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The Observer Calls on Him to "Sped
fy" Concerning "the Horrors
of Prohibition."
To the Editor of The State:
I beg a short space to reply again
to "Dow, Jr. " In the first plac I
call on him to "specify" and give
the name "of one of the State's most
able divines" of Georgia who preach
ed a sermon in Augusta "in which he
was deploring the horrors of prohibi
tion: said it was making criminals of
honest men, lawbreakers of the ma
jority, and that the whole prohibi
tion movement was a farce and a
mockery," and so. Name him, and
when you have done that, take the
Augusta, directory and name all the
other ministers of thatt city who are
for prohibition. Is one preacher bet
ter than all the rest? Who is the
preacher whose opinions should out
weigh those of all the ministerial un
ion of his city?
Another Georgia "argument:'" A
correspondent" savs that "children
peddle liquor on the streets of Sav
annah in full view of the police.
Well, suppose they do; what then ?
Does that prove that prohibition is
wrong, or that Savannah policamen
don't do their duty? Must Georgia
repeal State-wide prohibition because
Savannah policemen permit children
to peddle liquor on the streets? And
if sh-e did, would not. these same po
licemen permit the children to con
tinue to peddle the stuff on the
streets? If not, why not?
Georgia will get rid of that sort of
policemen after a while-there can
not be many of +hat sort now. Cer
tainly that sort of policemen are not
the kind of people that any State or
any county or city is to consult when
it comes to decide what is best to be
What does "Dow'" think about it
anyhow ?-this Savannah argument
against prohibtion. Doesn't he think
this sort of policemen would let "chil
dren peddle liquor on the streats'' if
there were barrooms in Savannah? If
not, then the inevitable conclusion is
that the -policemen are the servants
of the barrooms and Aot of the State.
The Observer does no,t know how
many persons "stood before the bar
of justice in this good old prohibition
year of 1908 in the good old prohibi
tion town of Newberry for the crime
of murd.er;'' but there were not 21
homicides in Newberry county in
* 1908, and not 21 "boys,'' or men,
black or white, tried for murder eith
-, ei. There were enough. There has
been one homicide by a white man in
Newberry, county, and only one that
I can now recall'since prohibition
was established, and liquor had noth
ing whatever to do with that. Quite
a number of negroes have killed each
other, buzz the moving causes in most
of these cases were craps and wo
men, liquor also having its part. But
it is notorious that negroes kill each
other on very small provocation, liqu
or or no liquor. But for- prohibition
in Newberry county it is altogether
possible that there might have been
more homicides. Who knows?
"Dow'' thinks he has found a
mare's nest in an old issue of the
Observer of 13 years ago, and eack
les with glee over the sfollowing ex
tracts from Observer editorials of
January 12, 1893:
'Our observation is that with1 the
exception of the barkeepers there is
no kicking of any consequence and
that a large majority of the business
men and leading citizens are heartily
in favor of the dispensary law, as
against the saloon.''
"We sincerely hope the dispensary
act will stand the test of the, courts
and that all good citizens will unite
an seeing theit it has a full and fair
K "Dow,'' with his 40 years of expe
Trience, remembeis, of course, that the
dispensary law was enacted in Decem
hber. 1892, to go into effect July 1,
1893: that there was bitter opposition
to the law by the barkeepers and
~their friends and by many of the
town and cities. He remembers, no
doubt, tha:, in defiance of the fact
'that the law was to take effect July 1,
'1893. the city councils of Charleston
and Columbia issued licenses to their
* barrooms for the entire year; that
'even t'he little town of Lexington
showed its "indignation'' by renew
'ing her three liquor licenses for the
entire year of 1893-at $5 apiece
thus manifesting her contempt for the
law that the legislature had enacted.
The Observer took the side of law, as
it always does. The dispensary was
law; the saloon was not. Even had
we preferred the saloon ito the dis
pensary, we would have advocatei
obedience to the law as it was. Th*
issue there was dispensary or the sa.
loon, and we regarded the latter the
smaller evil. What the Observer said
then it could have said any day sine<
F>then-"the dispensary, as agains'
the saloon' '-and that the lav
"should have a full and fair experi
74ment.'" As it did have.. and prve
ritself wanting.
