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Three Candidates In Second Race for
Magistrate No. 11 Township?The
State and County Tickets.
At a meeting of the county Demo*
cratic executive committee, held in the
court house on Saturday, a second primary
for county offices in Newberry
county was ordered to be held on
Tuesday, October 15, and other business
was transacted.
The meeting was called to order at
12 o'clock noon by County Chairman
Fred. H. Dominick, Secretary Frank R.
Hunter being at his post of duty. There
* were about twenty-five members of the
committee present.
County Chairman Dominick recited
the fact that the second primary in
v Newberry had been postponed, for the
reasons already fully published; that
since then the State committee had
met and declared the results of the
first primary, had ordered a second
primary for attorney general to be
held on October 15, and had recommended
that in the counties where
primaries for county offices were still
v * necessary that they be held on this
date. County Chairman Dominick said
that in Newberry county second races
were necessary for one member of the
house of representatives, county super
intendent of education, supervisor,
county commissioners, and magistrates
for two townships, Nos. 10 and 11.
Dr. W. C. Brown moved that a seck
ond primary for Newberry county be
held on October 15, open to those candidates
qualified to enters for the offices
for which no candidate had received
a majority in the first primary,
mentioned above, and that the same
managers act. Mr. J. B. Bedenbaugh
> seconded the motion, and it was carried
The matter of magistrate in No. 11
township was brougnt up oy Mr. Eugene
S. Blease, who stated that Mr.
B. T. Richardson, one of the candidates,
contended that he would have
been in the second face instead of Mr.
E. A. Hentz, had two votes for Mr.
Richardson cast at Jolly Street, in No.
110 township, been counted. County
Chairman Dominick said Mr. Richard
y son naa written mm aoouu cm? manei,
and asked that the committee take it
up. Mr. E. S. Blease thought if the
A xabulating committee had overlooked
Bp these two votes and they would change
IT the complexion of the second race, that
^ Mr. Richardson ought to have them if
he was entitled to them, the primary
for magistrate being simply a recommendation
for appointment, anyway,
t and Mr. Blease moved that a commitr
tee of three be apointed to tabulate
again the vote for magistrate for Xo.
11 townsmp ana investigate tms matter
particularly. The motion was
adopted, and Messrs. W. A. McSwain,
Geo. B. Aull and T. J. Wilson were
appointed on this committee. The
committee was instructed to report its
findings to the chairman and secretary,
who were to order a second race between
the two candidates found by the
committee-to have received the largkest
and next largest number of votes
for magistrate of this township.
County Chairman Dominick stated
to tne committiee ms acuon m
| ? matter of the investigation of alleged
? fraud and irregularity in Newberry
county, demanded by the subcommittee
of the State committee. Mr. Dominick's
position was stated fully in his
L correspondence with Sub-Chairman J.
h B. Park, of the State committee, alt
ready published in full in The Herald
and News. On motion, the executive
committee approved the action of
Chairman Dominick, without aissent^
ing vote.
tThe committee adjourned to meet on
Thursday, October 17, to declare the
results of the second primary.
Throe in Hace for Magistrate No. 11.
The subcommittee appointed to retabulate
the vote for magistrate of Xo.
11 found that there was one vote at
Jolly Street for Mr. B. T. Richardson,
which had been overlooked, and this
made a tie vote between Messrs. Richardson
and Hentz. putting both of
* them U. cor* r.- rJ Vv;<- h. H
Ruff h > 1 5?j :
I The f :r S*. ' ? :i:iu ? .? ;;::y
offices to be voted for 011 October 1;
Attorney general?J. Fraser Lyon
rT. H. Peeples.
House of Representatives?H. H
Evans, C. T. Wyche.
County superintendent of ?ducatioi
?E. H. Au 11. Geo. D. Brown.
County supervisor?W. A. Hill, J
"Monrce Wicker.
County commissioners?T. L. E
Ti!pps, Joe W. Epting, C. L. Leitzsej
'L. C. Livingstone.
Magistrate No. 10?Henry B. Rich
ardson, E. H. Werts.
Magistrate No. 11?E. A. Hentz, B. 1
Richardson, H. H. Ruff.
The names of the candidates ar
given in alphabetical order, as the
I will appear on the tickets, and not i:
| the order in which they ran in the firs
| primary.
' 4
Contract for Work at Silverstreet Le
to Mr. W. T. Livingston?Work
to Begin at Once.
