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Matthew 16:13
"Thou art the Christ. the
UR Master, wisely and with beco
own greatness. He allowed hi
disciples that he proceeded and
performing of miracles. and pal
finger of God and his mouth-piece. Johi
fore-runner. It was he that declared th
taketh away the sin of the world." It
was so much greater than himself that
loose the Master's sandals.
But after John had borne him witi
declared that he saw the holy Spirit dt
that this was a sign given him whereb3
came the time for the Master to bring
of his followers. John had been cast in
John's prophetic testimony was fulfilled
crease, but I must decrease." The mis
more prominent every day, and those
were now asking respecting Jesus. whe
whether he was the Messiah. Do the i
Messiah or not? Surely "no man could
God be with him" in some special mant
Our Lord first inquired respecting I
cerning himself. He did this, not beca
might draw out the thoughts of his disc
he was John the Baptist; others suppo:
ideas of the heathen were gradually j
doctrine of reincarnation, wholly unscri
All the answers, of course, were wron,
could not reappear until the resurrecti4
question to his chosen followers: "Who (
St. Peter promptly answered as spokesu
the Christ [Messiah], the Son of the Ii1
designed to be brought forth. It was
present it, because it would better cor
then have his endorsement. His answE
Simon Bar-jona, for flesh and blood hi
Father which is in heaven."
It was not that St. Peter had expe
but such a great spiritual fact as was
could be appreciated only by those who
Indeed, it is evident that the same prii
man can come unto me, except the Fa
primary dirawing and calling is of the I
his grace in Christ and make our consE
spirit of adoption into his family as Go
school of Christ to learn of him. Let us
Ings always come. not only from believi
to and before others.
According to the Greek. our Lord re
upon this rock will I build my Church.'
built is this confession which St. Peter
rock, but he was one of the living stone,
It was this same Apostle who so beaut
suring us that all consecrated believern
God, whose foundation and cap stone J
gether through the operation of the holy
The expression. "Upon this rock I 3
hell [hades] shall not prevail against il
The gates of hell are not gates to somi
tory. They are, in the Greek. "gates o:
condition of death. The passage might.
.grave shall not .prevail against it." TI
Church to die with him, to share in his
parently, the gates of hades have prevai
people, for more than eighteen centurie:
that they shall not forever prevail. T
death he has become Lord of all and
has the right to open hades, the tomb.
down into it. He assures us that he wi
their graves shall hear the voice of the
Nevertheless, for all these centuries
by dying with Christ, his followers sha]
him in his death they shall yet share wi
honor and immortality of the Divine na1
that there will be a resurrection from tI
"a kind of flrstfruits unto God of h.
14:4), her resurrection means. indirectly
the opening of the grave to every memi
The giving of the "keys" of the Kir
-locks and bars of heaven, over which S
in the present time is the Kingdom of I
state, and St. Peter was privileged tc
Church. He opened the door to the Je
piece of the Lord. he proclaimed the mi
the hopes then open to every Jew cor
Christ. He used the second "key" to of
Gentiles, in that when th'e due time cai
vert, to be received. St. Peter did the
G9spel and by baptizing him into Christ
as our Lord foretold in the words of th
St Peter's commission that whate
should be bound in heaven and what t
be loosed in heaven, is the same that
Matthew 1S:18.a It does not mean, of
ters over to St. Peter and made him LD
or ali of the Apostles were so honored.
use his Apostles and to so hold up the
whole Church may have confidence in
jngs as of God. If they declared that
-the Jewish law were not binding upon
statements were true, and that, similar
recognized. And if they bound certain 4
that 1:hose are bound and firmly esrtb
must recognize the Apostles as God's in
The time for proclaiming Jesus
after his death and resurrection. Indee
his r'esurrectionl. He desired his discip
.explained to them about his approachii
not wish them to proclaim this to the
perhaps elated with the Lord's comme1
took now the role of teacher to the one -
Messiah. In this he erred. It was in a
shougA 'si 'hink of any steps which le
rather of prosperity and earthly favor
He said: You are my adversary. Peter.
thus endeavor to dissuade me from doix
drinking the cup which my Father ha:
common to the world and not of God.
