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W. A. Clyde Shot By a Negro Who
Escaped Two Months Ago-An
other Citizen Assaulted.
The State.
Sumter. Jan. 21.-Policeman Wm.
A. Clyde of this city' was shot and
killed last night about 12 o'clock
by Toney Moses, colored, an escap
-d convict, near Bossards, Sumter
county. The newts of this deplorable
tragedy was not known by the news
paper correspondents of this city un
til this morning.
Moses escaped about two months
ago from the Sumter chaingang. He
was located last night at a house near
Bo.sa rs. Omeer lyde and Constable
Nunnamaker wei;t out to capturc he:.,
as a reward had been offered for his
capture. The officers went to the
house and demanded admittance. Mr.I
Clyde went to one door a'l1 Mr. Nun
namaker to another door. Mr. Clyde
forced his way into the house with
his charaeteiistic bravery and found
Moses under a be'. He called upon
Moses to come out and surrender. but
Moses' reply was a shot from a shot
gun, which took effeet in Mr. Clyde's
abdomen. The popular and eflicient
officer succumbed to the terrible
wound within a few hours after. ex
hibiting rare fortitude and forbear
ance. Mr. Nunnamaker went to the
assistance of his injured brother of
ficer and medical assistance was se
cured as soon as possible. Mr. Clyde
meanwhile being taken to the house
of Mr. Marion Dorn, whbre he died
about 2 o''clock this morning. The
affair has created consternation in
this community and is regretted be
yond expresion. Mr. Clyde's broth
er officers of the Sumter police force
are using every means to locate his
murderer. but up to 8 o'clock tonight
have not succeeded. as far as is
Such affairs as the killing of an
officer in this peaceful community
are so unusual as to cause wide
spread comment. While putblie sen
timent is very bitter against Moses
still it can not be said that excita
ment runs high.
The city of Sumter has offered a
reward of $100 for the arrest of Mos
Mr. Clyde's body was brought to
Sumter today.
Less than a month ago this genial
and kind hearted officer's little 2
year-old child was burned to death.
Mrs. Clyde has the heartfelt sym
pathy of this entire c'ommu.nity.
The coroner's jury returned a ver
dict in .accordance with the facts, and
implicated Daphne McDaniels, one of
the women in the house at the time'
of the shdoting, who was placed in
ja" ""re feday.
Another Crime.
While Mr. Lawrence DuBose of
the Meehaniesville see,t.ion was going
down south Harvin st. last night at
7 o'cloek he was asaulted by a negro,
and his skull crushed by a brick. He
was taken to the Sumter hospital
and is in a -very criti-cal condition,
his skull being so erushed that it
rests upon the brain and a very,.deli
cate operaton had to be performed.
Frlom all that can be learned of
the affair Mr. DuBose was in com
pansy with a Mr. Easterling and they
were going"to the Goast Line passen
ger depot. It is said that the n'agro
ran against Mr. DusBose on thre street
and then attacked Mr. DuxBose. Mr.
Eas'terling went t~o the residence of
Alderman P. P. Finn, told him of the
attack. and asked that a physician b-e
called, which was done immediately,
Dr. Walter 'Cheyne responding.
Easterling is said to have mysteri
ously disappeared after the assu-lf,
and it is allege4 he took the train.
He is supposed to be from the Dal
zell setion. This morning it was
learned by the officers that one D-an
Rdbinson, a colored man who runs
on the North & Westfern train lbe
tween Camden and Sumter, commit
ted the assault.
He did not return on the train as
usual this morning and the Ca.mden
officeers have been asked to capture
him. He is said to have told some
negroes at the depot that he assault
ed a white man last night.
Mr. DuBose is a son of Magistrate
W. R. DuBose, Sr.. of Mechanies
ville. this county, and a brother of
Miss Addie DuBose of this city. Mr.
DuBose 's condition is more favorable
this evening and physicians hold out
some slight hopes for his recovery.
Another Director of Old State Dis
pensary Under Bond?
News and Courier.
Columbia, January 20.-Mr. J. B.
Wlie. of Chester. a member of the
last hoard of direetors of .the State
dispensary, came to Columbia today
and presented ihimself at Sheriff
Colemn' offic in response to the
i; otllci= s u al't-tl w 1it i co1lspir
arvX to detraudl the State. Mri. Wx
was served with the warrant by the
Chestc;r sheriff Saturday evening and
brave bond for his appearance here to
day. He went before Magistrate
Fowler today an;id was "ranted bail
in the sum of ten tihuusand dollars.
Bond was at once furnished.
Only once. so far as court officials
r;,collect. has bond in as large a sum
as $10,000 been required in this
county and that was in a murder
ease. Goodman. the whiskey dea-ler,
is un1der $25,000 bond, and each of
the former dispensary officials impli
ceaitel is under $10,000.