J The trustees of the Silverstree
school district met with the superir
tendent of education at Newberry o
Friday and th<-. contract for the erec
tion of the building was let to Mr. W
T. Livingston, who will begin work a
cnce. The lots have already been pui
chased and the deeds made. It is e>
pected to have the new school buildin
ready just as soon as the contracto
can do the work.
- nni C<aa4?.?
A synopsis 01 a lnrra-neci rc?mr
Picture at the Theato Tuesday,
October S.
On Tuesday, October 8, "The Frenc
Spy," a three-reel feature picture mad
by the Vitagraph company, will b
shown at the Theato, old court hous(
This picture comes highly recommend
ed and is said to or equal to "The Fa]
of Troy" in beautiful scenes and goo
In order to give some idea of the na
ture of the picture the following shoi
synopsis is given:
Gen. Deriment, with his wife an
daughter, Mathilde, on their way t
Algiers, are captured by pirates. Mr.
Deriment is drowned. General an
daughter sold as slaves to Moors
Mathilde escapes. With aid of Frenc
rescues her father. Col. Birnell, Frenc
officer, falls in love with Matnuae an
marries her. Col. Birnell goes to fron
with regiment. To be near him Math
ilde disguises herself as a lancer an
joins his regiment. Mathilde save
her husband's life. Mathilde acts a
spy. After wild ride enters enemy'
lines. In a battle Col. Birnell take
prisoner. Mathilde is recognized b
husband. Colonel suffers torture rath
er than betray secrets of Frencl
Mathilde causes French to attack for
tress and Col. Birnell is released.
Ladies and children are espec'all
invited to visit this theatre. The price
remain the same, 5 and 10 cents.
Virginia Justice.
We are accustomed, in America, t
^ok upon the English criminal court
15 examples of what is possible i
th- way of convicting the guilty un
1er a system giving the criminal les
"rope." Yet Virginia with a systei
no better than that of other States
subject to the same causes of \v?al>
ness. manages to convict criminal
with encouraging regularity. What
vpf the causes may be. the success c
Virginia courts in punishing guilt
persons constitute san advertisement c
Virginia that reaches from coast t
cc?-.t, and even to other countries, an
can not fail to interest persons \vh
read it. A State which does not ti:r
!oo=e its criminals when once it lay
bands upon thrm is a good State i
which to build a home?the home c
-1 wage-earner or the home of a gen
t'eman cf leisure who desires to liv
where the government for whose main
t^nance he pays taxes will give hii
value received.?Louisville Courie
The Remedy.
"Wot your pore 'usband wants i
rest. Wot's needed is a sleepii
" Whm c-^rvlrf \*0'i 2!V? it 'iTP. ?"
i 'c '* -r>> r *o ! T.ik??
> r r. ; p-r- '
, King of Hoboes Well Known, Having 1
Visited This City on Several of
His Trips South.
1 The news of the death of "A. Xo. 1,"
king of hoboes, will be received with
regret in this city by the number of
neonle who were acquainted with him. (
- This wanderer has visited on several
occasions and has left his mark at a 1
" number of places in the city. The
story of his tragic death is told in the
following dispatch from Houston, Texe
y "A. No. 1," the king of hoboes, is
11 dead. Slipping from the rods of a
passenger train on the Louisville &
.Nashville railroad, the man who boasted
that he had traveled more miles
and paid less fares than any traveler
of his generation, was caught by the
t tracks of the heavy coach and literally
ground to death.
"Chicago" White, his companion of
Uo. vaor hrrmfht thp news to
| tliC l?lO t ^ V/C4?A y iy * Vf v?g?- ? ? ,
!t j Houston. "Chicago" and an old priest
[" had stood uncovered by the shallow
11 grave that held the fragments of flesh
and bone that could be found.
r- "A. No. 1" was a puzzle, even to the
Lt men with whom he had roamed to all
parts of the world. He toid no one his j
name, his birthplace or of his family, j
? He was merely "A No. 1" the king' of j
r tramps. From Maine to California his i
name- is painted or carved on box cars, j
water tanks, railroad sheds; in fact, |
everywhere "A No. 1" could find space!
* f inrnn f 11 rQ Tf I
dOWH Weill me nucci i?6uai.un,. ic
was his name in big letters, and two
arrows, pointing in the direction the
hobo king was traveling at the time
he "signed up." He was known to
11 every railroad man in the country, ese
pecially the railroad workmen of the
e smaller towns, where "A No. 1" would
frequently rest a aay or two.
