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Of Twenty Measures All But One of
Local Nature-Titles of the
The committee on enrolled -acts
made its report to it'he senate Friday
and in joint session the aets were ra
The bills mentioned below upon be
ing signed by the governor will be
come law, all except -one being of a
local nature.
The bill of genera.l interest is Sena
- tor Johnson's bill -to release benefi
ciarv students abtendingr State colleg
es from the obligation :t teach school
if appointed to naval or military
schools of the United States or to
positions in the army of He govern
-m-ent service of the United States.
The. others have no interest to oth
er commnities.-than those affected.
The bills follow:
Mr. Dixon-An act to divide eer
tain townships in Berkeley county,
define iheir boundaries and designate
names therefor.
Mr. Houigi-\n act to renew the
charter f Gra ce .eurch-, Camden.
Mr. Kellv-A resolution to author
ize md .require T. C. Perrin, the coun
ty reasurer of Leo conniy. t'o honor
the warr.ant of -. E. Moonerham,
county super;visur of Lee vounaty. for
the purpose of payiNg certain claims.
Mr. Appelt-A joint resolution au
thorizing ithe county supervisor of
Clarendon county to draw his war
rant in favor of B. P. Broadway, the
county treasurer. and pay the same
for the sum of $53.64, and in favor of
C. B. Geiger for the sum of $40 for
services rendered the 'county as com
* missioners.
Mr. Sullivan-A joint resolufion to
refund certain overpaid taxes to J.
Belton Watson.
Mr. -Appelt-An act to amend an
eet entitled "An act rt& amend see
tion 3114, code of laws of South Car
olina, 1902, volume 1, in relation to
fees and commissions of prob%te
judge,'" apprved February 26, 1908,
so as to include Clarandon county.
Mr. Laney-An act Ito amend an act
entiled "An aet to amend an aet en
titled' An act entitled 'Ain act to pro
vide for the establishment of a new
school distriict in Chesterfield county
and ito authorize he lei v and collec
'tion of a local tax therein,'' ' approv
ed March, 22, .1878. so as to extend
'the limits and boundaries of said dis
tit,'' approved February 20, 1908,
so as furt.he'r .to establish said limits
and boundaries.
Mr. Lide.-An act to validate the
election held t.he 26th day of Ma.rch,
1907, 'and the bonds issued or to be is
* sued 'by school district No. 34,. Oran
geburg county, emibracing the .town of
North under 'and pursuant to . the
terms of an ac.t entitled "An act sto
authorize anid emupower 'the trustees
of scbool district No. 34 of Orange
2 barg counmty, embracing the town of
Nort-h, to order a.n election and to is
sue coupon bonds. for school pur
poses,'' approved 't.e 13th day of
February, 1907, sand to6 exempt and
relieve the bonds issued or .to bhe issu
* ed from all taxes, State, county and
Mr. Carlisle-An act to authorize
.and empower 'the counity board of
-commissioners of Spartanburg county
.to issue bonds of said county -in the~
sum of $250,000 foe 'the purpose of
fan'ding floating i.ndebf'edness of said
.county and building bridges, therein.
provide for 'payment of said bonds.
* ~ Mr. Ots-An act to create a sink
ing fund corm'ission for the -tow'n-of
Gaffney, and 'to define its duties.
Mr. Stewat-A joint resolution to
require t,he superintendent of educa
.tion of York coanty to dispose of cer
tain books, and casih on hand for the
use of it:he common schools in the
Mr. Montgomery-A joint resolu
tion outhorizing the comptroller gen
eral and the treasarer of Ma.rion coun
'ty to refund to Mrs. Menirietta R. El
leribe certain overpaid tax~es.
Mr. Sullivan-An aet fto provide
for a viaducet under the ra:ilway in
the -town of Williamston.
Mr. Appelt-An act to provide for
tihe issuing of additional bonds by
school district Nio. 9 of Clarendon
'county 'to complete and equip the
graded school at ~Manning in said
county and disterict..
