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VO0L. X L. -N,. 0. EAVBERPRY, S. C.. TUE'STx -%ILY . 1904 TWICE A WEEK. S1.50A YEAR
Was Riding in Automobile inSt. Louis
With Senator Bailey, Of
St. L . July ii.-\Vith a crah
which wa- heard for several blocks. an
automobile in which Senator Benjamin
R. Tillnan. of S,uth Carolina. and
Senator Bailey. of Texas. were riding
yesterday, collided with a Jefferson
avenue electric car.
Senator Tillman had his ankle bad
ly sprained and was otherwise slight
ly irjured. The chaffeur sustained
severe injuries.
None of the other passengers on
the car was injured.
Another Account.
St. Louis. July ii.-An automobile.
in which Senator Tillman. of South
Carolina and Senator J. WV. Bailey. of
Texas. were riding last night collid
ed with a Jefferson avenue street car
and both senators were thrown into
the street but neither was seriously
Senator ' illian suffered a sprained
ankle and Senator Bailey was bruised
about the body. After ascertaining the
extent of their injuries and viewing
their wrecked autonobile. the two
senators hoarded a street car and pro
eeeded to their hotel.
He Is Being Flooded With Telegrams
Of Congratulation.
Esopus. N. Y.. July i.-Telegrams
of congratulation are pourming in on
Judge Alton Brooks Parker. the
democratic nminee for the presi
dency. this morning.
This morning Judge Parker went
4n a long horseback ride in the coun
try. The afterno.n lie spent quietly
at Ro,semont answering -one of the
telegrams and letters received.
Among the messages of congratu
lat,on received were telegrams from
former President Gr..-er Cleveland.
former Vice-president Adlai E. Stev
eVson. \Villiam Randolph Hearst.
Fdward M. Sheppard. of Brooklyn.
and many others.
Japs Have Taken Key to Defenses
Of Port Arthur.
Rone July T.--A dispatch to the
Agenzia Liberia from Chefoo reports
that Cuing Tao. :he key to the de
fenses of Port Arthur. has been cap
tured by the Jar aiese
The tightiig is lroceedii., along
the c1'an o'f hills betwveen Cuing Tao
ani Port A\rthur.
T'a report adds that the Russian
battleship Retvezian andl another bat
tleship have been destroyed. No de
tails are included in the reports.
Moscow. July t.-The Liao Yang
corre<p)ondent of the newspaper No
vosi reports that the Japanese ad
vance column has appeared on the
main road to Muukden.
Tokio. July ii.-\\ord wvas received
here today of the taking of Kai Ch 'w
on Fridav afternoon, after a battle
lasting three dlays and which was
mtost desperat e.
The Ru:-sian, - were driven north
wvard in the dire.ti..*n of Hai Cheng.
De taiN ..11 the letg hiave not yet
hieardl in the di rrei.. o f Port Arthur
laQt ntight. Ia -ing fr(m nmidnigh t un
til three o'clock this morning.
Tt i- believed that a naval battle or
a bombardment a in progress.
Look outt for your owvn faults and
von will have precious little time to
loo- o,,t for those of other peole.-.
35o Farmers Attended Institute at
Young's Grove Satur
'r oprity. Jiuly ii. --Thte Farmers'
Intitu:te n -ing wa' held on Satiur
day at Y'oinzg's Grove. abotit one mile
freom Properity. and was (ulite a suc
ce,. due in larige neasure to the very
successful e t-irts o'f tihe commnittee on
entertainment. There were about
three hundred and fifty farmer- in at
tendance. and all report having been
bhienited b the meeting.
The Institute was under the direc
ti,mn ,f the professors of Clemson col
Prf. F. S. Shiver spoke on agri
cultural chemistry. which will be of
immense benefit tt, the people if
properly applied
Prof. C. P. Newman gave an inter
esting talk on horticulture. which is
sadv needed in this section of the
Dr. Nelson spoke on the subject
of cattle. saying that he saw no reason
why this should not be a cattle coun
try. as it was especially favored in be
ing well adapted for the raising of
Prof. J. 11. Hook gav- a' very
thoughtful talk on the sul.iect of edu
cation. and especially orged more and
beter industrial education.
It is very much hoped that this
meeting will he the inspiration for the
beginning of farming along broader
lines in this section. and that vhen
the meetin- Is held next year the
benenicial resuilt,s of this one will have
been seen and the attendance at the
next meeting will he doubled.
Negro Lynched.