11 ?><$>'$<$><$> Q- $><$><$><$<$>&><?> $><$><$<$
d $> <e>
'- 3> <S>
't <?>< ><$>
Prof. C. C. Holloway has his classes
^ in physical culture organized and has
0 begun work. Each student is requir-1
5- ed to report twice a week for gym- j
^ nasium work. For the present the
3- athletic field is used and every aftern
noon one can see a number of studh
ents working hard to become profid
cient in the handling of a football. It
if. expected that we will have class
football at the college this year and;'
^ it has been shown that a vast majority j
s of the boys are' in favor of it. The
5 spirit shown by the students and the
s interest manifested by the people of
n the town will determine to a great exy
tent, whether Newberry college will
ever have intercollegiate football or
l- not.
Prof. A. J. Bowers was ill during the
r,ast week, but was able to be up and
y to resume his duties Friday.
s Prof. R. Z. Thomas preached at
Clemson college last Sunday.
K. M. Counts has been elected to fill
the vacancy on the Stylus staff caused
1 T. xr \Tr
Q oy Hie airseuue ui 1. tv. mivn. .?*?..
s 'Finek has gone to Muhlenburg uni-jn
versity, Pennsylvania to continue his ,
Last Thursday afternoon the seniors
n defeated the freshmen 6-5 in an ex5
rising- game of ball. The game was
full of errors on each side, but the
Q freshmen's counted a great deal more
in the result. Eidson and Wingard. D.
|f; I., wpre the battery for the winners,
^ | while Boland tw'rled and David rer-j
^ i formed behind the pan for the first j
^ I year men.
j Friday aft moon the juniors won a
0 Ions:, but interesting game from the
n sophomores, In to ">. Th<* heavy hitq
t*ns of the juniors featured thp conto?!
r-'id tha ^oor work of the soph's
2 J
infield excepting P>. Mavfs on first,
was responsible for several runs.
e Floyd. Keitt and Shealv worked for
the juniors, and Eptins: and S. David
n wpre the battery for the sopbomoros.
,r Th-~ juniors and seniors will battle '
for the class championship title in a
fp\v days and a g"e?.t same is expected.
rH f> Newberry Colb^o Gb e club was
s nrcrani7.pd Thursdav liisht. It i3
1 | thought that ther-? u> good materia >
[ the college which, under the direci
-:oT^, -r j*i ?? >* 7'pt ?' )n for'riff
? . - ' , i, . _ - - - >. J
' " I
Former N'ewberrian, of Distinguished
Family, Was Pleasant Visitor
In Newberry.
Miss Virginia A. Sondley, of Greenwood,
spent a few days in Newberry
last week visiting Mrs. Edw. R. Hipp.
Miss Sondley is a native of Newberry
county, being a member of the Xewberry
family of that nam?. She is a
direct descendant of Matthias Hentz,
who in the year 1760 lived near the
mouth of Cannon's Creek, on Broad
After the subscription li-ts for the
monument to the Women of the Southern
Confederacy, erected in Columbia,
had been closed, they were opened for
nnp dav to receive a subscription from
Miss Sondley, given in respect to the
memory of her mother, Mrs. Mary
Frances Branch Sondley, and her
grandmother. Mrs. Isaac Branch, who
accompanied her husband, Dr. Branch,
to the front in the War Between the
States, and assisted in caring for the
wounded and sick. It. was erroneously
stated, in connection with the subscriptions
to this monument, that it
was unique in that it was built without
thft subscriDtions of any woman, Miss
Sondley being the only woman who
Miss Sondley is a cousin of the late
Col. Jno. L. Branch, who was in command
of the troops on Morris Island,
including the corps of Citadel cadets,
who fired upon the "Star of the West,"
which volley was the first fired in*the
Miss Sondley has many warm friends
in Newberry county, who are always
delighted to see her.
Farmers Busy?Crops Short?Monunents
to he Unveiled?Personal
Pomaria, Oct. 7.?After a week's bad
weather and nice weather has set in
the farmers are busy gathering in their
cotton. There is a great deal of it to
be gathered just now. The cotton crop
is much off from what it was last year,
but the price does fairly well.
Our school opened this morning with
Miss Lottie Lee Halfacre as teacher.
We hope by another year we will
have our new school building, for
which some few months ago we voted
$3,.")00 bonds. It was thought then that
we would have the building ready for
this school term, but circumstances
We have had several cases o'f typhoid
fever in town. Mr. Thaddeus Kinard
has had two children sick; his eldest
son, Ernest, is still sick.
