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0 ~r go.; 24'':TW '13MRY, S., 0 tIMhAY. PMAR~OR 22. 1907. TIEAWE.$ 0AYA
ses May Reach $106,ooo-Desp
th4 Fire The Ohronicle is Issued,
But in Four Page Form.
rugusta, Ga., March 19.-At 3.
is morning fire brokb out in t
lilding occupied by the Auguf
bronicle and the Western Uni
legraph company. The office
e Augusta Chronicle was ruined a
ain offlee of the Westren Uni
'aph11 conIpany and the uni
icket offlee were destroy4
g ty linotype machines in' T
hroniele ofice were wrecked and 't
resses of the paper are badly dal
ged. The losses are estimated
75,00 to $100,000, with partial i
uratice. The fVre started in T
hroniele job office, owned'by Mi
'hy &, Billings, in the rear of T
hronicle building. T.he fire was ti
der control at 8 o'clock.
The Chronicle was able to print
four-page paper from The Herald
,fice at 10 o'clock.'
ill Take Advantage of Law Enai
ed by Last Legisla.
he State.
Saluda, March 19.-The. vote
e question of hih school or agaii
igh school held here on Saturd
r this district under the provisio
f the high school act passed at t
1ecent -session of the general asse
bly carried without a dissenting vo
Under the provisions of this act
theobasis of what is being conrtibi
ed to the school at .this place- by sl
..inl taxation, bonds and otherwi
he Saluda school will be entitled
he full portion that any onecot
ty. .,get, to wit: $1,250.
. 'essary data are now bei
repittr. &ind wil be presented
lie proper persons in a few days.
A>ril was chQsen for the Easi
umber- of The Designer becat
iumes appropriate for Easter
" suitable for April than I
vh. And the designs of the ni
spring dresses are very arttracti,
The g'raqe and p'acticability of T
Designer models are winning ma
new frends among well-dressed v
nn because of the ease of maki
and correstiness in tle fit.
CSeveral articles, illustrated in
tail, are devoted to the April bri
'They discuss some new styles of w<
ding gown, and latest accessor
go with them,
Newv spring hats are illustrated
clearly that they may be copied, a
the regular advance article by Lau
~Seiple, this 'time on the coming dal
ties of dress, has its accustomed plh
in the center of The Designer.
Mary Kilsyth, who is a well-kno,
interior decorator, contributes an
Slustrated ariticle entitled ''Some t
usual Interiors,'' This , like all.su1
aterial in The Designer, will,
ound to be of practical applicati
tthe home.
Tfhe fiction in the April number
more than ordinary interest. 1
ontinued story begun in the Mau
. mber, ''Economy Farmn,"'by Mi
Bradford,' author 'of ''Caflotta a
&I,'' has the -.second instilment.'in 'I
April' number. There is also an
terosting atiticle on ''My Three El
ters in 'the 'Far East,'' by Alexani
Hue ord I a man *ho has cover
e Wrldintraeland has had ma
~tteresting experieitees. An Eas
~'' or littl.e f4lks 'will prove to
~jer possibility for home ont
uent.' And besides 'these tin
ay fnore. ert%lees,of. use and
'n.idrg theo regular depa
of te Dsigiefwhich Desig
t nowan oo or
E The Sad Death of Mr. N,. R. Lester
A Good Oitizen-Othor Prosper
ity Loca3s.
Prosperity, March 21.-Mrs. G. 'Y.
HIntor has been on a flying trip to
t Oharieston.
Mrs. M. C, Morris has,returned
from a visit to her parents.
Miss Enunia Bell, of Staunton, Va., i
10 a trained nurse of exp'erience will
be make her home with lier sisler, 141rs.
,ta Is S. Caldwell, and will give her pro
n fessionaj attention to all who may
of nleed good and careful nursing.