Mr. Appelt-An act to authorize
and permit 'the 'Santee Cypress Lum
ber company t.o locate, construct and
maintain a bridge aeross the Santee
Mr. Muekenfuss-An act to pro
vide suitable receptacles for records
in the office of the judge of probate
for Dorchester county.
Mr. Lide-An act to further amend
an act entitled "'An act to amend an
ar.ct niled 'An a(m to amend a'n act
to y a vide' f:., t he estalihmentO1 of a
new' -eh-1' district jin the cou:n:yV 'f
Or.: ure- 'u. andii to authorize t he levy
Mr. John:son-AnU act 1 relase
beneficiar studnts attending State
e('lleges t.romI the obligionji1 to teZIcil
sehool if appointed to naval or mili
tary soliiol of the United States or to
positi-on in the armv of the govern
ment service of the United States.
Mr. Silnkler-An act to :amend see
tiwi 1639 of volume 1 of the code of
laws of 1902, in refere-nee to pilot
boats in the harbor of Charleton.
Mr. Smitli-An aet to autliorize
the. appointment of a conuniin t0
erect a ca.useway over the swamp on
t!he Coosawhatchie river and build a
bridge over said river and authorize
ithe county treasurer to raise funds to
(lefray expense of su-h causeway and
Mr. Rogers-Aii act to incorporate
the officers and members of Marlboro
lode of free and accepted Masonry
of Bennettsville under and by the
name -and style of Marlboro lodge of
Mr. Muekenfuss-An act to author
ize .and empower the school trustees
of Ridgeville seihool di-4trior No. 12.
in Dorehester *countv. to rge and
.collect the. amattriculation fee from
each pupil attending tIhe Ridgeville
graded school.
cottoil ~ Cw a 1-,j f't tVi
eMtio Saei br- and flet o q):(1e fo
hae the weigingi a d of e nooc.,
ton io uiebland co nny ine Li. h cit of
01r lInying of wvagon e U'ttonl tlhl
Mr A\-&. -i( *
w~I ;Soui weig.l'in.g hy thle pj)lie' weig1
.Mr. Sandr-An act to 1)1rovide for
khe examinatio of tie books and
vouchers of t oheenu.tSHDL? , .
vouchers of the county officers of Col
let-on county for the last year.
Mr. Aver--Anl act to pro~vide for
nhe? payment of the subscriptions (of
Florence county to the South Caro
lina Industrial school.
Mr. Paulling-An act to amend sec
tion 19 of an aet entitled "An act to
establish Calhoun county."
100th Birthday Observed-The Lin
coln rarm Scene of Chief De
Hodgenville, Ky., Febraary 12.
Henceforth the birthplace of Abra
;ham Lincoln is to be mairked by a pile
of stone. The emancipator of a. race
and, more than that, the liberator of
the t'hought of a nation, builded hiis
own monument in the he.art of ilre
world, and appropriately the physi
eal structure, which has now found
a .beginning at the place where Lin
coln first saw~ the light, takes the sim
pier name of i ;memrial. It is :to be
a simple but classie building granite.
and it is ihoped that it may be com
pleted some time 'next fall, when the
then President Taft will officiate in
dedicitiing it, as theprc reint
Theodare Roosevelt. today offieiated
in layi.ng its foundatio-n stone.
The corner-stone laying took p)lace
after appropria-te foresenic ceremon
es, which were participated in by the
president of the United States, Gov
rnor Augustus E. Willson, of Ken
ueky; former governor Jos. W. Folk,
f Missouri, president of the Lincoln
Farm Association-, the Hon. Luke E.
