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The Movements of Many People, >'ewherrians,
and Those >Vlio Visit
Mr. H. E. Corley, of Abbeville, visited
in Newberry Sunday.
Mrs. A. T. Brcwn nas guue iu
Mr. Lewis S. Henderson, of Blairs,
was in the city Wednesday.
Mr. J. S. J. Suber, of Strother, was
in the city Wednesday.
Miss Janie Thomasson has gone to
Leesville to teach.
Mr. F. Werber, of Washington, D.
C., is in the city.
Mr. and Mrs. Gre<o. A. Addy are in
Columbia visiting his sisters, Mrs. J.
W. Spence and Mrs. D. K. Sturkey.
Xat Gist of Newberry is a guest at
the Columbia hotel for the fair.?The
State, 30th.
Mrs. Mammie E. Schumpert has gone
from Henders-on ville to Knoxvillet
J. A. Dcuminick and A. D. Johnson, of
Ktnards, are here for the fair.?The
State, 31st.
Joseph L. Keitt, of Newberry, is
stopping at the Columbia.?The State,
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. McCrackin, of
Newberry, were guests at the Colonia
yesterday.?The State, 31st.
Mr. Willie Yonce spent last Sunday
in Newberry.?Johnston News-Monitor,
30th. i
Mr. W. E. McCarey, of Grenwood,
spent Saturday night and Sunday with
his parents.
Mrs. F. W. Brawley, of Newberry,
is visiting her sister, Mrs. R. S.
Churchill.?Sumter Watchman and |
Southron, 30th.
Miss Vanessa Williams, Miss Mary
Williams, John A. Peterson and Walter
B. Wallace, all of Newbeirry, were in
Columbia yesterday.?The State, 31st
Mr. Charlie Ruff, of Newberry, spent
several days of last week in town with
his brother, Mr. W. L.* Ruff.?Winns
boro Neiws and Heraia, ?sisi.
Miss Jessie Rutherford, teacher neiar
Whitmire, sp-ent Tuesday niight and
Wednesday morning in the city with
her aunt, Mrs. W. E. Ruff.
Rev. J. B. Harmon left Wednesday
for his new field in Georgia. His successor,
the Rev. E. C. Witt, will arrive
Mr. H. Grady Goggans left en Tuesday
for Dallas, Texas, to enter partnership
in law with his brother, Mr.
J. Lawson Goggans.
Dr. Crimm lias arrived. He will
make a pleasant and profitable stay '
in Newberry, as usual. Dr. Crimm's
arrival is always a source of pleasure
and benifit to his patrons here.
Julius and Lawrence McDonald, who
have spent quite a while at the home
of the latter, returned to Newberry j
last week.?Bounty Land cor. Keoweej
Courier, 30th.
Mrs. W. E. Ruff, Mrs. Laura Henderson,
Miss Edith Henderson, Mr. Joe
Keitt, Jr., and Master Caldwell Sims
attended the Henderson-Lvkes wading
at Blairs on Thursday afternoon.
Bob Cooper and John Anil are shaking
hands with their hosts of friends.
It is a matter of deep regie* that Mr. j
Anil's friends hear that he is thinking i
of giving up his present position.? \
Greenwood Index, 31st.
Mrs E. H. Cousins was taken to
Kncwlton's hospital 011 last Friday
and that night underwent an operation
tor appendicitis. The operation
was successful and Mrs. Cousins is
doing well.
Messrs. Hugh Henderson, cf Blairs.
and Coke Lykes, of Cleniron, weirs in
the city Tuesday 011 very pleasant
business. They went to see Probate
Judge Claude Schumpert in his Ouice,
the result of which is announced elsewhere
in this paper.
Mr. Will. .1. Prince, special representative
of the Columbian National Life
Insurance company, of Boston, was in
the ciry this week in consultation with
Mr. .J. P. Mahon, district manager.
This company carries life, accident and
h-alth insurance and is doing a fine
business, being a good thing.