A Precautionary Request.
" ttor:iey Gra-tt Carpenter accept
ed an iin gitation to a Christmas din
n - in Oakland, the hostess being a
lay witi two grown daughters.
Whicn the guests had assembied at
ihi ;n:hle and were unfolding nap
king the bestess surprised Carpen
ter with a:1' un1exp}eted request that
he say grace. There was a painful
silence of a few moments. while the
art rney did diligent thinking in an
effort to reehl some long forgotten
prayer of his e1dlhood days. The
on1lv one that canie to him was that
beinin. ''NoV L lay me down to
sleep.'' However, his lawyer's wit
came to his rescue and lie was ena
bled to mumble something that
sounded like a pious invocaation.
After the dinner Carpenter asked
one of the daughters of the hostess
whether it was customiary in that
household for guests to lead in pray
er at :table.
"Oh. no," she replied. Mamma
is an atheist; but she was afraid
you might be religious. "-San Fran
eiso Call.
WANTED-Our friends to call and
:buy their cigars at Broaddus and
State of South Carolina,
The Town of Newberry.
For the purpose of meeting in part
the current expenses of the Town
government of the Town of Newberry
in the State of South Carolina, foi
the fiscal year beginning .January 1st
1908, and to meet in part such othei
indebtedness of said Town as may be
come due in said ifiscal year; There
fore, be it ordained by the Mayor and
Aldermen of thre Town of Newberry
in said state, in council assembled and
by authority of the same:
Section, 1. That no person or per
sons, firm, corporation or corpora
tions, shall engage in, prosecute o1
carry on any calling, trade,.business
occupation or profession hereinaftei
mentioned wit'hin the corporate limitt
of said Town at any time during saii
year after the publication of this or
dinance without having first paid t<
said Town a license or privilege tas
therefor as follows, to wit:
Agents for, or dealers in ferti
lizer for sale, $ 20 0(
Agents for, or dealers in pia
nos and organs, (either or
both), .10 0(
Agents for, or dealers in sew
ing machines (connected with
other business or alone) 20 O(
Agents for, or dealers in light
ning rods, 25 0(
Agents for, or dealers in coal 5 0(
Agents for, or dealers in maps,
books, new'spapers, periodi
cals and other like articles
(other than licensed mer
chants who deal h same)
per day $5.00 or per year, 25 04
Agents for enlarging pictu.res,
per day,. $5.00 or per year, 20 04
Agents for retailing goods per
day $5 or per year 100 0(
Agents for dealers selling mul
es, or horses, or cattle, eifher
or all three, at public auction
only, per day $25, or per
year, 50 04
Agents or dealers (other than
licensed sales sbables) selling
mules or horses, either or
both, per week $5 or per
year, 25 04
Agents or dealers in fruit trees
per week $2 or per year. 10 0(
Agent-s for, or dealers in real
esate: selling or renting
(other than licensed law
yers). 10 0(
* B.
Bakeries. $ 5 0(
Ball. public (when admission
fee is chaxrged) per night 2 0(
B'anks. capitalized at $50,000,
or less 50 0(
Banks. for every .$10,000 capi
tal in excess of $50.000. - 10 0(
Barber. for each shop. 5 0(
Blacksmith. for each shop 5 0(
Bill poster. 7 5C
Boeblacks, in harber shops.
hotels or elsewhere. each 1 OC
~ot or shoe shop, making or
renaiing. 5 OC
1-N Ise. 10 00
and Lr an Associa
: ' :Zian, savin or invest
companies. and all com
panies or corporations (ex
ccpt licensed banks) engaged
in the sale or purchase of
real estate or loaning money
on real estate or otherwise, 25 00
Boarding houses, public, 5 00
Chiropodists, per week $3; per
year, $ 10 00
Circus, with or without mena
gerie, per day with street
parade, 100 00
Street parade alone $50; for
each side show, $10 per day.
Cleaning, dressing or dyeing
(other than licensed tailors), 2 50
Coal dealers (alone or in con
leetion with other business), 5 00
Contractors or builders for con
tracts over $500 and not ex
ceeding $2,500. 10 00
Contractors or -builders for
contracts over $2,500 and not
exceeding $5.000. 15 00
Contractors or builders for
(n?racts over $5,000. 25 00
Conmision M,erc'halnts or Cor
mission Brokers. each or eaeh
firm and for each place of
business. 25 00
Cotton Mills or Factories, for
each $50,000 or fractional
part thereof of its capital
stock, 12 50
Cotton Seed Oil Mills, 50 00
Cotton Seed Oil Mills that
manufacture fertilizers, 60 00
Cotton Gin and Press, 1 to 5
gins inclusive, 10 00
Cotton Gin and Press, over 5
gins, for each additional gin
over 5, 1 00
Cotton Buyer, for each place
of business, 10 00
Cotton Seed Buyer, 5 00
Cotton Weigher, 5 00
Conveyancer, drawing deeds
mortgages or contracts for
compensation (other than li
censed lawyers), 5 00
Dentists or tooth extractors $ 5 00
Dogs, upon each and every dog,
the owner or person upon
whose premises the same is
kept shall pay the sum of 50
Druggists, licensed as mer
Exchange, bucket shop (firm,
individual or corporation)
carrying on the business of
dealing in options or futures
in' cotton, grain, provisions
or other supplies, on margins
or otherwise, $ 50 O0
Express companies, each, for
business done within the
Town of Newberry, and not
included business done for
the United States Govern
ment. or any business done
to and from points beyond
the limits of this state. 50 00
Flying Jenny, $ 50 00
Flying Jenny for less time than
one year at the rate of $10
per week.
