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Received 702 Votes and Choice Mad<
V?Z-RM CaU B????
While Roosevelt Stampede
by Galleries was in Progress?A
Great. LaFolletlc
/''"' "K": ??< IS.?I '..,- I'reside,1
' ."V 1 Win. II. Tan. .,1
III... I:. 11 on lli? Misl 1,allot; Tafl
v".'"s; 'ii'< li.v llu- nnaniinnin
consent o| | Ji(> convent ion.
Jnh-I. is ||,o record (|u, (.1||mi
,hv b'cpnbliran national
' onvcntio,, of IflCiK. cOWled a,..id
S(;,,,l,,s M| ,m"I''I' "on* cut husiasni am]
alter a nerve-racking continuous session
Is.sl invr nearly oi-1,1 |,?llrs. WjfI]
, ? {.11 Ii<In|?> named an<l
' enunciated 11.,.,-,- rem aim
\ the noininalioii o| vice president
<" complete this nioiMci,|o?.s work. To"lylll
the W'liolc \y js ,,jvni nV(>(. (|j
wild cv.ilialion in honor of the new
' amli.h'l.- who-.,, name yoes cchoimlhrouL.|,
i he i y.
Tl.e I'i.'l"I',' w II,i? ,|?. ||u
'.mi iilaic \vas named today was oik
11 y -'in.diose in i|s nun-nit ude. |,
Hie rijjhl aiid left. below
H'c hi 11?i w i 11 _>- s,.., ?f ,1U.
' '.Hilly, restless j.lter hours of w;,i|.
'?- "lid stirred fro,,, one e;?o|io? ()
allot her, was j? f,.V(.,. ll(- PV|M.(.,||(.v
. li"' 11,1 1 in-r \ oie. The lavsons
of other Slates had been
" "'"''I Knox and I .a Follet to
""" "" "ie roll-call aft,-.- Ohio.
"'I' '?'" !< ",ve S| ;i | e V\;,s n..?.|M.,| , |((
-aunt form of Theodore i. !>?,,
?"h s 111 den I -like fi.ee ?,,d sewn
, "'I ' -'id vaneed to (|?
'i !'' ''t i (>l'i??*s candi
. e- Me spoke fervently. will, llu
st muni- voice of an evangelist, wl.iel
"cut r.n-.nv through the -real hnihl
. 1 <'lns,, ''is speech of noni
.nation was the signal for loosing fix
hmv peiitup feeling of the Tafl le
f^'ons. Instantly the Ohio delegates
Were on their feet, other Si ales fol
lowing, while the convention hosts it
gallery and on floor broke into unit
demons! ration.
. "Ti,r,! Win. ]|. Taft!"cam.
111 1I'""1 Ohioans. .Megaphone:
seemed to spring fro,,, conceale,
and swell the Tafl tumult int<
A sin.
IValur.-s ?r
f1" '""I *,.,.,vl,irv was swiiik
bet..re (he dele-ales, awakeuiii" ji
' ?'sli whirlwind of enthusiasm.
, A" s,'"'''lalice of order had bee,
"" '1 ' be delegates'
was a m-ieUtorn, of Vesl iclal inn mot
and u:udes of f iles were snatched hi
,l:l" ''"I bu- ia-t-; or borne undei
by the storm of disorder. The ham
was inaudible mere w hi-per abo\,
the deaIci.nig v.dnnte of sound, Fm
,rM- 11"''en. I went v minutes ||,is up
n;:,r, ' ??",nncd. It was repctitio,
"I t::e scene o| yesterday, when the
''I Koo<evelt threw the veil
U:m """ :1 repeated in inten
s'<v and nlmosi in duration. |i;,|
,lu',v ls :1 limiiaiion t,, the phvsica
'sources of throat and |?,,?. and al
' ,4' ^ Vi?ircs (]i(N| clown In ;
shout and finally subsided.
