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Movements of Many People, NW
berrian And Those Who Visit
Mr. John Heury Lewie, of Ala
bama, is on a visit to his brother,
Mr. Robert Lewie.
Dr. F. Y. Pressly will preach at
the A. R. P. church on Sunday, both
morning and evening.
The Rev. . W. J. Langston will
preach at Bush River church on
next Sunday morning at 11 o'clock.
The ladies of the A. R. P. church
will conduct a bazaar on Friday,
December 10, and Sati.day, De
ember 11. in the store in Main
street formerly occupied by R. C.
Mr. W. G. Peterson has received
from Chairman D. Cardwell, at Co
lumbia, announcement that he has
approved the papers of Samuel Da
vid Boland, Prosperity, R. F. D. No.
1, for admission to the Confederate
Home, Columbia.
Mr. and Mrs. Jno. 0. Fulenwider
are on a visit to Mr. Fualenwider's
brother, Rev. Edward Fulenwider.
Mr. Fulenwider was married on
Wednesday to Miss Miriam Kline,
daughter of Rev. R. H. Kline, .of
Monroe, N. C.
Lawson Hiller, colored, was . ar
rested in the lower part of the coun
ty on Tuesday, by Deputy Sheriff
Pope Buford, of this city, and Chief
of Police Workman, of Prosperity,
on a warrant sworn out by G. W.
Cromer, charging him vith burglary.
Hillet- was-lodged in jail.
The ladies of. Central Methodist
t.hurch are conduoting a bazaar in
-he store room in Main Street, for
merly occupied by the Cash Store.
We understand that they have
quite an assortment of faney arti
eles which will come in very handy
at this season of the year, and the
public is cordially invited to attend.
The last fall terdi of the common
plas court for this county convened
on Tuesday morning, with Judge S.
W. G. Shipp, of Florenee, presiding.
No jury matters were. taken up.
Judge Shipp wiH return to his home
* to-night, but the court will abe kept
open for some days yet for the tak
ing of orders. A considerable
amount of business was disposed of.
Attractive Play to Be Presenited in
* Newberry Opera House. on,
Monday Evening.
While New York theatre-goers
have been thoroughly aroused by the
erusade instituted by chureh and
civic organizations against the pres
ent alleged tendency to immorality
on the stage as evidenced by sever
al reeent productions, "Polly of the
Circus," whieh is to be presented in
its origiraal metropolitani magnitude
at the Opera House on Monday, De
cember 13, is receiving comnmenda
tion by clergymen of all denomina
tions in the various places it visits
es one of the cleanest and .most
~wolesome plays of the age, and an
-:entertaiinmen.t that no lover of an
-evening of genuine enjoyment in the
theatre .ean afford to miss.
Telling, as it does, the story of
. the odd romane- of a pretty little
-cineus rider anrd a village pastor in
the Middle West, "Folly of the Cir
*eus" is a drama as original as it is
refreshing, and is one of those rare
piays that appeal to the "gallery
gods" with the same force as to the
occupants of orchestra chairs. Since
.this epoch-making play was first
produced hundreds of thousands of
persons have been moved from laugh
ter to tears and to sheer joy in fol
lowing the fortunes of the wistful
girl from which comes the title
'Polly of the Circus," and her min-*
isterial admirer. The reproduction
of a mammoth circus in full swing
in the third act is the greatest piece
of stage realism yet achieved, an<
will be seen here identically as wit
nuessed during its season long rur
.at the Liberty Theatre, New Yorl
The company presenting this play
is by alR odds the most competent
acting organization sent on tour this
season, an:d the local engagement o:
''Polly of the Circus" is certain t<
prove the real event of the season.
Notice to U. D. C.
The executive cormmittee of Dray
ton Rutherford chapter, and the
special chairmen appointed for ths
management and enterta.inment o:
The State conrvention are earnestly
requested to meet at the residence
of the president, Mrs. J. A. Burton
on Friday afternoon, December 10
a't four o'clock.
Mamie E. Schumpert,
He Accepts Highly Responsible Po
sition in His Home County of
Carroll, in Maryland.
The Rev. W. L. Seabrook, who for
five years faithfully and ably served
the Lutheran Church of the Re
deemer, this city, and who, since he
he left Newberry two years ago has
been one of the editors of the Amer
ican Sentinel, at Westminster, Md.,
and also pastor of Trinity Lutheran
church, near Westminster, has ae
cepted the position of deputy clerk
of the circuit court of Carroll coun
ty, in which West-minister is located,
and assumed the discharge of his
duties on Wednesday.
