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Is ilthi city,
bsborne-Sehu'np6rt ofSAtlat
i Dejl Land, of Augusta, is vii
S Beside. Sutmnier, of Union,
sitng Miss'Lillian Smithn
f Mvr J1. E. IeMiick relAied to Ui
ion Tusday
Mr. Geoi, Wi Rid, of Dyson, was i
tho' city Wednesday night
Prof; J. L. Long, of Dallas, Texa
is visiting his father, Mr. G. F. Lon
and other relatives in Newberry.
Mrs. R. J. .Watts, of Laurens, wli
has been V.isiting her brother Capt.
V. Gary rynd other relatives in Ne\
berry has returned to her home.
Mrs. L. W. Floyd is spending tl
week with her sister, Mrs. S. B. Au
at Jalapa.
Master Jordan Pool and Miss Mar
"o.rances Pool left yesterday for Al
v Elle to vist relatives.
Mr. Lewis Johnson is on a visit I
his grandfather, Mr. S. P. Booze:
He recently graduated in the Textil
department at Clemson college an
has aedepted a position in the Gluck
mills in Anderson. He will leave fc
Anderson on Saturday.
Misses Ethel and Genevieve Booze
left yesterday for a months stay v
Monteagle, Tenn., Miss Ethel for
much needed rest and Miss Geneviev
in attendance at-the Assembly Sun
mer school.
Mr. Henry Spearman and his m'otl
er, Mrs. Mattie Spearman, left on yet
terday for Glenn Springs, where the
will spend several weeks. They wi
also spend some time at Hendersor
ville before returning.
Mr. Lee G. Holleman, state ban
examiner, has been in Newberry thi
week examining the state banks r
this place.
Rev. J. F. Jacobs, Messrs. C. 11
Stone, L. B. Dilla, rd, J. J. Philips, 11
R. Brown came dowi from Clinto
in an automobile on Wednesday a
ternooi to atteqnd the Gibson-Hur
weddimr. and when within about fou
miles of Mr. Gibson's the machin
became disabled, and those who weul
on to the wedding had to borrow
conveyance from Mr. T. B. Leitzse
and the others returned to Newberri
Mr. j. Elnore Martin, Jr., spen
Wednesday in Columbia.
Quite a number of young peopl
enjoyedi a party on Tuesday evenin
at the residence of Mr. R. C. Perry.
Miss Elizabeth Alexander, who ha
been visiting the Misses Evans fo
several weeks. left for her home i:
Tennessee on Wednsday.
Miss Irene Faulkner, the popula
trimnmer~ at the Mower company, lef
for her htome int South Boston, Va
Col. WV. H. Hunt left yesterday fo
Philadelphia 'to mneet his sister, Mrt
Annie Peoples, who htas .heen in thI
htospital thtere for' several months an
whto will retutrn witht him on Sunday.
The Ladies Aid society of the Luth
eratn Chturch of thte Redeemer. wvil
meet wvithI Mrs. R4. C. Perry on Tutes
day afternootn at 4 :30 o'clock. Al
tniembers etarntestly requettstedl t'o at
Misses Huth Able and Nelli
Crouch, of Leesville, who htave bee:
vitsiting Miss Lucy Wright returne<
home Wedntesday.
Miss Kate Tompkins, whto has beel
visiting Mrs. Tabor Hill for severs
weeks, returned to her hotme in Edge
fild on Friday.
0. B. Mayer, Treasurer of Center
ni al 91. Newbercry college.
To 'amount by subscriptions in
Newberry andl deposited in
banks.. . ..... ..$359 5
To amount by sub)scriptions in -
Prosperity and deposit-ed in
bank...--.... ..... .. 83 0
$442 5
By amount paid for invita
tions -- ... . .. . ...$50 0
By amount paid for music.: 50 0
By amount paid for carriages 12 0
- By amount'paid for stationery -
stamps typewriter etc... ..75 0
Banquet.-..-..--.. .......200 0
Iotels --...8..... 61i
Stamps--.............6 2
P ~16stals - -.........2 0
Printing .., ....... .......3 0
Balanice paid prosident N. $484
We cer tlfg that we 1 v6 exrnnn
tlj above accongt 'ai'find ~ cr
arWn PuOI Aarg
rebor,e cheeks which wili l" tla
comfortable for, the: ala10of th e
The NatiQnl ban !o Newberris
one of the oldest instiftfions in the
county and has from its qganization
regularlyI paid semi-annual dividends
on its apital stock of $160,000.00.