Ih? I.ill now nave the opportunit\
,or seconding Tafl's Mom'
Illation by (ieorne II. Kniuhl. of c;,|i
forma, his hi- round face bea.ni.u
' on 1 be syiupal lu't ie multitude
Hid his splendid baritone voire well
in.tr tortii like the tones of -real
' alifornia 's trib.He
1'1 w?s '" '"f and fervid. Now then
was another lull in the Taft move
'"e"I while the remaining candidate,
were placed in nomination. ]t w.,.
afternoon when (lie
vent ion, swelierinir with tlie intens,
beat and weary after nearly tiv,
bonis continuous session, reached tin
?'l*"|Uenre and the decks were
at last clear for (In1 culminating actHie
ballot. lint, no; just as the las
su<" oratory, the secondiin
N'oerl. of I,aToilette, had died awav
like a cyclone from a clear sky burs
? l.al'ollctle demonstration wl.iel
swept the convention from its von
hearings. It was the same ilcafcnin!
wave of sound thai had irreotoi
h'oosevelt yesterday and Tafl a lit11.
while before, intense and maddening
and the vital ring of genuine out litis
insm. Delegates sat calm and waited
except the frantic Wisconsin dolt
gates. The convention for the tint
being was in the possession of tli
. galleries. Now a singular transfoi
mation occurred; gradually the whirl
wind veered from La Follet te t
Koosovcll. A banner bearing tli
Roosevelt portrait and waved froi
the gallery was the signal for tli
Amid Miis pandemonium and witl
the galleries in lull control Chairman
1-odge ordered the roll eall of States
to begin tho vote on the president
Such a call under such circumstance!
has prohahly never before occurred
in tho history of national conventions
A ballot was taken to nominate ti
candidate for president, while tin
> convention was cheering frantically
or a man whose name had not beer
presented .to (lie convention, 'flu
votes were being counted for Tafl
while (lie people were shouting foi
I *?? ?> e vel f.
I he delegates, In wever, cast vote?
uninfluenced by the clamor of (he
t crowd. Min-iTlhan this the first Sta
' ICS on Hie call -Alabama and Ark
1 ansiiM?had been relied upon b;
; K'oosevelt ent he.% isis to start (In
stampede to the president, but the;
held their instructions, while tin
1 stampede raged all about I hem.
[ Seizing the megaphone the secrc
I iary slumled the roll eall of Stales?
Alabama?Arkansas?hut his voice
i was swallowed up in the mad uproar
I (iradually, however, the curiosity ol
; the multitude conquered their enthu
siasm and they lapsed into silence t(
hear the result of the roll call.
> j A hush of expectancy hung ovci
|tl:e assembly ;is the call proceeded.
: Hasty summaries showed that Taf
I was far in adv ance. When New Yorl
..was readied the Tafl column lot a lice
| 1-7. Ohio carried tlit- Taft total t<
? lo| I. or more than enough to nominate
i Still the call went on until the fina
result was announced by Chairmat
. I.odge.
A area! shout went up as Lodge
i - Moltli-IIU'INN-. .. .XI*. .
concluded bis announcement, and witl
. lone accord the cohorts of ('anuon am
i | Knox and Hughes ami the other he
, j roes joined in a common tribute f<>i
i the candidate of the party.
! Hen. Stewart I.. Woodford, fo
. [(ioveruor Hughes, moved to make tin
. nominali<>u of Tafl unanimous; Sen
j!r.l..r Penrose f.Knox and lioutelli
. for Cannon, and Kniery. of (ieorgia
' ! and a member of the Wisconsin dele
i , -Mlinn toi I'orakcr, and \\ isconsii
- lor Lal'ollette seconded the motion
. J lln vote was given with a rlngin;
* cheer and with shouts of exullatioi
- over the new candidate, the conven
{ lion adjourned until 10 o'clock to
. j morrow morning, when the vice presi
\ dent will be nominated.
