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0ensus Director Durand Establishel
a Cwsification of the Compen
sation of Census Takers.
Washington, D. C., Jan. 22, 1910
-The varying wage scales in differ
eat parts of the country and- the dif
ferences in the nature and extent o:
the local difficulties confronting th(
mnumerators in the larger geograph
ioal divisions of the United State
have influenced and guided Unite
Siates Census Director Durand i
'te adoption of a classification o,
enmerators' rates of . compensation
within the limits prescribed by th
United States Census law enacted b;
The different elasses of rates wil
be so applied that in, general the av
rage enumerator will earn substan
tially the same actual amount in on
district as in another, even thougl
the population may be much sparse
in one than in the other, with othe.
conditions also different. Regard i
paM& to the ~fact that prevailin,
wages are higher in some parts o:
I e country than in others, but, asid<
from this, the Direeto'r aim is t<
-adjust the rates s as to make thi
earnings of enumerators substantial
uniform. Where the per capiti
'mtes would not give, sufficient pay
*e per diem rates. are prescribed
'The rates in general will be so ad
justed at to give a slightfy highe
aTerage -amount to the enumerator
&an they received in 1900.
Per diem rates of pay will be pai<
to the census enumerators in th;
aparsely settled rural districts o:
Arizona, -California, Colorado, Idaho
Montana, Texas, Utah, Washingtoi
and Wyoming.
The rate will range from $5 to $1
per Iday for the enumeration of th<
rural areas outside of cities an
towns. Six dollars is the highes
rate authorized by law.
The Director realizes that in man:
' iets of the far West it will b<
possible to secure competent mei
to act as enumerators at a rate o
i9npanation less than that bein
paid for ordinary classes of work i
tW same area. Were enumerators i
eh distriets paid only on the pe
'ta basis, their compensatio
ould be unreasonably low.
The enumerators in the thinly in
ited country sections of Nort]
-ota, South Dakota, Nebraska an<
sas also will be compensated oi
per diem. basis. Certain difficult o
ly settled enumeration &i
ets in'.t'ber states will be include<
nig those to which the per diet
will apply, as the conditions o
enumeration will be such that a1
erator could not make fair earn
sat any of ,the per -eapita rate
This announcement was made b;
Census Director Durand to-day, i:
.rder to counteract the deterrent ef
Sfet upon applic-ations for enumer
ators' places in the far west ~an
sothwest states of the widely eireu
lad;ed and& erroneous statement the
per capita rates of .pay were to b
ti:ren in the sparsely populated re
os namned.
The (Cnadanation of Rates.
In this conde6tion the Director ha
4aged statement o,f the elassifeatio:
el rates aipted for the compesto
f enumerators in the -Thideent
M eommencinig April 15 next.
''hlere are three general rates
the per eapita, the mixed, and tb
per diema.
The first and seeond general rate
ae five subdivisons each.
The per diem rates range from $
$3.50, $4, $4.50, $5, $5.50, and $
are to be paid for a day of eidl
hours' work.
For.enumerators on the per cait
bass, which will be that most widel
-used, the pay for each inhabitant i
GassA, 2 ns;elassB, 2l 1-cenat
Class C, 3.een,ts; Class D, 3 1-2 eent.
um& Class E, 4 cents. Sueh enume!
-~wilalobe paid-for eaeh fri
follows: Clas~s A, 20 eents; clas
B 22 1-2 erAs; elass C, 25 cente
I am rep'
MeckenbLff Mar
in this section, .and
prices on anything It
Tablets. Monuments,
rny prices before plac
and work guaranteed I
class D, 2 1-2 cents; ai class E, 30
cents. These rates are in each case
5 5 cents or more higher than those
paid in 1900, when the ra:nge was
from 15 to 20 cents. For each es
tablishment of productive industry
the rate for each class is 30 eents.
For each barn and inelosure contain
- ing live stook, not on farms, the pay
E is 10 cents for each elass.
i Under the mixed rate, which is a
- -combination of the per capita and
per diem, there are five su-belasses
alphabetically arranged, and the per
i dietm is: Class F, $1; G., $1.25; H,
' $1.50; I, $1.75 and J, $2. . For each
inhabitant the pay is: Class F, 2
a cents; G, 2 1-2 cents; H, 2 1-2 cents;
r 1, 2 1-2 cents; and J, 3 cen-ts. For
leach farm: Class F, 15 cents; G,
1. 17 1-2 cents; H, 17 1-2 cents; I, and
. J, 20 cents each. For each estab
- lishment of productive industry the
a rate is 20 cents for each class.
Sorry He Spoke.
'Fliegende Blaetter.
Husband: "I have paid your dress
maker who has been dunning you."
Wife: "Oh, then I must go and
order a new frock or she will think
I am offended with her."
Whereas in a survey of the Town
- of Newberry, South Carolina, made
by F. W. Higgins, Esq., the games
of many of the oldest streets of said
Town were given different names
1than those by whieh they have been
known for many years past thereby
causing the oundaries of property
of long years standing to be changed
so far as names of streets are con
cerned and causing -confusion in the
location of property according to the
description given in accordance with
the original names of the streets:
1 Be it ordained by the Mayor and
t Aldermen of the Town of Newberry,
I State of South Carolina, in Council
r assembled and by the authority of the
31 same.
1 That the correct names of the
f streets in the said Town of Newber
ry, S. C.,'that were changed in the
I Higgins survey be and the 'same are
1 hereby restored; except such as were
r changed by Ordinance of the Coun
1 ei, and the superintendent of streets
of said Town be and is hereby in
- Istructed to carry this ordinance into
1 effect.
I Done and ratified under the cor
1 porate seal of the Town of Newber
r rv, in the State of South .Carolina,
- (is 24th day of January, A. D.
- Cole L. Blease,
Mayor of Newberry, S. C.
2 Attest:
-J. R. Scurry,
sClerk and Treasurer.
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ithe way of Headstones,
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rst-cla ss.
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Acme Tomatoes.
Ponderosa Tomatoes.
Early Turnip Radish.
Early Long Scarlet Radish.
etc., etc.
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varieties suited to this locality.
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