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Legislative Questions to be Discussed
at Neeting to be Held on Jan
uary 16.
Legislation of interest to the far
mers of South Carolina will be dis
cussed at a meeting of the State Far
mers' union, which will be held in Co
lumbia on January 16. It is said that
several matters of importance will
come lefore the State union on that
date. Every county in the State will
be represented at the meeting.
The program of legislation is not
definitely known. However, it is said
that the State union will indorse sev
eral important measures for the gen
eral assembly to discuss. E. W.
Dabbs is -president and J. Whitner
Reid is secretary and treasurer.
Organ Recital.
The following is the program for
the organ recital it Central Methodist
church to be given on Tuesday even
ing at 7.30:
1. (a) Sortie, Th. Salome.
(b) Serenade, Gounod.
2. "0 be joyful in the Lord," Sydney
Thomson-Mrs. R. Z. Thomas, Miss
Mabel Williamson, Dr. J. B. Setzler,
Mr. S. B. Jones.
3. (a). "These are they which came,"
A. R. Gaul.
(b). "Last Hope," Gottschalk-Miss
Genevievie Evans.
4. "Violin Concerts," Mendelsshon
Bartholdy-Mr. Nevin Biser.
5. "Heaven's Joy," Strelezki-Mrs.
R. Z. Thomas.
6. (a). "Pilgrim's Chorus" from
(b). "Sweet Hour of Prayer," Varia
7. (a). "My Redeemer and my Lord,"
Dudley Buck.
(b). "Down in the Forest," Landon
Ronald-Miss Pauline Gilder.
8. "Traumerei," Schumann-Mr.
Nevin Biser.
9. "Hark! Hark, my Soul," Shelley
10. Offeirtoire in F-Edw. M. Read.
Mr. A. C. Jones in Spartanburg.
Spartanburg Herald.
Spartan Council of the United Com
mercial Travei.ers held a meeting
which was a worthy sequel of the ban
quet given by the chamiber of com
merce last week.
One of the striking statements made
was that the best advertisement which
the city has, and the institution upon
-which more than anything else its
fame depends, is Converse college.
This statement was made by Mr. A.
C. Jones, formerly of Newb'erry, who
recently came here to live. He came
there in order to giv'e his daughter the
~advantage of attending Converse col
Mr. Jones iaid that at Boston re
cently he had a conversation with an
educator of national reputation, who
told him that there were only two
fcolleges for women in the South
which were of the same standard of
excellence as the best women's col
leges in the north, and that one of
the two was Converse college.
Note and1 Comment.
Fort Mill Times.
Running a newspaper is just like
running a hotel, only its different.
When One goes into a hotel and finds
something on the table which does
not suit him, he does not raise hades
with the landlord and tell him to stop
his old hotel. Well hardly. He sets
that dish to one side and wades into
other dishes that suit him. But it is
different with some newspaper read
ers. They find an article occasionally
that does not suit them exactly and,
without stopping to think that it may
please hundreds of others, make a
S grandstand play by telling the editor
!ow a newspaper should be -run 'and
what should be put into it. But such
people are becoming fewer every
-' Fairview Items.
We have had a very bad, wet and
muddy Christmas.
Mr. John Turner, of near Newber
ry, spent a few days at the home of
Mr. J. B. Connelly.
Mr. Sam W. Brown, of Blaney, S.
C., is the guest of Mr. J. W. Stock
man's family.
.Mr. Joe Morris has gone to Ches
ter for about two months' stay.
Mr. and Mrs. Polium Cotney, of
Saluda, are spending the holidays
with Mr. Wiley Stockman's family.
Misses Inez and Pearl Fulmer spent
last Monday night with Misses Lula
and Una Morris.
Mr. Ira Stockman is visiting friends
around Fairview.
Mr. Meadows Connelly spent a few
days in and around Newberry.
r . Marion Long .and .family speni
CI'rJ'm~day ith r. Jhn E t
and family.
Mr. Sam Moore, of Columbia, has
been visiting his father, Mr. Robert
Moore, who is very sick.
Miss Bessie Connelly has gone to
visit her sister, Mrs. John Turner, of
Miss Leona Lowman is at home for
The health of this community is
wery good at this writing.
A happy New Year to one and all.