[Hotuston. Miss., July I I.-Jesse
Tuck-r. a negro. was lyp:hed some
time before day yesterday morning
by being swung to an overhead bridge
..f the Mobile and Ohio railroad. On
Saturday night he entered the rviim
of Mrs. 1. E. Johnson for the purpose
ef criminal assault. butt -he frightened
him away with her pistol. The negro
was fonnd by the mob in his house
hiding between two mattresses.
Items of More or Less Interest Con
densed in the State.
.\ negro boy aged about 2o years
'41d was killed near Elloree on Wed
ne1dav by a falling tree.
.!-re destructive hail torms have
been reported in a inimber of parts
,if the state. doing considerable dam
age to crops.
Mrs. John . Adger. of Charlestn.
las (Pbtainled a verdict in the Ander
t7ce ourt if St .278.60 against the
Itlue Ridge railway for the loss of a
t ruink.
It it, reportedl from Chet.ter that a
man nlamled Crawford shot and fatal
ly wo undedl his father-in-law. Mr.
Fartmer. abocut six miles east eof Chtes
ter en last Friday afterno' n. Craw
fe rd was said to bIe dritnking.
The state campaign candlidates are
st ill going the rounds rpeakzing to
~mall aud(iences. The campaign has
been verv miuch 44vershadowyed by the
demtl cratic convention. but there was
very little imei rest in the campaign
l.ightning killed five nmules ont C. J.
Shaune n'n plantat i 4n. near Camden.
iast week, killed one of the farm hands
and haillv Thock ed two oth1er hands
wh e had bcr eught the ,tock up to a
,heel where tev were~ accustomed to
leeim: fedl at 12 o'clock. They' were
unde r thle sh1ed when thle fatal bolt
jl .\. t.-phentl, whoe escapeed from
jili at WValterhoro 5ome time ago with
R. .\. Adanms. was arrested near
Pratnch'ille on Friday. He claims
to have been forced to leave fail at
r-tu:rnimn; t. fatil when arre-te.l. Hle
said lhe lei: .amt son aiter the
left \\a.t rb .r and that he th-.Ight
\ lam I I in. the nicighbt-rh.-d of hi
IlI rvp.-ir.t-d lr.,lii Ilanih-r,- iat
la.-, iia-rday ight a week ago
. white mteni namtel Danicl Prov
cnan. and E lia Mlirri= went to the
hw.i.-:e i a negrs \-imai in the town
-f (>lar. inl Banberg c-uinty. and de
tmanded t he admitted. The wom1ian1
rcfuseil and called a little girl t. help
her ti hild the d.)iir. when ltProvenaux
tired his pistl through the door. the
hall g,ilng thrin,ugh the chibi's It ead.
Prvenaux left the counitry after be
ing imlicatel by tile \ erdict of the
c.rn er * . ury.
Items of More or Less Interest Con
densed Outside of The State.
MNrs. Katherine Dantz. convicted
iurder in the first degree for pois
-ining her huband. -,,s sentenced in
Philadelphia last week to be hanged.
A negrii was lynched at Gordo.
Ala.. for making insulting proposals
to two white women. The negro was
taken from the jail at Gordo by a
indi and hangel.
The hou?e at \Vichita. Kans.. of
Ca W \V...s. a park policeman in
Riverside park. was washed away
last week hy the flo.ds. and \Irs.
\V..,-d:, and her tw children were
\Will 8..ne. of Yancev coUntv. in
the western section ,f North Caro
lina. who killed a man at Pin.!a over
Ie cent in a game of "crack-aloo."
and who became a iugitive frim juis
tice. later !h.,t himself dead.
Several arrests have been adi in
tile case of 'Mrs. Elsie Biddle. of near
Burlingttin. N. J., who was assaulted
recently by three negroes. The ne
rocs arrested were placed in jail. bit
there was c.,isiderale exciteimient.
Brigadier General Thomas B. How
ard. If the Confederate army. a veter
an .f tihe 11fndian. AMexican and Civil
wars. died in Washington last week
and his remains were shipped to his
Id h.)me in lhuston. Texas.
All of tie west bottoms on the lis
.).iri side of Kansas City. including
the utnion depot and the great whole
sale district of the city. were inun
dated on Sattirday as the result of a
break in the Kansas river. Great dam
age was done. the tremendous losses
if the year being deplicated.
In St. I.utis last week Edgar L.