Mrs. Sawyer, of Marion, is visiting
her son's family. Mr. Sawyer is agent
at this place for the Southern railway.
On next Sunday at 1 o'clock p. m.
there will be an unveiling of the monuments
of Sovereigns Sammie Grham
and Sam Bean at Mt. Pleasant church.
All neighboring camps are invited to
be present and take part in the ceremonies.
Miss Eugenia Hentz, a recent graduate
of Due West Female college, left
1^"'/^"'* folra nhortro r\ f V? c,r> I) t
JL" i iuc > IU tci IV^ vnai 5^. vyl m. i uvuwi
Dysons. #We wish her much success
in her new undertaking.
Pomaria is still a great lumber market.
Three and four mills run by C.
D. Shealy, Carl Summer, \V. W. Berly
and a great part of the time by W. E.
Koon, who have been shipping lumber
to different parties f>r the past two
or three years.
.Mrs. G. W. Setzler arid children visited
her father's family Sa^iirdaj night
and Sunday.
Mr. Tiios. Graham is now clerking
for Mr. J. L. Graham, wil! b^ tbeie for
the season.
Mr. Thos. Ringer is working for
Setzlcr Co. for awhile.
.Miss Olive Richardson, daughter of
B. B. Richardson, left last week for
Summerland, the new Lutheran Female
college, at Leesville.
Miss Luciie Crook's littl^ brother
a.ul sister visited relatives in town last
B raker Setzl r, of Xewberrv college,
si;ent the week-end with his father
und mother.
G. .1. Wilson and family ?pent Sunday
with Mr. Warren Epting.
Some time ago we had the pleasure
c' solus; with Mr. Warren Epting to
' . .;? :T.' ;>.s *hp
to to see his waterworks and lights. |
It is a mighty nice home for only one
to be enjoying.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Setzler spent
Sunday with Mr. B. B. Richardson's
family. U No.
Death of Mr. Wrn. Gaillard.
Mr. William T. Gaillard died in
Spartanburg on Friday and was buried
at Rosemont cemetery in Newberry on
Saturday morning, service by the Rev.
E. D. Kerr, pastor of Aveleigh Presbyterian
church, and the Rev. Asa D.
Watirinc nf thp Spr.nnd PrftSibvteri&n
church of Spartanburg. The pallbearers
were Messrs. Alan Johnstone, W. E. '
Pelham, Sr., R. D. Smith, Sr., W. F.
Ewart, W. A. McSwain and J. R.
Mr. Gaillard was 75 years old and
unmarried. He was a native of An|
derson, but had lived in Newberry the
greater part of his life. Several months
ago he went to Spartanburg with his
brother, Mr. J. Hervey Gtftllard, and
family to live, shortly after the death
| Ot Air?-, uamaru. in ins juuuger auu
j more prosperous days he had a circle
of friends, most of whom are dead, who,
knowing_ his true worth, were '
bound to him by the strong ties of
J. J. Patterson of Old.
Rock Hill Record.
How quickly retired public men pass
from memory. Col. John J. Patterson,
who died in Mifflington, Pa., a few
days ago, represented South Carolina
in the United State senate from 1873
to 1879, yet nine-tenths of the people'
of that State had forgotten that such a
man ever lived, though he was well
enough known in reconstruction days.
Statement of the ownership, management,
etc., of The Herald and News,
published semi-weekly at Xewberrv, S.
C., required by the Act of August 24,
Name of Editor?E. H. A.ill, Newberry,
S. C.
, Managing Editor?E. K. Aull, Newi
berry, S. C.
Business Manager?James L. Aull,
Newberry, S. C.
Publisher?Elbert H. Aull Company,
Newberry, S. C.
Owners?Elbert H. Aull, Newberry,
S C..: .Tames L. Aull, Newberry, S. C.:
John K. Au 11, Newberry, S. 0.: Jacob j
L. Aull, Dyson, S. C.; H. Kohn, Columbia,
S. C.; John M. Mnarl, Newberry,
S. C.
Mortgagees?Carolina Inmranca and
Casualty Company, Columbia, S. C.;
George S. Mower, Newberry, S. C.
E. H. ALV-u
Sworn to and subscribed beforo ra3
this 4th day of October,
W. B. Wallace, (L. S.)
My commission expires a: pleasure
of the governor.
A Card.
--- tho nnrlpr
1 nis IS 10 Ctrl LIIJ' uiat, v. ?
signed have for some years past had
business transactions with Mr. H. H.
