
being greated than any he had ex
perienced since the throat -affec
tion first manifested itself. But
yesterday's operation ended the
pain. News & Courier.
The Tax Can Not Be Collected For This
Year and an Estimated Revenue of
$150,000 Will Not be Received.
New, and Courier.
Columbia. March i2.-Attorney
General Gunter has rendered an
opinion on the franchise tax law.
and the tax cannot be collected this
year. This practically means that
an estimated revenue of $150.ooo:
will not be received by the state this
year because the law does not go
into effect until March 20. and the
returns were required to be made
during the month of Februarv. -
After reciting the statement of
the Comptroller General and the
provisions of the Act. the Attorney
General savs:
It is evident that the basis for
imposing the license fees under this
Act is the annual report of the:
comlptroller general during the
month of Februar\. The Act was.
approved on February 29. and iii
the absence of any provision fixing
the (late for it to take effect -inder
the law it (oes not become opera
tive until twent\ days thereafter.
"llence as the Act doe, not be
come effective until after the month
.f Februiary. and as the reports are
limited to that month. the Act. so
far as the features under discussion
are clolcicrnw:. is ineffective until
next year.
Was On Trial in Bishopvllle for the Kill
ihg of Cre:ch, Who Ruined Kelley's
News and Courier.
Bishopville. March 12.-The ex
pectedl issue was clearly made in
the case of Spain Kelley, on trial
for his life, and the only question
was wvhether the young man was
to be acquitted of the killing of WV.
F. Creech as the seducer of his sis
ter? There wvas no intentional
clouding of the issue. no plea of
sel f-de fence and no justification
save the one idea that Creech had
sedutcedl .\iss .\aud Kelley. Young
Keller saidl on oath without reser
vation that he went out to find
Creech: first, to undertake to make
him right the wvrong he had done
his sister. andl if he dleclinedl to do
so. he was going to kill him. ft
wats with him a marriage *r a fun
eral, plain and( simpille. The cry of
King to. his friend. "Lookout.
Creech! was what, lhe said, broke
the tension and made him shoot.
The case wvas given to the jury
at 10 o'clock tonig-ht and at i
Every department filled up <
Spring Campaign is sounded. W
and we are going to do them. I arr
berry who visited the great Dry Go<
lieve I am the only one who is gettir
at either dept. I have received morE
than the next three largest stores in
of wide-awake buyers have learni
for bargains.
The values quoted here are be
Black I
A fifty foot display of fine Blac
do credit to a city five times the siz(
5 pcs 46 ir. Nub Voil from all Fren
sale . . .
5 pcs 46 in. Voil, very new and drec
per yard . . .
5 pcs 38 in. Voil from weavers beat
sale . . . .
2 pcs 48 in. silk flemish Voil beaut
sale f.r. a
Anything you can ask for in a
de Paris, Crepe de Chine Etinne 1N
serpe and Brilliantine.
Silks Of j
o pc. Taffatta Silk ail shadei and b;ack
anid whitethe ;oc kind for...... .........29c
pes 36 in Black Taffatta g:rantee na-t
to !.plit orth $i.;o for this a.........97c
2 pcs 36 in Black Peau de Soi, worth
$ o for this week...... ...... ..... ... 98c
A big lot of Wash Silks go t! is week
af cut prices
2 C:9C. 36 in Pcali new sprin sty IeI
w orth ioc t q-o at ...................... 6 c
2 ca 30 in Dresc Gi..1;::ns:1.e sprng -
styles wojih 1 , !.A t-. at... ........... 6-c4
i case 36 in C:tain Swiss. leiautfu
quaiy nnd worth ie it :3t .......... 19c
2 c:Ur. 4 in Wiire Lawn !-hort La %n
worth 124 and ic , be yard. spc-i.: for LOe
week :mnd ,t:y 12 Var:s to each ustorner.. 9c
100 pcs fine Wbite Persian Lgw worth
20 .:nd 2zc to go at o.ly.................. 14C
3heapest Store on Earie.
)elock tile iurv returnedl a ver- to b)etter elude the
liet of "not guilty." officers andi guards
change his cadet g
FIT2 LEE AND! FERGUSON. clothes, whilst hi
W\ragg Ferguson.