Wright, secretary of wvar, who .spoke
as an ex-Confederate soldier; Gen.
ames Grant Wilson, of New York,
who represented the Union soldiers,
mnd I. T. Montgomery, of Mississip
i, a negro and an ex-slave. Wit-h one
exception the orators. represe.nting
ot only the conflicting sides in the
great struggle, but the present gener
tion as well; .the two political par
ies and the white and black races, as
well as ithe different sections of the
*ountry; spoke f'rom the same plat
forma with the Stars and Stripes flut
tering over them. There were pro
bably 6,000 or 8.000 people present.
President Roosevelt and his im
mediate party arrived shortly before
1 o'clock, after a~ drive over a 'heavy
red elay road from Hodgenville, and
five midnutes afierwar'ds Governor
Wilson called the assemblage togeth
.President Cordially Received.
The president was cordially and de
ferentially ~received. He 'was fre
quently interrupted by 'applause, but
it w'as always 'well timed and never
~boiste-ous 'enough to cause either an
noyance or much delay. Other speak
ers were also liberally applauded.
Mr. Roosevolt aroused -especial en
dmhsiasm, when he moutted a c'hair
and gave the crowd a better orppor
tunity to see and hear him.
In the mai:n. he confined ~himself
losely to his manuscript, but at the
beginning departred from it tu iake
reply to complimentary allusion to
himself by Crovernor Folk. The ex
iemporaneo us pairt of the speech was
in part as follows:
"Here we have t.o gre?et us me'n of
bot'h political pa:'ties. nmen represent
ing the No"t:h and thle South: we 'have
a1 overnor1 of' Kenituctky of one. pr.rty.
Statte w ent the other way: we have
11n ex-:"'''vernor of Missouri. of' the
uWa ee. Gro-rn.r k he
mys-t erious.
"Aiid hlei. we arte oTected by ex
Conlfederattes and ex-Union men, and
an ex-Cinederate and an ex-UniiYn
soldier -are to -speak; and the ex-Con
federate is in my 'eabinet as seeretary
of war. He does noit beliw to iv
pilietieal party, but. he and I have
-tood fov the san nationad priinei
ple.s of recent ye,atrs, -and. indeed, for
lie same presidentiial candidates, and
he is part of an entirely hIarmonous
In The City Where Lincoln Sleeps.
Spyring-ofield. Ill.. February 12.
Am.id a sceIe -Of un11rivalled brillaney
at rlhe State arnorY toint t1h11iriee na
tians .paid tleir ti-I)Ite Io Linoln
and to each other. Freniich Ambais5sa
d ir J.--;--eraid !birouLit the mCssag1e
firom Frmane. British Ambassador
Prve Ilie eilov (f Eingland. while
Win J. Bvyan. of Nebraska. and Unit
ed States Senator Jonathian P). Dilli
v.:-. nX lwi lid Amoriei's wreath
.f re pesi t tle feet of Lilne')l1.
Tiz wav filtiig elimax for the
reo:-k b . Jll i cee r i o whI-.
pv':n- ie"l lw: by the b:i!d"I,
pJ an11-d Whe 11is i1 name yet aL))C'
ou the peW -lie oe<-lplied. and th1e bu
rial place of th1e martyred p:ident.
An impres. ive feature of the cele
b;aoiwn v-:is ile sene at the Lincoln
tomb, when Robert T. Linoln. son of
ite moriyred president, stod beside
:h!d 5ar(ophiagust in which the body of
his father !rests, and bowed his head
with tear-dimmed eyes in silent medi
tation with Ambassadors Jusserand
and Bryce and many other distin
gnished guests. At the base of tihe
monument, old soldiers, who had re
sponded to Lincoln's call to a:rms,
stood gruard with fixed bayonets.
New Orleans Hospitality is Lavished
Upon Him.
New Orleans, La., Febriary 12.
President-elect Taft breathed the dis
tinetive atmosphere of New Orleans
hospitality today and tonight. His
moningn was devoted to t'he negro
race, his afternoon to leisure and rie
e-reation, with t'he tension of enter
tanment as light as possible, bunt with
shades of evening there g:athered
about him the genia:1 liost, multtiplied
by eminence, rank and distindcin.