Similarly, the followers of Jesus s<
who thus offer counsel contrary to E
These should not be encouraged nor th4
tion from their fellow disciples, as did|
.The words of Peter fur' ished the
attention of his followers to the term
Master himself suffer, but all of his fol
vided for every one, and whoever wou
life hoped for. Whoever would take 1
death would thereby make sure of his
plane. His disciples had already pled
to withhold thaem for worldly advanta;
their souls, their lives. This is not true
the Church, called to be of the elect. RB
He then assured them of his sec<
the glory of the Father and with his ans
as a sacrifice. At the time of his seco:
of his followers according to the faithfl
erence to the coming Kingdorm by the
have an ocular demonstration of his
woul die This we will oonsider In ou
* D -V~W~
E SON 0l ouii
-28.-July 1/.
Son of thr, irllqf (a'
[ailg init jestA , Iw-si l6.-d to (1'inr'- M
s actions to spe-ak nd to tell lo tis
came forth from t d. ;ind hat In 11itA
-ticularly in his tehrlines, le was i%t
i the Baptist was sew to )v his sper:i I
at Jesus was "thf. Lamb of (od whi''h
was he that <detlure-th that the Masts-r
he was not wortliv to -toop sowr1 91w
ess, testifyin. "ThIs is be," and hid
scending upon Jesus like a dove, and
he might know his Messiaihsip, then
the matter pointedly to the attention
to prison and later bad been beheaded.
when he said of Jesus, "He must in
ion of Jesus :ind his Apostles became
who had fornierly talked about John
her he was a prophet sent of God, or
ulers Indeed know whether this is the
do the miracles which he doeth unlesq
he general opinion of the people con
use of his own ignorance, but that he
iples. They replied that some thought
sed he was one of the prophets. The
naking Inroads upon the Jews. The
ptural, is suggested in these answers. i
, for the prophets were all dead and
n. Then our Lord pointedly put the
lo ye say. that I am?' The courageous
ian for the whole company, "Thou art
ring God." This was the very answer
the truth, but our Lord hesitated to
ae from the disciples themselves and
r to St. Peter was, "Blessed art thou,
Lth not revealed it unto thee, but my
rienced a special vision or revelation,
then under consideration, at that time
were specially favored of the Father.
ciple still oierates. for we read, "No
ther which sent w6 draw him." Our
'ather up to the time when we accept
cration' to do his will and receive the
d's children: we are then put into the F
learn the lesson that the special bless
ng in Christ, but nlsr from confessing
plied to Peter, "Thou art a stone, and
The rock upon which the Church Is
made. St. Peter himself was not the ul
built by faith upon the rock of truth. a
ifully explained the whoie matter, as
are "living stones" in the temple of
s Christ, in whom we are builded to
Sprit.-I Peter 2:4-7.
dil build my Church and the gates.of
" Is one that is much misunderstood.
place of torture, nor gates to purga
hdes," and hades signities a state or
well be translated, "The gates of the
3at is to say, Christ Jesus invites the
sacrifice, in his death, and while, ap
led against the Church. against God's
, nevertheless, we have the assurance
he Master's assurance is that by his
has the keys of death and ftades. HeL
and to call forth all who have gone
1l do this, as be says. "All that are in
Son of man and shall come forth." c<
it has required faith to believe that,
i yt live with him-that sharing with
th him in his resurrection to the glory, j
ure. So, then, our Lord's words mean _
e grave, and since the Church is to be
s creatures" (James 1:18; Revelation
this result, the uplifting of mankind,
er of the human family.F
gdom to St. Peter has no reference to
t. Peter Is the custodian. The Church
leaven in its preparatory or embryotic
do the opening work to the Gospe1l
ws at Pentecost, when, as the mouth- t4
~aning of the Pentecostal blessing and
ing, individually Into membership in N
en the same kingdom prIvileges to the ir
ne for Cornelius, the first Gentile con- t
work. By preaching to Cornelius the S
he threw open the do'or to the Gentiles' h
Is lesson.
ver things he should bind on earth
hings he should loose on earth should C
was given to the other &postles. (See a
ourse, that the Lord has turned mat- ]]
rd of heaven and earth, nor that any k
It simply means this: God purposes to a
ir hands, in all their affairs, that the
them, and may recognize their teach
certain of the conandments under
Christians. we must know that their
ly, in heaven, the release or change is
loctrines and teachings, we must know I
ished in heaven. lIn other words, we c<
herent mouthpieces. s
as the Meskiah did not come untild
d his Messiahship properly dates from
lies to recognize him properly, and hea
g death and resurrection, but he did
world until the due time. St. Peter,
2dation of his prev"ious speech, under.. t
whom he had just acknowledged as the t
mpathy that he urged that the Master a
had to suKering and death, but should
yet our Lord's reproof was pointed.
when you thus speak to me. You will
g my Father's will, to hinder me from
Spoured for me; your counsel is that
)metimes need~ to resist their friends,
ivine will and word and providence, a
ir advice followed. They need correc
St. Peter.