In the same issue of January 12,
1893. "Dow," while ransacking our
files, might have run acoss the fol
"It is a strong defense of the dis
pensary law ithat it has the approval
of such men as President Carlisle of
Wofford college and President Grier
of Erskine-both eminent advocates
of temperance and prohibition. They
would prefer prohibition to the dis
pensary, but prefer the dispensary to
"Dow'' grows tragic in telling of
his devotion to temperance, and when
he "calls heaven to witness" that he
would offer himself as a vicarious sac
rifice for the whole human race and
"would gladly place my (his) neck
upon the block.'' and relinquish for
ever his "old worthless life"''-why
it is really sublime, and with the aid
of an onion might bring tears to the
eyes of the most hardened prohibi
tionist that ever cast a vote. We are
glad that our "old" friend of "40
years' experience" will never be call
ed on to offer up his life to Bacehus;
but we can tell him what ha might do
-and we hope he will itake it in the
kind and serious spirit'in which it is
offered-he might use that facile and
funny pen of his in helping to make
the law respected and obeyed, and
thus become, not a sacrifice for the
-entire human race, it is true, but a
benefactor -to his fellow citizens of
South Carolina and the good old pro
hibtion county of Newberry-includ
ing "the boys."
The Observer.
Newberry, S. C.
Returns to Senate State-Wide Prohi
bition Bill Recently Passed by
Tennessee Legislature.
Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 19.-Gov.
Patterson this afternoon filed with
the clerk of the senate a message,
vetoing th- State-wide prohibition
bill which last week was passed by
both houses of the legislature.. The
governor's action followed adjourn
ment of the senate, after it had pass
ed on third reading, by a vote of 20
to 13. the bill prohibiting the manu
facture in Tennessee of intoxicating
The veto message will be read to
the sen?ate tomorrow morning, when it
must be sustained or the bill passed
over the executive's protest. On ori
ginal passage the vote was 20 to 13.
Opponents of th-e bill claim tonight
that they count on a change of three
senators to t.heir side and that the
fourth member, on whose vote the
fate of the measure depends, is waver
In his veto-message, G-ov. Patterson
charges that such legislation is
against the Democratic platform and
self government; that it opposes the
recorded will of the people; that ex
Iperience proves that no arbitrary
prohibitive law was ever observed.
and its enactment brings no settle
ment of the question; that it de
stroys property, reduces State reve
nues, increases the taxation, takes
money from the peopie to send il
elsewher, forments discord, impairs
the dignity of the commonwealth, fos.
ters hypocrisy and invite. evasior
and deceit iir the people.
Passes Over Veto.
Nashville, Tenn., Jan:. 20.-Ovei
Ithe veto of Gov. Patterson, both hous
Ies of the legislature passed the sen
ate bill which prohibits the sale of in
toxicating liquors within four miles
of a school house in Tennessee and 15
in effect a State-wide prohibition act
It is effective July 1, 1909. The vote
in the senate was ,the same as on the
original passage.
The house acted at 3.40 this after
noon, the vote standing 61 to 36, the
original' vote there having been 62 t<
37. In each house the passage was
effected through a combination of Re
publicans and "State-wide' Demo
IGilder & Weeks Give Facts Regardini
Although Indigestion and Dyspep
sia are so prevalent. most people dc
not thoroughly understand ,their cause
and cure. There is no reason why
people should not eat anything they
desir-if'sthey will only chew it care
fully and thoroughly. Many actu
ally starve themselves into sickness
through fear of eating every good
looking, good-smelling 'and good-tast
ing food, because it does not agre
with them.*
Dieting cannot cure Dyspepsia. I
we refuse every article of food tha
isagrees with us, before long w
have not.hing left, and find ourselve
ehoni dysp'eptitcs.
W~ can eure Dyspepsia. We are s<
onfident of this fact that we guar
ntee a eure, and promise to suppl:
he medicine free of all cost to every
ne who will use it. who is not per
factly satfi4fied with the resu'.t:
which it pro.c. We eat no pro
ed Seats $1.50; General Adm
mises. and put no one under any obli
gation whatever. Surely., nothing
could be fairer. We are located right
here in Newberry, and our reputation
should be sufficient assurance of the
enuineness of our offer.
We .want everyone in Newberry
who is troubled with Indigestion or
Dyspepsia in any form to come to
our store and get a box 'of Rexall
Dyspepsia Tablets. Take them home
and give them a reasonable trial, ac
Icording to directions. They -are very
leasant to take; they soothe the
irritable stomach, strengthen and in
vigorate the digestive organs. pro
mate a healthy and natural bowel ae
tion, immediately relieve nausea and
all stomach irrittion, produce perfect
And healthy digestion and assimila
tion, and promote nutrition.
