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Entered at the Postoffice at New
ery, S. C.. as 2nd class matter.
Tuesday, June S. 1909.
C., C. & 0. ROAD.
The Herald and News is satisfied
that the people of Newberry are will
ing and anxious to do anything and
everything in their power to induce
the builders of the C., C. & 0. road
to go via Newberry in the extension
of their line from Spartanburg to the
If in going to the coast it is decided
to go via Columbia, as it probably
:will be. it seems to us that it would
not require a great deal of induce
mert for the road to come via New
bery. To go down the Broad river
is only a few miles shorter than to
come by Newberry and the building
of the road by that route as well as
the maintenance would be consider
ably more and in addition to that
there is nothing from Union to -Co
lumbia that would be any inducement
for the building of the railroad.
The special committee from the
chamber of commerce hopes to keep
in touch with the -authorities and will
do anything in its power to induce
the aqthorities to come this way, and
it is necessary to have the active and
hearty cooperation of all the interests
in the city.
As Mr. Wright suggests we "should
lose no time in arranging some syste
matic work by which we will be en
abled to show the authorities the ad
vantage of coming by this important
Every business interest in Newber
ry should get together and throw its
interest towards inducing the road; to
come this way, and when we get the
officials down here everybody must be
in position to tell of the advantages
of Newberry.
-We feel that this is one thing on
whieh we can have the united support
of all the people of this community.
In next Tuesday's paper we will
print a short story written by Col.
D. A. Dickert entitled "A Wild Ride
on the Saltkahatchie.''
We will print from time to time
regularly through the next several
mo6nths short reminiscences written
especially for The Herald and lNews
by Col. Dickert,'
Everybody should imbibe the com
mencement spirit this week and en
joy the happy occasion with the
young graduates. It will come to them
but once. They will soon pass into
the stern affairs of life not to pass
this way again. Let us all contribute
our part + ,make this a happy occa
.sion for i em.
,There is a rut in the public road be
tween Piercetown and Piedmont. It
is not more than six inches deep and
twelve inches wide. It was caused
by the water collecting on the west
side of the road and running across
to seek a lower level on the east
It could be repaired at a cost of
fifty or seventy-five cents, but al
~though it has been there for weeks
it has not been repaired and it has
caused several accidents which have
eost a good many dollars.
The other day a 1lareg automobile
came along this road at a good rate
of speed. It dropped into this rut
and one of the large springs on the
machine was broken. The owner of
the inachine had to pay $25 for a
new sprmg.
A couple of weeks ago an Anderson
man drove his automobile into the
same rut and the jar broke the glass
wind shield on his automnobile. A new
one cost him $5.
A few days afterward a lady was
driving along this road in a buggy.
The front wheels of her vehicle
dropped into the rut and the single
tree snapped. She had to get out,
-unhitelb. the horse and wa'lk to a farm
house nearly a mile a away to get as
sistance., A new single tree will cost
several dollars.
'Here ai-e three accidents, whi6h
have cost more than thirty dollars,
-whiceh have been caused by this one
'rut in one road. The same rut may
have eaused other acciden ts that we
do not know of. And this rut, mind
you, could have been repaired at a
os of fify or seventy-five cents;
iuhl it could lhire been preveut.ed al-4
toeelai-r iiie i-oad 1jad bee'n I)l'or.d
euI wi:. pr* T'r side (rains.
Ther( ill' (Ilier rMts IlI W lier 'oalt. -
11 A lIIlders I--()I o- Ultiv.
We w011der 1low IueLC tlie YLuts ill
the roads cost the people wlio use i
them in the course of a year. We are t
sure the figures would he startdlig if
I e could be seeured-Daily 1ail.
Ti i 4of co~urse n14ot o especiali
I ere t Io the people 4f Newberry
County, but the same lesson may be
,implessed here that was sought to be
impressed in Anderson by the re
counting of these several accidents
eaused by this rut in the road. There
are ruts in the roads in this county
which are causing accidents and cost
ing the people who use the roads ]
more money every day than it would f
cost to fix the ruts. The trouble is I
that there are so many ruts and in-j
stead of t1he people who are close to
them fixing them they are counting on
the chaingang doing it.
Of course what we ought to do is t
to get to work and make some real
good roads and as far as possible re- I
move all the ruts. There are ruts in t,
all the roads in this county which I
are levying the heaviest tax the peo
ple of this county are paying, but it
is like the tariff, a sort of indirect t
tax, and yet a diret tax and a heavy n
one, but it does not come immediately a
.out of their pockets in dollars and
.cents, but it comes all the same ini the
wear of vehieles and stock and the t,
loss of time. The best investment the t
people could make would be to put P
some money in the filling of the ruts a
in the roads. e
If you can't get permanent roads, t
fill the rits. The ruts are costing a p
lot of money to the people who travel
the roads. They cost you money
whether you see it in the breaking
of your buggy or your wagon or not. e
Don't forget that the ruts in the y
roads are levying on you the heaviest h
tax that you are paying today and
many of you don't know it.