1^ Karlier in the day the plat from oc
icupied the close attention of the dele
3 "i!tes and spectators. The platform
^ 1 as trained by the committee on reso
I | bilious, was read by Senator llopkim
j "I Illinois, while a minority report
j. let lectins the views of the supporter
, "I Senator LaFollelle, was present
; ed by ('ongii^ssnian Cooper, of Wis
! ctuisin. On I he one hand were In
jsledue hammer b|o\>s of the Wiscon
,1s'" men against combinations :tn,
, ' >polies and <m the other hand I li
^ uvrniiej of Hopkins against the "Sn
cialist ic doctrines of Wincousiu.'
! f ' phil lorm was adopted by an over
I : "helming vote, alter many separat
. i planks in tin- wide plan had beei
j buried under adverse voles.
i H was nut until lour hours Inn
^ j been spent over the platform that i li
^ i? on\ cut ion was ready to proceed will
Jlhe nominating speeches for presid
| cut.
I j irst came the nomination of Can
| | U"U. by liYproent al ive Doutelle. o
I I 11!i" ?i-. M'i'onded by Itcpiesenlal iv
( l oidney. of Michigan, which awaken
ed a welcoming yell for the "gram
"hi man ol Illinois. The noiuinat
ing speech for Fairbanks by (ioverno
llanly, of Indiana, was amid intensi
contusion and constant intciruption
Smarting under the discourtesies to
ward the governor. Mayor Rookwal
ler. ol Indianapolis, began his speed
seconding the nomination of Fair
' banks with a culling allusion to tin
xlcam roller, which was crushim
?".it all opposition."
I he convention give enthusiasti'
welcome to tin* name of Hughes a
en. Woodford presented the gover
4 "'i- - candidacy in fervent word>
I he name ol Senator Foraker wa
;>l.!ccd in nomination by Judge C. H
Mel oy. o| Ohio, and seconded bv lli
eloquent negro delegate from (.Jeorgin
I \\ . O. Kinerv, the latter winning ;
' true ovation as he closed the splendii
tribute to i'oraker in the name of twi
t million black voters. The call o
1 Pennsylvania brought the Kevston
' Stale delegation t<> their feet in
? wild deinonst rat ion for Knox and
I little later Wisconsin followed wit
i> its enthusiastic tribute to Wisconsin'
, -andidale. Senator LaFollette. Th
* speeches concluded, the time for bal
I, lot ing arrived, with the result alread
(- given.
I- President Pays Glowing Tribute t
o His Famous War Secretary.
e .
n Washington. I). (\, June 18.?In
c uediatcly upon receiving the news c
the nomination of Secretary Taf
i President Roosevelt said: "I feel
i that tlie country is indeed to bo con- I
j gratulated upon the nomination of fl
. Mr. Taft. I have known him inti- fl
i inately for many years and I have
I peculiar feeling for him because
. throughout that time we worked for
i the same objects with the same pur)
poses and ideals. I do not believe
r there could l)c found in all the coun- fl
i try a man so well fitted to be prcsi- E
dent, lie is not only absolutely fear- R
L less, asolutely disinterested and I
upright, but he has the widest acquaintance
with the nation's needs,
i without and within and the broadest
; sympathies with all our citizens. lie
- would be as emphatically the presi- d
- dent of the plain people, us Lincoln, I
, yet not Lincoln himself would not be u
' freer from the least taint of dema- I
; gogv. I he least tendency to arouse or
j appeal to class hatred of anv kind,
lie h as a peculiar and intimate know
ledge of and sympathy with the needs
- of all our people, of the farmer, wage
j worker, business man and property fi
. owner.
l "No matter what a man's oceupa
tion or social position, no matter
1 what his ereod, his color, or the section
of country from which he copies r
i" ?if lu* is an honest hard working *
man who trios to do his duty towards
I his neighbor and toward the country,
; he can rest assured that he will have
1 in Mr. Taft a most upright of rep- V
resent at ive and a most fearless chnm
pion. Mr. 'fall stands against privi1
lege and he stand preeminently for *
i tlif* broad principles of American oil- 1
i/.eiiship, which lies at (lie foundation
' of our national well being."
j DR. HUIET'S All-IIealing Liniment ^
the best household remedy on the
market, try it and. bo convinced
Mayes' Drug Store. j
STATK or sol Til t'AROLIN'A,
I?y I'Ynnk M. S<;humpcrt. Ksijuire, j
1 Probate Judize. 1
\\ 11 LR LAS. .). ,1. llipp ha 111 made
suit to me, to grant him letters of
1 administration of the estate of and c
effects of M. (,). Hi,,- J
I 'I'll !* SK AI * V. TIIV. I {K VO RL to.cite
and admonish all and singular the
kindred and creditors of the said M.