A 25e. package of Rexall Dyspepsia
Tablets furnishes 15 days' treat
ment. In ordinary eases, this is suf
fiienit to produce a cure. In more
hronic cases, a longer treatment, of
ourse, is necessary, and depensis up
on the severity of the trouble. For
mech cases, we have two larger sizes
which sell for 45c. and 89e. Gilder
and Weeks; Druggists. Newberry, S.
A Night Rider's Raid.
The worst night riders are calomel,
eroton oil or aloes pills. They raid
your bed to rob you of rest. Not so
with Dr. King's New Life Pills.
They never distress or inconvenience,
but always ceanse the system, cur
ing Colds, Headache, Constipation,
Malaria, 25c. at W. E. Pelham &
Son's, Newberry, S. C.
Mary A. Spehl, Plaintiff,
Theodore H. SpebI, Defendant.
All persons 'having claims in the
above entitled aetion and against the
estate of Theodore H. Spehl, deceas
ed, are hereby requested to present
the same duly attested to the under
signed, on or before the 30th day of
January, 1909.
H. H. Rikard,
- Master N. C.
Master's Office,
Jan. 18, 1909.
As guardian of the estates of
James Lester and Mabel Lester I
will make a final settlement as said
guardian of said estates in the office
of the Probate Judge of Newberry
county, S. C., on Tuesday, the 16th
day of February, 1909. and immed
iately thereafter apply for letters dis
missory as said guardian.
. Allen N. Crosson,
Guardian, James Lester and Mabel
Notice is hereby given that the of
fie of County Auditor will be open
from the 1st day of January to the
-20th day of February, 1909, for the
purpose of receiving returns of tax
able property for fiscal year corn
Smening January 1st. The following
Snamed places will also be attended as
Srequired by law:
At Whitmire, Monday, Jan. 11th.
At Maybinton. Tuesday, Jan. 12th.
At Glymphville, Wednesday, Jan.
-At Walton, Thursday, Jan. 14th.
At Pomaria, Friday, Jan. 15th.
)At Jolly Street, Monday, Jan. 18th.
At Little Mountain, Tuesday, Jan.
- 19th.
. . ..on .$1.00 G a.r 5 . and...c..
At 0O'NealI, Wednesday, Jan. 20th
At St. Lukes, Thursday, Jan. 21st
At Prosperity, Friday and Satur
day, Jan. 22nd and 23rd.
At Longshore, Monday, Jan. 25th.
At Chappells, Tuesday, Jan. 26th.
The law requires a tax on all mort.
gages. moneys, and credits, also or
inomes over and above $2500.00
All male citizens between the age:
f 21 and 60 years (except those in.
apable of earning a support) are lia.
le to poll tax.
There shall be assessed on eaci
dog a capitation tax of 50 cents.
Dogs not returned for taxation ar
1not held to be property of this State
Be careful to note each transfer ol
real estate since last return.
Eug. S. Werts.
.Auditor Newberry County.
Plant Wood's Seeds
For The
Garden & Farm.
Thirty years in business, with
sadiy inraing eevery
of the largest businesses in seeds
evidence as to
~The Superior Quality
of Wood's Seeds.
We are headg.rters for
Grass and Clover Seeds,
Seed Potatoes, Seed Oats,
Cow Peas, Soja Beans and
all Farm Seeds.
the most usful ad valuable of
Garden and Farm seed Catalogs
mailed free on request.
2eden, -RhmondVa.4
hidren under 12 years of age occupying
Will have ti
Coal that r
buy in a fe
$5.75 PE
delivered in
*The First1Cmgh
Sven though not severe, has a te
*tive.aremrbranies of the throat
Coughs then come easy all wint
*slightest cold. Caire the first co
* set up an infiamauon in t he de'ic
*lungs. The be::t remetdy is
SYRUP. It at once gets night
moves the cause. It is free fr'a
* Bchild as for an adult. 25 Centn
rANUARY 28. PRIOS: Reserv
same seat with parent, 50c.
I Lr!
e best Soft
oney can
w days at
your yard.
& Son.
i!wy 'o irritae thbe n -i-.
rd 4 . &!icate b'rox;drid !'r<'
er, every tie yar Jak: -- i
ghbee a a s r h- .-ac r i' 4
Mor pine m.d is as 4ie in

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