We extend our sympathy to Mr. R. O
Boyd Cole, of the Barnwell Sentinel,"
in the bereavement which has come to
him in the sudden death of his father, fs
Mr. Samuel R. Cole, of Colleton coun-s
ty. - 1
Spartanburg proposes to extend anr
invitation to the South Carolina Press t
association to meet 'here in 1910. No t
others need apply.-Spartanburgr
Herald. a
We are pleased to know that some
of the members of the Herald force
will id'entify themselves with the as- ~e
sociation. You will be welcomed at tb
the meeting in Greenville. a
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * a
The Idler has received the follow- ~
ing: 1
To The Idler: I notice that yout
have taken a stroll in Boundary street a
and have noted what permanent im
-proveemnt had been started by the 0
city and that it had been left half I
finisihed. I am sure that the city in
tends to finish this work some time.
but you ar.e right that it is a great I
waste of time and money to go about
starting and then leaving a piece of 10
work like this. As a resident in 0
Boundary street I wanted to say to g
you that we all appreciate your inter- n
est and waht you to walk this way I
agrain somae time when our street is 3
finisheds and we will show you one of '
the prettiest in tPhe city, but we did t
-want it finished before commence- :1
ment, 0, so bad.-A Bonadarystreet- f
-- In
The Idler is delighted to pass t.his a
on to the authorities and to say to 1
Boundarystreetitite that it hopes that
Mr. Wieker and his force will get t
there soon, but vou must remember
that the streets in this eity are some-t
what like unto the public roads in dl
this county, there is scarcely any ends
to them and those of us who live in a
other streets want some work done I
.too. And the city council is doing its a
very level best to please all of us
and we are all very un-reasonable at
the same time. But all things come
to him who waits. And The Idler is
just waiting and hoping and saying
1nothing. ht
The Idler thinks that there 4ugh1t ,
:ih yve s: reet hand forces-I ne for .
each ward with one general superin- -
tendent. You know the tendency in
all the cities now is to have every
thing organize by wards Yon ha il
i1 a iivalry anld gret 11em trVing- at
ea St to be 1110 mol(s.t vi'ilanlt inI tirow
tIg tire mb1d out of the ditehes and in
o the s.t-reets. Or better- still have
nle Set of hands to go around with
ma:i ythe blade r (*;lle U1
wep Ihe weels al d ms (-lt iI1N
Ild ilien have the lirger force all. the
ime oi permanent work and whien a
Qiece of good work is started not quit
t nutil it is fini.ihed. That would he
But then you knoW we all know
low to do the job bezL!r than the
ran who is on it. That is the reason
have given my advice so freely and
suppose is also the reason why that
dviee has been so little heeded. I
:now the adviee I give from time to
ime is valuable and I think I will
ender a bill for it and maybe the
ity would think more seriously of it
id adopt some of the valuable sug
-estions I have made from time to
ime. Some fellow will be ready to
ay this is egotism, but it is not, it
; just the plain truth, and I am sure
ity council and others who have read
be many excellent suggestions whic'h
have made will agree with me.
I hear that there are going to be a
ig bunch of candidates for mayor
his fall and they are already begin
ing to feel around. Now if I were
taxpayer or coull vote I certainly
rould see to it that some of them
1ade some promises whether they
rere ever kept or not. I would want
) know how some of them stood on
ie matter of permanent street im
rovement to take the place of this
bomniable patch work that we have 4
een havi-g 'i this city for tl,e U.zt
ntury. I would want to know how
iey stood on the wagon yard and
arking the public square, and some
w other things I would like to know
But let us talk about something
[se. They tell me that one of the
oung girl graduates the other night
ad something pleasant to say about
he Idler. I wish I could have heard
er and I am going to ask the editor
> secure that essay and publish .. I
ae young lady wi'll permit. It is so
afreshing to have s'omething pleas
u~d said of Lhe unselfish effo:Us io
re being put forth for the good of
be community that I would like to
se it and hear- how 'it. sounids. I de
ire to thank the young lady for her
indly greeting, and wish I could
ave attended the closing exercises
f the graded school, but you must
eally excuse me for it is very rare
liat I ever gt' out at night. I used
Senjoy these things, but now when
ight comes I like to be in my room
nd there I like to remain.
By the way, I am told that this ex
rcise on Friday night was one of the
est held in Newberry in many a day.'
nd I am truly glad it is so for you
now we have all sorts of critics here
nd it is a real pleasu-'e to hear the.
ice things said of tihe young ladies
rho took part and who received .di
lomas. Yes, diplomas, and they
rize them very highly too, and just
much as +hey will the o'ts Ihey
ill receive from any high class col
tge, if any shall be 'so fortunate as
> attend any of these colleges. The
ddress of Prof. Daniel was a gem.
.t least that seems to be tlhe verdict
f all who were fortunate enough to
ear it.
This is a very quiet commencemen't.
t seems to me that when I -was
ounger the commencement was more
? an event than it is now, but I reck
a it is because I have somewhat out
rown t:he gayeties of youth and can
of imbibe the spirit of youth as once
could. But I don 't think so. I feel
ist a~s young as I did thirty years
feel i I ('an help it I never exp" t
elotherwise. Why should we
ot stay young any way. If we can
ot in years we can in feeling and in
tind and heart and that is awhat
iakes life. A bright, cheerful mind
nda good heart and a kindly speak-1
ag tongue, these are the things to
iake you young and "happy even
btough you .have lived four score
ears as time is counted. Let us all
ry the 'experiment of being kindly
isposed. full of gooad (deeds, always
aying kind and pleasant things
bout other people and I am .sure we
ill be happier and stay young longer
nd live longer and feel better while
'e do live.