Ruff, involving his reliability and
promptness in meeting his financial
obligations. We have always found
Mr. Ruff prompt and satisfactory in
the payment of his obligations ?nd altogether
H. C. Hollo way.
E.. M. Evans.
Summer & Hipp.
R. C. Perry.
Geo. C. Hipp.
Cannon G.
B. T. BuzharJt.
Shelley-'Wheeler Co
H. L. Parr.
W. A. Dunn, M !).
C. R. Wise.
To Whom if May concern.
This is to certify that Mr. H. II. Ruff J
clerked for me for two years, and I!
have never had a man that I thought
more of or trustfd more with my business.
and it gives me pleasure to say
that I have always found* hi-n strickly
honest and reliable in every way.
E. M. Evans.
Her Diagnosis.
Betsy, an old colored cook, was
moaning around the kitchen one day,
when her mistress asked her if she
was ill.
"Vn ma'am r,or Tactlv." said Bet
sey. "But thr fac' is, I don't feel am-!
?irnn 'pou?h to <rit outer my ov/n '
Men Are Flogged and Forced to
"Dance"?Aiken Sheriff Wants
Augusta, Ga., Oct. 6.?A trolley car,
manned by four strikebreakers, wafl
attacked just beyond North Augusta
about 5 o'clock .this afternoon, all of
the men severely flogged and ono of
them shot in the hip.
When the crowd had taken theotrikebreakers
off the car one of them,
was rushed over to a clay pit, where excavation
had been made and water was |
standing. The man was made to get i
down into the pit and "dance," while
'a number of pistol shots were fired
over his head. Another of the men
was taken to the edge of the woods
and flogged until his clothing was torn
to shreds.
Three of the strikebreakers are at
the city hospital suffering from sever? ^
bruises and cuts.
Superintendent Stofford went to
the spot, where the car was stopped,
and attempted to have it brought back
to Augusta. At the point of pistols he
was driven back to his automobile and
told to "high ball" which he did.
The car is still standing in the line,
and the people of that community declare
it is going to remain there until
tiiei strike is settled.
* Sheriff Rabon of Aiken county,
South Carolina, who is in Augusta, hae
wired Gov. Blease saying that the ?itiiEtion
in Aiken county ie beyond his
nnniv/il an/5 <sotinflr tho cnvomrtr frn
WUUUS auu vug Jjw * V* uv? vv
"give me any assistance in your poW r."
- I.
Another Sectional Ontrage. >
Th]e indignant Georgian - clenched his
fists, and his eyes flashed fire.
"What's ?tee matter?" inquired the
"That blooming guy from Indiana,"
he snorted, "is putting salt on his
watermelon."?Chicago Tribune.
"You refused ihe earl, Ainalie,
Young Widow?He's too old for me.
"But hie title?"
"That's too new for me!"?Die
Muskete, Vienna.
For Mayor.
Z. F. Wright is hereby announced. ' -w
o for \lavnr nf Newberrv.
ao a vur*iui?vivv *.w* <'? ? ? - ? ? ? 9
subject to the city Democratic primary.
J. J. Langford is hereby announced
as a candidate for re-election as Mayor
of Newberry, subject to the city /
Democratic primary.
Alderman Ward 1.
W. H. Shelley is hereby announced
as a candidate for reelection as Alderman
in Ward 1, subject to the rules
of the Democratic primary.
R. C. Perry is hereby announced as
a candidate for Alderman from Ward
1. He will abide the rules of the
Democratic primary. Friends.
Alderman Ward
H. H. Abrams is hereby announced
as a candidate fcr reelection as Alderman
in Ward 2, subject to the rules
of the Democratic primary.
Dr. E. K. T:bler is announced as a
candidate for Alderman from Ward 2,
and will abide the rules of the Democratic
primary. Voters.
Alderman Ward 3.
Clarence T. Summer is hereby announced
as a candidate for reelection
as Alderman in Ward 3, subject to the
rules of the Democratic primary.
J. B. Walton is announced as a can1
- - * * 1 J C Tir \ O
uiciaie ror Aiueniiau irum >?iaiu o, <tuu
**ill abide the rules of the Democratic
primary. Voters.
Alderman Ward 4.
E. L. Rodelsperger is hereby announced
as a candidate for reelection
as Alderman in Ward 4, subject to the
rules of the Democratic primary.
Alderman Ward 5.
J. P. Livingston is hereby announced
as a candidate for reelection as
alderman in Ward su'jject to tho
hi a cf i'-v I>e-ccrn::e : rin-ary.

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