Mr. E. I). Peace was in Columbia
to attend, on Wednesday noon, a
meeting of the Underwriters' association
of South Carolina in the city
council chambers. At six o'clock he
attended a meeting of committee
of Mutual Benefit officers of South
? - -1- xi. _ n-i :~
Carolina ax me uoioma nuusi anu on
Thursday at S p. m.. at Gresham's
hotel, he met with the alumni
of Wake Forest College, of Xartli Carolina.
Mr. Pearce is a live wire on t.hp
insurance line and will put in a busy
time at the fair.
Mr. Geo. C. Hipp has a Ford touring
car from the Summer Motor company.
The managers of State election will
each have twelve boxes.
Hon. Jno. L. McLaurin will speak in
the court house Saturday, for farmers
and about cotton. Everybody invited. Mr.
Nat Gist won first prize, $25, at
the State fair for best stallion three
years old and over.
A little foreign monkey was in the
city Tuesday to the delight of the lit
J A ?v>/v*%.lrAirn
tie Qumesui; tuuuacjo.
After next Tuesday the country will
hear thei roar of the elephant, the bray
of the donkey or the snort of the bull, j
Adams' Exposition shows (carnival)
will be in Newberry for one week, beginning
next Monday.
The Greeks' don't like Turkey, and ,
will take pleasure in helping th ? Americans
roast and carve it on Thanksj
giving day.
The local office of the Life Insurance <
j Company of Virginia, Mr. B. B. Reid,
?- -B 3 ~ ^
manager, nas oeen iransien eu 10 luc ^
Scott building in Caldwell streiet.
Mr. E. M. Evans is announced for
alderman of Ward 3, making more opposition
in that ward, three candidates '
being in the field.
The postoffice at Newberry has been [
notified that the postoffice at Slighs
will be discontinued and the mail for '
that neighborhood sent to Prosperity. '
Great-grandma and pa, grandma and '<
pa, ma and pa, aunts and uncles, sis- j
ters and brothers all gone to the fair,
leaving you and a few others to do "j
the work. ]
Friday will be All Saints' day, which :
has been celebrated since the fourth j:
century by the church. The evening
before is known as Hallowe'en, or Hallow/mas
or Ail Hallows.
Three big o'possums and the largest
chicken hawk they ever saw were the ^
proceeds of a hunt on Wednesday
night by Messrs. D. A. Livingstone and
P. B. Asbill. ^
If Greece gets the best of the fight,
will Turkey trot? Or, if Turkey makes x
it too hot, will Greece run??Keowee j
Courier. Greece- may not run m this r
instance, but the Turkey trot is going
on. >
Mrs. Joe Boozer and family, and Mrs. 2
Frank Waters, made a trip to Newber- < 3
ry, shopping for ttoe? fall season.?In- |
dian Creek cor. SaJuda Standard, 31st. a
That's right. Let them all come to a
good place for shopping. \
There will be no preaching at Hope-! *
well and Sharon Methodist churches,
of the Kinarde circuit on Sunday, on \ *
account of the meeting of the college j 1
of bishops at Greenville. Rev. W. R.
Boukbight <vill attend the meeting. *
Mrs. Geo. S. Miliigan, of New York,
national organizer for the anti-cigarette
league, will lecture at Cannon's j ^
Creek church at 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon,
November 3. All cordially in- ^
Do you know that bad roads are c
costing you actual cash in the loss of j t
your own time, in the extra hauling
ana in tne extra wear on iiamcao, ?a.-| i
gon and horses??Calhoun Advance, j i;
Yes. sir.
Owing to the delay in delivering!11
seats for the Second Cannon Creek,'11
church, the dedication service an-!
nounced for the first Sunday in Xo-1 ^
vember is postponed indefinitely. Reg-1 ^
ular services at the old church at the j
usual hour.
! ii
Chief Lominack on Monday after- ^
noon arrsisted one C. C. Reddick. of
Spartanburg, on the charge of enticing ^
labor. He was released upon a cash!
bond of $50 for his appearance in the j ^
recorder's court next Monday morn-! T
A \T.AT*fKa.t*rv oclrc Tll-ft !
A ClllZdl ui. iYc^n mi i j aono ,
Herald and News to tell "The Idler"
Che says that he doesn't know who ?
he is) to call the board of health's -A
attention to the condition ot Caldwell street
between Main and Friend; a
streets. '< b
i .
