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dishonesty of Miss Sheridan. the
events leading up to the affidavits,
came from Savannah. Ga.
From Ed H. DeCamp.
Under date of M1arch 28. 1911. Gov
ernor Blease received the following
from Ed. H. DeCamp, the editor of the
Gaffney Ledger:
"Our mutual friend, MNr. J. L. V. -Mc
Craw, has requested me to write you
a fe,w lines in re the pettion for a
pardon of George Hasty, convicted of
the killing of M1ilan Bennett, in this
,County in December. 105. I have not
(:anged my mind as to the justice of
."he sentence imposed by the court;
-neithEr have T changed my opinion
that the indisoriminate use of the
pardoning power may have an ill
effect upon young men who are in
clined to be boisterous and rowdy
and who are likely to resent, all too
freely, an imaginary wrong or insult.
but since it is the general consensvs
of orinion of those who sat on the
jury that Hasty has suffered ample
punishment for his rash deed and, in
further view of the fact that he has
made a model prisoner, (so I have
been informed,) and there are, by all
sound reasoning. many years left for
him to live and. perhaps, repent of
his deed and perhaps become a good
,citizen and add to the betterment of
humanity, I can see no good reason
why you should not exercise the par
doning power in his behalf.
"With best wishes for yourself, I
.am, yours truly.
E. H. DeCamp,
"Gaffney, S. C., March 28, 1911."
Covered With Five Pistols Safe
Cracker Gives Up to Officers.
Greenwood Daily Journal, 19th.
Looking into the muzzle of four
magazine pistols and covered by a
'fifth one at his back, a yeggman of
many names and many crimes, shad
-owed for the past two weeks by th-e
Pinkerton men, and spotted yester
-day among the throng of three thou
-sand who gathered at the annual I
Jones picnic. threw up his hands,
bissing an oath at his captors, and
adding. "Well, you've got me," fell'
into the hand,s of the law.
And after the manner of all good
cerooks, the fellow sealed his lips;
after the manner of full-blooded de
tectives, the Pinkerton men moved
quietly and quickly-so quietly that
nobody in the crowd noticed them
intil they had their man, then they
were off so quickly that the few who
-saw the arrest scarcely had time to
express their surprise at what had
Rural policeman. R. L. Golden, who
:assisted in the capture, brought the
Cew mdagre details of the affair to
:town today, and to get the story from
his lips, you'd think Mr. G.olden' had
:spent yesterday at Red Dog, Arizona,
instead of at Ware Shoals, South Car
Announces That He is Not Seeking
.Nomination. But Will Accept It
* if Offered.
'Por'tland, Ore., May 18.--Gov. Wood
row Wilson, of New Jersey, arrived
today and spent the afternoon in con
ference with Democratic national
committeemen from Oregon, Wash
* ington and Idaho. Gov. Wilson de
clared his intention of devoting most
of his time in Portland to a study of
:the Oregon primary law which, he
:said, he heartily indorsed, although
hie was w~ illing to admit it would not
-wQrk so successfully in all parts of
othe country as it appeared to work
tin this State.
Asked whether he would be a can
- didate for the Democratic no-mina
-tion, he replied:
"'I certainly shall not seek the nomi
nation, but no man is too 'big to re
fuse it."
Tonight Gay. Wilsoa was the guest
of honor and principal speaker at the
banquet of the Commercial club.
-Alleged Attempt to Kill Or Horse
whip Xinister.
'News and Courier, 19th.
onsiderable excitement was caused
Smday afternoon at Grace Advent
chur'ch, three miles from Walterboro,
by an alleged attempt on thle part of
L. H. Zeigler to "kill or horse-whip"
-the minister, the Rev. J. J. Williams,
'according to a story from the Walter
boro Press and Standard.
From the reports, it appears that
Sunday afternoon, just after the regu
ia.r service and during the communion
service, L. H. Zeigler came to the
chuirchi, and going in the door threat
med to kill Mr. Williams. The door
was immediately closed, locked from
the inside, and Mr. Williams was spir
fted away by his friends.
The congregation was broken up
and a messenger was sent to the near
est telephone to call Magistrate Bry
an and Sheriff Fox. Mr. Zeigler be
ing very angry threatened to shoot
anyone who interfered with him.
When it was found out that the sher
iff had ben summoned, Mr. Zeigler's
son, Willie, went to his home, which
is a short distance from the church,
and returned, armed with shotguns
and pistol. Sheriff Fox and Magis
trate Bryan responded, but did not
reach there until the Zeiglers had
gone to their home.
The cause of the trouble seems that
Mr. Zeigler was incensed because Mr.
Will1ams had performed the ceremony
when his son was married a month
Monday morning Mr. Williams and
several of the officers and members of
the church came to Walterboro, anu
Mr. Williams swore out two warrants
against Mr. Zeigler and one against
his son, Willie. The preliminary
hearing will be held before Magistrate
Bryan at the court house Monday
morning at 10 o'clock. Mr. Williams
lemployed Howell & Gruber as his at
torneys. The Zeiglers will be repre
sented by Padgett, Lemacks & Moorer,
and J. S. Griffin, Esq.
Owes Freedom to Physical Condition
and Gov. Blease's Personal In.
Columbia, May 20.-Gov. Blease
this afternon acted upon the nrst par
don petition directly connecLed with
his personal visit Friday to the State
penitentiary. He released from the
prison, on parole during good behav
ior, Thos. Godfrey, an old man who
has been working for five years in
the woodwork building at tae peni
tentiary. The old man Friday exhib
ited to Gov. Blease and those who
went with the governor to inspect
the prison, the effects of rupture up
on his system. He was also affected
with cataract of the eye.
