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"A Knight For a Day."
The 'big musical Ha! Ha!'", is the
way the Boston Heiold sub-titled B.
C. Whitney's musical gaiety, "A
Knight for a Day'" and it is said to
be an appropriate title too, as the
claim is made that there are more
laughs in it than ;n -any three other
musical comedies combined. In ad
dition, it lays claim to one of the
most tuneful scores of the past de
ca-de. The gaiety is scheduled for an
appelarance at the opera house on
Wednesday night. December 8, and
is promised in its er.tirety as pre
sented in Ghicago for 607 times; in:
New York for six months and in' Bos
ton for three months. The company
-Red Bank Baptist Congregation at
Saluda to Haver $10,000 Struc
Saluda, Dec. 4.-The members of
Red Bank Baptist Church in this
town have gone to work .in real ear
nest for a modern house of worship
under the leadership f their popular
pastor, the Rev. J. E. Bailey. The
committee on plans recently appoint
ed, consisting of Alvin Etheredge, J.
E. Smith, J. B. Foy, J. A. Carson, J.
H. Banks, W. L. Daniel, W. E.
Sawyer,' with t.he pastor as a mem
ber ex officio, has engaged the ser
vices of J. H. Casey, an Anderson ar
ehiteet. Mr. Casey was in Saluda to
day in conference with this commit
*tee, and he is to prepare plans pro
viding for a main auditorium and
'four Stfrhday school rooms all ar
-ranged so that the entire floor space
tant be converted into one room, with
a total seating capacity of 600. There
will be an organ gallery and choir
loft. The floors will be inclined. The
entire structure is to be of brick and
the estimated cost is ten thousand
Prior to the Revolutionary war re
ligious services were held occasional
ly on the site of the present church
under a brush arbor. It is a tradition
on good authority t.hat Indians at
tended these services. The first
chuch-as orarnied in 1784. so
. . ........
which is under the direction of Ben
Falk this season played a successful
New York engagement.
"Polly of the Circus."
Just a true, clean, American play
is perhaps the' bost description that
can be given of "Polly of the Cir
Cus," which will be the attr6ction at
the opera house on Monday, Decem
ber 13, coming here with the endorse
ment of a solid season's run at the
Liberty Theatre, New York, and an
other season equally divided between
Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia.
There are no -high sounding disser
tations on marriage and divorce; no
acute analysis of emotions, but just
a compellingly, human study of a ten
der child, born and reared among the
garish life of the circus tent, thrown
by accident into the home of a young
village, clergyman, an dawakening to
love, to knowledge, to hope and to
tha Re ak ft-dyhsako
itahitryo oehude an wn
ty-five ears, an.with.th.possibl
:: ..ception.ofZoar' MehditChrh
.erCoea'sCosras.i h
oldet ora-nied curchin.Slud
Columbi T D ECE-MxB-Even
iteaphistor ofonllded and twe n-e
ty-e past fsandea, within t the il
annaleptor of ther tetdi Cucm
panies rgceived churth rinroado
mision.atds shown Si thertn
toa rilroad heCommssion' ha
pepl were killed and 7589 injuredI
on the rairoads oh State inae
bynen, whepoto the tnty-r finjeim
ans ecbeiveral thudairoad corn
comissiont is sown cmin the sta
nutial eport of its cannua eport
$320,000 kille ad10ISnjurdY
Thibsementhfor the SnatmAfer kl
othe rairpensehs Aree Squ ae
ryte, ofhthe thsenumr cofisui:
fisdayea paidte ons June 0.quo
cmision ism now47omp4li7 the sta
i X
God. The vain en-deavorn of mis
guided and bigotted ehurchwomen and
deacons to separate bhe girl arfd the
young minister, the eager self-sacri
fiee of tho little cieus rider when
she realizes that the -clergyman's ca
-reer may be imperiled by her love,
and the fmal happy ending of the
Itbry after the stress, combine to
make a play that has brought tears,
laughter and sheer joy to hundreds
of thousands of delighted theatrego
yIf You know -anyone whose ten
idency is to pass by on the other side;
anyone who is pessimistic or' gloomy,
anyone .who has lost faith, in fact,
anyone into whose life there has not
come sufficient sunshine, send that
person to hear from the lips of Polly
the old words, "Whither thou goest,
I will go, for thy people shall be my
people and thy God, my Go
gest amount being $65,000 to Clark
Brothers, $45,000 to Fleishmann and'
$18,000 to the Schlitz bear people.
Other claims paid up this week bring
the total up to $219,508.
The commission has left ao.im
$450,000 which includes about $50,
000 "conscience money," half of
which goes to the lawyers.
Chairman Murray said to-day that
all attorney's fees were paid and all
other expenses met and that the som
mission would turn in about $320,
Amount Received from Firms Who
Held No Claims Passes Fifty
Thousand Dollar Mark.
Columbia, Dec. 2.-I. Troeger, who
did business with the old State dis
pensary, has forwarded, through Col.
Felder, of Atlaata, $9,000, to be add
ed to the 'conscience fund."
This places the amount received
from various firms past the $50,000
mark, being $54,000 in all. The lar
gest co.tributor was the Bernheim
firm, which handed across $30,000.
Then came Weiskopt with $7,500
and other firms with smaller amounts
The present contributor is from
Cincinnati. Negotiations have been
- oing on for some time in the collee
ton of money from Troeger, and
there have been some talking over
the 'phne to Atlanta. Attorney
You Are Loc
By not investin:
Newberr Real
Come to Auction Sale
DEC. 15,
Terms of Sale: One- - hird Cash, be
er to pay for Dapers.