The entertainment feature tonight
was a Creole banquet, where the fat
tened jysters, Pihe savoriness of ithe
:usie, with its hundreds of years of
ierfetion and reputat ion le nded
with the honied woeds of compliment
and oratory, music and floral tribute
nuto a scene of animation and vivaeity
enpered wit!h .iespeet -and dignity.
\r. Taft -was toasted by the gover'norm,
tire nmyor, by citizens of' pr'omiee
mid speakers 'of reputation.. A feel
ng invocation was pirounoe'ed by Car
inal Gibbons, who is .in the city v'is
tine- his brother.- Mr. Taft respond
d in the spirit of the occasion. He
'alked of his desire as the chief exe
ctive to represent .the whiole nation,
f his intention to make the represen
atives- of the administrat-ion in the
South represent ;the best element of
he commun.ities in which they lived;
f his recent visit to the Isthmus of
Panama. with a. repetition of his hop
s for the -completion of .the canal
ithin 'his administration.
' A styp to-dyni.
Has cured itch magically for others1
n Newberry and will cure for you.
For sale at
Mayes' Drug Store.
o New Orleans, Mobile, Pensacola
and Birmingham, Via. South
ern Railway.
Account Mardi Gras Celebrations
the Southern Railway announees very
low round trip excursion yrates to New
Drleans, La., Mobile, Ala., and Pen
sacola, Fla. Tickets will be sold
February 17th ito 22nd, limited for re
turn up to and including, but not lat
er ithan 'midnight, March 1st, 1909.
By depositing ticket at New Or
leans, Mobile or P-ensacola and pay
ing fee of $1.00, ticket will be extend
ed until March 13th, 1909.
To Birmingham, Ala.
Account Laymen's Missionary
Movement, Presbyterian Church in
the United States, Birmingham, Ala.,
very low round trip rates have been
anthorized, tickets to be sold Febru
ary 14th and 15th, good to leave Bir
mingham returning not later than
minight of February 20th. 1000.
For r'ate. schiedul's and detailedi in
fi rmnatloll. a1 ply to) Sou~thern liailwayv
iket anents or addrem'ss.
J. C. Lusk,
1. L. M\eek, Char'les:on. S. C.
A-.st. Gien. Pass. A2t.,
A tlana a.
Very Low Round Trip Rates to Wash
ington, D. C., Via Southern
Account Presidential Inauguration
the Southern railway will sell round
itrip tickets to Washington, D. C.,
from all points at greatly reduced
rates. Tickets to be on sale February
28th and MNrch 1st, 2nd and 3rd,
1909, good to leave Washington re
turning not later than midnight of
March 8th, 1909.
Round trip rates from principal
points as follows:
Abbeville ...... .... ..... .$16 25
Anderson ..... ... ....... ..$16 10
Blacksburg ..... .... .... ..$13 75
Camden ... ..... ... .....$14 05
Charleston ... .. ........ .$16 40
Columbia ... ..... .. .. ...$15 05
Greenville .... .... .... ..$15 55
Greenwood ...... ...... ...$15 80
Lancaster ...... ... ........$13 75
Orngeurx .... .... .. ...$15 S5
Rock Hill .... ..... ... ... $13 05
Sparaniburg . . .... ..$14 65
Sw...$ 14 59
Sonn..r..... ..... ... .. ...13 50
Fo d eftailed information, 5Wlpin
ar r4eeratonsA. schedule-z of re g1lar
:d speial traji. apply to Southern
riwytielket agnsor 4-(dde,
J. C. Lusk.
Division Passenger Agent,
J. L. Meek, Charleston, S. C.
As?t. Gen. Pass. Agt.
Atlanta, Ga.
As gtardian of the estates of
James Lester and Mabel Lestet I
will make a. final spttlement as said
guardian of said estates in the office
of the Probate Judge of Newberrv
county, S. C., on Tuesday, tha 16th
day of February, 1909, and immed
iately thereafter apply for letters dis
missory as said guardian.