The next ollest co'rporation in the city
g is the Newberty Cotton mills wi$h a
capital stock of $400,00000. The
semi-annual dividend this year is four
per cent.
Nearly $50,000.00 vill be paid by
the institutions of Newberry in divi
i dends in the next few days as fol
The National bank of Newberry, 4
y per cent oi $150,000,00-$0,000.00.
The Newberry Savings bank, 4 per
cent on $50,000.00-$2,000.00.
The Commercial bank, 4 per cent on
The Exehange' bank. 4 per cent on
$50,000.00-$2,000.00. ,
e The Newherry Cotton mill, 4 per
r cent on $400,000.00-$16,000.00.
- The Mollohon Manufacturing com
r pany, 3 per cent on $400,000.00-$12,
a The Newberry Warehouse company,
e 6 per cent on $12,000.00-$720.00.
The Bank of Prosperity, 3 per cent
on $25,000.00--$750.00.
The People's Nation'al bank of
Prosperity, 3 per cent on $25,000.00
V $750.
All of these are semi-annual divi
The Glenn-Lowry Manufacturing
k company at Whitmire 'and the First
s National bank, of Whitmire, the first
t with a capital stock of $400,000.00 and
the latter with a capital stock of $25,
000.00, we presume also have declared
' semi-annual dividends, but we have
' not the information of.,the amount of
the dividends.
t In addition to this there are five
. e0otton-seed oil mills in the county, all
e of which have done a good business
t 3uring the past sason.
a This amount of money turned loose,
or most of it, fortnately goes to our
own) people, as the money with which
these institutions were built was put
t up largely b home people, and should
ease up the local money market some
what. duringl the next few weeks prior'
to the opening of the fall season.
s Miss Unity Gibson and Mr. Isaac
1 Hamilton IIunt, both of this city, were
' married at the home of the bride's
father, Mr. A. J. Gibson in No. 2
r. Ton.i at 7.:30 on Wednesday even
t ing, Jlune 27.
,Miss Gibson is the attractive and
alccomp)lishedl daughter of Mr. A. J.
r' Gibson, and has many friends here
.and elsewhere throughout this and
other states. She has spent most.of
I her tinme in Newberry, but for~ the p)ast
two or three years she has beeni teach
- ing in the graded schools in Spartan
I burg.
- Mr. ImIut, of the firmj of Hunt,
I Hlnnt and Hunter, is a p)romfinen,t
-- bulsineCss mani and one of the leading
lawyers of the city, and is well knowni
a both in business and social circles.
The parhl.r where the beautiful and
I impressive ceremony was . performedi
by the R1ev. G. A. Wright, p)an .e of
I dlecorated in green and white.
- The bride wvas (laintily gowned in
a becomintg creation of white silk and
carried a boquet of white carnations
hel with wvbite tulle. -The .bride's
- 'nly at'teu,dant was her sister, Miss
Caroline Glibson, who wore a beau
tiful gown of soft white silk and car
liedl white carnations held with wihite
3 satin ribbon'.
The bride carnie in on . the- arm of
her father, and the groom with his
0 best man, Mr. Jame,s N. McCaughrin.
The weddinig was a very quiet ones
and only, relatives were. invited, on
account of the death of the bride's
mother very recently.
The bridal couple loft for Neiv York
yesterdaiy, where they will spend sev
eral weeks.
5 Griffin4.angford,
Miss Lill1 Griffin and Mr. )avid A.