Evans. 2 years ld. cit the throat of
lry. \larcella Kerr. with whom he
had been living for a year. and then
.lashcd his wrists with the same razor
an1d cut lt. i wn throat. Jealousy is
suppsed to have been the cause. The
wt-.man died almost instatitly. The
man mav recover.
Three desperate men in the state
penitentiarv at Richmond made an
unucessful attempt to escape last
week. A\ hole eight inches square was
cttt trim one cell to atnother and one
bar was comtpletely severed and an
iit1er cnt nearly tall the way through.
wheni the alarm was given. A com
pleite 'mit i f to ols necessary to make
the c-cape wva- taken fronm the men.
Better Than a Lawyer.
C. ntgressman Joseph T. Robinson.
'if Arkansas tells of an old negro wvho
was charged wvith having stoleni a
hiog. The facts wvere all against him.
lIe had tno counsel. and wIhen the
,udge: asked him if he wanttedl a law
yer aneignedl t' defenid him. he dIe
calred lhe lidi not.
"But yin are enttitled to a lawyer."
lhe coutrt explained. "and you might
a- well have the benefit of his ser
'"Y aniII liner wvotd jes gimnme some
che ap white trash lawyver." the old
inrkey replied. "antd he wouldn't do
me no good. If it's jes dIe same to
YVan HI. ron. I'd rutthed dlepen' on dIe
ign'rance oh de court."--New York
Davis Hails From West Virginia.
Being a Former Senator From
That State-The Convention.
t rk. Parker. o)f New Y rk.'
f--r pr-ident. al Henry G. Davis,. of
\- \~irginiia. i(-r vice-president.
was the ticket put oit by the
nattinli demoicratic convention init
,e-i n in St. Liis last w%eek.
Te cionventit,ii. which was one ot
the iii-st reiarkable. and in some re
spects one of the mo,st sensational in
the list,,ry of nati,,nal conventions.
reached adj,.turnment at 1:3o o'clock
In Sunday morning. after being in
sessi'n \Wednesday. Thursday. Fri
day. all Friday night. Saturday. and
a gil,,d portion of Saturday night.
\Vednesday's session was taken up
with the temporary organizati-n all
Thursday's session with the perma
nent irganizatiioin. These esti-nc
were rep',rted in full in the last is
sue if The Herald and New. On
Friday practically ni,thing wa-s done
by the convention proper. which was
waiting fir the report ,f the commlit
tee on resolution, emb')dying the
platfI rml. The c,onventi,.n liste'ned
to an addre-s by Richni.id Pearsoni
llobson. the hero of the Merrimac.
:mnd adjourned tmil 8:.zo Friday night.
when the platform wa shmitted and
:-d'-pted and the niinintati gine
into. Parker's nomination coming at
a few minutes befaire ix o'click on
Saturday morning.
The Platforrn.
The platfirni as adopted by the
c-nvention appears elsewhere in this
issue in full. There is ito money
plank in the dcuient. This was the
r..ult If a c,mnpr,)mise between D.
1". liill and W. j. llryan. The light
in cininmittee over this was long and
bitter. There wa-s a bitter right iver
triking it the plank that the mon
etarv system was n4 longer under diS
cusiin anI Senat,,r John W. Dan
iels. of Virginia. bitterly arraigned
Mr. Bryan. saVing he (oubted the
pr--priety if the ian wh-, twice led
the party to defeat dictating the issue
upon which this contest was to be
waged. The cmllpr"Ilmise was Iny.v
effect ed. lhiowever. ant there is noth
ing in the platfrm in regard to the
in1ney question. Parker is a gold
standard man and so wired the con
vention before he would agree to ac
cept the im 'Innation.
The Presidential Nomination.
Ct)nventi,in IIall. St. Louis. July 9.
- --Judge Alt, In Bro-ks Parker. of
New York. w\-as nt-mizated for presi
dent of the United States by the dem
Icratic national convention at 5.49
this morning.
J udge Parker's nomination came af
Sr a sessio n of the convention last
ing almost ten hours. Parker lacked
ist io vites when~ the rioll call end
ed. but before the vote was announced
Iahio changed six votes to the New
York man andii Nevadla fillowed with
wo. Parker no' w lacked but ine vo te.
adh We.,t Virginia gave him thlir
teen anid WVashingto n tent. making a
tit al of six hitudred and eighty-nine.
lle..fire thi coul d he anni unceid.
h iwever. Go vernor D ckery. of Mlis
en'ri. withtdrew the name of Francis
). C ickereil. if Mlissoiuri. who had
beeni unminat ed by the IIlin. Chtampr
Clark. aindh mn veil that Jutdge Parker's
noititnat iion h.i mtade unianimou'is. This
was d. 'te with a yell. atnd the demon
st rat itn start ed. Eve-yhedy was ti o
tired, however. to effervesce very
mneth. and! a mi.'iin to adjourn wvas
greet el by a h wl of affirmuationi. as
eeven tithun spectator., and a
tht,an I dIelegateuS made a break for
the uxit- .