Allen N. Crosson,
Guardian, James Lester and Mabel
The Crime of Idleness.
Idleness means trouble for any one.
Its the same with a 'lazy liver. It
causes constipation, headache, jaun
dice. sallow complexion, pimples and
blotehes, loss of appetite, nausea, but
D)r. King's Nrw Life Pills soon banish
liver troubles and build up your
health. 25c. at W. E. Pelham & Son's,
e wberry, S. C.
J. W. WHITE, store in the post office
building, ready to d~o any kind of
plumbing business on short notice
and in good style.
& W, K.8UGIC,
Real Estate,
StoCks arnd
Bought and Sold'
For Rent,
Store Room on Main
street, now occupied
by R. J. Watts.
Seven Room Cottage
on M ain street.
Six Room Cottage on
Mayer Avenue.
Seven Room R es i
dence on John st on e
Desirable Office
Rooms in Herald and
News Building.
WJ . 0. H-louseal, M. D.
Office Hours - j 9 to io a: m.
L. A. R iser, M.D.
Office urith Dr. Houseai.
f8 to 9 a. mn.
Office Hours - 2 to 3 p. nm.
16.30 to 7.30 p. m1.
Cough remedy for colds and coughs,
)ie ointment for piles, pneumonia and
croup salve for pneumonia or croup.
For sale at Mayes' Drug Store. I
The Best Fertilizers for Corn
That the yield of corn from the average farm can be greatly in
creased by intelligent and liberal fertilization has been repeatedly
demonstrated. Large crops of good corn result from preparing the
land well, using the right kind and quantity of fertilizer, good seed
and proper cultivation.
Virginia- Carolina
Fertilizers .
will greatly "increase your yield per acre " of corn or any other crop.
In some casri remarkable results have been obtained.
Mr. C. W. Caruthers of Sumpter County, Fla., writes: " Words
cannot express the value of your fertilizer. It is really so far ahead
of other companies' goods, that it would not pay anyone to use other
brands, were they given free and put in the field. I can prove what
I say to be a fact. I made a test on five acres. I used on one half
the land youi fertilizer and on the other half another company's fertil
izer, same gra,e; the land received the same cultivation every time.
I kept a correct account of the amount of money I got of each half
and Igot $300 more from the land on which I used Virginia-Carolina
Fertilizer than I did off the other half. I got four times as'much
corn from the land on which I used your fertilizer."
Write today to nearest office of the Virginia-Carolina Chemical
Company for a free copy of the new 1909 Farmers' Year-Book or
Almanac, full of the most valuable and unprejudiced information for
planters and farmers; or ask your fertilizer dealer for a copy.
Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co.
Sales Oices Sales O5ces
Richmond. Va. Durham. N. C.
Norfolk, Va. FerWi TO, Charleston, S. C.
Columbia, S. C. fa M Baltimore, Md.
Atlanta. Ga. Columbus, Ga.
Savannah, Ga. Montgomery, Ala.
Memphis, Tenn. Shreveport, La.
Filso a.EfdsMeel
Don't bite at special 'argain sales,
but purchase "where you are as
surEd a fair and square deal" with
every purchase. : 7:
W e are prepared better than ever to
supply your every want.:
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you wi:l find ever y departrnent over
. flowing with genuine- bargains,. -
-New arrivals irn Spring Goods daily.
O'r white goods or
cannot be excelled in beauty, qual
ity or price. . . .
Yours for genuine bargains,
The Fair and SqQare Dealer3
We confess it. On the other
hand, we know we are justi
fiedin asking your patronage.
We offer you every facility
found in a modern institution.
Open an account with
We Pay 4 per Cent, Interest in
Our Sayings Departmient,
' President. V, Prdsident.
M. L. SPEARMAN, Cashier.

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