Fresh Fish, ~10 0(
Gun Shop, etc., $ 15 0(
Hacks, used for hire $ 15 0(
Harness Shop, etc., 5 0(
Horse or Mule Traders (oth
ers than licensed sale sta
bles), 25 0(
Hotels, each, 15 0(
Horse or Mule Trader, tran
sient, per week, 6 0(
House Painters, per year, 5 0(
Ice Dealers, retail, each house
or place of business, 5 0(
Insurance Companies, each
life, fire or accident, 10 0(
Junk shop, or scrap iron deal
er, $ 50(
Jewelers, licensed as mer
Kerosene or other oil compan
ies having an agency or of
fice in the Town of New
berry, or a stationary or por
table tank or tanks for re
ceiving and storing oil, sell
ing or delivering oil within
the limits of the said twon
each, $ 100 OC
Kerosene Oil Comnpankes or
Agencies having no station
ary or portable tanks but
selling in original packages,
each, 50 00
Knitting Mills, 20 00
Laundry, steam, or agent for
steam laundry. $ 10 00
Lawyers, each, shall pay on
Itheir income accordinir to
the scale of rates fixed for
Lumber v'erds, or dealers. 10 00
Livery. Feed or Sale Stable. 2.5 00
Marble Yard. $10 00
erchant All merclhants shall
tax according t4 the follow
i.- schedules o- zross sales
(eash and credit) and upon
sworn returns the gross sales
for the year .nding Decem
ber 31, 1907, shall be the
ba.sis upon which said li
cense or privilege tax shall
be computed and paid:
Sales amounting to $1,000 or
under, $ 5 0(
Sales over $1.000 and under
$3.000. 10 0(
Sales amounting to $3,000 and
under $5,000, 12 01
Sales amounting to $5,000 and
under $10,000. 15 01
Sales amounting to $10,000 and
under $20.000, 20 01
Sales amounting to $20,000 and
under $30,000, - 25 04
Sales amounting to $30,000
and under $40,000, 30 0
Sales anmiuntlng to $40,000
and under $50,000, -35 0
Sale amounting to $30,000
and under $60,000, 40 0
Sales anmunting to $60,000
au u111ndr $7 .000, 45 0
ale4 1muntita to $70.000
and under $80.000. 50 0
Sales amounting to $50,000
and under. $90.000. 55 0
Sales amounting to $90,000
and under $100.000 60 0
Sales amounting to $100,00 -
and under $110.001, 65 0
Sales amounting to $110,000
. and under $130,000, 75 0
Sales r.mounting to $130,000
and over, 85 0
Merchants: All mercbajits who
may not come within any of
the fcregoing classes by rea
son of their not having been
in business during the whole
of the fiscal year ending
Deember 31st, 1907, but have
been in business in said
Town during a part of said
year, shall pay a license or
privilege tax upon their esti
mated gross sales for the
year, said estimate to be
made or computed upon the
basis of gross sales,. upon
sworn statements, for time
such merchant or merchants
have been engaged in busi
ness in said Town during the
fiscal year ending December
313t, 1907, the rate of li
eense shall be the same as
that 'fixed in the foregoing
schedule for merclhants.
Merchants: And all mer
chants not embraced in any
of the foregoing classes who
may begin business in said
Town on of after the first
day of January. A. D. 1908
shall pay a license or privi
lege tax of - 15 (
Manufacturers of Coffins, 25 (
Newspapers. each, $ 5 (
Newsboys, selling papers on
streets, each, 1 (
Oculist or Optician. per week,
$5.00, pear year, $ 25 (
Printing Office, job, $ 5 (
Piano or Organ Tuner or Re
pairer, per month, $3.00,
per year, 8(
Photographers, for eaeh place
of business. 5 (
Phgtographers, itinerant, per'
week, 5 (
Physicians shall pay on their.
income according to scale of
rates fixed for merchants.