Q. Hipp, deceased, that they be and ^
appear before me, in the court of
probate, to be held at Newberry, S.
('., on Friday, 12(?lh day of June next
after publication thereof, at .11 J
' o'clock in the forenoon, to show
cause, if any they nave, why the
said administration should not b:.'
granted. I
"s CilYKN under my hand, this 11th
day of Juno Anno Domini. 100S.
Frank M. Schumpert,
J. P. N. C. (
0 The undersigned will furnish a
"t lirst class barbecue at Mt. Rethel j ,
academy in No. 2 township. July 21. *
campai.su day.
S. ,1. Cromer.
11 C
Death Was On His Heels. s
Jesse I*. Morris of Skippers, Ya?
1 had a (dose call in the spring of 1000.
1 He says: "An attack of pneumonia
left me so weak and with such a fear- I
ful cough that my friends declared j
consumption had mo, and death was
on my heels. Then I was persuaded
1 to try Dr. King's New Discovery. Tt i ]
helped me immediately, and after
1 taking two and a half bottles I was I
a well man again. I found out that
1 New Discovery is the best remedy i (
1 for coughs and lung disease in all i
the world." Sold under guarantee]
at W. E. Pelliam and SonSs drug
Store. 50c and $1.00. Trial bottle /
1 free. *
In consideration of a petition sulTi- ; 4
ciently signed by electors and free-j
' I holders of Cliappclls School District ;
No. 30. we the members of the Coun- {
ty Hoard of Kducation of Newberry j 1
County. S. ('., do hereby order an J ^
election to be held at the school !
house of said district on the 10th
1 day of July. 1908, between the hours
' of eight and four "to determine *
| whether or not the additional tax j
now levied upon the property in said 1
" District for school support shall be
continued. Those favoring the con1
tinuance of the tax will vote, yes;,
a those contrary will vote no. Rogist
rat ion certificate and tax receipt are
' necessary lo vote.
J. S. Wheeler,
S. J. Derrick,
" 15. 0. Counts,
County Hoard of Education.
Plenty of Trouble
is caused by stagnation of the liver
and bowels. To get rid of it and
,0 headache and biliousness and the
poison that brings jaundice take Dr.
King's New Life Pills the reliable
1 purifiers that do the work without |
grinding or griping. 25c. at W. E. f
tjjPelham & Son's drug store.
' 9
lot Weather Goods!
7 1 llc T.wM"mle
ce Picks,
ce Crushers,
ce Shaves,
^em on
Jelly Glasses,
^ruit Jar
Dil Stoves,
\Icohol Stoves,
screen Doors,
" Windows,
"ly Traps,
3hina Ware,
Crockery Ware,
Ulass Ware,
Enamel Ware,
\nd Tin Ware.
Notice is hereby given to all Democratic
Clubs which failed to rcor- j
jganize on the fourth Saturday in
April, as required by the Constitu- *.
lion, that the said Clubs will meet on 1
either the 26th or 27th day of June, 0
1908, whichever day may be most
convenient, for the purpose of the ^
said reorganization. ^
Pursuant to the resolution of the
County Convention nud of the County
Democratic Executive Committee, ^
the Democrats of the town of New- *
berry s re hereby required to organize I
themselves into Ward Clubs.
The meetings for the said reorgan- g
izntion will be held as follows: I
The Democratic voters of Ward
One will meet at (5:150 o'clock, in the
afternoon. June 2(5th, 1908, at the j
Opera House.
