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Census Bureau Gives State Total of *
1,515,400-Increase During Past *
10 Years 13.1 Per Cent. *
- *
Washington, Dec. 6.-According to *
the official count of the returns of the *
thi'!eenth census, the population of! N
the State of South Carolina is 1,515,
400, as compared with 1,340,316 in S
1900, -and 1,151,149 in 1890. The in- n
erease from 1900 to 1910, therefore, is si
175,084, or 13.1 per cent, as compar- n
ed with an increase for the preceding
deade of 189,167, or 16.4 per cent.
Population by Counties.
'Following is the population of each.,
,county and comparison with fig--r,s of tj
1500. di
County. 1910. 1900. ti
Abbevile.. .. .. ....34,804 33,400 r
Aiken.. ..........41,849 39,032I
Anderson... ... .69,568 55,728
Bamberg.... . ...18,544 17,296 1
Barnwell.. .. ......34,209 35,504 a
Deautfort.. .. ......30,355 35,495 a
lerkeley...... .. ..23,487 30,454
)alhoun ..........16,634 ..... -
Charleston ........88,594 88,006
Cherokee.. ........26,179 21,359
-Chester . . ........29,425 286161
Chestarfield. . ....26,301 .20:401 C
Clarendon ........32,188 28,184 a
Colleton.. ........35,390 33,452
Darlington. . .....36,027 32,388 t(
Dillon........ ....22,615 .
Dorchester. . ......17,891 16,294
Edgefield.... ......28,281 25,478 b
Fairfield.... ... .29,442 29,425 g
Florencle.. ........35,671 28,474
Georgetown........22,270 22,846
Greenville.. .. .. ..68,377 53,490 i s]
Greenwood. . . . .. ..34,225 28,343 s
Hampton.. .... .. ..25,126 23,7381
Horry.. .. ........26,995 23,364
Kershaw.. .. ......27,094 24,696
Lancaster.. ... .26,650 24,311 rr
1jaurens.. .... ....41,550 37,382 y
Lee.. ............25,318 ..... t<
Lexington. ........32,040 27,264 1
Marion. ..... .. .. ..20,596 35,181 d
Marlboro.. ........31,189 27,639 b
Newberry. ........34,586 30,1821 n
Oconee .. .. .. .. ...27,337 23.634 T
Orangeburg.. .. .. ..55,893 59,663 0
Pickens .. .. .. .. .. 25,143 19,375 c
Richland.. .. .... ...55,143 45,589 ir
Saluda. ..........20,943 18,966 tl
Spartanburg... .....83,365 65560
Sumter. .. . ... ....38,472 51:237 tl
Union........ .. ....29,911 25,501 u:
'Wil,liamsburg . ......37,626 31,685
York.. .... ... .....47,718 41,684 tI
ESTINATES 11,126,000 BALES. u
National Ginners' Association Nakes l
Crop Guess-Ginning Figures.
- pa
Nemphis, Tenn., Dec. 6.--The an
smual report of the National Gin ners'
associaltion, issued here 'today, shows It
10,020,000 bales of cotton ginned to
Dec'embe~r 1. The total crop astimated a
by association is 11.128.000 bales. The
report by States follows: Ii
Pales Crop s
State. ginned, estimate. tP
Alabama .. ......1,050 000 1,176.000 ni
Arkansas .... ..610 000 694.000 jti
Florida.. .. .... 53 000 6o.000
Georgia.. .. ..1.012.000 1,757,0001
Louisiana. . . . 210 000 232.000
Mississippi. . . . 948.000 1,134,000 V
North Carolina . 609.000 694.000
Oklahoma. . . . 827,000 906,000
South Carolina . 1,031,000 1,166,000!
Tennessee. . . . 242,000 283,000k
Texas. . .....2,770.000 2,974,000 s
Various.. .. ... 53.000 60,000 w.
Total. .. ....10,020,000 11,126,000
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select company
with a box of Nun
nally's Candies.
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grade, the top-notch
in purity. And al
together delicious !
candies are ex
pressed to us -a
guarantee of fresh
ness that helps make
t'hem so irresistibly
Newberry, S. C.
