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Gov. Terrell Appoints Courtmartial
And Issues Statement.
Atlanta. Ga.. :ug. .-r)I. hi re
turn from St. Louis Gov. .oseph M.
Terrell held a confvrence with Samp
son. Harrisn, a di::tam general of
Georgia. in which the recent States
boro lvnching was :iscussed. The
conference terminat.d with the ap
pomntment . r a cour: at mncury to in
vestigate thE conduct (f the militia
from which the mob took the prison
The court is composed of the fol
lowing gentlemen: Col. A. R. Law
ton (retired) of Savannah, president;
Col. W. E. Woten of Albany, Lieut.
Col. W. W. Baker of A-lanta. Maj.
R. L. Wyly of Thomasvillc and Capt.
Warren Grice of Hawkinsville.
After the appointment of this court
Gov. Terrell issued the following
'I was greatly surprised and shock
ed over the Statesboro occurrence. I
had been advised- of the necessity of
sending to Statesboro during the trial
of the murderers of the Hodges family
a military guard for the preservation
of peace and order, which I did. Be
fore my departure for St. Louis I was
informed that the trial was proceed
ing orderly and that nowhere was
there any evidence whatever of an
intention on the part of those pres
ent to interfere with the regular ad
ministration of instice. The Judge,
:he sheriff and the commanding offi
cers all reported that quiet and order
had marked the procedings and that
no outbreak was in *the least appre
"I have been greatly mortified over
the crime of this mob. I take com
fort in the fact that it did not repre
sent the sentiment of this state. fo:
ts act;on is condemned by a large
majority of the people of the state
and as for that matter Staresboro and
Bulloch countv. the scene of the
crime. No defence can and no apol
ogy should be made for this action of
the mob. It should be denounced by
the lawabiding citizens everywhere.
The wretches whose lives were taken
deserved death, yet it is unquestion
ably true that no man who took part
in the homicides had the right to in
flict it. The crime against the ne
groes is of but small import compar
ed with the great crime against the
law. The law has been whipped;
overcome and trodden under foot by
the mob. The negroes may not have
deserved better but frurelv the law
Misadventure of Dennis.
Captain Eugene H. C. L.e::tze. U~ .
N.. commander of the battleship
Maine, has Germat blood in hi- vein.
and vast know e(ge of detail about
nav'al ordinance ':: hKs head. sa;'h
Kainsas City !--u-nial. Befoe e
sea he wais son-rbr. *u;dent of the ..9
:actory at the WVashingto'n navy yard.
and gainied the reputation >f beintg a
strict tasI:master
H-ab)ituaily an ".ar'l- :>. la cariv
:co rise" man. Captain~ Leutze .n
himself unable :. leep.e ::i ught.
H-e arose. diress ed. lt h:s parter5
and walked dlow:) : cm of :h gn: ~u
shops. Although three shift.- are
needed to dispose of the great press
of work no..v on hand, there wa's lit
tie doing.
Capt. Leutze's sharp eye detected
a mechanic sitting on the carriage of
a great lathe, which wvas slowly run
ning to and fro. taking almost in
finitesimal threads of steel from a
twelve-inch gun. He was dozing,
oblivious to all surroundings. when
Capt. Leutze reached his side and
aroused him with:
"Well, what are you doing and
what is your name?"
"The craftsman looked up and
quailed. Then with a -resignedi air,
he replied, "WVell-, I guess it's Den'
He was not discharged.
About the middle of September the
republican papers will be charging
that Alton B. Parker personally con
ducted that burning .at Statesboro.
The farmers of the west cannot be
very severely censured if the'y ab
sent-mnindedly give the credit .or
their $1.14 wheat to a generous prov
idence instead of thg republican par
ty this year.
Likes a Horse Trade, and Always
Gets the Best Of It-Abhors In
surance of All Kinds.
Amng the fads of Henry G. Davis,
'lmcratie vice-presidemial nomIin e
,(ne is No marked as hi love of
orse. lie always keeps a stableI of
erughbreds. b;t rarely% rids any.
lie never ui;es a horse block when
n unti ng. an(i reftses any assistance
)i any kind. but. placing one foot
n the stirrup. vaults into the saddle
ike a youth of 2o and goes on his
norning ride.
He has no use for insurance of any
cind. and while he was president of
:he West Virginia Central railroad
:he shops of that road were without
ire insurance of any description. He
:arries no insurance on his magnifi
:en-c home, and abhors life insurance
md doctors.
