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Items of More of Less Interest Con
densed Outside the State.
California' diemocratic state
Comm1itv hs (cclared in favur oi
Hearst for pcrsident.
Two car barns were burned in
Chicago on Sunday night. Thel
fires were incendiary.
General Leonard Vood's nomii
nation has been confirmed by the
senate and he is now a major gen
An anti-lynching crusade has
been inaugurated in Mississippi by
the W. R. Barksdale Camp. L'. C.
V.. of Grenada. Miss.
Henry Williams. colored, was
hanged at Roanoke. Va.. on Friday.
for making a murderous assault I
upon a white lady and her three
year-old daughter.
%F. Henry Richardson. for many
years editor of the Atlanta Journal.
and one of the brightest writers
and speakers in the South. died in
Atlanta last week.
The republicans of the 1oth Geor
gia congressional district met on
Saturday and nominated a negro
barber of Augusta to oppose the
present democratic incumbent.
Two factions in the republican
congressional convention of the
20th Ohio district came to blows at
a meeting on Saturday and after
wards selected two sets of dele
Severe fighting between German
troops and the natives is reported
from German Southwest Africa on
March 13. The Germans retreat
ed with 26 killed and several
The case against Receiver Mc
Bee. of the Atlantic and North
Carolina railroad. for conspiracy to
defraud the state, has been aban
doned and Mr. McBee has resign
ed as receiver.
The members of the United
States senate on Thursday amused
themselves in playing "Jai Allai,"
the game which became conspicu
ous in the Leonard Wod investi
It is reported from New York
that Andrew Carnegie has given
another $5,ooo,ooo for educational
pkrposes. The purposes of the
gift will not be made public until
the formal announcement. which is
expected in a few days.
A dispatch from Manila states
that there was an engagement be
tween troops under Gen. Leonard
Wood and the native Moros on
March 7. Two thousand Mores
made their retreat with a loss of
100 men. The Americans. who
numbered 450. sustained no losses.
Booker W.ashington has written
a letter to the mayor of Columbus,
Ga.. thanking the citizens of that
place for the erection of a monu
ment to Bragg Smith, colored, who
on the 30th of September last lost
his life in a heroic, though fruit
less, effort to save City Engineer
Johnson from a caving excavation.
Capt. A. R. Piper, an expert who
has been in Chicago investigating
the police force, has rendered a re
port, according to which the Chi
cago police force are in a disgrace
ful state of demoralization and in
efficiency. The chief is declared to
be a good man but utterly unable
to do anything with the present
force under him.
Emperor William, of Germany.
and King Alfonso, of Spain, were
cruising about the harbor of Vigo.
it is reported. on a gunboat, when
owing to the awkward manouev
ring of a fishing steamer the two
vessels came in collission. A 12
year-old boy fell between the ves
sels and wo~uld inevitably have been
crushed. but for the intervention
of the monarchs. who personally
dragged him to the gunboat.
One hundred and fifty members
of congress, as*guests of the James
town Exposition company, made a
pilgrimage to Jamestown Island,
VTa., on ,Saturday, and viewed with
interest the historic ruins that mark
the spot of the first Anglo-Saxon
settlement on the western hemis
phere. The object was to arouse
interest among the congressmen in
the exposition to be held on the
shores of Hampton Roads in 1907,
to celebrate the 3ooth anniversary
of the first settlement
Items of More of Less Interest Con
densed in the State.
Ls wich was -lstroYe b
The inspection of the companies
o(f state mintia has be. i>cin byI
Adjutant Iud Insn- G! t1
;'rost .,ixted by regul.r arny of
Bamberg had three conflagra
tions in her business section within
six weeks. The last occurred early
Saturday morning. when tour
stores were destroved.
In a quarel at Baton Rouge.
Chester countv. between two broth
ers. Eli and Charles WilkeS. the
latt.r was shot h\.the ft,rmier. Tr
N''(d will not prove mortal.
River navigation from George
town to Columbia has been opcn
ed uqp by the arrival at Coinmbila in
Sundar of the river steanier.
' ighlander."
Two stores in Ridgewav were en
tered by t eivsc- on Thu. sday ni It
and an ote .t was wv - tobrea'
in the Plark of Rido,. Th 1
moner drawers in both stores were
bokn opn 1t:t no m1oneywa
A negro woman wa, shot and
killed in ! -.,caster he the careless
handling of a pistol. A negro told
the woman he was going to shoot
her, at the same time playfully
pointing the pistol at her. The
woman grabbed at the pistol and it
was discharged.
Where The Newberry Observer Thinks
There Have Been Extravagant Appro
Newberry Observer.
The Observer has 'been contend
ing for a more economical adminis
tration of the state and has charged
extravagance. It is only fair that
we should be called upon to specify.
and we proceed to do so and to
show, in answer to our contempor
ary The Herald and News, where,
in our judgment. there have been
extravagant appropriations.
In the first place, Clemson col
lege is given too much money. It
may not prove popular to say this;
but we are convinced of the truth
of it. and therfore say it. This in
stitution. founded for the training
of young men for farm life. has
as small proportion of farm
ers' boys and of bays who will
follow farming as. any purely
literary institution in the state.
The 'proportion was given in
the house of the representatives
during the recent session as barely
10 per cent-and we have heard it
qtioted at even less than that. Still
it is a good school: but there is no
reason why it should be given such
a vast sum of money. The college
received from the public treasury
last year. directly and indirectly.
nearly $aoo.ooo. and of this sum
only about $20,ooo went for permna
nent improvements. We believe
that from $50,doo to $60,ooo of the
income of Clemson college could be
turned into the state treasury for
other objects without crippling that
institution as an agricultural col
lege. As an evidence, conclusive
to our mind, of the extravagance of
the legislature in this case, it ma
be mentioned that the estimates for
that college have varied from year
to year. if we mistake not, by as
large a sum as it takes to pay for a
session of the legislature-and vet
it consumes all that it gets, be that
twenty or thirty thousand more or
less tilan the 'estimates. Clemson
should b)e supIportedl liberally : but
there is no nleedl for extravagence,
and the state cannot afford it.