The grass and weeds have been cut<
n the Methodist church lot and the
~rass and weeds on College street 1
ave had attention. There are other I
laces vet where the reapers have not<
een b)ut it is hoped that they will
(im]e s oonf to these pla cs th at are
ipe fori the :harvest.
You know, I was thinking the other
.... ..... ..<
scutLss sNOL
11de..man *I%e
You need not be,
will instantly 1
Our Ck
uits for Men and Young Men
10 TO*25
Embraces Style, Service and
Quality here. Come and See
qen's Shoes and Oxfords.
e hA
:eleratd "Sow"and ~Crsseta~ hoe
We allees a fullr and yMeou thel
udOfrs wear th en. Tebso
ally not a good t:hing that we had jN
cured free city delivery at our post- 9
ffice, except that it increased the pay y
K pomnauister and gave -;:')10"- 8
aent to two or three or four young
e for which we are all glad, but
on know going to the postoffice after I
mr mauil kept, up a lot of g. I fei
wship and encouraged and develop- .I
the social sides of our natures, andc
those days we had an opportunityt
> et acquainted wit1i the postmas
er. Not so now. You just sit at|
lome all to yourself and a young man l i
omes along in uniform, blows a
histle and hands you your mail. If
inybody wants anytihing he writes.
nd then it takes two cents for every
etter. But this is a progressive age
rd we must agree that it is best. t
The Idler.
Consumption among Ja.panese la- '
orers is increasing to such a degree
hat the figures are becoming a source
)f anxiety to J.apanese merchants and
)fficials. A large percentage of la
)orers who are sent back to Japan byI
e Japanese charity associations are]
~onsumptives. It is claimed by the'
aipanese newspapers commenting on
iis matter. that thr"-ugh the lack of
iospital accommodations in the .Japa
ese labor camps tuberculosis increas-p
s at an alarming rate. They suggesti
at a new sysem be emploved in ji
ot force find Clothes-ti
in the attainm
There is no question that
ing on what one undertak
have once worn a Schloss E
they say that while they
technical difference-they
clothes give them more grac
other they have ever worn.
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clothes from other wholesale m,
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ealing with the sick in these camps,
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ven the most simple health safe
larper's Weekly. --
A young married <-ouple of Balti
nore were exchanging some rather
austie remarks touching.their respee
ive expenditures, when the wife ex
"Well, Tom. of all the nerve! The
dea of your objecting to my bill!
Vhy, as you know, father pays them
"That's just it,'' retorted Tom.
'How can I have the audacity to ask
tim to meet any of mine when you tre
oriching him up all the time?"'
)ld Folks Should be Careful in
Their Selection of Regulative
Witih advanced age comes inactive
>owel movement and sluggish liver.
K'ature is unable to perform her prop
r functions and requires assistance.
therwise. there is constant suffering
rom consump tionU and its attenda.it
evl.. Old folks shiould never use
>hrsic that is harsh and irritating.
We have a safe, dependable and al
ogeter iaal remedv thaf. is articu
Le right kind- great value
bent of their en.!
:lothes have an impotant bear
as. Men and Youn Men who
;a1timore Suit will we r no other.,
may not be able to xplain the
feel better dressed that these
e, vigor and distinctidn than any
ter grades of clothes. We carefuily
trinsic value and study qtdalities of
ikers and found that NONE embodied
listinction so ne,cessary to Clothes of
Clothes of Character for meh and
thier and yet you
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and Oxfords and you will have the
best as to style, fit and wear. A
plenty of the new Ankle Strap
Pumps in tan or black for Ladies
and Girls.
larly adapted to the requirements of
aged people and persons of weak con
stitutions who suffer from constitpa
.tion or other bowel disorder. We are
so certain that it will cure these
complaints and give absolute satisfac
tion in every particular that we of
fer them with our personal guarantee
that they shall cost the user nothing I
if they fail to substantiate our claims.
This remedy is called Rexall Order
Rexall Orderlies have a soothing,
healing, strengthening, tonic and reg
ulative action upon the dry, relax
muscular coat of the bowel. Threy
produce a natural, successive contrac
tion and relaxation of the muscular
fibres of the bowel walls, generating
a wave-like motion which forces their
contents onward and outward; thus
simulating nature in perfect bowel
movement. They also remove all ir
ritation, dryness, soreness and weak
ness. They tone up and strengthen
the nerves and muscles and restore
t'he bowels and' associate organs to
more vigorous and healthy activity.
They may be taken at any time with
out inconvenience, do not cause any
griping. naseau, diarrhea, exeessive
looseness, flatulence or other dis
agreeble effect. Trv Rexall Orderlies
on our- guarantee. 36 tablets 25c. and
12 tablets 10e. Gilder & Weeks, New..

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