He has peculiar notior- of the way
i person should reply to a telephone
:all. "You should never say 'Hello.' "
le says, *'for that only makes the
nan at the other end of the wire ask
,vho you are. It is just as easy to
;ay 'Senator Davis or John Smith,'
is the case may be, as to say hello,"
ie argues. Should any one in his
mploy be so indiscreet as to say
'hello" when answering a telephone
:all, and the senator was the man
:alling, his soft, cooling voice would
:ome back over the wire: "Isn't it
ust as easy to say treasurer's office
is it is to say hello?"
It so happened )ne day that a new
lerk had been empl.oyed -t the au
it ~s iIce, and. not knowing the
vas vof thei veneralhl sellat 'r, '.ven
e a:isVered the telephone call he
';idly shouted. "hello" into the trans
mitter. Th an: r. thining he
Iced a little discipline. said: "Young
nan, tsn t I _ust as easy to say audi
'rs u1ce as to sh:t h -!!o?" The
:lerk. thinking it was some one was
-Aying him. replied: "Aw. go to l-l'
adh:gup the :'eceiver.
The clerk was r'eprinanded for the
M1annLr in wh h He h,ad spoken te
veao Da.< h . iVer l 1: 0 e on>a:e
ti'.(e::i apoloz gies wecre given no onc
e'nj'yed the joke more tha.: the sena.
to r.
He enjoys nothing so much as a goot
horse trade. In fact he will swar
anything so long as he makes a goot
bargain. A gentleman not long sinc<
remarked to R. S. Kerens. the St
Louis millionaite, who is also
neighbor of Senator Davis, that h
thought Mr. Davis was getting a lit
tie too old to transact business
"Think so?" replied Mr. Kerens, witi
a sad look in his eyes. "I guess vot
haven't swtapped horses with hiri
lately, have you?"
Turks and Albauans
Chicago Daily News,
It is said that the Turkish soliers
Sbecoming demoralized to the poinw
where displays of cowardice are com.
mon. Some extraordinary instances
ofthis are related by a recent travelci
:here' w'ho declares that the Turkis1:
t" ops nave displayed their lack o:
nerve many' times in recent encoun
cers with insurgents. W\hen actua.
e:hting is to be (lone many of thec
scldier:' seek seclusion in the adia
ecnt fields or escape the observations
of their commanders by getting inte
streams or ponds and immersing
themselves in water up to the neck
It was near Uskub that a resort tc
this method of avoiding trouble was
actually observed, An engineer
corps had been summoned hastily
to the nearest bridge over the Var
dar, where bombs had just been
thrown, and found the guard espec
ially placed there to protect the
bridge conspicuously absent. It
took the officers a considerable time
to fmnd what had become of their mis
sing men,
Apparently the demoralization of
Turkey's fighting forces extends also
to its naval vessels. There is a guard
ship at Salonika, a fairly modern
looking small cruiser', lying year in,
y'ear out peacefully at anchor in the
bay. One day an order came to the
:ommander to take a cruise, and the
:onsternation of that gallant officer
was great because no screw steamer
:an move withoutt a shaft, and that
Liad been sold some time ago. But
-ie was a man of resources and had
i shaft made of wood, praying that
t would break within the first few
ninutes~ The wooden -shaft hel1 by
soimc miracle, and as the cruiser
-lowly steamed (ut )f the gulf the
captain's heart sank. ft' r he had no
i a haft that
inuzt brcak ,ooner r later. So he
se bel w and had tile shaft sawn
aliwa ' 'hr.O h. .\ ittle e,x!ra te,am
alnd tic dc,ircd rcsit wa t ccO -
pdlicd and flte -iuardshipi wa-z towed
S die Aiat :\llnai. insurrection
ary 11pratin L have bele an Occan1011
i r c. nccrn bii 1ti to Turke,\ and to
UhC pwers which are trying to corn
pe! ref,-rms in that rcgi.on in the
Hter world. A writer who visited
an Albuan n' oastary says: -Thei
fact thiat I writc impressed the.;e
worthy friars greatly. and Padre
Ci0aCCIint). politicia, as are all Al
hians. iadc a winderfu! suggestion.
'Writc - long article, my son.' he ex
claimed enlithusiasticallv. 'Thot
knowest u.; and the bravery of my
nation. Siggest an alliance against
Europeans that will assuredly destroy
the balance of the powers' The al
liance which the padre ecpected to
overturn the balance of ,he powers
was to consiit of England, Italy
-and Albania."
Eloquence Mi;understood.
Boston Post.
When Senator Newlands, of Neva
da, was debating his resolutions to
annex Cuba he exclaimed dramatical
"This argument furnishes every
kind of fuel that eloquence needs."
