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Le Blanc, Far Ahead, Forced to Make
Perilous Descent When Fuel
New York, Oct. 29.-Claude Gra
kame-White, flying for the Royal
Aero Club of the United Kingdom,
lifted the Gordon Bennett interna
tional speed trophy from the custody
*f America today In the fastest time
ior the full distance of 100 kilometres
(61 1-4 miles) around a five kilo
metre course. His average speed was
a fraction better than 61 miles an
hour and his fastest lap was two
minutes, 55.77 seconds, but the cap
agn of the French team, Alfred Le
lanc, flying In a similar machine.
a 100 horse power Bleriot monoplane,
-was making each lap no an average
*f 20 seconds faster than Grahame
White and would have w nothe cup if
he had not met with a disastrous ac-;
*ident in his last lap, when he had
the race seemingly well in hand.
His first lap was a new world's
'record in itself for five kilometres-2
minutes, 45.63 seconds-but he ex
-seeded It with a lap done in 2 min
ates, 44.32 seconds.
Was Well Ahead.
Te Blanc was running before the
wind under full power at an estimated
.peed of 80 miles an hour when the
leed pipe from his gasoline tank to
his motor loosened under the Inces
-sant Jarring of the engine and he
suddenly found himself with nothing
but momentum to carry him. Le
.Blanc was helpless and panic stricken
He tried to lift his planes so that
1te last few drops of gasoline might
-Iter down into the engine and lend:
'Im strength enough to make a land
ing. His steerageway was gone and
when a puff of wind caught him he
d"' 4rifted sideways, still driving at tre
mendous speed, and crashed foremost
Jbto a -telegraph pole.
The pole was 14 inches thick but
'he broke it In three pieces as if it had
1een a toothpick. The chassis and
steel shield which enclose the motor
were completely crumpled, but the
solid steel of the motor itself with
stood the shock. Had Le Blanc hit
tie pole in any other manner it is
difficult to see how he could have
.pesibly escaped death.
Every One Sorry.
~iRis accident was accepted on every
I mand with the greatest regret. Gra
kamriaWhi-te, the wiine4, ad1mitted
that Le Blanc would have won the
race and would have established a
-world's record even better than his
own except for his mishap. Charles
K. Hamilton of 'the American team
was enthusiastic: .
"Le Blanc is the best track driver
in the world," he said. "The way he
-took those turns was a marvel. Gra
bame-White would never have been
i it except for Le Blanc's accident
and no American machine had a
bhance with him. I am going to
throw my macihine into the scrap
.heap and buy a Bleriot before I leave
this track. The biplane is out of date
and we might as well admit it."
Hamilton will challenge for the cup
next year. The Wright brothers will
. also build a new racer and go after it.'
John B. Moissant will be a third dhal
"You bet," he said, "I'm going after
It. If I don't bring it back some other
American will."
Colored State Fair Meets in Columbia
. November 7 to 12.
Wanted every colored person to
'know that the Colored State Fair will
'begin In Columbia November 7 and
last till 12. The same reduced rates
granted to the White Fair Association
has been granted to us. Good ad-:
commadations on all railroads in,
South Carolina. Come to the fair.
Richard Carroll, Pres.
A. Robertson, Sec.
T. A. Williams, Treas.
The Demon of the Air
is the germ of LaGrippe, that, breath
ed in, brings suffering to thousands.
Its after effects are weakness, ner
yousness, lack of appetite, energy
and ambition, with disordered liver
and kidneys. The greatest need than'
is Electric Bitters, the splendid tonic.
blood purifier and regulator of Stom
ach. Liver and Kidneys. Thousands
have proved that they wonderfully
strengthen the nerves, build up the
system and res:ore health and good
spirits after an attack of Grip. If
suffering, try them. Only 50c. Per- -
fact satisfaction guaranteed by W. E.
I will sell at public outcry to the'
kighest bidder before the court hous'
- at Newberry on Monday. Novembe:'
7, 1930, salesday, the housec- ral'
in the town of Pr:sperit -- n n' -~
Cotton Ginning .
Are Prepared to Gin
100 Bales Per Day
hi Have just finished overhauling our
Ginnery and we are now in good
shape to meet the demands.
Bagging and Ties at a LOW PRICE
We Pay Ful Price for Cotton Seed
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Will appreciate your patronage
Southern Cotton Oil Co.
h L. W. FLC)YD, Manager
Takes great pleasure to announce to the
people of Silver Street and vicinity that
he is prepared as never before to serve
them with the most up-to-date stock of
A full line of Coffins and 'Caskets are
always kept on hand.
