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Twenty-eight Citizens From All Con
gressional Districts Except First
C-olumbia, Oct. 4.?The "Bull Moose
is off. His hoofs and antler tips wer
sharpened today and he entered th<
race with the Democratic mule.
Twenty-eight voters, representing
every Congressional district of th
State, with the exception of the firs
district, gathered today at the Colum
bia hotel and organized the Progres
eive party in South Carolina. A per
imanent secretary and treasurer an<
seven Congressional chairmen wer<
elected and the constitution and rule
of the party adopted. The election o
a permanent chairman and vice chair
man was left open until a later meet
The meeting was called to order a
2 o'clock by Provisional National Com
mitteeman B. Sherwood Dunn, of Aik
en. He introduced Dr. 0. E. Watson
pastor of the Washington Street Meth
odist church, who led in prayer. Th<
election of a permanent secretary wa;
then entered upon and W. P. Beard
editor of the Xews-Scimitar and con
spicuous supporter of Governor Bleas<
in the recent primary wa^ chosen tc
that position. Maj. L. W. C. Blalock
long a Republican leader of the State
was elected permanent treasurer.
District Chairmen Elected.
The election of chairman for each o
the seven Congressional districts wa*
then entered into with the following
First District?W. P. Utsey, St
George, S. C.
Second District?Thomas Thompson
North Augusta, S. C.
Third District?C. E. Gray, West
minister, S. C.
Fourth District?R. A. Hanna, Spartanburg.
Fifth District?I. H. Xorris, Yorkvill#1.
Sixth District?Dr. C. R. Taber, Dillon.
Seventh District?W. Boyd Evans,
The Bull Moose party this afternoon
adopted its constitution. This provides
for an executive committee composed
of the officers and district chairmen of
the State-. These will meet at a future
date and, as provided in the constitution,
elect the presidential electors. Xo
State ticket was put out by the Progressives.
In the constitution is this
Allegiance to Roosevelt.
"To that great apostle of human
rights, who towers the greatest figure
in the life of America today, Theodore
Kooseveit, tney pieage tneir ioyai support
at the coming election?and from
this moment they promise by work and
precept to spread abroad among their
friends and neighbors the gospel of deliverance
from the powers of greed and
pcltical rascality, which have increased
the cost of every commodity neces>
sary to human life and which protect
the glamblers in wheat, cotton and
corn, making it impossible for the
honest producer to -free himself from
the money lender and high rates of interest
which grant him an uncertain
and precarious living from year to
year, leaving him without hope or
means of deliverance except as held
. out in the promise of a return to 4hc
people of the risrht and power to direct
and govern their destinies by the initiative,
referendum and recall, the direct
primary in the selection of candidates
to all important offices, and the
destruction of the alliance between
- ? * ~ ~ " J V\ 4" %-n /v,*?
corrupt ousinesb aim uuiiupu puutics,
which from the invisible government
that has stifled the voice of the common
people crying for deliverance, and
we join hands with the great gathering
at Chicago, who gave us our battle
cry, 'We stand at Armageddon and we
battle for the Lord.'"
Charter Members.
The following are members of the
Bull Moose party of this State who attended
the convention today: L. D
Melton, Columbia: W. "W. Bruce', Co>
lumbia: W. Boyd Evans, Columbia; W
? - ' ^ " r*i A r Uw
A. KecKimg, uoiumDia; s. a. iviui-pu.y
Columbia: W. V. King, Columbia; Johr
McCreavv, Columbia; H. A. Simons
Columbia: T. H. Wannamaker, Columbia
; G. W. Mudd, Columbia; A. D. Pal
Trier, Columbia; S. T. Westberry, Co
lumbia; W. P. Beard, Columbia: A. "R
X. Folger, Seneca; R. A. Hanna, Spar
tarburg: L. Coin. Camden: Major T.
W. C. Blaloek, Goldville; Isaac H. Nor
ris. Yorkville; John Canty. Canidon: P
H. Harvin, Harvin; Dr. C. R. Tabor
Dillon: T-7. E. Clemens. Tnman: T. T
Odo^n. Dr. V. P. Clayton
SV'on; C. ! '. Gray, "Westn inst^r: C
Pov. Tnman: Thos. Thompson, Xorf1
Augusta: K. A. M--Gre^or, Bafesburg.
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Testifying: Before Senate Committee,
Roosevelt Maintains Absolute
Freedom From Corruption.
Washington, Oct. 4.?Theodore
Roosevelt, for seven years president of
. the United States and candidate for
, i reelection on the national Progressive
s j ticket, occupied a witness chair for
j three and a half hours today before
; a senate investigating committee de^
i fending his administration, himself
j and his campaign associates against
, what lie termed 'infamous charges"
and "hearsay evidence."
He appeared before the committee
, at his own request to answer statei
ments made in August by John D.
, Archbold that the Standard Oil com
pany had given $100,000 to the Repub-ilican
campaign in 1904 under the im-1
pression that President Roosevelt
. knew of and approved acceptance of
. the contribution. Not only did Roosevelt
deny this, but he put into the for
mal records of the committee a sweep,
ing denial that he 'had ever solicited
' funds from any one while president;
j ^aa<I T?\'
' tnar any munev jia^i
the V. 04 campaign committre with exjre.-.se-J
or implied promise of favor 'from
the administration: that exces'
give funds had been used in rhe
| cr ' ?S campaigns; or that money had
i . ever be n improperly used in his bej
half, so far as he knew.
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In reference to the Harriman fund |
of $240,000 raised in 1904, Col. Roose- j
i velt declared the statements of J. p.