The members of the bar of Car
roll county and the people of the
county universally, without respect
to party, strongly urged him to take
the position which was offered him,
and because -of the way in which it
was presented him, Mr. Seabrook
feilt that he could not decline.
The deputy clerk in Marylaud is
what the clerk of the circuit court is
in Newberry. The cheif deputy, the
position filled by Mr. Seabrook, has
charge of the dockets and the sow
work. Three other deputies do the
recording and indexing. The term
is for six years. It is a good . posi
tion1financially and the hours are
short, except during court terms.
Mr. Seabrook practiced law at
Westminster beforg entering the
ministry, and for four years was
deputy attorney general of tihe
State; so that the acceptance of his
new position is in a sense going back
to the old life and surroundings.
Mr. Seabrook has resigned his ed
itorship, but will continue to serve
Trinity church as its pastor, and ev
ery member of the church is enthus
iastic about his new move. The re
lief from his editorial duties atd
the short hours which will be re
quired by the new position will give
Mr. Seabrook a greait deal more time
to devote to his pastoral duties. He
is a consecrated minister, and with
him, his church is always first.
Mr. Seabrook's many warm friand
in Newberry and throughOut this
State will be delighted to learn Of
the offer to him and the aceeptance
by him of the responsible positiorn
the duties of which he has assumed
and especially in view of the marme2
in which it eame to him. The offei
of the position was. izn nowise plit
ial, but was personal, and as suck
it was accepted by Mr. Seabrook.
The City Clock.
Mr. Editor: -For some time pasi
the city elock has been running 6
minutes ahead of standard time. A
few days ago we asked the streei
overseer, Mr. J. Monroe Wicker
why he did not set the clock to cor
ret time. You would be surpiised
to know the reason he gave; and yor
would wondeN if the clock was pal
up for the sole benefit of the streci
ovrseer andl his fcarce or for -the towr
at 'large. We will give these reasons ni
the next issue of this paper if the
clock is not adjusted by that time
so that the citizens of the town ma3
pass judgment on these reasons fo3
We believe the people want thi
correct time ore else they would no
have purchased the clock but woulc
have been satisfied with Davis' whis
tie, the Newberry -Mill bell, Johi
Neel's farm bell, or any other ol
time. As it is now all is confusion
some 'have standard time, some havy
Monroe Wicker time, some have
devil of a time ;md the rest of ni
have no time at all.
T. E.W.
Headquarters for Santla Claus.
Mr. John Mayes begs to annoynes
the arrival of Santa Claus at hi
store to-morrow, and he extends
hearty invitation to alli the, youn;
folks and their parents to mee
Santa there and tender him a warn
welome to the city. Santa is a jo
vial old fellow and believes in giv
ing the young folks a good time.H
brings with him all of 'the beautifu
things th'at strike joy to the heart
of the little folks, and it would b
time well spent to take a peep it
the toy-crowded store of Mr. Maye
and behold there the varied assort
ment of beautiful toys.
Central Methodist Church.
(Rev. J. W. Wolling, D. D.,)
Because of the absence of th
pastor there will be no services i:
Central church on Sunday morning
Sunday school will meet at th
usual hour, and at night will b
given an entertainment by the chil
dren of the brigade.
To Pensioners.
I will be in the Auditor's oMe
at Newberry every Saturday darin;
the month of January, 1910, to re
ceive applications for pensionis
WV. G3. Peterson,
MASoNc orrIMS.
Amity Lodge, No. 87, A. F. M.,
Chooses Officers for the EnsuiUg
Masonic Year.
.At a regular communication of
Amity lodge, No. 87. A. F. M., held
on Monday evening, the following
officers were chosen for the ensuing
Masonic year:
Worshipful Master-Harry W.
Senior Wardent-H. H. Rikard.
Junior Warden-T. P. Johnson.
Treasurer-W. H. Shelley.
Secretary-Jno. W. Earhardt.
Mr. Harry W. Dominick, the new
ly elected worshipful master, is one
of the young Masons of Newberry,
but he has already done a great deal
of service for the Or4er. He is a
Royal Arch Mason, a Knight Tem
plar, and a Shriner.
The other officers have been
faithful members of the' Lodge, and
the next year promises to be a ge%d
one in Masonic history in Newberry.
Lutheran Church of hte Redeemer.
(Rev. Edward Fulenwider, Pastor.)
The following program of divine
services will be observed at the
Lutheran Church of the Redeemer
next Sunday:
11 a. m. The regular morning ser
vice with a sermon by the pasttor
on the subject, "Discouragement."