Master an opportunity for calling the
sof discipleship. Not only must the
lowers likewise. This course was pro- 'I
Id flee from it would lose the eternal
ip his cross and follow' the Master to
share in eternal life on the heavenly
ged their earthly lives, and for them
ge would mean that they would lose
of the world in general, but merely of
yal Priesthood.E
d comng when he would come in C
els (messegers)-not again as a man
3d coming he would reward every one
lness of each. He concluded this ref-e
assurance that some of them would
oming power and glory before they
Poultry & stc
Pratt's C
Prevents aird Cc
Pratt's Calf Tonic G
Pratt's Poultry Reg
Pratt's Animal Res
Pratt's Hog Cholera
to Cure.
Pratt's Hog Worm I
Every package warr
price will be promF
are not.
"The Right I
. F. Baxter & Son
Pratical Embalmers
hones - Day 117--Night 90
Program Delmar Reunion.
The Newberry college Delmar re
ion, Friday, July 29, at 10 o'clock
Music by local band.
Addresses by Charles J. Shealy,
V. N. D. Bodie, Hon. Frank Lever,
rf. S. J. Derrick, Rev. W. H. Hiller.
arbecue and picnic dinner.
W. Aug. Shealy,
Amity Lodge, No. Si, A. F. M.
n extra communication of Amity
ge, No. 87, A. F. M., will be held
t Thursday evening, 8.30 o'clock,
raternity Hall. Visiting brethren
dially welcomed.
he E. A. degree -will be conferred.
H. W. Dorainick, W. M.
W. Earhardt, Secretary.
ron the :Experience of Newberry
e are fort-unate indeed to be able
profit by the experience of our
~hbors. The pu.blie utterances of
werry residents on the follow
gsubject will interest and benefit
usands of our readers. Read this
tement. No better proof can be
artin M. ill, of Newberry, S.
,says: "I do not believe there is
emedy to be had that is equal to
mon's Kidney Pills in the ceuree of
ney trouible. Albout six months
oI was attacked by a severe pain
my right side and through my
neys. This grad-ually grew worse
til I could stand it no longer and
a obliged to consult a physician.
etreated me, but the pain still
ntinued. My kidneys were- also
.gish and bothered me a great
a. It was recently my good for
e to hear of Doan 's Kidney Pills
d I procured a supply at W. E.
eham & Son's Drug Store. Through
~.ir use my kidneys were restored
their normal condition, the baek
he was disposed of and my health
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
ents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
w York, sole agents for the United
tates. 6
emember the n.ame-Doan 's
d take no other.
e Military College of South Caro.
lina-Beneficiary Scholarship
One vacancy in beneficiary schol
.rhips at the Citadel from Newberry
uty will be filled by competitive
amination to be held at Newberry
nFriday, August 12, 1910. Candi
ates nmst be not less than 16 nor
ore than 20 years of age on Octob
, 1910. They must be at least 5
et in height, physically qua1lred to
omilitary duty, and must give a
etificate of inability to pay the re
red collee as n a pay cadet.
ick Remedies
)w Tonic
res Milk Fever.
rows Fine Calves.
Lilator Keeps Chickens
pulator Good for All
Specific Guaranteed
Oowder Cures.
anted satisfactory, and
itly refunded if they
cy at
ry, S. C.
Drug Store."
upon request, by addressing the sup
erintendent, Charleston, S. C. These
applications must be filled out in ev
ery particular and sent to the super
intendent by August 1, 1910.
* * * * * * * * * * **
* *
* *
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Lutheran Church of the Redeemer,
Rev. Edw. Fulenwider, pastor
Preaching every Sunday at 11 a. m.
Sunday school at 5 p. m. J. B. Hunter,
St. Luke's Episcopal Church, 3. F.
J. Caldwell, lay reader-Lay reading
every Sunday at 11 a. m. Sunday
school at 10 o'clock. J. F. J. Caldwell.
Associate Reformed Presbyterian
Church (without a pastor). Pulpit sup
plied at stated times. Sunday school
at 9.45 a. m. E. C. Jones, superintend
Aveleigh Presbyterian Church, Rev.