0 Langford,.both. of thls 9ity; Were. ahaiV
D ,ried on Wedniesday afte.rnoon at7:3Q
at t}ie Lutheratopagsonage ih, Pros
Spe't,by th0 Nevw M. O4 J. Krepa.
a ip Gfr i is the daily dau4jte of
r~ i Gr$ffntadIs a swedt yoang
0 grl ;ir.'Lnkled 99s teho of Mi'
O ~.4 LafOnl'4 nd taveirgetic
t of~
jy . . t . . . . 71. "
-8t -6 'en livini
ito\vn a 1'dih the snveja
att or the it forty years, died si
d#iIy bain4 ' 1hisl9me -on Mnor
day ey uin, a 6 8. olook. H
hoa beeoi. 4t wOikes isual during,th
4ay on Monday 'anA, was taking
Apidee -of iceh.pmer Soon after reacl
Jng/ his h'ouse he.1asked that a pillo
be brought for him to place his hea
upon and that the woman who live
in, the next room fan him. Shorti
after this lie breathed his last. Th
coroner was notified and lie went t
his house and out of tkbundance.'c
caution examined Anna Patterson,it
woman who lived in the next roon
Cindt1..Bates and Jim's wife, Emm
It seems that Jim had not bcen li'
ing with his wife siiice the first c
January. The following is the test:
given before the coroner: - .
Anna Patterson - sworn says:
have been living. in the adjoining rooj
to Jim Scott for the past month an
yesterday evening June 25, 1900, Jih
Scott came to his back door and call
ed me and asked me to open bot
doors and I did so and lie asked m
to put a pillow on the floor for hi
'and he laid down and asked me to fa
him. He. was foaming at the mout
when I first saw him. Jim lived abou
1-4 of an hour after he got in th
house. He dropped a piece of ip
just before he got home. Cinda Batc
came here some nights, and sat 'an
talked a while with Jim Scott.
. Anna X Pattel"son
mark -.
Cinda Bates sworn says: I saw Jit
Scott have a spell and fall near- m
house, was foaming at the mouth, thi
was some time last year in the sun
mer. I-saw him pass yesterday evet
ing just before lie got home and afte
le passed my house.
Cinda Bates.
Emma Scott sworn says: Jii
Scott is my husband and lie has bee
living down in one of Mr. Langford
houses. since the first of Januar)
1906. He has not been here sine
Christmas until last night his .so
George brought - him liome dent
June 25, 1906.
Emma X Scott.
Church Notice.
All members of the third quarterl
conference will please meet. the pasto
and presiding elder at O'Dells chuic
on July 5th, at 11 .a. m. There wil
be preachinilg at Rogers on the secon
Sunday in July, at 4 p. m.
J. N. Is9m, Pastor.
At A. R. P. Church.
Dr. F. Y. Pressly, president of Ers
kine college, wiill preach at thm
Thompson Street church at eleven
mn. Sabbath, July the first, at whie
time there will be a meeting of thI
congrega tion.
Children's Day at Zion.
lNext Saturday there will be child
ren 's (lay at Zion, service coiimnent
ing~ at 11 o'clock. Public invited t,
attend and( bring their dinner. WV
hope to have a good time.
Death of Miss Roberta Lathan.
Miss Roberta Lathan, (laughter o
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Lathan, of Littl
Mountain, died on Wednesilay miorn
ing after a brief illness of typhmoi,
fever. She had beeni da 'student c
,Winth'rop college during the past yea
and was taken sick almost immediate
ly upon her return home for the sun
mer vacation. She w'as nineteen year
of age. She had just fiishmed th
innior year at Winthrop and( wo)u<
have been a senior, next session. Shi
was a bright girl iiith life all beCfor
her and it does soem hard and al
most e'ruel from the lhuman view poin]
that her life should thus be cut ofi
but when we remember there is ani ove
ruling providence wvho doeth all thing
wvell and cannot err we must conclud
thiat it is alfor the best and we sha]
understand after awvhile -when al
things are maddelear. We extend ou
sincerest sympathies to the' bereave,
*He who thinks no evil can do n<
4bisineoss man should iteither doz
:I or btiloze.
The stalls ini eeki bookis cover
ratltitude of disapoi talents.