Physicians, itinerant. per
month, 10 (
Restaurant, $ 5 4
Stables, sale only, $ 20 4
Sign painters, per day $1.00,
per year, 5 4
aStock yard, 'etc., per week
$3.00, per annum, 10 4
Tailor, merchant. $ 5 (
Tailors, not mnerehbants, engag
ed in masking and repairing,
or eitlher, 5 (
Telegraph Companies or Agen
cies, each f5r business done~
within the Town of Newber
ry, and not including any
husiness done for the Unit
ed States government, or
any business done to or from
points beyond the limits of
this state. 100 (
Telephone Companies, for bus
iness don'e 'exclusively with
in the Town of Newberry,
and not including any busi
ness done to or from points
heyond tihe limits of this
state. 100 0
Undertakers or Embalmers,
either or hoth. $ S C
UmbreBa repairer. per day.
$1.00 per annum, 5 0
Veterinary Surgeon, per day,
$100 nn r annm $ 15 0
W"areh( use. for storage by
the publie. $ 25 00
Woodyard. 10 00
Section 2. That for any calling,
trade, business, occupation or pro
fession not enumerated or provided
for in this ordinance or any other
ordinance of said Town now of force,
the license shall be regulated and
imposed by the Town Council of said
Town at any meeting of the same.
-Section 3. That the Town Council
of said Town hereby reserves thf
right to refuse r revoke any licens(
for any cause which may seem to ii
Section 4. That any person, firn
or corporation, making any false of
fraudulent return, shall upon convie
tion be punished as herein after pro
vided for the violation of this ordi
nance or any part thereof.
Section 6. That whenever in thi
ordinance the term "dealer' is uses
the same shall include not only tly
principal, but in his, her or their ab
sence shall include any agent, cler]
or employee managing the busines
respectively referred to; and gener
ally, where a license is herein impos
ed upon any business and the sam
is carried on or conducted by a]
ag:ent, clerk or employee, such agent
clerk or employee shall be subject t
the penalties imposed in this ordi
nance for its protection, should th
said business be carried on wthou
taking out such license, in the sam
manner as if he she or they were th
proprietor or proprietors of saii
Section 6. Any violation of thi
ordinance or any part -thereof shal
subject the offender or offenders eae:
to a fine not exceeding one hundre,
dollars or to imprisonment with o
without hard labor upon the street
or public works of said Town for
period not exceeding thirty days, a
the discretion of the court.
Section 7. That any person o
along with every man or
0so show your good judg1
obank to guard your funds
cial interests. This bank s'
0you absolute safety. Why
M. A. Carlisle. H. C.
10 J. A. Blackwelder. Robt.
10 B. C. Matthews. S. B,
We Len
Buy I
We provide easy ter
We enable borrowel
in Monthly Installmen
allowed to meet oblige
It is cheaper thani pa
0to save money to buy
If you want to save r
take a Security Contra
Call on A. J. Gibson,
Treasurer, at office, C<
streets, next door to C
)fr: 11S. 1i1.:' UI, ("' j'(I.t : 1. trr 1:i
agent, clerk or .mpoi)yee in charge
or managing the same. who shall en
gage in, prosecute or carry on any
calling, trade, business, occupation or
profession upon which a license or
privilege tax may hereafter be im
posed by the Town Council of said
Town, without having taken out a
license therefor, shall, upon convic
tion, be each fined in a sum not ex
ceeding one hundred. dollars, or im
prisonment with or without bard la
bor upon the streets or other pubiie
works of said Town for a period not
exceeding thirty days, at the disc:e
tion of the court.
Section S. That each day any per
son or persons. firm or corporation
.hall violate this ordinance or any
part thereof. by reason of any fail
ure or. refusal to take out any li
celse herein provided for, shall con
stitute a separate offense, and such*
offender or offenders shall be, for
each day's offense subject to the
penalties herein provided.
Section 9. That this ordinance shall
not operate as a repeal of any ordi
nance of said Town now ;f force im
- pos'ing a license or privilege tax upon
any calling, trade. business, occupa
tion or profession, except such pa_t
I or parts only of said ordinancz or
ordmrances now cf force as may im
pose a lincense upon any calling,
business, occupation or profession
herein specified, named or enumerat
Section 10. This ordinance shall be
of force and effect on and after the
eighth of January, A. D., 1908.
Done and ratified under the corpor
ate seal of the Town of New
berry, in ,the State of South
l (Seal) Carolina, this 8th day of Jan
'uary, A. D., 1908.
Mayor of Newberry, S. C.
t Attest:
Euerene S. Werts,
r Clerk and Treasurer.
o j m
7>ti h elcino
an lokaferyor inn
womanlo goos. judgmntr
nen n eselectionmeft.
an ooafmte you fnn
tiocns you macurity. asurn
rnot opent af acou Nw?n
A:. Jopa s. H.Hne
Astaertar n
rne tocemated fdam
spelndwic Brotersti
Lct ItVEsT1N O

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