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ienced by all who use Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets, and the
healthy condition of the body and
mind whizch they create, makes one
sil invful. Sold by W. E. Pelhiam &
What Mr. Church Told Little * a
Virginia About Santa Claus. * di
- * ed
* *** * * ** ** * * * ** * w:
ew York Sun. 10
Dear Editor: I am eight years old. tb
>me of my little friends say there is
y Santa Claus. Papa says: "If you fb
.e it In the Sun, it's so." Please tell Y(
e L.e truth. Is there a Santa Claus? ta
Virginia O'Hanlon. C-T
No. 115 West 95th street. M
Virginia, your little friends are
rong. They have been affected by tr
.e scepticism of a sceptical age. They N
> not believe except they see. They
ink that nothing can be which is
>t comprehensible 1by their little
inds. AJ, minds, Virginia, whether gc
Ley be men's or children's, are little. al
i this great universie of ours man Is tE
mere insect, an ant, in his intellect,
; compared with the boundless world
>out him, as measured by the intelli
ance capable of grasping the whole
truth and knowledge.
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa It
aus. He exists as certainly as love in
id generosity and devotion exist, and
>u know that they abound and give y
our life its highest beauty and joy. w
las! how dreary would be the world L
there were no Santa Claus. It would
as dreary as if there were no Vir- ai
nias. There would be no childlike si
ith then, no poetry, no romance, to d
ake tolerable this existence. We a,
iould have no enjoyment, except in
se and sight. The eternall light M
ith which childhood fills the world vi
ould be extinguished.
Not believe in Santa Claus! You
ight as well not believe in fairies! G4
ou might get your papa to hire men m
iwatch in all thB chimneys on Chirst- ai
as Eve to catch Santa Claus coming S
)wn, what woud that prove? No
>dy sees Santa Claus, but that is la
> sign that there is no Santa Claus. h<
he most real things in the world are
ose that neither children nor men in
bn see. Did you ever see fairies danc- al
g on the lawn? Of course not, but
at's no proof that they are not there. m
body can conceive or imagine all
e wonders there are unseen and ....
seeable in the world.
You may tear apart the baby's rat- IH
y and see what makes the noise in -_
e, but there is a veil covering the
seen world which~ not the strong
t man, nor even the united strength
'a +he strongest men that ever livad
uld tear apart Only faitih, fancy,
etry, love, romance can push aside
iat curtain and view and picture the
pernal beauty and glory beyond. Is
all real? Ah, Virginia, in all this
orld there is nothing else reall and
No Santa Claus! Thank God! he
es. and he lives forever. A thou
d r'ews from now, Virginia, nay,
n times ten tho.usand years fromj
w ha will continue to make glad
e heart of childhood.
'hat the Farmers Are Doing-The
Coming and Going of the People
of the Community.
Slighs, Dec. 7.--After a long dry
ell the earth is refreshaed again
ith rain. Tshis has been a remark
)ly dry fall and oats were needing
Faultless S
Some shoes always 1
Some shoes look shal:
after they begin to a
woman whose shoes re
and good looks after tw~
either paid four or flu
or else she wears
? $2.00 S
ordinary. XM
-. the shoe is
-. Girl Shoe at
value. It ]
- wear it, ar
ing it wI
at the sa
''Autograph''Brand, $2.50 I
-$3.00, is Goodyear Welt c
Sewed: in OUT College
Woman's Walking Shoe it 4
ealtheet custom mazke.
in very badly. If the farmars did
Lve a tough time of it making their
ops they were blessed with plenty 4
fine weather to gather it in. Also 4
good price for .their cotton. So it 4
dn't and so gloomily as it once seem- 4
. Some of the farmers have cown 4
b.eat, but not so much. Their opin- 4
n is that it is cheaper to buy flour, 4
ough it is well to raise some. 4
Congratulations to you and your
ree, Mr. Editor, for the quick time
u made in getting out the extra con- 4
ining a full account of the awful 4
ime which occurred near Little 4
ountain on last Friday a week ago. 4
e were surprised to receive this ex- 4
a -on Saturday following, but when 4
.ey get ahead of The Herald and 4
aws giving the news while It is 4
ed hot news" they will have to be
ip and stirring some." Now is a
od time to subscribe for The Herald
d News and make 1911 the most suc
ssful year for it yet. We feel sure
e editor will do his part to make it
We have %had some real hard fre1ez
g weather Tecently and are now en
ying "puddings, sausages, backbone
id spare Tibs" from the result of it.
has been very fine weather for kill
g "porkers," indeed.