.id ' We learn .Editor Cargile, of Salt
an da, was in our city on Saturday, hut
) your correspondent did not have the
d. pleasure of a shake.
he Mrs. Ernest - Morgan, of Augusta,
lie Ga., is visiting Mrs. F. E. Schum-I
n- pert.
at Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Gibson, of Co
n- lum'bia, are visiting Mrs. W. - A.
lie A-foseley.
ir- Our millinery establishments will
he Phave their openings tod'ay (Thurs
n- day) Mri,s. Calnes hias Miss Legget.t
to preside at hers while Miss Suther
Sla'nd will do the honors at Mo.seley
Bros.. Both these ladics are accom
plislied milliners of Baltimore.
Mr. J. Y. Thompson has been on a
visit to his son in Columbia. He
''took in'' the ''Clansman'.' while
there and-saysfhat it makes one feel
like lie wanted to shoot something.
Mrs. Quattlebaum, after a pleasant
visit to her son, has returned to her
home in Gainesville, Ga.
At the primary election held last
an Tuesday the following gentlemen were
st nominated: For Intendant, Dr. E. N.
ay Kibler. Wairdens: J. . Bedenbaugh,
nis W. J. Gibson. A. P. Iomninick, A. J.
he Stondemayer.
n- .The general election. will be held
te. on April 9th.
an Mrs. C. C. Edwards, of Chester, is
visiting Mrs. S. W. Calmes.
Dr. and Mrs. Merritt, of Chlrles
ton, have been on a visit to Mrs. 1).
to W. Boland. Mrs. Boland ret urned
n with them -to Charleston to spend a
Mrs. C. M. Harmon visited Miss.
to Ew1enia Suimiller this Week.
Misses Blanche Gallian and Annie
Laurie %Lester visited Mi's Lucille
Fellers in Newberry the past. Week.
er Miss Julia, Sehumpert. has been on
se a. visit to Miss Verna Summer, of
re your eity.
or The coming event of our town is
!W the silver wedding of Mr. and Mrs.
re. A. G. Wise on Saturday, 'March 23,
lie 1907. Many will attend the 'happy
IIY occasion and extend congratulations
'0- to the happy couple and wish them
ag ''conl voyage'' on. their way to the
1text or golden wedding 25 years
le- hence. Tt seems but a short time since
le t'he (lay when the happy young peo
d- ple were married and the years have
es passed freighted with the sorrows and
nleasures of a quarter century. Turn
so ing our faces .to the rosing sun we
ad face the realities of life; and the fu,1
ra turie as yet un'fathomed 'with stout
n- hearts and firm resolves doing each
e (lay those duties that fall to our lot.
''Carolina day'' in the graded school
vnwas a decided success. It has led to
iithe raising of a fund to buy Cal
n-houn's and Hampton 's .porfraits for
oh the library. Other celebrated. Carol
be inians will be added.
n,-Our town has been, saddened by the
sudden death of Mr. N. RI. Lester on
is Tuesday.
le TLhe circumstances surrounding the
eh fearful accident ~as near as,your cor
les respondent cain learn were that the
nd injeotor to the boilei' liad'-not been
ho working well and Mr. Lester had gone
in., to~ see what the cause was and find
is. ing out that it was on account of
er mud getting - i'to the injeetor it
edl would not work and being .near noon
fly lhe decided to run on till dinuger time
der at which time lie would fix it. His
be engineer had just ataited the engine
Br.. when the explosion occurr~ed. It is
ire supposed that be had let the water
In- 1'un down~ in the boiler and' when he
rt, started up 'he turmned in cold water
m. wvhich caused the -expldaxon,
mn It is said Mr' Lester,ha,d put nc*
flu.s in~ the boiler. laMy weekt Others
*say not. There eYideutly.were .sorne
leaks in it. Mr. Le,ster:and the en;
bi- ~ineer were iriietantly killed Ef Leos
~.ler Was blown at leat 020 fqe by the
force of the explosion and was'fear
fully migled.
The dome of the boiler was blown
over 200 yards it is said. TIwo iteg
roes who Were mill hands were ser
iously hirt. . .