Morgan, George R. Sheldon and others
had fully corroborated his earlier
statements that this ffind was raised
expressly for the New York State campaign
and had not been solicited by
i him for his own support in the fight
for the Republican nomination.
"There was not one word spoken by
Mr. Harriman or by me having any
j reference to any collection of funds
J for the national campaign," he said,
referring to his interview with Mr.
Harriman in October, 1904. "On the
contrary the request was from Mr.
Harriman that inasmuch as we had
a.mple funds for the national campaign
and as the: national campaign was safe
we could help him out in the State
. campaign."
The sessions of the committee were
nicturesQiie throughout. Col. Roose
velt arrived at the committee room 10
minutes before the hour of opening.
His progress into the building was
marked with cheers from a throng that
. surged through the corridors. PoliceI
men kept a line of over a thousand
' people in order while a hundred or so
i fortunate ones occupied seats in the j
. j eomniii too room. Col. Roosrvelt was |
placed in a chair 0:1 a little *quar
. : platform from which ho looked down
1 I
: I upon the table, at which sat Senator.
I ; <Jiapp, Uiiver, roiuerene unu i >
-1 "William Loeb, Jr., Col. Roosevelt's
| former private secretary, now collector
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Newberry, S. C. j
of the ciisto:ns at New York, cam*
with him and occupied a seat at hi<
left. The former president turned repeatedly
to ask Mr. Loeb for facts anc
records; and at the end of his testi
mony Mr. Loeb himself took the stanc
to corroborate statements Col. Roosevelt
had made.
Prof. S. J. Derrick and Dr. J. Henri
Harms Among- Those to Deliver
St. Paul.s Lutheran church, Oolum
bia, has been in existence 2.~> year:
and beginning October 10 and continu
ing until the 14th, appropriate exercis
es will be held by the congregation, ii
charge of the pastor, Rev. H. A. Mc
Collough, celebrating the silver an
niversary jubilee.
Distinguished speakers, ministers
educators and church workers hav<
been requested to make addresses dur
ing the celebration. The musical num
bers on the program will be an im
portant feature. A congregational re
ception will bring the anniversary ex
ercises to a close.
The following program, printed ii
silver lftters. which accompanies for
mal invitation?, have been mailed t<
members of the congregation a:ul tliei
Thursday, 8 3'. M.
Prelude, "Ganzonetta," Godard.
"The Lutheran Church in Sout1
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For Little
These include Mother C
I Fairy Tales and such bo<
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others. These books car
' 25 Cen
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Department B18S
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Carolina," Prof. S. J. Derrick.
Solo, Miss Eva Dunning.
"St. Paul's CJiurch?a Backward
View," Rev. W. H. Greever, D. D.
Anthem, "Jubilate Deo" in G, Wiske
Silver offering.
Postlude, March, "Satorio."
Friday, 4 P. M.
"The Women's and Children's Hour"
?Conducted by Mrs. E. C. Cronk.
Friday, S P.
i Prelude, from "Faust," Gounod.
{ "The Lutheran Church in the
1 South," Rev. J. Henry Harms, D. D.
Duet, "Love Divine and Ix>ve ExI
celling," Stainer? Miss Minnie Boi!
neau, soprano; Mr. Backstresser, ten-'
* | or.
!! "St. Paul's Church?a/ Forward
? j View," Mr. A. H. Kohn.
; | Anthem, "Cantata Domino," J. Al.:
j j Silver offering.
I Postlude, March, "Deeds of Valor,"
j Morrison.
Sunday, 11.15 A. M..
Prelude, "Vesperal," Edward d'Evry.
Anthem, "Te Deum Laudamus," Shyrock?Choir.
"The Lutheran Church in America,"
Rev. D. H. Bauslin, D. D.
F I ^
i Special silver jubilee offering.
I Solo, Mrs. Grover Morgan.
I Postlude, "Festival March," Stark.
Sunday, 8 P. M.
Prelude, "Voix Celesta," Batiste.
3 Solo, "Fear Xot Ye, 0 Israel," Dudley
Buck?Mis W. F. Furtick, soprano.
"The Lutheran Church World-wide,"
1 Rev. D. H. Bauslin, D. D.
| Special silver jubilee offering.
| Anthem, "Benedict, Anima Mea," J.
'? Postlude, "War March," Mendelse
sohn?Mr. C. H. Wiesepape, organi6t.
"j Monday, 8-11 P.
Congregational reception, Y. M. C.
"! A auditorium.
Notice is hereby given that 1 will
make final settlement of the estate of
1! Mrs. Anna E. Shecly, deceased, in the
-! Probate Court of Aewaerry cuuulj,
0 I State of South Carolina, at 11 o'clock
1 in the forenoon on Thursday, Octobr!
er '24, 1:?12. and immediately thereafter
' / for letters d!s:ai??ary. as aumin;
istratcr of saM estate.
S. W. Sheelv,
-1 j September 21, 1912.
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illing the germ and leaving
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rs. We sell MOLESOFF under
t fails to remove your MOLE or
id the dollar. m
Pensacola, Florida. '
Looking twenty years older than you ^
really are. Being made the laughing stock ,
of your friends and the butt of their jokea"Old
Age Class" simply because grey
hairs are so closely associated with old age. i
It is very humiliating to be grey and bald M
when your age doesn't justify either?to be I
! classed as a 4,Has Been" and set aside by 1
J your young friends as too old for them?to
I be turned down possibly, in your applicaI
tion for that new ration because a.'.
Get the best of the grey hairs?don't let
them get the best of you. '
51.00 and 50c at Lrrug stores VI UII CLl Uyvu |
receipt of price 2nd dealer's name. Send 10c for
trial bottle. Pbilo Hay Spec. Co., Newark, N. J. j
?? '

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