Messrs. Thos. L. B. Epps and I. H.
'ilson spent a portion of last week
ith relatives and friends in the Long
ine and Whitmire sections.
Messrs. Malcom Baker, of Whitmire,
id Curtis Rikard, of Long Lane,
ient from last Saturday until Mon
Ly with Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Wilson
id family.
Mr. Johnnie Dominick and sister,
iss Lucy, of near Oolony church,
sited relatives in this section on last
tturday night and Sunday.
Mrs. Thos. L. B. Epps and children,
try and Bonnie, spent last Saturday 4
ght and Sunday at the home of Mr.
id Mrs. J. D. Stone, of near Excel
Mr. and Mrs. T. E. McCi'lough spent
st Saturday night and Sunday at the
>me of Mrs. Jimmie Epps and family. 4
Miss Sarah Oaldwell, who is teach
g Union Academy school, is moving
ong nicely with her work. 4
There is some talk of getting up two 4
ore telephone lines in this section.
Now is the time to subscribe for The
rald and News.4
Onevr canof
ths ,oeeyou'll
find this p>rinted4
If after usin thefetie o- 4
tents of thiscan,youa(e {
not satisfied in every re
spect,yoUfffocerWillIfifUd A
you the money.paid for it.
tyle Plu
oknan nifty.
byAn sor ore4
tanthi fine ' 4ie
o mont s 4
e dolars fr the
tyoe P2.50
by $2.0 short isrveryi
eeseie. The 4
ooks their fin lns o
dQ yonthllstl of wear,
me dollas folge the 4u
he Weueolth
hides00o e s very 4os
n the lost sole geate
one. The ouy.Wehae
eain your owho
hide for vamp and topsll
n the box.
Hardware E
We Have the FoHow
gestons For I
Carving sets, 1847 Rogers silvei
tea spoons, the best steel knives ani
mond edge pocket knives, everyone
forged scissors, all sizes, every pair
tion. Razors-Gillette, Durham, I
sets; Wiss, Diamond edge, Primble
razor, every one guaranteed. Shol
coal vases, meat choppers and vege
rifles, boys' wagons, fine line of gua
a new present for the whole family
P. paint on your home.
Home of High (
Too Earl'
Wel,Not Much,0Oi
.Just enough time foi
Ipapa to come with you ti
Miss T. E. Salter and hel
of photos of yourself to I
Igood time for Christmas,
shall I get for mamma or
or my little friends; I wa
ferent from everybody e
of yourself is the One Ti
give. Take a peep at
Fstreet show cases at 'th<
Imake some of them brini
taken. To the grown up folks
See the Newest and BEST
~Otwe &Mis
loliday Hints
lug to Offer as Sug
Jseful Presents
plated knives and forks, table and
I forks, nut picks and cracks, dia
warranted, the famous Wiss steel
absolutely guaranteed to give satisfac
plex, Ever-Ready and Diamond safety
md Snap in the straight blade style
el and tongs, fire dogs, coal scttles,
table slicers, guns and ammunition, air
ranteed tools, paints, varnishes, stains
a coat of celebrated high class S. W.
muaity Hardware.
ly Two More Weeks
r you to get mamma or
y the studio of Otwey and
p you to select what kinid
ave taken to be ready inj
You often say, "What
papa, brothers or sisters,
nt to give something dif
Ise?' Well, a nice picture
ing that no one else can
the pretty photos in our I
Copeland building, then
you around to have yours'
this will also apply.r
in PHOTOS at the Studio ofI
s T. E Salter.i

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