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red at the Postoffice at Ne,
berry, S. C., as second class matter.
The Election Today.
The election will (be held today c
the dispensary. The question has bec
pretty thoroughly discussed in th
county and every one ought to kno
just how he wants to vote. There
no reason why we should not have
quiet and peaceable election toda
and we would be pleased to see
full vote so that we might have
full expresion of all the voters in 1
county. In Pickens and Union whei
elections have been held only aboi
one-third of the Total vote of tl
counties was polled. Of course
was the fault of those who did n<
vote and they have no right to obie
and the result might not have bec
changed if the full vote had be(
It should be remembered that wha
ever the result in this county tod,
there can be no election again on ti
question for four years.
The Herald and News favors tl
abolition of the state dispensary ai
the state constabulary and then I
each county say what it wants. M
do not believe the people are rea<
for prohibition, nor do we believe
prohibitory law will amount to mut
where so large a minority uses whi
key as a beverage and believes th
it is not wrong so to do. Besides
great mary who will vote again
the dispensary are not prohibitionis
and when the two are put togeth
you will have a majority who do n
favor prohibition. With public se
timent in that condition ycu will ha
a very difficult task to enforce ai
prohibitory law, and so-called prol
bition will be a failure. The evils
intemperance will not be minimiz
but rather increased. However,
shall make no erotest if a majori
of the people want to give a trial
If the matter were left to cotIo
control we would favor the dispensa
system as the lesser of the evils. A1
if the system was so managed as
make the control and regulation
the sale of whiskey the predomina
features it is the best solution a
would mnimize the evils following *r
use of whiskey.
Mr. Jones.
If Mr. Jones was only giving a "i
view of the history of the dispensa
law from the time it was pass
through the different administratio
up to date" and did not intend to
personal why should he say as
McSweeney's administration that
believed there was an understandi
betwveen1 the dispensary authorit
and the blind tigers," etc.. and t1
"this state of affairs cQntinued throu
McSweeniey's second term. This
a charge by insinuation of collusi
on the part of McSweeney's adma
istration with the blind tigers.
trade if they would buy liquor th
would not be molested. We sims
asked why >is effort to single c
the McSweeney administration
cast reflection upon it and if th~
was foundation for it to be speci
*and produce the proof. That is
Mr. Jones asks us to print a wh<
lot of stuff from the court of clan:
case which we do as a courtesy I
Lwhich does not interest anybody a
we apologize to our readers for prii
ing it, and which does not prove at
thing except that which everybc
who cares to know knows alrea
chat there were blind tigers duri
M.cSweeney's administration and<
ery other administration since the 1
was enacted. We do not deny th
We did not deny it. WVe did nota
for proof WVe did ask for pre
of the understanding charged and
collusion insinuated. Mr. Jones fa
to specity.
It is alright for the committee
vestigating the dispensary to get
the testimony available and not to
contnned to the rules of evidence I
fra witness to get up and implic;
go'd men on simple hearsay is gol
a li-trc far. WVe were thrown v(
intimately with Geni. Gunter :.iri
L ycearsi we kow him well and
do no: believe the hearsay testimony
of Constable Fant -hat Gunter was
implicated in securing jobs for con- el
stables at so much per. And nobody H
who knows Gen. Gunter will believe dz
it. Judge Prince to whom Fant says b<
he told of this condition does not re
remember it and Fan: cannot estab- p(
lish it. If any body is guilty of
wrong doing let it come out but we
should not try to implicate people ar
on mere hearsay. d
n th
n One slander affecting a member
is of the state board of liquor control
w has been nailed. In his speech at
is Edgefield Senator Tillman casually
a remarked that somebody told him that st
y John Bell Towill, who helps manage
a the dispensary, had accepted a fine
a Kentucky horse from a distiller. Sen- ac
e ator Tillman did not make the charge;
e he simply repeated what he had ac
it heard. Mr. Towill. however, declares $2
e that 'he bought the animal from a Jc
it trader in his town, paying him $275.