Whether we realize it or not this is
a very practicable subject. Men are
discouraged in business, int religion,
in society and sometimes with life in
general. But in history discourage
ment has often been the incentive
for the world's greatest achieve
ments. . Texts Matt. 11:2 and 3;
Isaiah 42:4.
7:30 p. m. The subject of the ser
mon will be, " The Training of a
Hero." This subject will deal with
some of the gfireat events in the
life of a great man.
4 p. m. Sunday school will meet.
All are requested to be on time.
The public is 'cordially invited to
all the services..
Drayton Rutherford Capter.
The Drayton Rutherford chapter,
U. D.C., will haveacaled meeting
at the chamber of commerce oi
Tuesday afternoon, ~December 14
at four o '0loek. All the members an~
expected to attend, as business of im
portaiice is to be transacted.
Mamie E. Sehumpert,
Rural Letter Carriers.
The Rural Letter Carriers' As,:e
iation wil-l meet .at Newberry it
the old court house, on January 1
1910, at eleven a. m. All of tee ear
riers in the county are earnstly re
quested to attend this meeting.
R. C. Counts, President.
W. G. Peterson, Secrtatry
At Cost.
If you want some~ articles in fur
nitre at cost, now is the time t<
get them. The J. L. Bowles Co. wil:
sell, every Saturday, until January
1, any article amounting to $10.00
at positive cost. This is a good plar
by whieh .to get a nice Christma1
present at actual cost,. amid in fact
you can get severall, one each Sat
urday until January 1.
This firm is making some wonder
-fully low prices, and it will bi
worth while for our readers to iin
Svestigate. It will be money inl yow
The Colored Teachers.
Th.e Colored Teachers' associa
tion of Newberry county at a recen
meeting e'leeted the following offi
eers for the ensuing school year:
H. WV. McMorris, President; A. J
Martin, Vice-president; Miss Juih
SMae Williams, Secretary; Miss Gar
-rison, Critic.
The regular monthly meetin'g o:
Sthe association will be held Satur
1day, December 11, in the Hog
SSchool building at 11 o'clock. Th
Sfollowing is the program:
English, Prin. B. Levister; Hy
Sgiene in our Schools, Miss Maud
All teachers are earnestly urgei
to be present. . r~s
TRSPASS NOTIE--All pecrson
are hereby notified not to tres
pass on .the lands of the undei
signed in No. 7 township, b
hunting or in any other manner
Clemenee M. Wert3.
;.FOR SALE.--Good Mileh cow.
C. W. Buford,
Kinards, S. C.
R. F. D. No. 2.
1* *
* *
This week has be,n almost entire
ly devoted to club meetings. 01
Tuesday morning, the Emory Club
was entertained by Mrs. Mayer, in
compliment to her guest, Mis. Farr,
of Union. The time passed very
pleasantly as the ladies chatted and
sewed, and a dealicious three course
luncheon was served. About two doz
en ladies were present.
Mrs. P. E. Scott rntertained the
Dravton Rutherford Chapter, U. D.
C., on Tuesday afternoon. This was
a social meeting, and a very delight
ful one, for there were several of
the delegates to the U. D. C. Con
vention present. The guests partook
of chocolate, tea and sandwiches, and
enjoyed the afternoon -in a delight
fully informal manner.
* * *
The Fortnightly Club met on Wed
nesday morning with Mrs. L. W.
Jones. This was a business meeting
and after ail matters of business had
beein- disposed of, Mrs. Jones served
her guests with a two-course. lun
On Wednesday afternoon Mrs.
Mayer entertai'ned at car&s for her
sister, Miss Willie Jones, of Lau
ens. There were two ta.bles of
bridge and an interesting game was
,* * *
The Wedtnesday afternoon club
met with Miss Blanche Davidson.
This is an informal club and though
it is generally known as an embroid
ery club, still its meetings are not
confined to any olne thing, and the
members are entertained in many
-delightful ways by the hosteses with
whom the club meets.
Dr. Wolling at Abbeville.
The South Carolina Conference is
now in session iu Abbeville, and the
pastor of Central Church is there in
attendance. Of the first day's ses
sion he senids The Herald and News
the folowing notes:
The session of the Coference op
ened last night. with an addss 'bY
Rev. J. B. Traywick who chose as
his snbjeet: '' The plae Dithe.oca
preacher in theMethodist church.'