He sent down for the transcrpt of
his speech. The young woman type
writer who took the dictation of the
stenographer from the phonograph
had made it:
"This argument furnishes every
kind of food that elephants need."
"I doubt. said Senator Hale when
he heard it. "if even elephants could
digest it."
Those Who Will Be In Charge of the
Various Precincts.
Township No. i.
:1'ld Men'~.-W. T. Gaiioird. WV. H
l!arris. Thos. F. Tarra:.
Yotng Men's-J. C. Dominick, D. F.
Pifer. A. J. S. Langford.
Carolin_a-John A. Summer. W .A.
McFall. B. T. Paysinger.
Factory-P. F. Baxter. J. A. Senn,
F. H. Campsen.
Mcollohon Mill-J. H. Cris2, W. 0.
Wilson. T. D. Crews.
Helena-C. J. Zoebel, E. J. Jen
kinis. Spearman Chalmers.
Hartford-Leroy Summer. Dan
Nobles. John Stoudemayer.
Johnstone Academy-J. Cal. Neel,
T. J. McCullough. W. E. Wallace.
Township No. 2.
Garmnany-C. L. Leitzsey, Sims G.
Brown. George S. Ruff.
*Mt. Bethel-Joe Browxn, Malcolm
Blrook.s, Siml P:-ize.
Mutlhe rry--J. D. Nance. 3. A.
Sease. John P. Wicker.
* Township No. 3.
Mt. Pleasant-John Henderson.
Fred Smith, Jesse Adams.
*Va.e Ric-rside-David Paysinger,
Mavbinton-B. Hi. Maybin, T. A.
Hawkins. J. .-. Thomas, Jr.
Township No 4.
WVhitmire-John P. Fant, W. H.
Raysor. A. J. Holt.
Long Lane-Bachman Cromer, T.
E . Chandler. Chris M. Folk.
Township No. 5
Jalapa-S. M. Duncan, Clarence
Mat-thews, Mik. Mayer.
Conservative-W. H. Eddy, W. T.
Dobbins, John Swittenberg.
Kinards-J. A. Dominick, A. D.
Johnson. Eugene Hill.
Township No. 6.
Reederville-John Livingston, WV.
H. 'Wallace. Jr.. J. R. McKittrick.
Old Mens-J. Will Wilson, R. M.
Martin. Clyde Senn.
Young Men's-WVelch' Longshore,
Robert Hendrix. Tom Grizzard.
Township No. 7.
Saluda-J. S. WVerts. J. L. Fellers,
Jeff WVorkman.
Chappells-W. L.. Andrews, J. B.
Scurry. J. TP. Kelly.
Vaughanville-. M. Boozer. C. AX.
Brooks. J. W. Matthews.
Township No. 8.
Utopia-Alonzo Thrailkill. J. Mark
Nichols, G. T. Blair.
Dead Fail-Henry 0. Long, Joe
A1ewine, Hnmer C+tn'nens.
Township No. 9.
P'r'operity--.\- A. Bedenbaugh.
J Ih ). Fellers. T. C. Schumpert.
St. L.a1kes- C. S. Nich,is. T. G.
IIawvkin. .\. I Tlrzer,.
Sah:a:a--G . I - m inick. J E.
.liens. E T. Aaver
O'Neal -J. Lene \\~ise. J. Linr..
saV T(Ez . A aker.
Swih'n-C. 1. Ear-Ie. H. L.
IKempsoni. (1)nh W.cong.
Lib)ert v-T. J. , iozer. C. D. Huln
1:r. S. C. Minick.
\l'nticel --W. W. Shealy. W. L.
Bo zer, J. H. Barnes.
Little Mountain-J. N. Feagle. A.
C. Wheeler. .. K. Derrick.
Township No. zo.
Union--M. L. Strauss. L. I. Feagle, I
Malcolm L. Long.
Jolly Street-J. Herbert Living
ston. H. E. Werts, M. L. Kinard.
St. Pauls--Thomas Epting. J. B.
Bedenbaugh, J. J. Kibler.
Central-P. 0. V. Setzler. B. S.
Wicker, XW. E. Koon
Colony-Jeff Wicker, Walher Dav
enport, L. M. Fellers.
Township No. ii.
Zion-M. H. Folk, John W. Kin
ard. F. A. Graham.
St. Philips-R. C. Sligh. M. L.
Wicker, Perry Halfacre.
Walton-Bowman Graham, Rob
ert Crooks. Bachman Suber.
Pomaria-H. F. Counts, G. B.
Aull, J. G. Long.
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