Mr. Lester was a progressive and
well todo planter and mill man. He
]':ad just completed (-i0 of the nicest
ho.111es in' Newberry county. He was
proline't inl his community and was
an lctive worler in St. Luke'.
eiurchl. He was laid to 'rest inl St,.
L,ukce's cemetery on Wednesday.
His was oie'of the largest funer
,ls ever held in St. Lukes church,
The building could not hold all the
V'eople. A. large congregation was on
the outside. Aam.iy awor the sad hearts
that followed him to his last resting
place. The sympathy of the entire
(411ommu1lity goes out, to the bereaved
wife and children.
"Our New Minister."
A good many saw ''Our New Min
i ter'''rehtrday ar the Jefferson,
and mally more would have seen him
if they had knowni how much wit and
hidnor and whollesomne enjoynein.t
-velt with him.
.MThe stori, of the Hardscrable folks
was written by )enman 'Thompson
!nd e(Golre W. 11yer, and it is anloth
er tale of villa-e and farm life in
New HamlihlSire. 'The plot swings
about, a reformed convict, whose wife
i.s dead, but who has a daughter. The
new minister takes this convict by
the hand and helps him to become a
good citizen. He has a daughter, and
the new minister falls in love vith
that daughter and marries her just
when, all things are cleared up and
the curtain comes t1own, and the band
plays Ai(ld L4ang Syne.
The new minister comes to preach
and practice the religion of humanity,
disearding what one of' the players
called the cold. storage piety of three
hundred years ago. He is put in
contrast with Calvin Abdel, a minis
ler of the old school, and it goes
without sayin'g that the new minister
wills over all the pe-ople- except thc
The play is purity itself. No wo
1111111 is wronged inl it, none has to bc
vindicated. There is nothing morbid
or piteous in it. It is just a clean,
lovable story of rustic village life.
Joseph Conyers as Darius Hartle
the village detective, is immense. His
makeup is great, but hi-s rustic face
and character acting are still greater.
He shone throughout the play, hut
he (id not furnish' all the humor of
the play. Clara Ramford as Sistei
Doroas Tattleby, the village gossip
was true to village life, and so was
Fred larke as the village postma-s.
ter and storekeeper. The latter- had
a laugh that could not well be heard
in real life outside of New Hamp.
shire. Maude Dickerson as the con
vict's daughter, and Edith Millward
as the new minister's sister charmed
The entire lilay was [email protected]
staged, and the actors were all good
enough in their respective parts t<
mak.e the play as enjoyable as it im
wholesome. It promises to be acted
many years to come, for it is full ol
hummani nature and ecare-dispelling
fun.--Birmiingham Age-Herald.
Spoke Too Late.
''There used to be a Princet6n jan
itor named Jerome McWade, who was
as witty and amusing a chap as I,'have
ev'er met,'' said a prominent judge,
''Whenever you 'would strike Me
Wade, he would halt .you and foi
three or four minutes you, would have
to listen to some, odd yarn or othem
that he would relate as though it had
been a personal experience.
''I saw a funny Irishman in
tavern last night,' he said to. me one
morning. 'Th,is Irishman sat by the
fire reading t newspaper and sucking
,raw eggs that he .took, one by one,
out of a paper bag. HIe 'paid no tut
tenition to' anybody. Hie just read and
sucked as though lie was alone in him
room' at home.
"''All'of a sudden it happened that
'he got a- very bad egg, and befor<
lhe knew what lie was doing lhe bolted
a little live chicken. T'he chiel
(chirped as 'it went dowh, and the
Irishman said philosobitally:
"By 'the .pow*rs, my fri md, y<
spoke 'too late ' N'
Gl6ernor Ansel OffersReward of Onq
Aundred Dodlars .for/ Arrest of
Dr. Leon Goldberg, Accused
of Seduction.
ews ad Courier.