)t That sets one rumor at rest. Now J(
:t for the next.-Ex.
n Newspaper men very seldom have H
n $275 to pay for a horse. Mr. Towill
will have to explain a little further.- A
t- Darlington News.
y But Mr. Towill is not a newspaper F
ie man. And besides he is amply able
to buy a horse and pay for it and j<
ie was before he became a member of
Ld the state board. E
fe We give large space in this issue to 21
v the dispensary investigation. We take fc
a il that is the main thing in the public b;
h eye just now. ri
at The investigating committee will tj
a meet on the 5th; of September in Sum- ci
st ter -co continue the testimony in re
ts gard to the dispensary management. la
Advertised Letters. ai
B.-Stiles W. Barren, Miss Carrie
e Barnes. si
'C.-H. C. Carter, Andrew Cannon,
Miss Addie Cou-.ts.
D.-Walter Derrick. i
d H.-Mrs. L. D. Hudson.
e J.-Mrs. Jane James, J. W. Jeringer, V
ty Miss Lizzie Johnson.
o K.-J. E. Keenan, Sr. y
M.-Master Brooks Mayes, Miss
t Cornelia Means.
P.-T. Payne.
R.-D. B. Rice.
S.-Jim Senn, Hampton Sligh, Mrs.
Joe Sligah.
0V.--Mrs. Fannie Vragler. s
W.-R. P. Wallace, Sallie Lawson
WVest, Amandy Williams.
eAnyone wishing to get these let
ters must ask for advertised letters.
'C. 3. Purcell,
P. M.
d Un Saleday, in October, 1905, at 11
is o'clock a. in., we will sell at public
e 'auction in front of the court house,
to about 3,>J acres of land, of the estate
e of Mrs. Sibbie D. Cromer, deceased,
g by authority given us in her will, the
es same to be sold in four tracts, plats
at of which will be exhibited at the sale
h and may be seen before that time up
is on application.
n Terms of Sale: One half of the
n-i purchase money to be paid in cash and
A balance in one year. with interest from
ey day of sale, with leave to anticipate s
ly payment of the credit portion in whole s
'ut or in part, the credit portion to be I
to secured by note and mortgage of the t
re premises, with stipulation for 1o per t
fic cent attorney's fees if placed in the
1l. hands of a lawyer for collection. Fur
)le chaser to pay for papers.I
ns* John A. Cromer.
ut I. M. Smith,
d Executors of Sib!ie D. Cromer.
dy By Jo-:t C. Wilson, Esquire, Probate
dy Judge.
g WVhereas, W. C. Sheely and J. M.
v- Schumpert hath made suit to me, to
w grant them Letters of Administration
at. of t'he Esta:e of and effects of Mary
sk Ann Monts
Cf These are therefore to ci:e and ad
ie monish all and singular the kindred
ils and Creditors of the said Mary' Ann i
Werts, deceased, that they be and ap-s
pear before me. in the Court of Pro
n.bate, to be held at Newberry on Tues- t
all day September 12, next after publi- 's
be cation thereof. at 11 o'clock in the
tforenoon. to show cause, if any they
.ehave. why the said Administrationl
.should not be granted.
Given under my hand, this 23 day
ur of Au gust. Anno Domini. 1905.
ve J. C. Wilson,i
T P.N.C.
To Canvass Vote.
The board of commssioners of state
-ction will meet in the office of F.
Domnick at Newberry on Tues
Ly September 5. at ii o'clock as a
)ard of canvassers to canvass The
turns of the election on the dis
We are showing our new style fall
Ld winter hats on our counters to
ty. Best styles and best values in
e city. A. C. JONES.
City Property.
$i,io Five room cottage, Renwick
reet, 1-2 acre.
$i,oo Five room cottage with 2
res land. High Point.
$1,450 Five room cottage with 1-2
re lot Renwick street.
.700 Ten room dwelling .3-4 acres,
hnstone street.
$3.ooo Ten room dwelling one acre
>hnstone street.
$650 Four room cottage 1-2 acre,
igh Point.