A vmnh'i '4ity' begins wiithi lie
nevr'botr~ touble a
S a Who'.
to alIury,i
t. w\. kina rd Th
ive of lIewbe'ry and a gra444 f
Liewberry college. .or tizter yenes
L h Was Pastot of a tuth'el'en,chtrch
e 'ih Columbia and froin'tie 'he -ent
e to Knoxvilfe, Tvenin., iere'hd his boen
a for the past four years. i-E has many
friends and relatlVes in thi6:0ounty,
He goes to Salisbury, N. C., to serve
d one :of the oldest Lutheran congrega
d tions in America. The following is
y from the Knoxville Sentineil of the
e 25th:
o Rev. M. M.., Kinard, Ph. D., pastor
,f of the St. John's Evangelical Luther
e an chureIr of this city, tendered his
I resignation to the council and eon
a gregation of his church at the morning
services yesterday.
r. Dr. Kinard has been called to be
,f come pastor of a strongl influential
L- church in Salisbury, N. C. This church
was organized more than 100 years
I ago, the first church of the early Salis
n bury, and has not only survived but
d grown strong in numbers and influ
n. ence with the passing year'. The con
I- gregation is the center of Lutheranism
h in the county, as Salisbury is a een
e ter. There are eighteen separate
n Lutheran pastorates in the county of
n Rowan, with one-half the population
ht of the Oounty Lutheran. A number
t of those congregations are daughters
e of St. John's, the mother church in
e Salisbury. This old congregation has
s a fine property and equipment.
d Dr. Kinard has been lpastor of St.
John's Lutheran church here for three
and a half years. He came to this
city from Columbia, S. C., where he
began his first pastorate after ordina
n tion. He served his first church six
y teen years before coming to Knoxville.
s Dr. Kinard is a native South Carolin
. inn. In presenting his resignation
,yesterday he stated that there had
r not been a jar between his people and
himself from the first day lie came to
the e4tureh to the present hour. A
i1co0regational meeting was announe
n ed for the second Sunday in July, to
take final action on the pastor's resig
The announcement of Dr. Kinard's
a resignation will, be received with gen
eral regret in the church and other
circles in this city in which lie is
known. Dr. Kinard has, during- his
residence of almost four years in
Knoxville, made hundreds-of friends
in all denominations. He is ap able
minister, a learned man and an elo
quent and finished orator. His wide
r popularity will cause him to be -rcat
h ly missed in this city. His public
spiritedness and- interest in the gener
al welfare of the community have
commended him to all people, irres
pective of religious affiliation. lie
'will no0 doubt cnteor into his work in
.Salisbury with the same zeal that lias
enabled him to attain such distine
e tiveC success in theO local field.
It is refreshing to both Dr. Kin
h~ ard andl the members of his conigre
e gation to know that his resignation
'comes 'as purely a voluntary action
up)on his part, after having been per-~
sistently urged by the Salisbury
c hurch and officeials of high, station in
his denomination to go to thle North
a Carolina parish. He will leave the
e local church with the blessings and
best wishes of every member of St.
John 's, who highly prize his ability
and his great value to the church, and
f who connnend him for the faithful
e anid successful work he has done in
.. Knoxville.
Death of Mr. John Matthews.
r Mr. Johii Matthewis, known to every
body in this county as ''.Jack'' Mat
-thews when he lived here, dliedl at his
s home near Ninety Six on last Friday
0 night after am brief illness. Hie wvas
:1 for many years a cit izen of Newberry
county, buIt some twenty-five years ago
moved to what waa then E'dgefleld
-county, but afterwards a part of
SGreeniwood. Latterly lie has been
l iving with his family near Ninety
r' Six. 1He was twvice married, his first
'wi'fe being a daughter of Mr. Henry
a Summer, who lived, near .Jolhy Street
in this coutty, and his last. wife, who
survives him, being a daughter of Mr.
r William Werts.
Mr. Matthewvs wvas about 65 years
old and was a good citizen and an up
right man, and his -death wvill bo
3 mourned by many friends.
A Peculiar Accident.
Mrs. A. J. Longshore, mother of
Mrs. J.;RU. Spearman, who .lives with
her daughter, met with a peculiar
accident one day this week.' She is
very old andl;*as itn thw yard feeding
.the ehickems- when a turkey gobbler
Iran up behind:*her and threw her
down, and 'fyro the fall she sustained
a fracture 'of dhe 'hip, anmd has been
unable to b e out of bed since.
ospority,.June M.-a-One. 0f
most bequtiful eveAts ever seen (
oqctrred "Wednesday eVening v I
ihe nuptials of Miss Lena- Mose
and Mr. Thomas Duckott Copels
were impressiv'ly solenized in
presence of , great many relati
and friends at the elegant home of
bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. H.