Lf Escapade of Two Cadets at Wes Pointln,( general oi
Whto Afterwards Became Famous Johnston s army
Generals. would dress in citiu
false mustache an<
Tlo tihe edlitor of the Sunday tuacur
\ews: In a work published im eldpasand ritn
~ew York in 1870. entitled "The witvth passcare
..ie and Times of Robert E. Leitle pesie
Lmd his Companions in Arms" I Gen Fits Lee, w~
jid tihe following paragraph in am.an mf tile case.
ketch of Gen. Fitz Hugh Lee: - inclned to give ti
"At the age of 16 Fitz was ap- Ithis escapade of I
>ointe a cadlet "at large" at \Vest' I tink. would ir
joint. thlrough tile favor of Presi- reading. and I writ
lent Fillmore. As a cadet he was .\ews to Inquire w
-lassed withl thle "wild ones." Un-t~ W.."is still albve,
ike his distinguishled uncle. wvho wthI give a full st(
1ever received a (demerit. Fitz o .the "rare day:
nanagedl to get tihe mlaximnum al
owance withlin the b)ounds of a WX inchester. \ a.
lismissal. It is saidl that. in order - \\ Wsr Pointer
:hock a block; the keynote of the
e have been promising big things
i the only Dry Goods man in New
ds Markets this season and I be
ig in any new goods. I can prove
h Dry Goods, Millinery and Shoes
Newberry combined. Thousands
ad that Mimnaugh's is the place
yond competition to buyers of
'k Dress Good and Silk stock would
of Newberry.
ph weavers worth $100 for this
. . . . 93c
osy worth $1.39 for this sale
. . . . . 94c
itiful block worth 75c for this .
. . . . 46c
iful block worth $1.75 for this 4
Dres . S t k $1.19
block Dress Goods Stock, Crepe
lelrose French Batiste, Henrietta
kll Kinds.
2oo White Bed Spreads to go this week
at only ......................... . . 49C
zoo White Bed Spreads the $1.50 kintl
-our choice this week. ................ 98C
ioo White Bed Spreads the $1.7; kind
your choice this week . . 0...... $1.39
ioo White Bed Spreads the $2.oo kind
your choice this week ...... .........SI,59
0oo doz fine Hemmed Huck Towels the '
i;c kind to go at oniv................. 9C
!oo doz find Hlemmed Huck Tow els every
thread Linen and worth 2;c each to go a
leeaer this week for.................. 12ic
2 cases Pne Mill B!eaching fuil 36 in
wide and worth Ioc the yard ipecial for
' L................................
cases Ar.droscoggin BleacLhing wt-rth
today at nost stores roc ltvo ots we
for.. ....... . ........... ........... 8-1e
Wholesale and Retail,
vigilance of the know that Gen. S. WV. Ferguson is
.he used to ex- very much alive, and is now. wve be
rey- for Women's lieve. visiting one of the family's
s roommate. S. flantations on Cooper River.-Ed
of South Caro- The Sundlay News.
cavalry in Gen -________
luring t'he wvar.) Advertised Letters.
:ens' clothes with L etters remainig in tihe postoffhce
I beard, and the at ewherrv. S. C.. for the week
*da lay n ending Mlarch 12. 1904.
the Academy. B-Mrs. Laura Bangunm. Miss
>ass with imipun- Carrie Bord uie vd
hiinuts. C-Mr. leff Cal<iwell. Mrs.
ho was "the wod Amelia Croner.
is p)robably d1is- D-Molie Davis. Rev. Hogan
icelparticullars oft Dobv. Miss Leslie Dominick.
is youth. wvhich E --Miss Blaniche Edwards.
Iake interesting Marv Griffnn MIiss Dorie G;ilvard.
e t' The Sunday H-fRichard Hase. Hattie' Her
hether Gxen. IPer- hert. Carrie HIurst.
and( if so. if he J-Pink Jones. Mrs. Minnie
ry of that frolic lones,
when he wvas K-R. S. King-.
WVest Pointer- M--J. L. Meetz. Katie Mont
"will be glad toj S-Nettie Shealv.

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