It Will Be Held in Columbia on
KTOBER 31, NOVEMBER 1, 2, 3, 4,
The people of this State generally make this their one
neeting place of the year. Any information that is de.
sired will be given by
MR. JOHN G. MOBLEY, President, Winnsboro, S. C.
MR. D. F. EFIRD, Secretary, Lexington, S. C.
I. L. PARR, Pres. W. G. Hlouseal. Vice-Pres. M. L SPEARMAN, Cashi r
CAPITAL $50,000.00
tatement of Condition Condensed September 22nd, 1910
oans and discounts $241.8S74-53 Capital Stock .I$5o,ooo.oc
verdrafts 944 as. Surplus (Earned) 12,599.6(
~urniture and Fixtures 3 ,800.00 Dividends unpaid 40.Cc
ash oni hand in Banks 14,669.8:: Bills Payable 55,0oo.cc
Cashier's Checks 527.1
Individual deposits 143,121.6
S261.288.4 ;21,88
When you buy your F;
quality---you want garr
---to satisfy---you wani
you want it together w
You, as a woman of good
ments that fit-that hold the
a bit" different from ordinal
the kind that really give "J
wearer. Perhaps you have
ments-and have metwith di
you'll welcome OUR MOD
with their perfect fit at collai
you'll appreciate their sha
possible by the result of e>
tailors who know the true
well as you know your soci;
these advantages we add n
for you can own a Mower C
ordinary. All the latest f,
way to convince youself of tl
on. The prices range from.
S$1000 $150
Whatever may be your in(
wear or millinery-whether
site, or the plain, chic effect
are admirably repared to s
perfection in M illinery. Y
distinction in a large assembi
your selection here. Our pr
I The novel little touches
i ithat are so extremely fetch
ing, as well as the really
big things, in Notions can
be found here. If you'd
make certain that your
iFall wardrobe be correct
in every detail, consult
this store -in it you are
shown the very newest
ifeatures in neckwear,
collars, belts, and a varie
ty of pins, cuff buttons,
buckles, belts, hand bags,
gloves, hosiery, lace, em
. broidery, buttons, hand
kerchiefs, in fact we can
only ask you if you need
anything we have it.
Again we wish to direct your att
Department. Here you will find e3
ing John Pullman's and J. B. C.
had, Towels, Damasks, Table Nap:
Linen Towels. All to be had at as
Don't overlook our Domestic Dej
qualities at very low figures. Shee
- -ings Cambrics, Anfoos vChevic
have it. Our Dress Goods Departt
We would call especial al
ment, it is complete. The f
i i GROVER'S "Soft Shoes
:rom $2.50 to $4 00.
z -'
!ss in Dress
ill garments you want
nents to last--to please
t style of course--but
ith quality.
:aste, are interested in gar
r shape-and that are "just
-y styles-in other words
)istinction in Dress" to the
tried to buy just such gar
3appointment. In that case
LS. JYou'll be impressed
, shoulder, front and hips
pe-retaining quality-made
:pert designers and artistic
graceful lines of a figure as
i"register". Yet with all
thing to the price you pay,
o. Model at the cost of the
ibrics and colors. The best
eir excellence is to try them
L to $2500
lination- either in ready-to
elegance be the chief requi
s be more to your liking, we
arve you. The very acme of
)ur hat will bear a mark of
age of elegance, if you make
ices are moderate.
Pertect Filling Gowns
involve perfect flitting cor
sets. The corset, the foun
dation of the gown, must
be correct in every detail
or the gown cannot be. It
must be designed accord
iug to the latest fashion
requirements. It must be
made to fit the figure.
American Lady
up to the mark infashion require
ments, and made in a sufficient
ly large variety of models to fit
all figures. American Lady Cor
sets are the necessary perfect
foundation for perfect fitting
gowns. All1sizes.
ention to our Extraordinary Linen
reyhng wante in Linens, includ
ins, Irish Linens, Art Linens and
onishingly low prices.
>artment which is full of splendid
ts, Sheeting, Pillow Cases, Bleach
ts Hmespuns, Outins, Cotton
ient is full to overflowing.
tention to our Shoe Depart
lowing are our Specials:
hard walkers, $3.00 to $5.00.
for Tender Feet for ladies.
for full dress, $3.50 to $4.00.
>f R.eIabiity L

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