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Energy and F
Building (
i Commodious and Attractive HomesOne
of Most Modem Ginning
Plants in This Section of
Silver Street during' the past fe>
years lias rapidly increased in im
portanee as a town and as a busmen
centre, not only because-of its natui
;>1 advantages, but also because th
people of the community are public
spirited and progressive. Public spii
it and harmonious work are neede
to build up a town, and when the.'
are combined in the effort to make
town grow, and when the town
backed by rich farming lands -m I
favorably located as a distriln.tin
point, it can not but experienc-.'
healthy and rapid development.
Sucli has been the history of Silv<
Street during the past few years.
It was only last year that severs
of the business men of the cotnnuu
ity, having faith in the future of Si
ver Street, organized the Silvt
Street Warehouse company, capita
i/.ed at $.">,000. The purpose of tl
company was to conduct a generi
warehouse business. During th
year a ginnery as modern as coul
be purchased in the country has bee
installed, and the company is succeet
ing beyond the most sanguine ex>pe<
tat ions of its originators.
This is merely an instance of tli
work which is being done, showin
the determination of the people c
the eommunitv - who' realize its at
vantages, to build up and to develo
Silver Street as a town and as a bus
ness ecu're.
Located on the Columbia an
.(treei)ville line of the Southern rail
Hy \wnv. Silver Street is the natuni
^ nVarkel and distributing point for th
W surroandiiur community. The conn
r trv <itrronnding includes some of th
best farming lands in Newberry conn
ty and in Sointli Carolina. (!ooi
homes ami attractive homes are 111
almost universal rule, evidencing th
prosperity of the people. A sehoo
yublic Spirit
>/ Silver Street
is located in the town, and a modern
new church building will soon he in
> process of construction.
5 In this issue The Herald and News
presents cuts of some of the store
^ buildings and the attractive homes,
and also cuts of some of the prominent
business men who have aided in
- making this section of Newberry
county what it is today.
The town and the homes for miles
around are conn cot cd with each other
and with Newberry and the outside
world by the Farmers' Dead Fall
Telephone line, which connects at
Newberry with the Bell telephone,
- giving its subscribers long distance
e connection with every section of the
>- country. The Dead Fall line, which
f- was recently built, will accommodate
d one hundred subscribers. More exit;
tended mention is made of it elsea
J* The Southern railway has a comls
modious freight and passenger dc-iot
at Silver Street. The railway agent
,l is Mr. W. R. Edmunds. Silver
Street is not only the shipping point
*r for people in Newberry county living
in proximity, but it is the nearest
il railroad station for numbers of peoi
pie across the river in Saluda county,
1- and it draws a great deal of business
>r and the merchants secure a great deal
1- of trade from that county. In fact,
ie Silver Street is only about one mile
ill to the right of the direct, road from
is Newberry to Saluda Court House,
d making it easily accessible to Saluda
ii people livng on this side of Saluda
1- Court House. The Saluda river
p. bridge is only about three miles frun
Silver Street, being in the neighbor*
hood of onlv two miles from Dead
? F?H.
>f The post office and the office of
1- the Southern Express company are
p located in 'the general merchandise
i- establishment of Sheppard Brothers,
Mr. Molte G. Sheppard being post
d master and the agent of the express
Two rural mail routes start from
this post office, and these, in connection
wi'th (lit1 mail routes from Newberry
??oing in that direction, give
I I ree delivery to practically every
I home in that section of the couutv.
The carriers on the two routes from
Silver Street are Mr. Walter Perry
and Mr. Duke Sheppard.
Silver Street Warehouse Co.
1 lie Silver Street Warehouse com.
paiiv was organized last year, with a
capital slock of $.">,000. A warehouse
I was erected at a o*t of about $l,f>00,
and up until this fall, when the ginj
new was installed, only a general
warehouse business was conducted.
During this year the ginnery was adI
ded, and it was put in operation on
j September 12. The ginning plant is
j the most modern which could be purchased,
and the ginnery is one of the
I best equipped for work in this sec'";tion
of the South. The plant consists
j of tour Tainius air-blast gins, of scvcienty
saws each, made bv F. II. Lumi
| niu.s Sons Co., nf Columbus, Ga.; a
e..)0-horse power Atla.* engine, and a
i- j (50-horse power Lombard boiler, the
il engine being built by the makers of
e the famous Atlas engines, in Indiana,
e and the boiler by the Lombard Iron
?1 Works, in Augusta. The capacity of
I f
i;-> : ' : '"n
5 ? ' "
*?#* |^Ea
V <
ill ' ijtP ll^P^ /S !??. |^|k
IlKN-UY 0. U)NG.