Coliiia. Mlareh 20.-Covernoi
Ausel Is offered a reward of $10(
for .litm arrest andI apprelIensin of ,
nan who goes by the name of Dr
Leool He is wainted in thi:
eity wi the ehar-- ofr seducin. a lit.
tle girl who recently came. to tIhi
Goblherg has been employed as in,
torpreter ir the city' Police Court an(
also ) th e department of commerem
and inIniIgration at one time, but Ia
nto ollivial connection with either. H<
is an Austrian Jew, speaks seven o
eight languiages well, and is ver
shbewd. le ran a boarding house or
Main street. and it was tihere thai
the olTiie was said to have beert
commimed. It is said tihat Goldberg
boubl . ticket for Augusta. but tooli
-the tr,ain for ChIaIrkIton and chanme
ears at I raiichville. from which lacl<lC
he is thiught to have gone to Savan.
nah, wher> he douiblesA took boat
He is at Itome equally in any portiot
of the glohe, and it will he 11 trobllb
for hin: get away. The crime ol
whieb Golberg is aIceused is a hang.
iing" ofTenev in this state as the girl i
under the age of consent.
A Too-Caution Reporter.
''My boy,'' said the edition of th<
Billsville Bugle to the new reporter
according to Printers' Ink, ''you lael
caution. You must learn not to stat<
things, as facts until they a& provei
faets-otlherwise you arc very ap1
to get us into libel suits. Do not say
'the cashier stole the funds;' sai
''the cashier who is alleged to havi
stolen tle funds.' That's all now, an<
--:at-turn in a stiekful all now, an<
-at-tirn in a cial last night.'
Owing to an influx of visitors i
was late in the afternoon before th<
genial editor of the Bugle ealight j
glimpse of the great family daily
Halfway down the social column hi.
eYes lit on tie following cautio;
paragraph: "It is rumored that i
eard party was given last evening t
a number of repited ladies of th
se(lonld ward. Mrs. Smitli, g,ossil
says, was the hostess, and the festi
vities are reported to have continue(
until 10.30 in the evening. It is al
leged that the affair^was a social fune
tion given to the ladies of the Sec
1141 Ward Cinch Club, and that witl
the exception of Mrs. James Bilwili
ger.. who says she coies from Leavit
Junction, none but members wer
present. The reputed hostess insist
that coffee and wafers alone wer
served as refreshments.
"The Smith woman claims to b
the wife of John Smith, the so-calle(
'Toniest Shoe Man' of 315 East Stat
Shortly afterward a whirling maAs
claiming to be a reporter on th
Bugle, flewv fifteen feet into th
street and landed with what by-stan
der~s assert was a dull, siekeninj
Witnessed the Clansman as Present
ed at Newberry Monday
Quite a large party from Lauren;
event to Newberry Monday night fo
tlie very strong and popular .drama
tization of' "The Clans9man.'' Mos
of' the party returned to the cit;
Tuesday morning. All were delight
edl with- the play.
TIhose who weint dowin from her
werec: Col. Thos. B. Crews, Mayo
and Mrs. C. M. Babb, Miss Hele1
Gotdans, Miss Willie Harris, Mis
Bessie Crews, Miss Helen Hlix, Mis
Fannie *May WXrighit, Miss Bet
Meridith, Dr. R. A. Edwards, Dr. U
E. Hughes, Messrs. R. 11. Grenekei
M. L. Roper, (Gus Simmons, Wil
Switzier, Stobo Young, L. B. Black4
well, Thos,I. Swygert. J. J. )enid.3
(. W/ Shell, Earl Wilson,' Vanie
Irby, Fbrd Franks,'Gus Babb, Joh
Sw itzer, Earnest Easterby, F.J
Ow ingh, Chief of IPolice WV. S. Bag
well, PestxIaster Gleo. S. McCrava
W. f Richey, Jr and Dr. Isador
Schayer .-4iiment Advertise.r.
Considerable Amount' of Diplomacy It
Being Employed at the White
House in Regard to It.