The Democratic voters of Ward (
Two will meet at the New Court ^
House on the same ilate and hour. i,
The Deocratic voters of Ward
Three, Club, Number 1, will meet at
the Old Court House on the same
date and hour. s
The Democratic voters of Ward 1
Three, Club Number 2 (Mollohon) 1
will meet on Saturday, June 27th, |<
1908, at 7.30 o'clock, p. m., at Tim- |
merman *s store.
The Demonalic vo'ers of Ward 1
1' our will meet at #5.1 >0 o'clock in the j;
afternoon, June 2(5th? 1908, at the i
rooms ol the Chamber of Commerce. \
The Democratic voters of Ward n
1' ive, will meet on Saturday, June 27. (
1908, at 7.150 o'clock. p. in., at the J
usual place of meeting of the Fae- j
lory Club, the school house.
At these meetings, there shall he
lir.-t elected a Chairman and Secretary
of the meeting. Then those
present shall be enrolled as members
of the respective Clubs. They will
then proceed to the adoption of a set
of by-laws and then to the election
of officers of the Club. These officers c
will bo a president, one or more viecpresidents,
a member of the County '
Democratic Exceutvie Committee, i '
7 j
secretary and treasurer, an executive
committee, registration committee *
and such other committees as may he !
designated by your by-laws.
The secretary of each club will re- 1
port the names of officers, etc., to '
the county chairman at the earliest
practicable moment.
Fred. II. Dominiek,
B. B. Leitzsey, County Chairan. '
He Got What He Needed. j
"Nine years ago it looked as if my j
time had come." says Mr. C. Fartli- ^
ing, of Mill Creek, Ind. Ter. "I was j
so run down that life hung on a ,
very .slender thread. It was then my .
druggist recommended Electric Bit .
ters. 1 bought a bottle and 1 got what ,
T needed?strength. 1 had one foot j
in the grave, but Electric Bitters put ,
it back on the turf again, and I've ?
been well ever since." Sold under ,
guarantee at W. E. Pelliam & Son's. ,
Scholarship and. Entrance Examina- f
fcion j
The examination for the award of (
vacant Scholarships in Winthrop col- t
lege and for the admission of new stu
dents will be held at the County Court *
House on Friday, July 3, at 9 a. m. f
Applicants must be not less than fifteen
years of age. When Scholarships
are vacant after July 3 they will
l)e awarded to those making the high- (
est average at this examination, provided
they meet the conditions governing
the award. Applicants for <
Scholarship should write to President |
Johnson before the examination for
Scholarship examination blanks. I
Scholarships are worth $100 and .
free tuition. The next session will I
open September 1(5, 190S. For furth- ,
er information and catalogue, address I
Pres. D. B. Johnson, Rock Ilill, S. C.
Arrival and Departure of Passenger .
Trains?Effective 12.01 A. M. ,
Sunday, June 7th, 1908.
Southern Railway: I
No. 15 for Greenville . . . .8.67a.m. '
No. 18 for Columbia .. ..1.40 p.m. '
No. 11 for Greenville .. ..'{.20 p.m.
No. 1G for Columbia 8.47 p.m.
0., N. & L. Ry.
*No 85 for Laurens 5.19 a.m.
No. 22 for Columbia .. ..8.47 a.m.
No. 52 for Greenville . . 12.56 p.m.
No. 5.1 for Columbia .. . ..1.20 p.m.
*No. 21 for Laurens .. ..7.25 p.m.
*No. 84 for Columbia .. ..8.36 p.m.
* Does not run on Sunday <
Ibis time table shows (lie times at 1
which trains may be expected to de- i
part from this station, but their de- j
parture is not guaranteed and tho I
time shown is subject to change with- !
out notice. I
G. L. Robinson, <
Station Master. !
785 College H Ihrhston ifl
Charleston, S. C.
24th Year Begins September 25th.
Entrance examinations will be
leld at the County Court House |^H
11 Friday, July 3, at 9 a. 111. All
ardictates for admission can comiete
in September for vacant Boyce
Icholarships which pay $100 a year.