(ho ginnery is about forty ball's of
cotton per day. The gins are of the
new air-blast type, which :rcmoves
tin1 lint from the seed as it is ginned
with powerful air-blasts, and which
is a vast improvement over I ho, old
process of removing it with a brush
wheel. The press is operated by a
hydraulic pump, which gives a swifl,
steady pressure. The seed eottnii is
taken from I 1m? wagons with a suction
pipe, and il is a matter of a very
short space of time until the bales of
o| lint and the seed?clean seed, because
the air-blast gins thoroughly
clean the seed?are ready to he delivered.
The company buys cotton
seed, and if the customer desires to
sell his seed, they are carried through
a pipe from the ginnery and delivered
to the warehouse, whicii is near-bv,
as shown in the cut of the ginnerv
and warehouse, which is presented in
this issue of The Herald and News.
If the customer does not desire to
part with his seed, they are delivered
into a receptacle situated along the
pipe between the ginnery and the
warehouse, and he drives his wagon
under this receptacle, and the seed
are delivered into his wagon.
The ginnery was erected at a cost
ot about $(>,000. The purpose of the
company was to get a-, near perfect
a plant as they could secure, and considerable
iime and expense wee givcn
by them to the selection of" what
they sh-mld decide, after thorni?!:
invest Ijjat n-n, w.t; |\e veiy best. That
they have succeeded is evidenced bv
the plant itself. With machinery of
the latest pattern, and with a plant
harmonious in its details throughout,
, it has to be seen in operation to be
fully appreciated.
The plant gives employment to
about ten hands, in charge of Mr.
Joe ( lark Berry, of Saluda county.
The president of the company, Mr.
11. M. 11A VI If I >.
II. (>. Long, gives a great <leal of
personal attention to the ginnery, and j
Mr. I). L. 11am, one of the officers of'
the company is manager of the ware-i
house. I he directors of the company!
are Messrs. H. (). Long, P. L Ham, i
and li. M. Ilavird, who own all the J
stock. j
The oHirers are: I
If. O. Long, president, secretary
[and treasurer; I). L. Ham. manager.
; Directors: II. (). Lo. I). L. Ham. 11.
I M. Ilavird.
i In addition to its other business,
the Warehouse company handles a
large amount of fertilizers each sea-j
son. j
I Mr. Henry O, Long, the president'
of the Warehouse company, is one of
the most energetic and enterprising
young business men of the upper seelion
of the county, and lie has done a
great deal to aid in (he progress and
advancement of Silver Si reel and the
surrounding community. Mr. Long is
also one of the successful farmers of
that section. lie makes his home
with his father, Mr. .). W. Long, a
cut of their home appearing in this
Mr. 1). li. 11am, one of the promoters
and officers of (he company, has
also given li is most earnest endeavors
to the adviiucement of the hest interests
of his (own and section of the
county, lie is ;i successful business
man and planter.
The Merchants.
There ;ire three general merchandise
establishments at Silver Street,
and Mr. 1). (5. Livingston does a mercantile
business in the store room in
front of his home at Dead Fall.
Mr. H. M. liavird has been in business
at Silver Street longer than any
other merchant there, having conducted
:i mercantile establishment in
the town for the past thirteen years.
During that time he has held the entile
confidence of his customers, ami
he lias done :i large amount of business
and given thorough satisfaction
throughout. In addition to his mer-{
cantile interests Mr. liavird has been J
and is n?w prominently identified)
witli oilier interests in the town.
The general merchandise establish- J
mont of Sheppard Brothers, i-* situM-i
e?l on i lit* r in lit of the railroad, going
from < 'o1111111>ia towards (ireenville.
being the only store on that side of j
the track. flic Messrs. Shcppar<l i
lirothers have been in business at j
Silver Street for several years past. I
and during tluiit time they have built !
up a large and successful business,
and they are carrying a well-selected I
stock of goods. They arc located in
a steel siding building, which pres-1
cuts a handsome appearance, as is
shown by the cut in this issue.
While Mr. John I\ Long has been
in the mercantile business at Silver
Street for only about a year, he has
established his business firmly, and
lias a fine patronage, lie is located
in a two-story steel siding building,
a out of which is presented iu this
paper. His stock of goods is well selected,
and special attention is paid
to the needs of his customers. His
business, already large, is steadily increasing
in volume, and will continue
to increase.
All of the merchants at Silver
Street are energetic and enterprising,
and they are imbued with that publie
spirit which is characteristic of
the people of the community generally*
The building in which Mr. I). 0.
Livingston conducts his mercantile
business at Dead Fall is more fully
referre 1 to elsewhere. This building
has an interesting history, having
been erected long before the War
Between the States. Mr. Livingston
has a nice line of general merchandise.
Mr. T. S. Blair buys cotton seed at
Silver Street for the Farmers' Oil
Mill, at Newberry.
Silver Street School.