Chief Wells' Report
The Honorable Mayor and Town
Council, Newberry, S. C.
Gentlemen: As requested I givel
you below an approximate estimate
of the vialue of your fire-fighting ap
Hose wagon house... ... ...$4,000.00
One 2-horse hose ,wagon,
equipped... ... ... ... ... 600.00
One set double drop harness 40.00
2,500 feet of hose... ... .. 1,875.00
Two relief valves... ... .... 100.00
Four shut-off nozzles.. ..... 60.00
Three shut-off pipes (short
pattern)... ..... ... ... 105.00
Six play pipes... . ........ 50.00
Two hose clamps... ... ... 5.00
One hose repairer... ... ... 15.00
Four axes... ............ 3.00!
Fifteen spanners... ... .... 2.50
Four hydrant wrenches...... 2.00
Four lanterns... ... ....... 10.00
One pair plyers... ... ..... 6.00
Three trained horses... ... 900.00
Three hand reels. ......... 45.00
One ladder truck and lad
ders... ... ... ... ... .. 50.00
Three iron beds and bedding 35.00
Three horse blankets... .... 9.00
Thirty-three Globe suits.. .. 221.00
Your department has answered 13
alarms since January 1, confining all
fires to the building in which they
originated, the approximate fire loss
for the past year is $6,950.75, of this
loss about $6,000 was covered by in
Your department has responded to;
all alarms promptly and worked d'ili- i
gently in the past, they have made
and maintain a record as fire-fighters
second to none in the State; with your
earnest co-operation and encourage-!
ment, and with the proper equipage,
they will maintain this record as long
as the volunteer department is relied
on for fire protection.
I Yours truly,
H. B8. Wells,
Chief Fire Department.
Would Not Separate Them.
Wayn~e MacVeagh, brother of the
secretary of the treasury. has such aI
sparkling wit that seldom has any
one the chance to put one over on him,
but he tells a story proving that
Archbishop Ryan turned the trick one
night in Philadelphia. It was at a din
ner attended by a great number of
railroad m'en.
"Your grace," said MacVeagh, "you'
will notice that we hy.ve a 1o+ of rail
road officials here, and you will also
notice that they are accompanied by
their legal counsel. That's why I'm
here. They .never go anywhere with
out their counsel. And now I am go
ing .to make a proposition to you. The
railroad men will giv~e you passes over1
all their lines if you will give them
free passes 'to heaven."
"A,"said the archbisbop, with a
smile, "I would not like to separate
them from thei.r counsei"-Popular
Some Newberry People Have Learned
That Neglect is Dangerous.
The slightest symptom of kidney
trouble is far too serious to be over
looked. It's the small, neglected trou
les that lead to serious kidney ail
ments. That pain in the "small" of
your back; that urinary irregularity;
1those headaches and dizzy spells; that
weak, weary, worn-out feeling, may be
nature's warning of dropsy, or fatal
Bright's disease. Why risk your life
by noglectng these symptoms? Reach
the cause of the trouble while there
yet is time-begin treating your kid
neys at once with a tried and proven
kidney reinedy. No need to experi
ment-Doan's Kidney Pills have been
~curing kidney trouble for over 75
years. Doan's Kidney Pills are used
and recommended throughout the civi
lized world. Endorsed at homne. Read
Newberry testimony.
John W. Reagin, 20j15 Elea".or street.,
Newberry, S. C., says: "I can strong
ly recommend Doa'n's Kidney Pills and
Iadvise their use in all cases of kid
ney trouble. My back was weak and
there were pains through my loins
and kidneys. Doan's Kidney Pills
brought me entire relief."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Rine.nbec the nam-Doan'e--and
A tremendous r
store. You all kn
carry anything ove
stock to accumulal
done the leading I
"grow" and lead tli
Clearance S
of I
/ 'pho
- of a
Ladies' Long Cow
'Our entire stock of Ladies' ]
reduced and are now on sale at
It's not a matter of how much w
now it's to see how quickly we
our stock.
