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Movements of Many People, New
Izerrians and Those Who Visit
Mrs. Sallie Counts has gone to Lit
,le Rock. Ark., to visit her children.
Mrs. l.ois Johnson, of Donalds. is
visiting her cousin, Mrs. F. J. Russell.!
'. and irs. G. B. Summer visited
in Spartanburg on Wednesday.
Mrs. R. L. Murrell. of Columbia.
wa, on a visit last week to her broth
er. Mr. F. J. Russell.
'Mr. W. L. Motes will return homel
-he week-end, his school at Jamieson
closing today.
Miss Helen Satterwhite returned
e-day from Mont Amoena semi
MissZs Willie and Olynphia Jones.
of Laurens. are visiting Mrs. 0. B.
Mr. Robert L. Mayes. student of the
Philadelphia Medical college. is at
home on a vacation.
Mrs. F. P. DeVore and little Frank
P.. Jr., are at Ninety Six visiting Mr.
DeVore's parent..
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Hunter went
to Charleston oii Wednesday night for
a short stay.
Mrs. Robert Gee and little son. of
Newberry, are visiting Mrs. Gee's
mother, Mrs. M. C. Mangum.-Union
Progress, 16th.
Mr. P. F. Baxter and family have
returned from Cherryville. N. C., and
young John Henry B. gives up keeping
Editor Jno. T. Duncan. of Colum
bia. was in the city this week circulat
ing and increasing his circulation
anlong his reading constituency.
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Powell, of Spar
tanburg, have been called to Newberry
on account of the critical illness of
their son. Mr. C. E. Powell.
Mrs. Sallie Golding. of Chappells. is
in the city spending some time with
Mrs. W. C. DuPre.-Abbeville Press
anid Banner, 17th.
Miss Bow en, of Newberry, is herej
visiting her brother. W. V. Bcwen, of
the railroad office.--Ninety Six cor.
Greenwood Journal, 17th.
Mr. E. S. Summer, superintendent of
toc Alexander City, Ala., cotton mills
is visiting nris parents. Mr. and Mrs.
C E. Summer.
Mrs. J. J. Amniek and little daugh
ter. Y'Genia. of Kinards, are visiting
reltires in Greenville and Spartan-,
Mrs. J. 0. Scrutchine and little son.
of New York. arrived here on Wednes
day to visit her former college friend,
Mrs. D. A. Langford.
Mr. W. E. Ewart, of Newberry, S.
C., i-. the dfcient man behind the desk
at the Hotel Gates. now open for the
season.-Hendersonville cor. Charlotte
Observer, 18th.
Miss Catherine Atwater leaves to
day for her home at High Springs,
Fla., after spending a two weeks' visit
to 'her relative, Mrs. Theodore John
Rev. J. W. Carson. of Newberry. S.
C., preached some able sermons. une
of ,the best was. "Behold, I stand at
the door and knock."-Jefferson Re
Misses Edrie and Mamie Ehrhardt,
~of Ehrhardt, are visiting their grand
mother. Mrs. H. F. Cl.ine, having come.
from Mont Amoena seminary, where
th'e latter has been attending.
Mr. Jeff B. Amick and his daughters,
Mieses Mae and Minnie Amick, left
Wednesday morning for Macedonia
church, Lexington munty, to attend
the f-uneral of their relative. Mrs. T. I.
Dr. T. W. Smith returned from
Charlotte Wednesday, accompanied by
his daughter. Miss Lillian Smith,. who
has been attending the Presbyterian
college in that city, the commence
ment exercises of the college closing
on Tuesday night.
Miss Bessie? Gilder, while visiting
her sister in Sweet Briar. W. V., was
called home last week on account of
iuer mother's illness, Dr. Gilder having
to go to New York for medical treat
m'ent, accom!panied by his son. Dr.
Gflder was oparated .on for gall stones
and is improvmng.
During the visit of Gov. and Mrs.
Blease in Charleston last week as
guests of the German Rifle club to at
'tend the festivities of the Schutzen
platz. a special entertainment commit
ten from the club gave them an autio
-mobile drive about and around the city,
taking them to the naval station, the
Country club, the Schutzenplatz.