Thomas Godfrey was sentenced at
the November term, 1905, for mur
der ,and given life imprisonment.
Miss Lumpkin Addresses 8,000 People
at Little Rock and Wins Next
Gathering for Macon.
Columbia State, 19th.
A telegram received in Columbia
yesterday, states that Miss Grace
Lumpkin's speech before the reunion
of Confederate veterans in Little Rock
was the hit of the great meeting on
Wednesday night. A xast aumlence or
8,000 people filled the auditorium
when Miss Lumpkin addressed the
veterans in behalf of the city of Ma
con and extended the invitation to
hold the next general reunion in that
city. Louisville, Jacksonville., Chatta
nooga, and Houston were also clam
oring for the honor of entertaining
the veterans next time, but this young
Columbia girl won the day for Macon.
Deafening applause and great shout
ing foilowed the speech, and so great
was the impression that she made
throu'ghout the entire city and assem
bly that books with har :ic ture were
given away as somi'enirs.
E. H. Hyman, secretary of the Ma
con chamber of com.merce, managed
the publicity campaign.
By Frank M. Schumpert, Esquire,
Probate Judge.
WHEREAS, J. H. Chappell made
suit to me, to grant him letters of ad
ministration of the estate of and ef
fects of Lucy Mitchell
and admonish all and Eingular the
kindred and creditors of thme said Lucy
Mitchell, deceased, that they be and
appear before me, in th~e Court of
Probate, to be held at Newberry, S. C.,
on the 20th day of May next, after
publication thereof, at 11 o'clock in
the forenoon, to show cause, if any
they have, why the said administra
tion should not be grantod.
GIVEN unaer my hand this 2nd day
of May, Anno Domini, 1911.
J. P. N. C.
Treasury Department, Office of
Comptroller of the Currency,.
WTashington, D. C., May 6, 1911.
Whereas, oy satisfactory evidence
presented to the undersigned, it has
been made to appear that "The Na
tional Bank of Newberry," located in
the town of Newberry, in the County
of Newberry, and State of South Caro
lina, has complied with all the pro
visions of the act of congress "to en
able National Banking Associations to
extend their corporate existence, and
for other nurneses." approved July 12,
18S2, as amended by the act approved;
April 12, 1902.
Now, therefore, I, Willis J. Fowler,
Deputy and Acting Comptroller of the
Currency, do hereby certify that "The
National Bank of Newberry," located:
in the Town of Newberry, in the
County of Newberry and State of
South Carolina, is authorized to have
succession for the period specified in
its amended articles of association:
namely, until close of business on 1
May 6, 1931.
In testimony wheTeof witness my
hand and Seal of office this
(Seal) sixth day of May, 1911.
Deputy and Acting Comptroller of the
Charter No. 1844. Extension No. 1033.
Scholarship and Entrance Examina.
The examination for the award of
Ivacant scholarships in Winthrop col-1
lege and for the admission of new
students will be held at the county
court house on Friday, July 7, at 9
a. m. Applicants must be not less
than fifteen years of age. When schol
arships are vacant after July 7 they
1 will be awarded to those making the
highest average at this examination,
provided they meet the conditions
:)verning the award. Applicants for
scholarships should write to Presi
dent Johnson before the examination;
for scholarship examination blanks.
The scholarships t.re worth $100
and free tuition. The next session
will open September 20, 1911. For fur
ther information and catalogue, ad
dress President D. B. Johnson, Rock
Hill, S. C.
In consideration of a sufficiently
signed petition from the voters and
freeholders of school district No. 14,
known as Prosperity school district,
asking for an election to vote an ad
ditional two mihis tax to be used for
school purposes in said district, the
election for tha said purpose above
Inamed is hereby ordered to be held at
the town hall of said district, con
ducted by the trustees of the district
as managers, on the 16th day of May,
1911, beginning at S o'clock a. in., and
closing at 4 p. mn., a registration certi
ficate and poll tax receipt being nec
essary to vote in this election. All
voters favoring the tax will vote
"yes," against the tax "no.".
J. S. Wheeler,
S. J. Derrick,
E. 0. Counts,
County Board of Education.
Annual Reunion United Confederate
Veterans, Little Rock. Ark., May 15.
.18, 1911.
For this occasion the Atlantic Coast
Line railroad has authorized special
'low rates, May 13, 14 and 15, limited
until May 23. Ticket can be deposit-i
ed at Little Rock, and upon payment1
of a fee of 50 cents, at time of de
posit, limit of ticket can* be extended
to, and including June 14, 1911.
For rates and information, apply to
nearest a'gent, or T. C. White, Gener
al Passenger Agent:, Wilmington, N.
McCaughrin Building
Newberry, South Carolina
Court of Common Pleas.
Ida B. Lester, Plaintiff,
Lucile Lester Moore, Claude L.. Los
ter, Newton R. Lester, C. Eugene
Lester, Louise M. Lester and bea
trice E. Lester, Defendants.
Under, and by authority of an order
in the above entitled action, passed
by Hon. R. C. Watts, presiding judge
in the Eighth Judicial Circuit, dated
April 20, 1911, notice is hereby given
that all and singular the creditors of
the estate of Newton R. Lester, de
ceased, are hereby notified and requir
'ed to present their claims against
'said estate, duly attested, to H. H.
Rikard, master for Newberry county,
on or before the 18th day of May,
1911. And said creditors are therein
restrained and enjoined from prose
cuting their claims against said es
tate in any other proceeding, or else
where than in this proceeding. Said
order is now on file in the office of~
the clerk of the court for Newberry
Master for Newberry County.
April 24 1911. 4-25,t-1taw
4 ,v
Copyright 1909, by C,
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