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Entered at the Postoffice at New
berry, S. C.. as second class matter.
The county executive committee
will meet on Thursday after the elec
tion to canvass the returns and an
nounce the result of the primary.
This date is fixed by the constitution
of the party.
County Chairman S. S. Cunning
ham and Secretary B. B. Leitzsey will
have headquarters at The Herald and
News office on next Tuesday and will
receive the returns at that place.
A Georgian Sighs For the Scenes of
His Childhood.
Editor Herald and News: In read
ing over again the Annals of New
berry county, I like the district bet
ter. Seeing so many names of peo
ple and places with which I was once
familiar causes my mind to sweep
over the buried years, as they have
come and gone. filling me at times
with indiscribable sadness. By
these thoughts and feelings the fol
lowing little poem was suggested,
which I should like you to publish.
I sigh for my own. my dear native
For the scenes of y childhood and
Where I was tenderly led by the
And where I .rst learned of the
I sigh fOr th-- r.d and humble home
Where I first saw the light of the
For the wide fire-place and my own
trundle bed.
Where close to my mother I lay.
I sigh for the dear old rock-bottom
That flowed at the foot of the hill,
To which in my romps my thirst I
could bring.
And, lie down and drink to my fill.
I long for the plum and the mulberry
Which afforded us childish delight,
The holly hock's bloom, home of the
Sipping in honey from morn till
I sigh for my comrades of boyhood
For the ground cover which we did
The old-time school house and the
boyish plays.
WVhere we reveled in pleasure and
I sigh for the faces I once did love,
So beautiful, so gentle and sweet.
But many c-f these have gone up
And are now walking the golden
I long to rest 'neath the clods of my
'When the warfare with sin shall be
Which is ebbing away in quick rapid
Bearing us on to .eternity's shore.
But dear to my heart as these
thoughts may be,
A sadness comes over my dream;
For I think of those I ne'er more
shall 'see.
On this side of death's icy. cold
My father and mother lie buried
In the cold, silent City of Rest,
My sisters, too, who were ever most
Have joined them in .the land of the
G. A. Hough.
Columbus, Ga., Aug. 23, 1904
Alimony' is the consolation prize
in the game of progeessive mnatri
A Card.
Mr. Editor: Tuesday of next week.
the 30th insntm. is election day. at
which time it will be incumbent upon
all g,d citizens t, discharge a most
important dty. \Ve will then elect
the tade'rs wh will represent and
act f-r u.-the pepie ,f Newherry
c1nM-intv L th general assembiy. and
in all matterZ pertaining to the ad
in sttration I '*ur c'iunt y af airS.
:r all of these offices we must have
gId trtie ant loyal men. otherwise
otlr county and ztate will stffer. and
we. as a people. will retrograde rath
er than progress. There are valuable
candidates standing for the various
offices to be filled. let us. therefore.
select the best in our judgment. cast
our ballots accordingly. and thereby
discharge a high duty that we owe
both to ourselves and to our state.
One of these candidates is our pres
ent, true. loyal, and most efficient
sheriff. Capt. M. M. Buford. who is
standing for re-election. Has he dis
charged the exacting duties of that
high and responsible office well and
truly? Has he fulfilled our expecta
tions and measured up to that high
standard of efficiency made by many
good and capable men who have filled
the office before him? If so. then
we should re-elect him. And if these
things be true. can anything else be
given in his favor still further to in
cline us in his favor? With many of
us there is. His record from i86o
to the present time is an open book
wherein there are recorded the deeds
which show up the patriotic. true and
loal citizen. When a hoy of sixteen
he promptly answered the call to
arms, and during the trying times of
those fearful years. in the camp. on
the march and on the battle field.
th-se inestimable and priceless char
acteristics of the brave. gcod and
honest citizen were then early evinc
ed. Old Comrade.
A "White Ribbon" Story.
\lrs. Robrt T. Burdette was talk
in one da- about the whit e ribbon
that is the sign of total abstinen-ce.
savs the Louisville Herald.
"There are some persons" said
Mrs. ;urdette. "who don't wear the
white ribbon with sincerity. They
w,ear it. perhaps.'about as hypocriti
cally as it was worn by an employee
of a certan 'brewer.
"This employee. after years of dis
sipation. appeared one day at the
brewery with the white ribbon on his
breast. Nothing was said to him and
he wore it for several months. Then
one day the head of the nirm hap
pened to notice -the man's badge, and
approached him.
'Why, Frank.' he said. 'it is
strange to see you. a brexver xwearing
white ribbon. Why do you do it?'
t is like this.' said the wvork
man. ' ear the ribbon because it
makes men like to temDt me. and
whewn I m tempted I succumb, sir.'
The talkatix'e age is passing out.
The world is turning more and more
to people who do things.
Miss Bessic Carlisle,
will open her Music
School, at her resi
dence on the 1st day
of September, 1904.
Cotton Giifning
We are pre
pared to gin 125
bales per day at
50 cents a bale,
Wil furnish bag
ging and ties at
market prices.
'We invite your
'patronage. Will
buy your seed.
Souuhern Coffon Seed Oil CO!
Needed in Our Business.
Birmingham News.