Hampton Park and various interesting
points in the city. Three motor cars
accompanied the party. At the Schut
zenplatz a little luncheon was served.
.a many pnesent had the pleaure of
meeting South Carolina's chief execui
tive and his wife. In the evening they
were taken to the Charleston hotel by
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Jordan. the day
having been a delightful one.-EN':
ing Post. 17th.
The: next Confederate reunion will
be held in Macon.
You have only until Saturday even
ing to see Dr. Crimn about your eyes
and eye-glasses.
Do you speak Chautauqua? If not.
learn how to speak it. And speak it
Mr. Ira Taylor who was operated on
in Columbia for appendicitis, is im
Mr. H. H. Rikard. master. lost a
$250 mule Tuesday. The mule drop
ped dead while plowing.
Messrs. W. C. Waldrop and J. B.
Hunter went to Greenwood Wednes
day morning for Mr. Hunter's new
Ford roadster.
Thos6 who are absenting themselves
from the moving picture shows are
missing some really fine entertain
Mr. J. Monroe Swindler says the
public can repair to his repair shop
and have mending done again as he
is out from under the grip.
The Luther League will met at the
residence of Dr. E. B. Setzler in Col
lege street Thursday night at 8.30
Clerk of Court Goggans' office is en
aged in recording a mortgage for
$10,000,000 given by the Southern Pow
er com-any. The mortgage covers
about 140 printed pages.
Pa-orts from Dr. J. K. Gilder state
that he is rapidly improving. A great
number of gall stones were removed
in th: oporation. and it is stated that
th;e- operation came just in time.
Newberry got her share of the bene
ft from the fire in!urance act, $258.93,
which amount .'as bEen turtied over
-y City Trea" er J. R. Scur'ry to J.
H. Baxter. treasurer fire dep)artment
Some witt'o one has signed up "the
[der's bone" on the charred remains
rf the buildling in~ Friend sireet near
the depot, so vividly portrayed by Bill
wart Tuesday.
Mr. B. F. Gogganis moved last week
to his new house. lot opposite the
Eniscopal church. Mr. F. C. Sligh
vill in a wek or so occupy the
hous.e vacated by Mr. Goggans and
which he bought some time ago.
Manager Lavender has kindly given
the "Palmeto Leaves" and the "Bri
gade" of Central church an interest in
the picture show on Friday. and the
ictures will be especially atractive to
A large congregation attended the
installation service at Union Su.nday.
Rev. J. D. Kinard, of Newberry, pres-i
dent of synod, delivered a strong
carge to the pastor.-Delmar cor.
Leesville News. 17th.
Newberry proposes to have a Home
Coming Week this year. This is a
step in the right direction. It will
entail a lot of worry and trouble, but
the town will be benefitted in a meas
ur- 'that will make it worth while.
Anderson Mail.
There is only one applicant for the
position of clerk-carrier. As applica
tions will not be accepted unless re
ceived by Geo. S. Donnell, secretary
civil service board. Atlanta, Ga., after
May 31, it behooves all who intend ap
plying to act without further delay.
The county has been needing rain
for some time, seems to be the gen
eral complaint. An unusual occur
rence happened on Tnesday afternoon
about 4.30 o'clock. Mr. G. B. Boozer
was treated to a ten minutes shower,
a good one, wb:ile none of 'his near
neighbors got a bit.
Contractor P. F. Baxter having fix
ed a place for it, the new pipe organ
for Central Methodist church 'has ar
rived from Hagerstown, Md., and has
been placed in position by an expert
from the Mohler company, which comn
pany made the organ for the Church
of the Redeemer. -
The regular spring communion will
be observed in the A. R. Presbyteriar
church next Sabbath in connection
with the morning servie -4. Prepara
tory services will be held Frida; even
ing at 8.30 and Saturday morning a1
11 o'clock. Rev. J. P. Knox. of (.o
lumbia. will do the preaching on this
occasion. All are cordially invit'd
attend these services.
Longshore Camp. W. 0. 11.
There will be no *moetin'g of Long
shore camp, No. 541. W. 0. W., on thi
third Friday. but it will mneat thi
fourth Friday, May 26. At this meet
in h oonn degre wml be conferred
The Week's Entertainments Are the
Best That Can be Afforded-So
cial and Intellectual Feast.