All Night Battle Raged.
\ll ni zht lontg t housan ds sat im
atient ly ait ! watched the waging
,r ie 4f the most extraordinary po
liticaLl hiat:9 in~ hitry.
\illiam Jennings l1rva was hght
in t prevent the t.omination of
it:d-e I'arker and to Io ;o he rallied
all the fav*rit-- --n, and anti-Parker
flrce,. Ii e urgel each to try to hold
II, .w lIt'n in line and he hoped to
b able ti kep enowgh from Parker
pr-:ven hi nmi nationation.
The ami-Parker men played for
time all night. whil at every oppor
tmuity they hammered at Hill and the
po-ple back of thc Parker boom.
Bryan's Desperate Fight.
"Iryan. in a .ery speech. seconded
the nominaniitn f all the candidates
except Judge Parker: that is. he
named each and said that upon a new
platf.rat the party, might standi unit
ed. if .nl!v a man "werthy of the peo
p!e- rt-t could he named for presi
Mr. Iryan's ,peech caused an up
roar. but the Parker leaders had their
plans t,o well laid to be shaken. and
as the ctnfusion subsided. the roll
call began and it was not long after
wards that a tuiffcient number of
vote wa obtaine,l to secure the
a imitlatiton.
The -cenes thr -ghout the night
were dramatic in the extreme. There
% \re irt cler: for one favorite son,
:nd then cheers amano banners waving
fr an' ther.
Despite the long session and the
lateness .f the hwnr. no one seemed
tired. and in the galleries the crowd
remiaineI !ntil the sessilin was over.
When California presented the
tame \\filiam Randolph Hearst a
-mali -- i :mlemn t e:as 1,: 1 ose
abih,ough Parker's following was so
mv-ch larger than Hearst's that the
civers f,r the latter followed. as
thulgh he had the entire convention
ti him.
Eloquent Oratory.
The speeches of the night were
brsts of oratory seldom heard in na
tinal conventions. the place above
ali others where oratory holds full
s way.
The Vote.
The v(Ites by states was as follows:
Alabama-Parker 22.
Arkansas-Parker 18.
Calif-rnia-Hi earst 20.
Colorado-Parker 4: Hearst 5: Mc
Clellan I.
C,,nnecticut-Parker T4.
)elaware-Gray 0.
Florida-Parker 6: Ilearst 4.
Georgia-Parker 26.
I dalo-I earst 6.
I Ilin Iear-t 54.
Indiana-Parker io.
Towa-Hearst 26.
Kan-as--learst to: Parker 7: Miles
: Cockrell t.
Kentucky-Parker 26.
L.ouisiana-Parker 18.
Ma.sachusetts -OlneY 32.
Maine--Parker 7: Hearst r: Olney
Marvland--Parker 16.
M ic igan-Park er 28.
Minntesta--Parker 9: Hearst 9:
C'ckrell t: Towne 2: Gray I.
Mississippi-Parker 20.
Missouri-Cockrell 36.
Mo ntano--Parker 6.
Nebraska-Cockrell 4: Hearst 4:
Pattison 4: O!ney t: Gray I: Wali;
Parker o.
Nevada-Hearst 6.
New Hamttipshire-Parker S.
New Jersey-Parker 24.
New York-Parker 78.
North Carolina-Parker 24.
N irthi Dakota-\\illiamts 8.
Oio-Parker 46.
\\'hen Ohlio was reached a poll was
orered ..At that stage Parker had
473 votes-. H earst 145. Cickrell 4t, O1
e 37: Gray 8.
Necessary to a choice elect 667.
(regon-Parker 4: Hearst 2; Mc
Clellan t: Coler t.
Ienn:sylvantia--Parker 68.
Rhode l-land- -Hearst 6: Parker 2.
S u:hI Car Ilin a - Parker r8.
South Dak' ta-Hearst 8.
Tenne,see- Parker 24.
Texas--Parker 36.
Uth-Parker 6.

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