In the second place. we are satis
fied that the state would not suffer
one iota if the Citadel academy in
Charleston were totally -abolished.
WVe have long been of the opinon
that it ought to be done. More than
So,ooo could be saved there. Since
the establishment of Clemson with
its militarv feature there is no fur
ther use of a purely military school.
We believe that Winthrop college
an be run for considerably less
than S1 13.ooo-the amount it is
now costing..
Another saving mright he madle
by cutting the p)ension ap)prop)ria
tion in half, restoring it to S10o,ooo
f0l"CO)WIlt (I its j i):-, 1' i X
I j." thes. th;:iI tl arc i\1
to undLerserviig:,, but we do say that
if half a m1illion1 were appropriatel
there would still lie many deserving
who could not be reached. So thl(
pensions should be Confined tc
the realv necessitous. Ther<
must he a limit somewhere.
and for a poor and small stat(
like this. Sioo.ooo is liberal
We may say. in passig. that then
will have to be a more rigid admin
istrati.Il If ille pension law any
way. .vrv year. notwithstandin
the dr r teon: Iarge death rat,
angheVeterm-.1 anld Ilte w:idw
,f s.hlier. the peLSNI' liSt is grow
in* at :Im alarmin rate. N, t t. 4
ii i ln. -:Irtictllars. note the in
crease in' tur 'Xw: C cutv. .\ndl wei
s Lha I wi iti~t e.. a
wx ere ad:lei t) the list in Ciheroke
cqo e thi. vcar. and sixtV-two 11
Rich!al. These mav h,e taken a
samples. It s not a question oi
what we w u like to do. but wha1
we are a:le to do.
We would not reduce the salarie:
of state officers. nor of their clerks
but we would give them fewei
clerks--for most of them. if not all
have more clerks than they need
so many in fact that they can sta.
away from their offices for weks al
a time from their clerks and poor
ly paid stenographers perform th(
work. It is quite within reasor
that $8.ooo or $ro,ooo a year migh
thus be saved without at all dimin
ishing the efficiency of the public
There may be other places where
savings could be made-we haven'!
the appropriation bill in hand. and
cannot specify more fully. But w<
mav sav that there is a spirit of ex
travagance now in official circle.
that bodes no good for the taxpay
ers. Gen. Hemphill. in one of hi,
interesting letters to the Medium
said the legislature did not refuse
any request for money-even vot
ing $2.500 to a private school ir
Charleston. He might have giver
it credit, though, for refusing th<
asked-for appropriat,on for the St
Louis exposition. It was this"lib
eral" or extravagant that voted th<
appropriation for libraries for pub
lic schools. Libraries are good
things for schools undoubtedly. Sc
would be free text-books for pupil!
and many other things that coulk
be mentioned. The sum here
though. is small. The Herald anc
News -,ays S.ooo: but it must b
nore than that, for twelve school!
in forty counties are to get Stc
from the state fund and Sto fron
the county fund. This will p)rob
ably be repeated for sonme years tc
come, for the schools that do not
get their libraries this year wil
claim the right to get them next
year or some year thereafter.
We have 'specified something
over a hundred thousand. Omi
ideas will be styled "narrow." Per
haps they are, Horace speaks ol
angusta res domi. We must realize
that as a state and as a people we
are-we will not say poor, for thai
sounds demagogic-but our cir
cumstances are narrow, and we
should not try to live on too broad
a scale. Legislators should remem
ber that this is a small state and
that we cannot safely imitate the
ways of large and wealthy com
monwealths. We are only little
more than a million in population.
and of that number only about hall
a million are whites.
As a state we are spending toc
much money. The same may be
said of the counties and cities: but
that is another matter.
.Proper Treatment of Pneumonia...
Pneamonia is too dangerous a dis
ase for anyone to attempt to doctor
imself, although h emay have the
roper remedies at hand. A physician
hould always be called. It should be
orne in mind, however, that pneu
onia always results from an attack
f the grip, and that by giving Cham
erlain's Cough Remedy the threat
eed attack of pneumonia may be
warded off. This remedy is also used
y physicians in the treatment of
neumonia with the best results. Dr.
W. 3. Smith, of Sanders, Ala., who is
aso a druggist, says of it: "I have
een selling Chamberlain's Cough
emedy and prescribing it in my prac
ice for the past six years. I use it in
ases of pneumonia and have always
otten the best results." Sold by
Smith Drug Co.. Newberry, S. C.. and
proserit Drug Co. Prosnpery S C.
Now is the time to
begin to practice if you
expect to have a first
class ball team this
summer, and
Mayes' Book Store
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your base ball supplies.
We have the largest
and best line in New
berry. If, after using
our stock you are not
convinced that what
we say is true, we will
make you a present of
a 75c. bat.
Elberta Peach Trees,
Barred Plymouth Rocks.
Red Raspberry Plants.
Eggs for hatching a specialty. All
inquiries promptly answered. Write
for Circulale.
Marietta, Ga.
Cheap Tickets
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rado, Utah, New Mexico, and
Arizona.. . . . . . . . .
Tickets on sale from Sept. 15to Nov. 20.
offers choice of routes. Free Reclin
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time. Double track.
For full mformation, Circulars, Rates
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"A True Bill."
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New Sterling Silver just received;
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Some seem to think
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everybody that when
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