$3,000 Eight rodm house 3-4 acres,
dam and Wih-eeler streets.
$3.ooo Eight room house, 1-2 acre,
riend and Coats streets.
$2,800 Ten room house, 1-2 acre,
>hnstone and Wilson streets.
$2,goo Ten room house. 2 acres,
igh Point.
$?--- One tract of land containing
: acres, one six room dwelling house,
>ur Iwo-room tenant houses, stables,
irn and etc. (Cheap as dirt) Har
ngton street.
$1,850 One four acre lot, eleven
vo room tenant houses, partly in the
iy. Rents for $22.oo per month-.
. $1,300' The McK. Hutchinson
nd, Vincent street. (Ask about this.)
$65 Two lots, known as the Floyd
,d Purcell lots.
$2,200 Fine residence on Drayton
Farm Property.
$1,500 140 acres, good dwelling,
ne timbered land. Speck place.
$3,000 300 acres, near Jalapa. Mc
7hiter place.
$2,324 288 acres, near Pomaria,
Milson place.
$1o400 I,3oo acres, 12-miies from
$1,200 220 acres, 7 miles from New
erry. Well improved.
25 Abbeville Cotton mill common
:ock a~t 91.50.
Mollohon Mfg. Co., common stock
15 Newberry Cotton mill at 129.
40 Farmers' Oil mill at 75.
20 Prosperity Oil mill at 50.
30 Little Mountain Oil mill at 50.
1o Commercial bank at 140.
20 Nationa4 bank at 112.
20 Bank of Prosperity at 1os.
Loans negotiated.
Rowand G. Spearman & Co.,
Newberry, S. C.
Phone 200.
For Sale!
The W. B. Aull Place, corner John
tone and Summer Streets, and oppo
ite the residence of Mr. Chas. A. Bow
ian. I have divided the lot and offer
Le corner lot with the residence, con
aining eight large rooms, besides the
pantry, Bath Room and a large Kitchen.
il in first class repair, recently kalse
ained and painted inside and outside.
lectric lights all through the house,
'ard fence painted. This lot, size 149
eet on Johnstone street and 198 feet
n Summer street for $2,500. The resi
ence could not be put there today for
3ss than $2,500.
The other lot cut off from this on
ummer street with a two room ten
nt house on it, size 85 feet on Summer
treet by 198 feet deep for $500.00.
'his is a great bargain. Will sell and
:ive possession at once. If you want a
;ood home, or to buy a lot, this is your
Terms-One-third cash, and balance
ri one er. two years with interest at
even per cent. per annum. The credit
portion to be secured by a mortgage of
he premises, the buildings to be in
'ared and. the policy assigned
Neberrv, S. C., Aug. 17, 1905.
We have a l
smart and dainty s
mer Footwear, ir
fords, Tans and I
that we are selling
means a rare op
persons desiring si
liable shoes for the
$3.50 Shoes f
When in need
C.& G.S.M
JNO. M. KI ,ent. 0. B. AYER
The Commer<
pital $50,000.00 - --
Does a General Banking Bus
Pays 4 per cent. or
We Solicit Your.
Choice Tennes
While it lasts it goes for:
Best Patent, Cotton, -
Best Half Patent, Cotton,
Best Straight --
We are naving a big run c
to remind the public we arn
and summer goods, having
nice new effects.
Don't be misled by loud advertisei
*and red hot prices. and a comparns
Moseley Bros. are in the lead, and f
the place to trade. Some are cuttir
ff. They are just about getting in13
Lrge, stylish,
tock of Sum
icluding Ox
Vhite Shoes
at cost. This
portunity to
ylish and re
least money.
or $2.50
of Shoes
9wer Co
ident. . Cashier.
ial Bank
S. C.
- Surplus $30,000.00
Savings Deposits.
(ccou nt.
see Flour
--- - $5.60
- - 4.75
- - 4.65
n Flour. We want
~leading in spring
~full line, knobby,
rents, we have the goods
n will convince you that
r an all round bill, and is
Lg prices 10 to 25 per ct
ne with our prices then.

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