The object of the Newberry Chau
tauqua association is to take the sweet
flower-scented month of June and set
it apart as the special time for New
Lr-rr3 to attire herself in robes of so
cial and intellectual pleasures. The
origin of this association sprang from
an unselfish and public spirit; and its
promoters do not expect financial
gain. They will be satisfied if the
public co-opie.rate in making the Chau
tauqua self-sustaining.
Looking Backward.
Newberry has a long and unsullied
history. No one will deny. however,
that our people 'have been too con
tented. The torwn for a good many
years did not have, that buoyant and
contagious spirit for progress that has
been characterising Southern cities
for the past decade.
The Great Fire.
But with the great fire that nearly
diestroyed the city a few years ago
there came a change over 'our people.
They shook off their indifference, and
went about the job of biulding a town
with a seriousness and enthusiasm
that has produced magnificent results.
The City Itself.
Newberry has a population of over
five thousand inhabitants; and is
spread out so that the packed, crowd
ed feeling so characteristic of many
Southern towns is entirely lacking in
our city. To attempt to enune'rate
what Newberry has would be to fall
into a common habit that has been
worked over time by towns neavily
engaged in advertising themselves.
We have our full share of everything
a town the size of ours needs. for our
growth has all along been uniform
and coordinate. Education, religion,
business and social development have
.held their own grounds while being
friendly and helpful each to the other.
This is a condition seldom foun.d, and
of which Newberry is justly proud.
The Long Summers Behind'Us.
Out of the long span of summers
already behind some of us how many
of the mare, fresh and green in our
memories because of special and pe
culiar occasions? Does not 'the ner
vous system need a rest from the iron.
grip of the2 business life? And is there
.a better time to live and to love than
in the month' of June when the 'woods
are green and when the fields are
scented and colored with countless
hundreds of wild flowers native to
this clime.
Looking Forward.
Newberry is the -place and the time
is ripe for us to have a Chautauqua
week. It can and is going to be made
th!e best and happiest week in the
history of this beauti-ful and shady
town. The week's entertainnmeints are
the best that can be afforded. It takes
nearly two thousand dollars to put on
this Chautauqua, and talent is going
to be brought herie that our people
have never before and probably will
never again have the op.portunity to
hear; but the entertainments them
selves are not the only vhin-g's that
should appeal to us and our visitors.
Outdoor Exerises.
Not only has 'this city beautiful
streets specially suitable for driving
and horse-back riding and also for au
tomobiles, but many streets leaving
the city merge into fine country roads
that stre'tchi for miles along ideal
woodland scenery, and along as fine
farming land as can be found in the
Southland. Two Chautauqua numnbers
will be given each day, and the re
mainder of the day can be spent in a
hundred differ'e'nt ways that will pro
duce lasting memories, and to which
one can look backward with -pleasure
as the years come and go.
INewberry's Hospitality.
Commercial prosperity and genuine
hospitality do 'not usuially go hand-in
hand: and onre of the things of which
Newberry -is proud is that -fortune has
not robbed 'her of' that finer and
sweeter spirit of Southern hospitality,
and wherever this city is knowin it is
associated with the older school of
ethics. Our people still have time tc
visit. a'nd to linger eit the gate post it
saytrng good-byes. We are going ti
have a good time ourselves, and we
are going to see that visitors shall ea
and laugh and be hap.py while staying
with us.
The Whole City Invites Youl.
The latch strings of this city W~
hang on the outside or each gate !rodz
.uine 18 to 24. inclusive. Every dr
ganzation of the city is co-operatinlg
lthi' Chan~:uua and you 'have on].
-(0 entiPr ouTr city to assure yoursel
of a week o:' rare enjoyment.
Visit; the Chautauqua.
-You will lire a long time b)efore yoi
n ill finr1 a tine when greater U)repara
tions for entrtaining you w." be
made than fram June 18-24. Not only
are all our people going to make an
effort to be at home during this time,
but they want your summer or fall
visit to bc made this year in June.
What is Expected of Newlhrry.
In o'ne of the greatest naval battles
of the world the motto was. "Enlind
expects Pvery man to do his dutv."