This beautiful home was decora
for thig aceasion in white fInd gr
--white ribbon, roses, and trail
vines- being gracefully used in
handsome reception hall.
The guests were graciously v
comed at the front door by Mesdat
W. A. Moseley and C. A. Bown
At -prettily arranged tables on e;
end of the piazza Misses Edna I
lers and Isoline Wyche served the
lightful fruit nectar.
Promptly at half past eight to
sweet strains of Lohengrins wedd
march. played by Miss Bessie ,Carli
of Newberry, the bridal party
scended the broad stairway which
beautiful in its decorations of wl
and.irreen and passed down the wl
aisle leading into the back hall in
following order: Messrs. Rol
Copeland, of Laurens, and Guy Pi
of Clinton; Misses Henegan, of F
nettsville, and Miss Della Bowers,
Prosp~rity; Messrs. W. D. Copel
and Robert Philson, botl of Clint
Misses Bailey, of Clinton, and Je:
Moseley,. of Prosperity; Messrs. I
ry Dillard, of Clinton, and Geo.
Brown, of Prosperity; Misses Mo,
of Newberry and Lucy Quattleba
of Col.umbia. Then came the br
exquisitely gowned in white silk v
accordion plaits and real lace me<
lion trimming, carrying a boquet
bride's roses, while over all fell
graceful folds of her bridal veil
with her the maid of honor, Miss
la Moseley, a sister of the bride, i
wore a lovely creation of pink
and carried white carnations. T
were met by the groom and his 1
main, Mr. C. W. Stone, beneath
arch of white Vibbon checked ni
which liiug three wedding besss
there Miss Moseley and Mr. Copel
were married by Rev. Ira S. Cald-%
of the A. R. P. church. The bi
never looked wceter niod lovolier tl
on this occasion being a young
man of unusual attractive person
ties and is beloved by all who kr
her. It is with sincere regret t
we relinquish her to another' to
The groom is a nenber of one
the best known establishments
Clinton and is very popular in bi
iess and social eircles, being a yoi
man of sterling worth.
The bevy Of bride's maids all w
white organdy over white silk
pink D)resden girdles and carr
flesh colored carnations.
Immediately after the ceremnoni
brilliant recept ion was t endered1
coup)le. The bride and groom reec
ed] in thme left p)arlor where the mi
guests gathered to offer congratu
ions anid good wishes while the p
lor on the right was for the prese
received as token of the deep) affect
and1( e'steem in which t hey were h
hv their friends. These constitu
one of the handsomest displays e
seen in this town consist ing~ of cli
eut glass, pictures, -siIy
and almost everything use
andl ornamental1. Conspicuous amc
them were a handsome chest of
r'er. from the b)ride 's par'ents and
Havelind set of china from the gra
father of the groom.
Thme large dining hall wvas decorai
in pink anid white anid the bride's
b)le becing a thing of beauty wi
its exequisite eakes and lovely deo
ration entirely of white caused unir
sal admiration.
Pink schaded candlelab)ra were m
which shed a soft glow on the ma
guests who were invited inito thme d
ing hall by Mcsdames C. T. Wye
and M. C. Morris; Misses Nanm
Simpson and Josie Thompson.
A dainty three course supper n
served by the followving dainty wa
resses: Misses Lucy Fellers, Le
Lester, Kate Thompson, Annie Mo:
ley, and Minnie Boyd Brown.
The out of town guests were:
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Bowvman, TI
and Mrs.. .B. C. Matthews, Mr. a
Mrs..F. R1. Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Pi:
Smith. Mesdames R. C. Carlisle a
M. A. Carlisle. Messrs. Z. F. Wrigi
L. H. Hunt, WV. S. Langford, F.
Fellers, and W. F. Ewart, Drs.. Hu
K. Boyd and R. M. Kennedy, of Ne
berry; Ri. D. Zimmerman, of St. Mai
hews, Mrs Henry Parr, of N ewbemrt
Mirs. 0. P. Copoland, Dr. and HIrs,
Rt. Copeland, Mrs. M. Hays, Mess:
John 'L Young, Joe Phinney.and C
Jobngn,. of Clinton ;' Miss Ijy1 a
[ aura' Vance, of Clinton, Rev, E.