News and Courier. eel
Wuaslhigton, Marcli 20. The great- is",
est am,,ounIt of diploilacy is being us- ha'
ed at tile White House and the do- as
partiment of justice in the handling of :b
ia letter ig 2oi Ooveinor Ansel to At- gh
torney Geieral ltoln.parle, received
yesMerdaly, inl referencee to lh.e o,
iiiiii;ration law. When The News foi
and Courier vo-rresliolidelit Called oil tlh(
Attorney Oeneral 3onaparte today th1
I and asked if lie might have a copy of 4)a
the lefter from Governor Ansel he im
was told tlhat under orders fromi. ai
President RooseVelt a copy of tle roi
letter coild not be furn1i11isled tlie a.
press, nlor could any otkier informia- col
tion relative to tlie matter iln i any lin
forIl be --iveli; that niot1ihing eouild ill(
be secured tilere conleellnil-2 the mIat- 15:
ter, and ,that wA-h-tever information,
if aliv was lad, mu111st bW seclred froml.i
ithe White Hou1se.
Whieii Secretiary Loeb was seenl he
too, declilned to periit an inspee
tion of dhe let,ter referred to, or- to
dioculss it inl any of its )lases, ex
elit to sa that whin te President
and Attorney fleneral lad consideredl 0
the matter a stlatemenie would he So
furinisled tlie press from the White N
House if in their opinion the situia
tion demanded that the public beI
made beqculainlted with the factsw Mr.
Loeb woiid 'not intimiate wlethier or t o
1not 'Mr. Bonaparte and the President,
had! yet considered the Mat>ter, but
said tlit thley iiitended givin. -he to
ilatteri most Serious Consideration. 1
P. H. MeCO. (
Fooling the Pigs. wI
''SoIe time a-o,'' said tle travel
inlg man from Little Rock, according thi
to the Saturday Evening Post, ''I was ti
ihorsebacking through the woods' in li
dihat portion of our state in which the
hogs still run wild, with ani occasional <li
liomeopat1hie (ose of corn to keep t(
tei reminded hat tlhere are ties that (1'h
bind them to Imanikind. In a heavily C,h
itiibered tract I camie uipon a herd of ali
t porkers that were behav-ing inl the W
most remarkable mannbr. They would us
run madly in one direction for a hun- sC
dred yards or so. then stop, sniff the wi
air, utter a shriek of disappointment tih
and make an V.qually mad dash at
anotlier angle. I watched them some of
time witlhout being able ; the least Se
to fathom the mystery. C4
''Half a mile further on I came to de
a cabin in the woods. An o14 man sat
3n an inverted key -beside t.he door- ex
way, smoking a corneob pipe. ihe or
quandary of the pigs was still tor- I
turning me, so, as soonl as we passed tl
purfunetory 'Howdy,'' I said to him:
''Stranger, I passed a lot of hogs
a down there in tle brusl just now.
that were behaving very strangely. ta
,They would stai't and run at full o
speed in one direction, then, stop and
a take a fresh stai't some other way.ti
.. Can you explain it?,'t
'' 'Yas, stranger, I i'eckon I fin,' ;
lie replied in a' stage whisper that a
had chpraeterized his first greeting. 'i
'Them's my hawgs. I uist t' call 'einii
up and' feed 'em now arl' then, but
- t'otheor day I lost m' voeie an' tuck p
t' callin ' 'em by poundin ' on a ti'ee r
with a stiek. An' now them d-e
woodpeckers has got 'em erazy.' ~e
If He Wasn't Handicapped.' w
Senator Culbertson of Texas tells pl
a good story aboumt an old gentleman 01k
., who was one of the early settlers'of un1
the no0w famous town of Brownsville su1
on the Rio Glrande, says the Washing.. us
r jtonm Star. The old resident referred P0
to was a. good Methodist, but posses- chi
m' fey temper', and( )vhien aronms- th
ed lie was no means a .pleasant' sub- cui
ject t'o come in cofitact with. One mi
(day one of the old main's favor'ite I i
,hioundls .was shot and killed, l)y a bud- ol
I v, a man whlo had been in .more N
fgt tan any man in that section. a1
His fighting repattion, however, didl th
not kee.p the old man firom hunting ye
Shim lup,and giving him a thrashing,
andl then he aignouniced(:
'Unrestrained by divine gr.ace,
,neighbors? I can wiip any man mn A1
e Ithe Rio Grande and especially if lhe
~kills one of my hounds."' F
/ -.