Newberry is now about to engge in
the biggest ind!,rtaking for the pleas
ure and -happiness of her peop!. ol
her people's friends that she has ever
attempted. Pure and innooeint p!a;1r 1
undefiled with the baser influences is
going to be our object duringhau
taqua; and our motton is going to be,
"Make everybody have a god ; 1 'nc."
and make, them to feel that w -ale
"Taken up the harp of Life. and smote
on all the chords with might;
Smote the chord of Self, that, tremb
ling. passed in music, out of
Commencement Exercises Begin on
Sunday Evening--The Graduates
Compete for Essay Medal.
The Little Mountain high school will
close Friday. May 19. Commencement
exercises will begin Sunday night.;
with the baccalaureate sermon in
Holy Trinity church, by Rev. Edw.
Fulenwider. of Nevberry.
The exercises Monday night -will
consst of songs, drills and a 'dialogue
by the school children. The essay
medal. given by Editor E. H. Aull, will
be delivered.
Tuesday evening the graduating ex
ercises will be held in the school audi
torium. The graduates this year. with
their subjects, are as follows:
Wells Lovnman, "A Letter to thei
Rising Generation."
Bessie George, "The Rugged Path
Keister Counts, "The Evils of So-:
Address to the graduating class by
Solicitor George' Bell Timmerman, of
Batesburg, S. C.
Awarding of diplomas.
Surprise Marriage.
On Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock,
Miss Teressa E. Melton, of Helena,
came to the city and proceedd to
the residence of Mr. L. I.
Epting, where she and Mr. Arthur Mc
Donald were married by the Rev. Edw.
Fulenwider. Friends of the contract
i-ng parties knew that little Cupid had
been making his influence felt betwe?en
he two, but the romantic way mn
which it culminated was somewhat of
a surprise. Miss Melton had come to
er father's store at the dinner hour
a nd left, presu.mably for home, but, as
'd svel opments s:howed, she went to Mr.
Epting's according to prearranged pro
gram between the interested parties,
although there was no parental objec
tion to the match. The bride is the
daughter of Mr. W. S. Melton and the
rom is a railroad. ma.n, being a sec
tion master residing at Helena. The
fre.d f the happy couple con;gratu
late them and wish them joy.
D eath of Mr. C. Atchison Brooks.
Mr. C. Atchison Brooks died at his
ore Vau.ghnville on Tuesday, af
ter an illness with pneumonia. The
news of his death was a shock to his
friends in Newberry. few of whom
knew of his illness. He was buried at~
S-tl's Chapel on Wednesday morning
at 11 o'clock..
Mr. Brooks was twice married. He
leaves -a widow and sevral children.
Mr. Brooks had many warm friends
in this and neighboring counties who
will be pained to learn of his death.'
He was a substantial citizen, and his
~eath is a loss to the community
"Fall of Troy" Coming to The Astor!
The $30,000 motion picture specta
ee entitled "The Fall of Troy" show
ig an exact reproduction of the Tro
jan war, will be the extraordinary
feature which the Astor Theatre will
offer its. patrons on Tuesday, May 23.
'"The Fall of Troy" pictures are con
ceded to be the costiliest and most
magnificent picture play productiorl
that has ever been manufactured. and
precisely eleven months and three'
weeks were required in which to comn
nete the scenes to be seen in thisi
most remarkable piece of m6dern in
Good Pictures.
It is for Newberry to appreciate the:
efforts of Manager Lavender in his*
onduct of the moving picture shows.:
hes been -over willing to aid the
ladies in -.ir of their movements for
ho elfarp of the community, and is
:vlways ready to show the greatest.
iberality in the exhibition of his fine,
F ictures. lHe is a friend to the chil-;
dren and 'his goodness of heart should
meet a hearty response in fut=ure pat
r onage to him on the part of an ap
m- reciiv pubmilic.
* * * * * * * * *
One of the 'loveliest affairs of th(
ast wipk was a reception given b3
iTiss Lucile Dickert to her guest. Mis.
sadie Roberta Coker. of Kingstree
'rom t.he fro-it porch straight througl
he rec-tion ball. parlor and library
-bere w-' pink and white flowers ii
rreat nrousion. and most artisticall:
arrn:.%i. The auests wre receive(
n the hall by Miss Mary Carwile Bur
EOn. Here the decorations were pin]
arnations in tall cut glass vases
Pun1h was served b Miss Pearle Mc
?raekin. The hostis and honoreq
received the guests in the parlor
whre rink and white roses weri
ankeri in every available spaec. Af
:-r !he grests arrived all formalit:
as cast aside, and progressive con
rersation was indulged in the remain
ler of 'the evening.