Kennedy, of Abbeville.
It' t\~~0. INC.
4 1 A 20 NEW
Dispeisary Spaket .
ly You may all'8iIwhat you please, but
Mr. C. L. Blease is making good
the speeches in this campain. We like
he his talk on the disponsary. He needn't
t. talk about education" The dispensary
is the thing to talk about, and it is
ted the- thing in which South Carolina is
most interested.-Abbeville Press and
e Banner.
A Card From Mr. Ragsdale.
el- To the Editor of the News and
nos Courier:
an. My positioni -seems to be inisunder..
Ich stood as to the withdrawal from the
7el- race for the office of attorney general.
de- I1 proposed to Mr. J. F. Lyonl and now
prlop)ose to 'ithidraw from the ra1ce
the and leave the offie to Gen. 1,. .
ing Youmans, the sole condition being
sle, that Mr. J. F. Lyon withdraw at the' '
de- same time.
vas J .Iasae
lite Charleston, June 26.
tts, --
en- FOR RENT-Three roomis sulitable
of for light house keeping near resi
nd li dence of Jno. H. Wicker. For in
on; formation apply to R. H. Senn.
,ar- FOR SALE-we'" ill sell for divis
D. ion at Mr. Caldwell liuff's residelce
vei, jiear Fork School house, July 10,
tm, 1906 at 10 o'clock a. in., one S
ide, horse Frick engine onl wheels, one
lith shingle mill with 3 saws all in good
1l- condition. Terms cash.
of Count and Metts.
the -- - .
111d WANTED-Female teacher to teach
Lu- at Johmstone Academy. Salary,
vho $40'00 per month and length of term
41k, cil-hit ]mnhs hel6in li about Ihe 15
h1ey of Oetoher. All applications must
lest be sent ill by tJuly 20. Tr'rustees, j.
an B. Halfacre, G. Mcl. Sligh, W. F.
der Stone.
ell, head cabbage plants now ready for
ide transplanting at 15 eents perlhn
in dred by Franeis Bobb, Prosperity,
xo- S. C.
ow BARBECUE-I will give a first class
hat berbecue at Newberry in B. 0.
6v"- Eptin's yard instead of Laundry
Of yard, July 4, 1906. Don't forget the
il (y J. M. Counts.
"l NOTICE-Have your buggies and
carriages neatly repaired and re
ne painted by Neely & Morgan, iear Mr.
nd( T. C. Pool 's stab)les. All work gnar
ird anteed.
iv- We have on hanet a limited supply
ny of 10 in. records that wre will close
la- -mt at 40 cenlts each.
-Cromler & McGraw.
(iWANTED-You1 to see mec befor e you
e<1( bmild and( cet prices on sashl, do'ors,
(1blinds. flooingi, CPilinlQ. shminles, etc.
'er 0. W. LeRoy.
uil SEND Your' Panama hlats to Laurens
neLaundry to be cleaned. Makes them
ii_ like new.
nd( WHEN you want to buy tinber or
farm land or town p)roperity see or
ed write me and I will save you money.
ta.. T. E. Alexander, Real Estate Ag't
th WaIhalla, S. C.
Bargain sale to a quick piurchaser.
ed A large stock of Dry Goods, Millinlery,
ny Hats, Shoes, and( Clothing. Bids for
m- this stock . will he r'eceived up to 10
he A. M. July 2, 1906, subject to thme ap)- .
lie proval of tIhe creditors.
James MeIntoshl,
it- Newberry, S. C. ' ~ ine
me- Barbecue at Pomarla.
Mr'. Adam La. Aull w~ill serve a first
class barbecue at Pomaria on Satur
[r. (lay, July 7. Special arrangements
nd will be made for the accommodation
ink of the ladies. .Refr'eshiments wvill be
amd served and everything will be done
It, that is possible to contribute to the
14. happiness lAnd pleasure of all who
th atten i as well as to' fuirnishl them with
v. a most excellent dinner.
Library~ H;urs.
sBeginning 0on Monday Jnly 2, and
y continuing. uuntil, further notice, the
id liry hodra will be the ame dlays
but from 0:30 until 1 30"in thme mon

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