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The Bloodiest of Recent Battles
And Greatest of Modern
Philadelphia Public Ledger.
Although the official estimates of
the losses at the battle of Mukden
have very matcrially modified the
figures cabled while the smoke still
hung over the field the results do not
alter the main fact that this was the
most terrible battle in modern his
tory. The figures with which we
shall probably have to be content
scaled down more than half the first
reports of the Russian casualties. and
have very much increased the figures
which record the price paid by the
Japanese for their victory; but, with
all these modifications, the aggregate
of men engaged and the total number
of killed and wounded establish new
and horrid records in the annals of
We a- still forced to deal in un
certain quantities as to the exact
number of the combatants. Com
manders in the field do not -take the
world, and especially the enemy, into
their confidence as to their strength.
and, where numbers are mentioned
at all, we may be sure they are given
wit-h a view to their effect, either
understating or overstating the actual
truth. This is notably the case in the
matter of losses, and this has made
the comparison of great battles a diffi
cult and uncertain business. It is
related of General Sherman that in
his later years, when he wanted to
put the truth on record, he asked the
war department for figures based on
something more trustworthy than the
contemporary reports.
"We were all liars in those days,"
he said. Dependence must be had,
therefore, upon the opinions of the
experts who have followed the course
of events in Manchuria and upon
the meagre scraps of information
which have filtered out from time to
time from Tokio and St. 'Petersburg.
From these it is safe to assume that)
not less than Soo.ooo soldiers were
employed on both sides. with the
probability that the real aggregate
was somewhat larger-allowing 588,
ooo as the strength of Kuropatkin's
forces and 450,000 to the armies under
Oyama. No such battle array as
this has been formed within the peri
od of trustworthy written history, the
figures quoted in connection with the
Greek wars being too uncertain to
afford any basis for comparison. In
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ziie ei war :tne 6o'! there was
n-.hing which appr ached the scale
ot these vast operations, while in the
Napoleonic wars and in the struggle
between France and Germany a
generation ago: the combined aggre
gates on only two or three occasions
reached or exceeded half the totals
of the battle of Mukden.
In the matter of losses the figures
are again on an exceptionally terrible
scale, as was to be expected in a
series of desperately fought engage
ments between more than 8oo.ooo
men, stretched along an 8o-mile
front. The Russians have admitted
losses in killed, wounded, captured
and missing of 89.662, while the Jap
anese casualties were certainly n:ot
less than 60.00. No such loses as
these are found in the pages of
history, if we consider nerely the
aggregat.s: 46.ooo fell at- Blenheim.
75.ooo at Liepsic. 48.000 tO o.ooo at
Waterloo. 43.ooo at Gettysburg
and 30,000 at Chickamauga.
The slaughter of human life at
Mukden in the dawning era of inter
national arbitration is sufticiently
appalling: but Mukden for all that
was no: so bloody in its results as
were the great battles named. when
we recall the numbers in action. The
percentage of losses to the whole
number engaged at the great Man
churian battle was about 18. the
victors being credited with 13 per
cent. and the vanquished with 23 per
cent. Yet at Blenheim the loss
-eached the appalling proportion of
41 per cent. if our statistics can be
trusted. At Leipsic the percentage
is vari-ously placed, but in no case
exceeded 26: at WNaterloo from 22
to 24: at Gettysburg 26, and at
Chickamauga 27. These figures tend
o bear out the contention of mili
tary men that improvement of weap
ons operates to decrease the ratio f
losses. If we could analyze the fig
ures in detail. it would probably be
found that, while t-he element of
personal endurance and bravery is
as important a factor in war as it was
in the days when hat:les were fought
at cl-ser range. the actual number of
killed bears, a smaller proportion
the losses than ever before. and it is
well recognized that the modern
smail calibre hullet and the present
day we(lical practice have greatly
reduced the fatalities among the
It sometimes happends that faith,
hope and charity till the stage to the
exclusion of gratitude.
)ler, De~
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Mysteries of the Brain.
Samuel Hopkins Adams in McClure'
American brain surgery started i
a,a Massachuset:s stone quarry. A
Irish laborer, jamming a crowb
into a hole where part of a charge
dxnamitC was lyingy in wait. pr(
duced the logical result. :he cr
m;ering the head at the SiIc of ti,
an:a l projecting a f '.t )u: beyon
the vault of the skull. The forema
:: tfied the coroncr some one el
nt fi) r a doctor. The (oct:.:r g<
tere first. removed the crowbar an
ok the patient to the -hospit
we re. to the amazement of the e:
reprofession. the man recovere
Up4 to that time the brain substan<
had been regarded as prohibit4
nils &C
terr>r-;.- bt. ih-: d5ctor reasoned
e a urgeon's knife can ge
- whre a -ne-inch crowbar can pas
with :t fatal results.
. foman vh. criticises a wax 6g
. re .n a "how window doesn't seern
to realize. that she herself is nothing
b but clay.
Confederate Reunion.
The Southern railway announces
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Veterans Reunion, from the following
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Louisvil!e. and upon payment ol
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teables and Pullnan reservation
con-oil: a.gens of Sotthern railway
or R. W. Hunt.
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t The Sou:hern railway will sel
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Tuskegee, Ala., Commencement ex
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T round trip .rom all points.
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r bic Order of Mystic Shriners, Im
pr.,ved C.11:ncil. J nel -23 . 19C
R .e: one fare. pI"'s : : r ro n
e Trn.On:.. \o:tofInter
n J1ne 2037. T905. Rate on certificat
e plan.
TIot Springs. Va.. .\nnual conven
d -in of the Southern'Hardware Jot
be-s associtaion and American Hard
vare Manufacturing associatior
dJune 6-9. 1905. Rate: one first clas
:fare, plus 25 cents for round trip fror
:d all points.
of Fi
o., Main1
Calhoun. S. C., South Carolina
State Summer School, June 21, July
19. 1905. Rate: one firs: class fare,
plus 25 cents, for round trip from
all points in South Carolina.
Athens, Ga., Summer School, June
27 to July 28, 1905. Rate: one first
class fare plus 25 cents for round
Knoxville, Tenn., Summer School,
June 20 to July 28, i905. Rate: one
fare plus 25 cents for round trip.
Nashville, Tenn., Peabody Summer
School and Variderbilt Bibical In
stitute, June 14 to August 9, 1905.
Rate: one fare plus 25 cents for round
Asheville, N. C., Annual Confer
ence Y. M. C. A., June 9-25. Rate:
one fare plus 25 cents for round trip.
Asheville, N. C., Conference of
Young People's Missionary associa
tion. June 25 to July 2, 1905. Rate:
one fare plus 25 cents for round trip.
Denver. Col., Account International
Epworth League convention. Rate
very low, and will be given on appli
Asburv Park. N. J., Account of Na
i :ional Educational association, July
.3-7. Rate very low and will be given
on application.
Baltimore, Md., Account of the
United Societv of Christian Endeavor
Inter-national convention, July 5-10,
T905. Rate: one first class fare, plus
$I.oo for round trip.
Buffalo. N. Y., Annual meeting of
the Grand Lodge of B. P. 0. Elks,
July 11-15, 1905. Rate: one first class
fare, plus $i.oo for round trip.
The Southern railway can ofer
many other attractive rates. For
full information consult any ticket
agent, or R. W. Hunt,
D. P. A., Charleston, S. C.
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