J. E. James, pastor-Preaching every
Sunday at 11 a. m. Sunday school at
5 p. m. Rev. 3. E. James, cuperintend
ent. . .
Mayer Memorial Lutheran Church,
Rev. .T. D. Shealy, pastor.-Preach
ing every first, second and thrird Sun
day at 11 a. in., and every first, third
and fourth Sunday at 8 p. mn., Sunday
school every Sunday morning at 10
o'clock. J. D. Kinard, superintendent.
Preaching at Mollohon every second
Sunday night at 8 o'clock and every
fourth Sunday morning at 11.
IFirst Baptist Church of Newberg!y,
Rev. G. A. Wright, pastor-Preaching
every Sunday at 11 a. mn. Sunday
school at 5 p. mn. W. H. Hunt, super
West End Baptist church, Rev. J. R.
Greene, pastor-Preaching every Sui
day night at 8 o'clock and every
Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. Sun
day school every Sunday at 10 a. m.
S. Y. Jones, superintendent.
Central Methodist Church, Rev. M.
L. Banks, pastor-Preaching every
Sunday at 11 a. in. Sunday school at
5 p. mn. Jas. F. Epting, superintend
O'Neall Street Mthodist Church,
Rev. W. C. Kelley, pastor-Preaching
every first, second and fourth Sunday
at 11 a. mn., and every second, third and
fourth Sunday at 8 p. in. Sunday
school 9.45. W. C. Bouknight, super
Preaching at Mollohon every first
Sunday night at 8 o'clock and every
third Sunday morning at 11. Sunday
school at 9.45. F. H. Jones, superin
Beth Eden P.astorate.
Service at Colony on second and
fourth Sundays at 11 a. m. Sunday
schol at 10 a. m. T. J. Wicker, super
intendent. Beth Eden, first Sunday
11 a. in., and third Sunday at 4 p. mn.
Sunday school on first Sunday 10 a.
m., third Sunday 3 p.~mn. J. C. Craps,
superintendent. St. James on third
Sunday at 10.30 a. in., and first Sun
day 4 p. in. Sunday school every
Sunday afternoon. Sidney 3. Mayer,
How many people of mea
monev on land? Small inv
We have a few farms tha
on their cost and at the sat
in the next ten years.
No. i Is 170 acres fo
homestead and tenant hous<
cotton, will cut 250,000 feel
No. 2 219 acres good
tenant bouses, only one mile
No. 3 900 acres near
land is well timbered, and c
desirable farms.
No. 4 200 acres in Newl
open, plenty of good timbei
cotton, all for $2,200, on ea
No. 5 300 acres near R(
$16 go per acre.
No. 6 550 acres only th
with an oil mill and a b
homestead and several tenai
being worked, all for $8,5oC
is worthy your consideracio:
good neighbors, has telepho
present owner rich enough 1
A five room house and tv
worth $2,500 for only $2,oc
Four nice building lots oi
attractive price. Two lots;
two story house and three a
We have numerous other
son and Greenville.
New Squth 1
Herald and News Building, Newi
:THE .G(
and we have;
+ essades requir
+ the hot. Weatha
k Ie Shaven
O -- Coi
Te annual meeting of the stC
holders of the Newberry Land and
curity company will be held at roi
.ns do you know who haven't made
estments wisely made lead to large
c ought to pay you a large inteiest
Le time more than double in value
ur miles from railroad village,
, rents for 28oo pounds of lint
:of timber, all for $2,100.
eight room residence and five
from Silver Street for $45 per acre.
Whitmire for $5 an acre. This
ould readily be cut .into several
)erry county with a two-horse farm
, rents for 1700 pounds, of lint
sy terms.
no a good farming. proposition at
ree miles from a prosperous village
ank and numerous stores, large
it houses, 12-horse farm open and
>. Very easy terms. This farm
a if you want a nice home. Has
ne in the house, and has made its
to retire.
,o acres of land right in Newberry,
1 Reed street in Newberry at an
at High Point for $55o. Large
cres of land for $4,750
properties in Greenwood, Ander
ea Estate Trust
erry. MasonicTemple, Greenwood.
~R TIM:*
a few 0 lhe ReC- +
ed to fortify against
Squeezers S
Ice Picks
ce Extractors
in Freezers
rators, Etc.
F Hardware:
npany __ __ _
the purpose of electing directors for
ck- ensuing year and transacting any oth
Se- er business that may come before the
J:?o. M. Kinard,

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