No. 1. Ten -oon house andlot.on Nance
Street, in one block of Public Square, size
of lot 86 x 114 ft. deep.
No. 2. One lot on Nance Street, with a
two room tenant house. Lot 62 x 123 ft.
No. 3. One lot on Nance Street, (cor
ner lot) with a two room tenant house.
Size of lot 62 x 133 ft. deep.
If you are waiting for lower prices
J. A. BURTON, Agi.
eneral Lyon, who had just return
d to the city, has received notifica
tion of the payment of the $9,000.
f this amount the State received
$4,500 as half of the "conscience h
money'' goes to the Atlantafim
TreBuildings Demolished ad '~ ONE D
Costly F'ire Follows Severe
Explosion. SeCO1
Caden, Dec. 2.-Cjamden sustain- g
d quite a sensation as well as a -~IB
disaster shortly before 8 o'clock to
night when an explosion occurred in 6
the office of the Southern Express
Company, demolishing the express
office, the buildings on either side,
burying two men in the wreckage,
shaking the whole town and start
ing a fire which destroyed the ex- 4
press office and the two other build- j
ings wrecked and several other
stores. The property loss is estimated
to-night at $100,000. The EJ
The cause was a great mystery to
every one, but the most reasonable *ig
solution given is that there was a
piece of presto ear1bon in the offie, ' SEE-I
which had been ordered from Colum- Gil,Lte
bia for use on an automobile. This ~H ear-',Litl
article was only about one foot long iin He
and about five inches in diameter. The .4 yli lue
explosion was so great that it com- Ote.
pletely wrecked the express office PRICES
and also the adjoining buildings on _
either sid:e. The express agent and 4.$ $
his help had finished their work and -
had closed up only a few minutes
before. Next south of the expressanJnirOd,
office was the green grocery of Wat- Manuis. Thdese
kins Brothers. Mr. A. L Watkins Mhics proert,si
and Mr. A. G. Whitaker were rescued1 anThe nroet bi
by Mr. J. H. Clark from the wreek, samced wThe two
badly hurt. The extent of their in- owined was the E.F.
juries is not known, but it is feared ownebyur. d F.e
they are seriously hurt. Immediate- Lanbug,grc and ci
ly after the explosion fire broke out,' g plmbr ndh
and while the firemen made heroie plumbern area
efforts to subdue the flames, they P. DuBose, real e
spread so rapidly that at least $2, lis Brothers' barb
000 worth of property was destroyed damaged.
bthe following buildings were con- brn aen ibln
sumed: -b,osien in theistreet
The Southern Express Company' si deofte stt
office, with all of its contents; Wai- Pbu ppetyl oetr
kins Brothers' store, and its con- 3s bu icle ohat
ets, including books and accounts, isaoir,al statedi
d what money they had in the menugh asr saeriul
store; the Baruch-Nettles Mercantile o'eloc tefre sel
Company 's store, one of the largest o'clockthef wandS
and handsomest in the city, and the Tmthei stock cosi
building occupied by them, and owned byhming tok ons.
b James H. Barns; B. D. Trapp s~b mvng i ou.Godl
store of goods, building owned ,by of andi NR.goodain
Lewis and Christmas, in which was o .ergosi
aed th alln of the Odd Fellows condition, especial)
;ing Money
7 in a piece of
Estnbt p0
of Hatton Prope
11 A. M.
dance in I and 2 years. Purchas
No. 4. One lot corner Caidwell and
. Hatton Streets, with four room cottage.
Size of lot62x 116ft' eep.
No. 5. Lot with four rbom
S)ze of lot 62x 107
No. 6. Lot 87 x 107.
Syouwibe disaofpointed
Withfu Woom Annexed.
~era110 fte
idTrumphTou ofou hom Soutag
A. Girly Affair of Peculiar Charm
tresh From a New York Engagement
.With Cast and Chorus Intact
ect ical See-Saw of 1000 Glimmer
Lights The Funniest Elopemnent
Scene Ever Staged.
'e Candle Light Girl, Corsican Girls, College j
Girls in Blue.
'Life is a See-Saw", Garden of Dream", "Little
'. 'Whistle as You Walk Out" And Twenty
-25c to $1.50 SEATS ON MONDAY.
United AmericanUopa ni.
orders lost all Utopia Farmers Union will nieet
hout any insur.. Friday at 4 p. m. All members are
Iding to the co. urged to be present as business -of
story corner store importa-nee is to be attended to.
Watkins, of Spar. J. R. Perdew,
ed by Bruce and Presideit.
N' R. Goodale,
second floor was NOTIOCE.
Ld the office of C. INotiee is hereby given that certil
state agent. Eng- eate No. 92 for two shares of the
er shop was badly capital stock of the Farmers' oil
Mill, standing in my name, has been
s windows were lost or misplaced. An applicatin
s on the opposite has beeni made for a new eertificate.
The insurance on ID. L. Ham..
cyed will not ex- 11.30-09-4t. Itaw.
-half its value. It
L lives were lost, TRESPASS NOTICE.
above, two young The undersigned hereby forbid
injured. At 10:30 trespassing upon their lands either.
under control. W. by hunting, fishing,,or in any other
th and Lewis had manner. This is also applies to stoek
derably damaged unning at large.
Bruce and Langj W. Q. Boland.
saved a good dealt C. C. Boland.
a badly damaged 3. A. Boland.
v the former. Jaaob Fellers.
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