A writer in the New Orleans Pic
avune makes the reassuring assertion
that the sun is in no immediate dan
ger of burning ot. Alihhough the
sun has not a spitIe-s rei.taii.n. he
wonhl be sadlyv missed.
T1e Russians may no adopt the
xw,rd kari-kari into their language.
bml the wav inx whicI they manage to
rip themselves up shows that they
have learned what it means.
Ilillian Russell quite agrees with
the theory that a too quiet husband is
a hre. If LiI and old Hank the
Eighth had only met up. what a cinch
f(,r that Clvde Fitch of his time. Bill
I)o v('u think that elections are as
honest as ther used to be"
"No." answered Senat(or Si,rghum.
"I can't say I do. A lIt of people
get paid f4ir vtes these days and then
don't deliver the goods.--Washing
ton Star.
and all kinds of Fresh and Salt fish,
and oysters. If you are dealing in
Fresh Fish or intend to deal in them
write for prices and send your orders
TERRY FISH CO., Charleston, S.,
CO.. Columbia, S. C. We ship only
fresh caught fish and our prices are
as low as thev can be sold at.
Write us. Try us, and be convinc
The patrons of Jolly Street school
will meet on Friday afternoon at 3
'clock. September 9th. for the pur
pse cf electing a teacher for said
chool at a salary of $30.oo per month,
the school to run about . or 6 months.
AlI applications to be sent in by that
L. V. Livingston.
T. F. Richardson.
r.. Boinest. Sec..
Slihs. S. C.
The undersigned. partners under
tlri name of Sigh and Dunlap. in
1rder to dissolve said partnership.
Wi on 24th lay of September. 1904.
at 11 o'clock in the morning
at R. G. Williams' place. near Old
Town sell the following described
personal property:
One 18-horse Tozier engine, one
saw mill and fixtures, two log carts.
one voke of oxen.
Terms: Cash
Sligh and Dunlap.
The undersigned wvill receive appli
cations far a teacher for Garmany
School. District No. 27. up to Sep
tember 5, 1go4. Term eight months.
Salary $30 per month.
T. B. Leitzsey,
J. J. H-. Brown,
C. D. Buzhardt,
PFpil of Tll8 Virgil Pic 8cflOic Of New~
*Yort. N. Y.)
Mower Co's Store.
School Opens
September 1st, 1904.
T8rms-$3.OO uer Eight Lessous.
Teacher Wanted.
Male principal wanted to teach the
Chappells school. Salary, $50 per
month. Session. eight months.
School begins October 1st. Apply
to trtustees of Chappells school.
J. J. White.
Teacher Wanted.
Applications for a teacher for
Union Academy will be recived on or
before the 30th of this month. Sal
ary $30 per month. Election will be
Iheld on August 30
L. I Feagle,
John Kinard,.
Prosperity, S. C.
M. C. Moore,
We find t
more in this
we wish-t
we care tc
our invento
We ther
special indu
all who wisl
Summer Mil
he departm
petent hands,
o sure that we cl
+ We have a fil
ing Hats, Hats
?the perquisites
+ Prices away
and see for yo1
.i Our lines of Whi
+ Light Woolen Dress
evening wear, Hosiet
I all right. Nice lines
4 Come and see us.
Not All Shoes!I
I don't want our friends to
getian idea because we have
just put in stock seventy-one
cases cf
The Hamilton Brown
Shoe Company's Good
Shoes for Men, Boys,1
Women and Children
for fall that our stock
is all Shoes.
It is true we have the best
tock: of Shoes in Newberry,
nd when we get our new fall
ine of
anister's Fine Shoes1
for Men we'will have the finest
ine in town, still we have just
s good a line of Men's Fur
ishing Goods, Hats and Pants,
nderwear and Umbrellas, etc.,
s we have Shoes, and we
ant to sell you everything you
eed in all these lines. Every
ime you spend a dollar at our
store you get more for that dol
ar than you get anywhere else.
We are closing all of our
Straw Hats that we sold early
t $1.50, $2.00 and $3.00I
while they last at $1.00.
Come and see us often.
Newberry, SC.' Aug. 5, 104
iSeru ale.
tat we have
; line than
riore than:
) enter on
:fore offer
cements to i
i their latex
Ilinery now.:
ent is in com- $
and we feel+
in please. +
re lot of walk- +
for Dress and,
down. Come*
te Goods, Muslins,
Goods, Goods for
y, Gorsets, etc , are
of Neckwear.
$5,000 lroad Fare Paid. 500
Vner Crses Offered.
Boardat Cost. Write Quik
phalt Roofing.
Near C., N. & L. Depot.
Shingles! Shingles! Shingles!
200,000 Shingles just,
received, FOR SALE
CH E AP, also Lum ber
and Laths, Rough or
Houses Built on short
notice. SHOP WORK
such as Mantles, Doors
and Window Frames
a specialty. Repairing
of all kinds.
Shop in front of jail.
Newberry, S. C.
Southern Railway.
Wor1is.j air -.. - t. Louis
Best Line,
Choice of Routes,
Through Pullman Sleepers,
Dining Cars.
Stop-overs allowed at Western
North Carolina Summer Re
sorts and other points.
Low Excursion Tickets.
For full information or Wbrld's
Fair literature apply to any
agent Southern Railway, or
Div. Pass. Agent
Charleston, 5,. '

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