Refreshments were served ty Misse.
Eugenia Wheeler and Eva Kibler. am
the color scheme of pink -and whit
was also carried out here.
The guests who registered * thei
aames in a pretty little book, whicl
was afterwards given to Miss Coke:
is a souvenir of the occasion, were
Visses Mary C. Burton, Adelin<
Tohnstone. Eva Kibler. Lois GogganE
Nlary Cannon. Ethyl Bowers, Pearl
%TcCrckin. Tone Caldwell. Geni
Wtheeler, and Messrs. T. C. GogganE
Tr'. J. B. Morgan, H. W. Schumpert
R. 0. Fellers, W. T. Brown, i. R.Thom
is. John Peterson. T. Roy SumneT
Ben A. Dominick, W. C. Waldrop. R
NcC. Holmes. Thad McCrackin. Walte:
B. Wallace, F. R. Fellers.
Mrs. J. M. Kinard was the hostesi
For the Jasper chapter. D. A. R.. Mon
lay afternoon. The newly elected of
icers were: Regent, Mrs. 0. B. May
r, vice pres.. Mrs. J. H. Harms, secre
tary, Mrs. L. W. Jones, treasurer, Mrs
J. M. Kinard, registrar, Mrs. J. Y. Mc
Fall; historian. Mrs. J. T. Mayes. Th
house was beautifully decorated in th
national colors and flags, and after
business discussion a delightful Ic
-ourse was s'erved.
Thursday afternoon the Woman
club met with Mrs. H. L. Dean, an
rendered the following program: Rol
call. Respoffse. Some'shelpful 'hint
about beautifying our town. Paper o1
ivics, Mrs. L: W. Floyd. Discussior
Some phases of civics. Mrs. P. E
Scott. Reading. "Civics," Mrs. F. F
Runter. s
One of the most einjoyable meeting
of the season of the Emery circle wa
held with Mrs. J. B. Fox Friday morn
ing. Her beautiful new home was prc
fusely decorated with quantities C
swet peas and roses. Every place tha
room could b'e found for a vase wa
banked with these l.ovely spring flo'
ers. The morning was pleasanti
spent with "chat" and fancy wor
and at 12 Mrs. Fox, assisted by Mr
J. E. Norwood 'and 'Miss Katherin
Wright, served an elaborate cours
luncheon to thel following guests
:isses Minrnie Gist, Daisy Cannon, Me~
dames J. L. Burton, J. H. Harms, M
H. Hu,nt, Milne, Wilson, McIntosh, M(
Fa'll, Kinard, Schenck, Robt. Leavel
Floyd, C'rosland, Washington, Housea
Carwile, G. T. Wright, S'mith, L. 'Y
Jones and J. E. Norwood.
Miss Katherine Atwater, who is th
guest of Mrs. Theodore Johnston
was surprised with a "pound party
Thursday evening. About fifty boy
and girls passed a most delightfr
evening with her.
The Fortnightly club held its las
meeting of the season with Mrs. Bei
nice Martin Tuesday morning at 1
o'clock. Only the members were pres
ent, and much business was transacte
and plans for next year arranged.
The ?!ection 'of officers resulted
President. Mrs. W. G. Houseal; vic
president, Mrs. J. H. Harms; secretar
and troasurer, Mrs. T. C. Pool.
After the busi.ness, a course lund
eon was served the following men
bers: Mesdames W. H. Hunt, T.
Pool. W, G. Houseal, L. W. Jones, 'V
H. Carw1e, S. B. Jones, F. N. Martii
P E. Scott. C. A. Bowman, J. E. No:
M~eiting of City Council.