We Need the Rc
for our .new White Goods, Ei
Laces, Ladies' Muslin Underw<
and etc., which is now on the wa
i Herald and NIews, 1 year, $1.50. herein, I will sel
der, before the<
TTE OF SOUTH CAROLINA, berry, South Car<
OUNTY OF NEWBERRY. hours of sale, a
OURT OF COMMON PLEAS. Jan'uary 2, 1912,
[se Newberry Real Estate Company, or tract of land 1:
intiff, in the County a
against containing ten al
Faes J. Lane, the First National acres, more or
Bank of Clinton, S. C., the Palmetto public road kno'
National Bank, Carolina National road," by land <
Bank of Columbia, S. C., the Bank land of Henry M.
of Columbia, S. C., South Carolina of land containil
Loan and Trust Comrxpany, Georgia. one-hundredths(
Chemical Works, M. S. Bailey & Son or lessaQ)veye(1
d Wa1lace B. Todd, DefendAanta. 1 Lane by Henry ]
By virtue.of..a. orde'.r a: t.n Court ( 15~ 1$)7. Also,
dnesday at
eduction of prices
ow the "Mimnau
r. We don't belifp
:e. For the last
>usiness of the t
.em all in 1912.
ale Of Stylish T.al
Vedesday morning we will place
adies' Suits and all of them this.;
'hey will be divided into two lots
ione of these garments can be
ne orders be accepted.
,ot No. 1. All of our handsome
res, all-wool Serges, solid colors,
.00, $16.50, $18.50 and $20.00.
ny Suit in the lot for
$10.00 th
t No. 2. All of our handsonm
ye designs, some with Sailor Colh
.00, $27.50, $30.00 and $32.50.
$12.50 .th
ring the cash. The above Suits
ts., Begin th
And buy your
long Coats We carry the
half price, do the busines
can make, One case good
can educ January salt
aan reuce .One case Andi
.12 yards for
One case Poe
01n 1 sale price, y
One case Sta
nbroideri4, 71c., sale p
ar, Waists I wish my
y. and bright Ne
tore That s Always
1 to the highest bid- parcel or lot of land 13
ourt house at New- situate in th'e town of N
lna, within the legal ty of Newberry, State'<
a Tuesday, salesday, lina, containing seven
a1 that piece, parcel one-hundreds (7 58-10C
ring and being situate or less, and bounded or
id State aforesaid, other land of 5. J. LA
id 71-100 (10 71-100) south by a branch Whii
less, bounded by a from other land of the
n as the "Columbia Estate Company, and c
f S. P. Crotwell, by Glenn street. Being t
Sligh and by a tract of land conveyed to the
ig six and forty-two Lane 'by the said the
6 42-100) acres, more Estate Company on tl
t t1e.said 'JamAes J. f'ebruary, 19(%.
vi. Sli.h on February Ter'ms of. sale: One-t
aln ha+ ot+he nie,a { .the han in or,e andA
ce S al 1
throughout the
h Motto," not to
re in allowing old
ten years I have
)wn. Watch us
red Suits.
n Sale the baance of our stock
;eason's latest models.
as follows:
sent out on approval, nor can
Suits included. All-wool fancy
black, blue, etc., Suits worth
Take your pick and choice
e Suit.
e high grade Suits, showing ex
is, etc., Suits worth $22.50,
Take your choice here this
e Suit..
will, be sold for cash only.
e New Year Right,
goods from the leading store.
stock year in and year out and
s of this section.
heavy Outing, worth 81c.,
oscoggin Bleaching, this week
SMill Bleaching, worth 8c.,
ward......- - - 5
ple Apron Ginghams, worth
friends and patrons a happy
w Year.
ring and being nual paymnents, with. interest on the
wberry, Coun- credit portion from date. of sale at
> south Caro- the rate of 8 per cent. per annum, in
and fifty-eight terest payable annually, said credit
I) acres, more portion to be secured by a bond of the.
>the north by purchaser, and a mortgage of the
Lne, east and premises sold, said bond and mortgage
*h separates it to provide for 10 per cent. attorney's.
iewberry Real fees in case of collection by suit or
u the west by' by an attorney, with leave to the pur
be same tract chaser to anticipate the payment of the
said James J. credit portion In whole or in part..
4ewbery Real Purchaser to pay for papers- and re
ie 1st day of cording of same.
hird cash, and.. Master for' C, S Q
.t-o mel an.. Ma.+er's naicra Te..1i L 1L

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