)ne free tuition scholarship to each
ounty of South Carolina. Board
nd furnished room in dormitory
,11. Tuition $40. For catalogue, n|
cldress Harrison Randolph,
President. fl
(I'OMucrly Williamston l-'emule College). ^1
lev. John 0. Willson, President. fl
-il'liNS Sept. iS. i?jk>S. Comfortable, steam- I
heated. electric lighted building, in city A
| limits. Good food. llome-liko life and Hj
J oversight. JH
Thorough leaching atid training, l'ine work iOj
i music and art. Cost reasonable.
Send for catalogue.
Hcadaclio Helps.
When I feel a headache coining on,
ays a writer in the April Designer.
look around for the cause. Usually
loosen my hair, it is not generally
mown that hair clone tip tightly and
>inned closo to the head will cause
loadache. Try letting the hair fallJ^^|
oo.se. or braid or piy it loosely in
i different styie. Sometimes it isl^H
ny collar which is too tight, aiu'lj^H
vlien I take it oft' my headache dis-j^^B
appears. Again it is caused by tight
>r uncomfortable shoes, or by hig'a-HB
icvled shoos, which may feel comfortible
but which will cause the trouble. ^^9
Treasury Department,
Ollice of the Secretary,
Washington, D. ('., June .3, 1908.
Proposals will be. received, to dHR
>pened at 'J o'clock p. in., July l(j^9R9
1908. for the sale or donation to tl^^EBB
nited States of a suitable site, cc^RHEh
rally and conveniently located f^BMiKj
he Federal building to be crcctcd.^HgfjfsS
dewberry, South Carolina. A
ot, of (approximately) T20xl3'$r2|BMf/';
s required. Each proposal mute'iffiHg'
he price, the character of
ions obtainable, the prox^ity{fsJ^Rfi
street cars, sewer, gas, avf -vv/IB^n^H
naius. etc., and must he a rtbmp'
).v a diagram indicatin<^lie /
>al street, the north poijf * mP|, K
sions and grades of/^B y fjlt, I
vidths and paving ofjf If <?pf.s w
tnd alleys, whelher^-B I
mblic or private, unci whether or not I
he city owns land occupied by snievalks.
The vendor must pay all expenses
connected with furnishing evilences
rf title and deeds of convcylnec.
1 mprovemenis on the property
nust be rc.-ervot' by the vendor*, but
ending the commencement of the
federal building they may remain
>u the laud upon payment o* a reasonable
mound rent. The. grantor
nu-t. however, remove all improve- ?"
nents on thirty days' notice so to do.
I'lie rigid to reject any proposal is
reserved. Each proposal must ho
sealed, marked "Proposal for Federil
buildiuc>' site at Newberry, South
'arolina.'' and mailed to the Sccre*
ary of the Treasury (Supervising
Vrchitecl), Washington, D. C. No
special form of proposal is required
>r provided.
Geo. B. Cortelyou,
Secretary. |
Schedule in effect February 16, 1908.
Ia*. Newberry(C N & L) 12:56 p.m.
\r. Laurens 2:02 p.m.
fj\\ Laurens (C & W C) 2:32 p.m.
\r. Greenville 4:00 p.m.
[jv. Laurens 2:32 p.m. j
\r. Spartanburg 4:05 p.m.
iiV. Spartanburg (So. Ry.) 5:00 p.m.
Ar. llendersonville 7:45 p.m.
\r. Asheville 8:30 p.m.
\a\ Laurens (C & W C) 2:32 p.m.
\r. Oreonwood 3:42 p.m.
\r. Mof'ormiok 4:38 p.m. **
\r. Augusta 6:20 p.m.
Note: The above arrivals and departures,
as well as connections with
)ther companies, are given as infornation,
and are not guaranteed. ? ,
Ernest Williams,
Gen. Pass. Agt.,
Augusta, CJa. k
Geo. T. Brvan,
Greenville, S. C.,
Gen. Agt.
A Twenty Year Sentence.
"I have just completed a twenty
rear health sentence, imposed by .
Hucklcn's Arnica Salve, which cured '
no of bleeding piles just twenty years <
igo,'' writes I). S. Woolevcr,
nirns, wounds and cuts

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