Clemson College. Oct. 2S.?Following j
arst the delegates to the Srate confer-; .
ence South Carolina Daughters of the
American Revolution, November G, 7
! li
and S,l"912, and thfir hostesses while
at Clemson: Newberry?Mrs. J. A. J
Burton, with Mrs. D. W. Daniel; Mrs. j
.lohn Kinard, with Mrs. B. H. John- j y
! ?
With 3,000 troops and an artill:ry|t
company in charge of Jacksonville, j n
Fla., which city is under martial law ' i:
resulting from riot caused by street; b
+ ~ .< - Tnrl-OV i e
car strine; wun me wlc yi , :
hanging on the result of the great bat-j a
tie now being fought in which 300,000 ;
men are engaged, and with the elec- j h
tion to be held next Tuesday, there
is enough excitement for everybody.
On '1 uesday a deal was made betw
ejj Mr. \V. 1*. Bed .f'>?.ugh and
Messrs. Wr .1. and G. Mil! wh -roby f(
Mr. Bedenbaugh withdraws from business
and the Messrs. Miller continue
the store at-the same stand, under the
firm name; of W. J. Miller and Co. Mr.
Bedenbaugh withdraws from business
on account of his eyes, and it is hoped
by his many friends that a rest will
result in a restoration. The Messrs.
Miller are well-known double first
cousins and will doubtless hold the
big business the store has enjoyed.
Yariong and All About from Butler.
Butler cor. Saluda Standard, 31st.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Wilson, of near
Chappells, visited at the home of Mr.
Watt McCarty Sunday.
Elder T. S. Mitchell spent Fridays
in Newberry.
Mr. Davenport, of near Silverstreet,
visited relatives here last week.
Mr. W. Davenport, of Silverstreet,
has rented Mr. T. DeLoach's place.
The latter will move to Saluda.
Arsenical Dip.
Mr. Duncan requests the publication
3? the following:
Clemson College, Oct. 24, 1912.
Mr. S. M. Duncan,
Newberry, S. C.
Dear Sir:
Referring to previous correspondsnce
relative to county appropriation,!
r hp?- to sav that we have received!
sheck for $100 and expect to expend
this for vats and arsenical dip for
your county. I wish to thank you for
your kindness in giving us your assistance.
Should you hear of any parties
iesiring arsenical dip for use in spraying
their cattle, I would suggest that
you have them correspond with our
inspector, Mr. J. H. S. Wessinger, Newberry,
who has a supply ef this arsenical
dip on hand, which we propose to I
furnish to stock owners free of charge. |
Very truly yours,
(Signed) M. Ray Powers.
Little Mountain Locals.
Little Mountain, Oct. 29.?We arej
aaving some nice weather now, andj
everybody is making good use of it in
gathering their crops. The farmers
ft'ill soon be ready to sow tbedr grain.
T'hst Wheeland school is progressing
licely under the management of Miss
Margaret O'Neall as teacher. The en ollment
is now sixteen.
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Halfacre, of
dewberry, spent Saturday and Sunday
it the home of Mrs. Halfacre's brother.
tfr. E. L. Sease.
Mr. P. D. Metzs has returned home
ifter visiting relatives' in Spartanburg.
Mrs. E. L. Sease spent Tuesday with '
ier sister, Mrs. A. A. Singley in the
Excelsior community.
Mr. E. L. Sease and daughter, Miss t
Elizabeth, were the guests of Mns. C.
l\ Wyche Saturday afternoon.
Mr. Vance Matthews, of Little Moun- j
ain., spent Sunday with his parents, \
,Ir. and Mrs. C. S. Matthews.
Mr. Ezra Matthews, who has been j
lerking at Little Mountain is at;
:ome now.
Mr. Elisha Frick's barn was consumid
b'y fire Friday noon. It caught from
chrp^Hin? machine. Oats, wheat,
0 _ ,
otton and peanuts were stored in the I
While out walking Saturday, Mr. J. j
Sease received a fall and is suffer- [
ng from it.