I mention this because in his dis.
course he gave a large place to a
name forever dear to Newberry,
that is the name of Rev. Mark Boyd,
and praised him for his long life of
Ifaithful work in the Master's
This morning the session opened
with the comnmunion, beautifully and
solemnly partaken of by the pas
tors and hundreds of visitors whc
are already in attendanee. Then fol
lowed the addresses of welcome
Mr. J. M. Nickles spoke in behalf
of this city, 'giving a good address
wiTh fin,eg effect. Among%ther thng
he said, that in view of the ap
proaching session of the Conferenci
Abbeville had risen up in hea
strength and voted out the dispen'
ary and that as a fact they did noi
even have a single "'blind tiger,'
and then added very seriously thai
he ''hoped that the stay of the
preachers in this city would not b
less enjoyable on that account." A'
the lose of the address he was
cheered to the echo.
Hon. W. N. Graydon foilowed in
-a pleasing address speaking ins -'be
half of the churches of the' eity in
- vitinig all to every comfort the city
full of willing hands'- and opei
hearts, couMd offer.
Personally, I am most pleasant1l
surrounded. By special invitatior
I am entertained by the 'lovely fami
y of Judge Eugene B. Gary wher
Ilam in company with one of m;
old Charleston friends, Mr. Virgi
C. Dibble, and shown every possibl
a ttention that could minister to m:
omfort a-nd happiness.
I this annual reunion there i
great joy among the pastors an1
laymen as they come together fron
- every corner of the. State to rene~
3 friendships and talk over the toil
a and victories of the year that i
.pAs I write the Bishop and hi
a cab net are now in session and m
few days we will know if for an
o oher year I am to have my hor
among my own devoted brethren o
eo' l church and the many frienid
of Newberry.
A. K. HAWKLS, Optician, will wor
two days. December 13th and 14tl
in the weknowndug firm o
W. E. Peiham & Son. No cost t
have your eyes tested.
MONEY TO LOAN, At '5 per cent.
On Real Estate-Easy Paymaent
We will buy you a home.
Next door to the Post Offce
Call hours 10 to 2, Or write Bo:
The Christmas Spirit Is in the Air.
-Much Moving.-Social and
Prosperity. Dec. 9.-The United
Daughters Confeaeraev was en
tertained by Miss Bobb on Wed-nes
day. Very enthusiastic reports were
rendered by all so fortunate as to
attend the Federation in our sister
Mr. Ira Gibson moved into the
Shealey house on lower Main street
Mr. A. M. Lester's family have
moved into the Kibler house on up
per Main.
Mrs. Sease, of Chapin, who has
been spending severad weeks -ith
Mr. John Sease, returned home Sun
day.- .
.The Mlerry Maids' Minstrel will
give their performance on the even
ing of Tuesday, December 28. The
program is very unique and enter
There will be a lyceum attraction
on Friday evening. The Peterson
Sisters is the drawing card for this
hour. It promises to be as delectable
as the two previous numbers.
Rev. Mr. Whitaker and Mr. J. P.
Bowers are in attendance upon Con
ference at Abbeville.
Mrs. Jeff Reams, of Johnston, is on
a visit to her mother, Mrs. Mark
Mr. Ben -Schumpert had the mis
fortune to lose his horse SundaY
night. Dr. Kinard, of Ninety Six
came down and rendered m-edical
skill, but to no avail.
Rev. Mr. Kreps preaehed a most
excellent sermon on Sunday morn
ing. He held the mirror of a great
many present day evils up to nature
in a very masterly manner. He alsc
announced that the third Sunda3
will be observed as Newberry Col
lege Day.
Mrs. B. B. Schumpert has gone tc
Gary's Lant to visit her niece, Mrs
Lee Singley.
The committe from the Soeia
Missionary union has arranged 9
very interesting program for 1910
There wil be only four meetings
The programs will be printed and
copy given to every woman in town
in the hope that she will aMat'
with the movement.
Mr. Henry Russell spent Sauda2
at home.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rikard, ol
Newberry, spent Sunday with th1
latter's parents.
Mrs. J. P. Wheeler spent last wee]
in Newberry with Mrs. Parr and en
joyed the Federation.
Christmas is getting into the at
mosphere here, it seems. The you-ni
peopl~e do ~nothing but exehangt
ideas about 'what'ssbest to give thet
sweethearts and recount what the;
have finished or what they've plas
ned to brighten the glad Christma
tide and make it i, memorable one.
The U. D. C. will serve oyster
and sell candy at the Auditorium ol
Friday evening, December 17, be
giningat6p. m.
Every other time we' look out w
peeive that moving household aa
-kitehen furniture is the order -of th
day. Great vans piled high wita
worily goods pass thro daily. W
hope that the moves will be goo<
ones for. all parties concerned.