Shows tat 13,290,677 Bales Have
Been Ginned.
Washiigton, March 20.-The tinal
isus report on cotton. for the year
lied today shows that 13,290,677
es of cotton, countig round bales
half \bales, ineluding linters, have
"n ginned. The n1umber of active
meries this year is 28,702.
ile 1906 crop is comlipareil wit.h
725,602 for 1905; anid 13,697,31.0
1904. The averavg gross weight of
bale for 1906 is 510.7 pounds and
Crop, expressed it 500 pound
ecs, is 13,576,226. The items enter
the totals for the erop of 1906
13,099.927 s(Ituare hales; 266,795
ind bales; 57,352 sea island bales;
i 321,160 linters. The qutantity of
ton estimated by giiners and ie
ters ats rviiliminlg to bhe .iitinned and
.11uded in) ti( report of 1906 is
,704 bales.
Devolve the Duties of0 tle Board
if Public Works for the town of
ewberry upon tle Town Council
>f said Town.
e(ion 1. le it e-lcted by the
neral Assembly of the State of
1th Carolina: That after tile up
val (i' this Act, all diltie hereto
e belonging to and exercised by tho
Mllissioners of Pul)lic Works for
Town of Newberry, shall belong
and devolve upon the Towi Coun
of said Town.
.ection 2. TItis Act, shall not, go in,
effeet'until the first, day of June
7, nor unless a majority of the
ilified electors of the said town
il approve the same it nin election
ich shall be ordered by the Town
ieil, n1ot. less than forty nor. 'more
In sixty days after the approa'vl of
is Act ; said election to be held on
teenl days iotice by managers ilp
in(vd by said Town ('ouneil to conl
et .111l report tle( result o4f ihe -anio
said ''ovn (ouncvil, who shili de
ire ad certify the result of such
'etiol to ( the SeeretarY of St,te,
d to the Commiissioners of(1 Publie
orks. The tickets or ballots to b)e
ud at seh election shall be pre
ibed by the Town Council in such
Lt as to )laIlly eXpress the will of
a voter on the que4ion submitted.
Section 3. The Clerk and Treasurer
the Town Council shall act as the
eretiary and Treasurer of the Town
uneil in the discharge of the dutics
volved by this Act upon the said
wn Council, and he shall
eute a iod, witi surety
sureties, inl the sum of five
ous and (ollar1s, to be approved by
C T.own Council, for the faitliful
rformane of his dtities as such
cretary and Treasurer. The Town
>uncil shall require the said Secre
ry and Treasurer to piblish in onec
more of the newsp)ap)ers of said
iwn, quarterly statements of his re
hipts and1( dlisbur'semenCts, showing
i sources and character of said re
ip)ts aind dlisburIIsemenlts. The said
wiv Council shall cause the books
d accounts of the Secretary and
ensturer to be audited semi-annual
by an exp)ert accouintant, whose re
rt to said town Council shall be8
blished in the same manner as tly
lort of the Secretary and Treasur-.
Section 4. When this Act goes into
rect the Commissioners of Publie
orks shall make a full and comn
ito inventory of the -waterworks,
etric lighting and sewerage plants, W
der' their control, together with all
pplies, money anid qthier property
Dd ini enimietion therewith, in their
asession or tinder their control, iin
idjng the sinking fund providled for
a payment of the bonded deb)t in
rre'd for thei establishment and
rintenance of the water works, elee
c lighting and sewerage systems
crated by them for the town of
ny'berry, and shahll turn the-proper'ty
d niioneys so iipVentoried over to
e said1 Townt Council, taking their
~ept for tihe sameC.
Section 5. That all the Acts~ and
rts of Acts ini conflict with this
t are hereby repealed,
A pplroved the thirteentht day of
ubrunary A. D. 1007.

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