Miss Eunice Connelly entertained a ;
umber of her friends Saturday evenAll
nrocont onirsVpH it VPT"V TYlHPil. i
li^ r\H V? ? J
Messrs. Berley Kibler and Ralph |
lease) went out hunting one morning
ast week, and caught an opossum that
fould weigh about 10 pounds.
Miss?s Bertha and Carrie Leo Bo- j
and were the guests of Mrs Delia
'annon Saturday.
Mr. Pat Boland and wife spent Sun-ay
with Mr. P. J. Bowers.
Misses Minniei and Mary Lindler
>Tere visitors at the home of Miss -losie;
indler last week. jBarn
At about 1 o'clock Thursday morn-;
rig fire was discovered in the barn 011j
Ir. .J. L. Dickert's place on Route l,j
1-2 miles west of the- city. The barn |.
nd stables were destroyed with two;
ales; of seed cctton, all the farming;
mplements, wagon and harness. A
icrse made a narrow e-scap". The fire j
5 thought to have been of incendiary j
1 ~ oi'o-hItnr- i
Tlglll. 1 D6 1USS '?> ,
ioocI of $300, with no insurance.
Deatli of Mrs. IloiikitiirM.
Mrs. Martha A. E. Bouknight, after!
lingering illness, died at West End J
>n Wednesday night at 9 o'clock, at j
he ripe old age of S.~> years. The re- j
aains will on Friday morning be sbi? ed
on the 9.32 train to Ballenti.ic for
urial at Salem church. The deceas- j
d leaves a large family connection, j
.mong them over one hundred great;raind
and grandchildren. Among
ier surviving children are three sons,
Iessrs. J. R. and Wm. Bouknight, of,'
rewberry, and Mr. S. K. Bouknight,
f Columbia, formerly of X wberry.
Xow is the best time to subscrib?
Vi Tlie Herald and News.
Hallowe'en Party?Reformation Day at
Lutheran Church?Many Fair
Prosperity, Oct. 31.?Miss Lena Lester,
of the Columbia hospital, spent
odvomI r?0\r0 tViio- irool.- witVi Vior naf
OV/ T V/A Ui Utlju VAJllO ** VV/IV " ^/M*
enas, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Lester.
Revs. J. B. Umberger, of Walhalla,
and E. C. Cronk, of Columbia, have returned
to their espective homes, after
a visit to Rev. E. W. Leslie.
Mrg. Z. W. Bedenbaugh has as her
guest Miss Annie Milne, of Columbia.
Mr. and Mrs. V. E. Kohg are spending
the week in Columbia.
Mrsi Geo. Rikard and little Louise
Counts are spending a few days in
Helena with relatives.
Major W. B. Wise, c-f Little Mountain,
was in town Tuesday.
Prof, and Mrs. Lawrence Sease, of
1 1 rv rrr\ o r*r\ /\ cry i not r. Af
V^lClllOUUl WllCgU) CLL C IU^ gU^O'l^ \SL
Dr. G. Y. Hunter.
Mr. Mack A. Witherspoon, of Charleston,
spent the week-end with his
mother, Mrs. Alice Witherspoon.
Mrs. J. E. Hunter has returned to
Clemson college, after spending sev- j
eral 'lays with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. L. S. Bowers. ,j
Mrs. B. B. Schurapert left Thursday
for Savannah for several weeks' stay, i
t !
Mr. S. S. Birge has returned from a j
visit to his sister, Mrs. A. H. Kohn, 01 j
Columbia. |
Dr. J. I. Bedenbaugh and Messrs. i
J. F. Browne and H. J. Rawl were
business visitors in Columbia Tuesday, i
Mrs. F. E. Schumpert visited rel-!
atives in Newberry Tuesday.
Mrs. W. A. Moseley is in Columbia
'visiting her brother, Mr. B. S. Schum- j
pert. |
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Wise are spending
the week in Columbia the guests
of Mr. Abram Stork.