Mr. John Scott,. of Clinton, spen
Monday night in the city. He ha
nade arrangements to move his fain
ily here about January 1st.
Mr. a.nd Mrs. John Crosson re
turned today from an extended visi
to relatives at Leesville.
Mr. C. M. Harmon returned fror
'Columbia yesterday.
Mr. A. G. Wise has gone to Lees
vlle for a short stay.
Mrs. Hunter and Mrs. DeWal
Iand Miss Mamie Simpson spen
SMonday in Columbia.
Miss Gertrude Simpson has bee
appointed Field Missionary of th
Woman's missionary societiesandha
Sentered upon her duties canvassin
1the present fields and orgamzin
new societies.
SMONEY TfO LOAN at 5 per cent
We will buy you a home. Eas
Spayments-in ten years and si
S1013 CaMdwdll St., Call or writ4
Hog. The wonder of the age,
porine pathological curiosity. Sua
Sprising, astounding, unbelievablF
Thousands have seen him and ai
amazed at the sight. Now on E
Shibitioni Only one day, .Frida
and FrMiay night, West Main St
nea furniture sLore of G. M. I
Epting. For Men Only. Admt
-sion 10 cents.
$1.50 per hundred, for cotton see<
Bring them to us.
Kinard & Boozer,
Prosperity, S. C.
(Oorrected by Nat GIsL)
Good Middling
Strict Middling
Middling 1
(Correeted by 0. McR. Holmes.)
Good Middling 14
Strict Middling 14 1
Middling 14 1
Cotton Seed 42 cents.
No advertisement taken foi
ess than 25 cents.
LOST.-Black barrow, weighs about
200 pounds. Long body, short leSw.
Please notify M. L. Cousin,
R. F. D. No. 6.
P*hne 910-5.
EVERY LADY wanted to call and
try our fine candies. We have the
best, such as can be found in any
city, have plenty of them and our
prices are very reasonable.
Theo Lambry.
WE Specially invite the Ladiesof
the County when in town sh
to call on us for lunch. Wer
serve you luscious oysters or
steak. Every thing the best
market affords. Jones' Restaurant
them. Fine Chocolates, Bon Bn
Caramels, Peanut and CocoanutA
Brittles; all first class goods-.
very. reasonable prices..
Theo Lambry
CELERY, Cranberries, Basket Grap
just received at
Jones' Grocery
Tuesday, Friday and Saturday &
40 cents a quart. -
J. C.Sa
W. Connor, a graduate of the as
est optical college in.the word4
Northerri IlIHnois College of I
go. Dr. Connor is-loested pru
ently in Newberry, gives both 4
.objective- and' subjeetive testas
electricity and guar*'ntees his oj
Golden Rnla Encampment No
Hall the 4th Monday nighit in 1
month at 8 o'eiock. '.
C. G. .Blese
Chief Patriarch.n
W. G. Peterson, Sribe.
FOR RENT-Store in good lct~
V2 cottages, 6 and 7 rooms,w*Q
bath rooms and lights.
Mrs. B. L Paysinge 2
FOR RENT.-Bush River planitation~
of.the estate ofF. Werber &
e easea is offered for rent as
Swhole, comprising. nineteen
'horse farms. Nine tenants on
place, whio wish to remziu
* Mrs. 'M. . Werber.
E YE SIGET Tested Free. A. K
sHawkes, famous optician, willbe
- at W. E. Pelham & Sou's, on De~
cember 13th and 14th. Two' days~
- only. Don't forget th danta.
t 12-10-09-1t.
i WE HAVE large, luscious Oyster~
direct from Norfolk. We give solid~
- meat measure.
Kennedy Yancey, sent postpaid~3 3
1i cents, by D. K. Ya.ncey, 710 North
7th Street, St. Louis, Mo.
i !ulaski Lodge, No. 20, 1. 0. 0. F.
'Will meet in Klettner's Hall- Fri.
day night, Dec. 10, at 8 o'clock. All
members are urged to be present asd.
.visiting brethren are eordially wel
y come. I- H. Hunt,
t W. G. Peterson, Noble G3raal;
. THE BEST Norfolk Oysters re
ceived every day. If you want
n these large, fat, juicy oysters call
a at Jones' Restaurant.
i. FED your ichickens ground bone.
e It makes them lay. We grind fresh
: daily. Wright's Market.
y 12-7-09-2t.
I FOR SALE-Home raised Seed Oats,
- Appler and Red Rust Proof, also
Seed Wheat, Georgia Flint or Blue
Straw variety. For further infor
I. mation apply to
A. L. Coleman,
Silver Street, S. C.
R. F. D No 1.

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