City council met in regular sessio
Tuesday night. Representatives of th
Chautauqua association appeared b'
fore council with the request the
council appropriate $50 to aid in th
Chautauqua and home-comning wee
movement, and also give the opex
house free for the attractions whic
'have been arranged. After hearin
the request, council decided to pos
none action on -account of the fact the
there was not a full meeting of coun
cil, Alderman C. T. Summer being a]
The committee which went befoi
council was composed of Jno. B. Ma:
-' . -ao Dai a .1. C. Sampl
Manager Lavender Puts on "The F
of Troy."
Manager D. R. Lavender has boo
ed "The Fall of Troy" for his movin
picture show in the old court hous
to)ight (Friday). The- Trojan wa
following the faithlessniess of ' th
beautiful Helen, and the capture of th
Trojan city entered with the Troja
horse will all be vividly depicted i
the fine pictures. This picture is on
of the most widely known in the mov
ing picture business today.
Good middling ...............15
One Cent a Word. No ad
vertisement taken for less
- than 25 cents.
FOR SALE-Good plug mule for sale
cheap. J. H. Chappell. it
BARBECUE-I Will give a barbecue
at Coppock's grove, near the power
house, on Saturday, June 3. A first
class barbecue dinner will be serv
ed. Geo. A. Long and Bi R. Guinn.
FOR RENT-One 5-room cottage,
Caldwell street. For terms apply to
McK. Hutchinson. 4-113t-1taw.
IF YOU WANT a piano or organ call
on or write 0. V. Higgins the rep
resentative of The Malone Music
House, of Columbia, and be convine.
ed that this old reliable house can
r save you money. 4-28-1taw-tf.
Mathushier, Vose, Howard and a
number of other high grade pianos
all sold on easy payment plan by
0. V. Higgins, Newberry, S. C., rep-./'
resenting Malone Music House, of
of Columbia 4-28-1taw-tf.
FOR SALE-Two milk cows with first
calves. For further particulars
phone or call on A. L. Coleman, Sil
verstreet, R. F. D. No. 1.
FOR BENT-One 4-room cottage on
Nance street. Electric lights and
Icity water. Rent reasonable. Ap
sply to T. M. Sanders. 5-12-f-tf.
LOST-On evening of Monday, May 1,
a diamond brooch containing sev'en
diamonds and 42 pearls, somewhere
Ion Nance street between Mrs. Hair's
millinery store and residence. Lib
SIeral reward paid for return to Mrs.
Emma Hair. 5-$-tf
MUSIC PUPILS-I would be glad to
have a limited number' of music
pupils to begin at any time. Any
one interested will please confer
with me. Mrs. S. B. Jones.
WANTED-You to know that I am:
representing the Aetna Life .Insur
ance Company, and would be pleas
ed to explain our polIces .to thos,a
desiring insurance, Insurance fur
nished by the Aetna is at the lowest
possible cost, which absolute safety
can warrant. Office old Postoffice
Building. W. W. Cromer. 3-1'l-8'
AUTOMOBILES for hire. Rates rea
sonable. 'Phone 98. C. W. Fant.
e 3-14-tf.
BOONE COUNTY white corn at $1 per
Lpect. Big Boll Triumph cotton, $1l
1per bushel. Yields 38 per cent. lint.
A. D. Hudson, Newberry, R. F. D. 1.
HAVE YOUR HORSE and mule clip
1ped at Dr. Sharp's Veterinary hos
pital. Prices reasonable. Work
d guaranteed. Corner McKibben and
Friend streets. -Residence phone
316. Office phone 316. ' 3-7-tf.
Take a 30 days practical course in
our well equipped machine shops
and learn the automobile business
and accept good positions. Char
-lotte Auto School, Charlotte, N. C0
"I3-7-tf. -I
WANTED-Young men and ladies to
learn telegraphy. We are receiving
more calls for our graduates than
we can supply. Charlotte Telegra
phy School, Charlotte, N. C. 3-7-tf.
SJUST arrived, a carload of heart and
tsap shingles. Langford & Buz
ehardt. 1-17-tf.
h Connor, a graduate of the largest
Sopticala,college in the world-the
tNorthern Illinois College of Chicago.
t Dr. Connor is located permanently
- in Newberry, gives both the objec
tive and subjective tests by electric
itya andiguarantees his work.
r-The Herald and News-the paper
e. that gives the news while It Is nimW.

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