The school at Silver Street is J
taught bv Miss Trannic Fulmcr, of)
Ml. Willing. The school building is
attractive, ami Miss Fulincr's work
is thorough. Her scholars number
about twenty. The trustees of the i
school are Messrs. J. 1*. Long, U.
Wash Suber and T. M. Watts.
The Churchcs.
Mt. /ion Baptist church is located
about one mile from Silver St reel and
is among the oldest churches of Newberry
county. It was organized in
July IH.T2. the olliciating ministers j
having been Revs. Daniel Mangum
ami N. W. Hodges. Rev. Mangum
served the church as pastor for 18
years. The church was then served
bv Rev. Jas. F. Peterson for 1;~> years.
It is now served by Rev. J. F. fason.
The Lutherans in Silver Street
have organized a eongrcgation, and
Mr. Henry (). Long has given a lot j
in the town and specifications fori
the building are being prepared audi
it is ex nee ted that work on the build- I
ing will be commenced very soon, j
The congregation at present is organ-j
i/.ed with only about 20 members but |
11 icy have already in hand some
$1200 or $l."?00 for the erect inn of of
the hnihliii". 'ljhe congregation is
being served at present hy Kev. S. I'. sr
Koon, pastor of St. Luke's Lutheran '
church. Mr. Koon preaches in the
atternoon about twice a month. A ^
Sunday school has heen organized i
c I il
with Mr. I). M. Wheeler as superintendent.
The officers of the church are S(,
Messrs. 1). 15. Wheeler, J. F. Still- |)(
well, (t>. A. Mptinji, 11. O. Long, H. |>
M. llavird, and I). 1.. 1 lam. (J
many years Mr. T. J. MalVellill
condiieii'.I a general merchandise bus- | 1
iliess ;i| Silver Street and Ins wasjt'
the i>nl_\ >lore there. Ili^ widow still j
live? in the town and o w n v ;i large u
I arm adjacent. I lie nhl Spearmen |i
bonieste.ad which i? within a halt' |i
mile of Sil\er Street i-* one of the n
nii?t eomplele ami comfortable conn- t<
try homes in Newberry counts. e
i Mr. .lames llenrv Hice, Jr.. secre- I
jtary of the Amluhon Socii I v. is de- j??
! termined to prevent the making ofjtl
fine lady birds with fine feathers. i
| x
Farmers' Dead Tall Line Modern and 'e
Well-Equipped, With Excellent j t
Service. '<>
I he fanners Dead Fall Telephone
Line L one of the most modern and I
best-ei|uijiped rural telephone lines to v\
be found anywhere. Tl e movemenl e
lo build this line, which took shape t
f'>* < ' '': '* - . :
' ; ? f
: ' ' :
oiil) SOTWK AT I)
some time ago, was in keeping with j
the progressive spirit of the people!
whom il places in constant, touch with 0
flic whole outside world. The subscribers
formed 'themselves into a'
company, with the following officers:
President - .1. Fred. Schuuiperl.
Vice-president-?I). (J. Livingston. jS
Secretary Henry O. Jyong. : s<
I'reasurer?James I*'. Stephens. j sr
The line was completed in March
lliis year. It was constructed oC
ie best material, and it is extremely
ldom thai any repairs are needed,
he IDD-phonc drop switchboard is
cated at the residence of Mr. D. G.
ivingston, at Dead Fall, the central
lice being in charge of Miss Efiio
e Ituzhardt.
At present there are twelve subribers,
as follows: .1. Fred. Sebum rl,
It. I,. Domiuick, .1. F. Stephens,
rcston S. Livingston, J. 1'. lilair, D.
. Livingston, Anthnr F. Werts,
> ll?'- .-fi
. . .V.... Hi
<> I g. I). I,. Mam. 15. M.
lavinl, Silver Street Warehouse
< ii 11 ia 11 \. Milliard Long.
I'he line has ;i working arrangelenl
with the Southern I tell Telehotie
company lx>ili for local and for
mg-disiauce service, giving its palms
service wherever the Hell ex'nil
ami the I tell covers almost the
' I ire I'uileil States. The Itell peolc
speak in the highest terms of the
>cad Kail line, saying that it is one
I the best county Inies with which
hey connect in their entire service.
The company is prepared to take in
liter /MilMcribers who may desire the
ervice, and *cvei'al riiotv arc expectd
|o be added in the v(Yy near fuure.
As stated, it can accoittuiadutfll
tie hundred subscribers.
All hough John I). Rockefeller has
hrec hundred million dollars, lie i-<
M liont ev'en the title of "colonel,"
wept, of course, during the winter
lui.: lie sp.-rt-; in Augusta, (ia.
nc of the Oldest Settlements in the
County?The Old Store Building
and Its History.
Dead Fall, one mile to the left of
ilvcr Street, is one of the oldest
IIlements in Newberry county. The
'I(lenient was there many years ago,

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