Reformation service will be held
In Grace Lutheran church next Tuesday
at 11 a. m. The sermon will be
preached by the Rev. L. G. M. Miller,
D. D., of the Lutheran Theological
Seminary, Columbia. The public is i
cordially invited. j
Mrs. J. E. Monts has gone to the i
Columbia hospital for treatment.
The Prosperity high school will give j
a Hallowe'en party in the town hall
November 8, for the benefit of the
school. Doors open 7.30. Admission
5 cents.
Quite a number of Prosperity people
are in Columbia attending the State
fair, who are as follows: Mr. and Mrs.
A. H. Hawkm-s Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
Counts, Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Morris, Mr.
and Mrs. R. T. Pugh, Mr. and Mrs. P.
C. Singley, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Baker,
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Dominick. Mr. and
Mrs. J. JB. Hartman, Mr. a\d Mrs. R.
D. Kinard, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Harmon,
Rev. and Mrs. S. C. Morris, Mr. and
1 i
Mrs. Jno. Cousin, Mr. and Mrs'. L. A. |
Sease, Mesdame-s Jno. Crasson, Eliza-;
beth DeWalt, Delia Shealy and J. F.
Browne. Messrs. W. B. Rikard, W. B.
Barnes, Boyd Bedenbaugh, W. J. Wise,
G. E. Dc.ninick. C. M. Harmon, A. B.
Wise, B. B. Mathis, J. C. Duncan, E. N.
Kibler, D. J. Taylor, B. B. Hair, J. D.
Lorick, Jake Elbaum, E. A. Counts, J. |
L. Fellers, C. K. Wheeler, W. I. Dom- j
inick, E. L. Wheeler, P. M. Scott, K.
G. Hair, G. W. Kinard, G. E. Hawkins,
Clyde Shealy, J. C. Schumpert, McFall
Wise, G. D. and W. H. Brown, Henry
rinnfflaKonrvi QnH fl V T-Tlintpi*'
v^uatn^uaum uuu u
Gertrude Bobb, Lillian Wise, Annie
Singley, Ruby Whseler, Doras Kohn,:
Mary DeWall, Ruth Hunter, Susan
Appearance Deceit ml.
Wednesday night a white man in a
very drunken condition was taken
flraia. the train to the guard house. He
was too far gone to tell anything, and!
was locked up. The chief thought the i
man was a hobo as there was nothing
to indicate ochsrwise. Next mornimg |
the recorder, too, thought the man j
was a tramp. Th y treated him a: j
became their humane nature, know-;
ing that he was a stranger in a strange
land, taking him to be dead broke. After
fixing him up and telling him to
depart in peace, the Strang 1* being j
somewhat nervous trcm overindul-!
se:ice, asked the record r to < 3i-.ni his,
money, handing him his purse, as he j
wished to see if ir was alright. The:
t : 1 i .
recorder counted uiree jmhi uius, uno;
s."i) hi]], two $20 hills unci -nought -S10
lil's to mak? a ici.il of $4To. The
man turned out to be a Mason in gocd
standing, in business commanding a
fine salary and otlierw -.e alright. Record
r Karhardt a:id Chief Lomimrk
onlv acted the part of good Sarmaritans
and in a sen re they ent?rtained
an "angel" (?) unawares. The Strang
er had simply fallen into the hand of
convivial company at the State fair
and was put off at the \vro.:g place.
By the Rev. .1. K. Carlisle, at Centra]
jv.r-onn?e on Mond?'" Mr
J. L. Coward and Miss Edna l>a!lentine,
both of Mollohon.
The Sister of the First Groom Was
the Bride at the Second Carriage.
On Thursday there were two weddings
in the county, one in the morning
and one in the afternoon, when
four hearts that beat as two w?r:
madei happy. Although there were
four contracting parties there were
only three famaliee represe-nted. as one
of the groomsmen is a brother of one
cf the brides.
Both weddings were quiet home affairs,
no cards of invitations having
been extended.
At the hour of 11 o'clock, at the
residence of the bride's father, Capt.
W. D. Hardy, Mr. Hugh Milling Henderson
and Miss Helen O'Neall Hardy
were married by the Rev. 0. A. Jeffcoat.
All of Blairs. The bridal party
attended the second wedding.
At the hour of 4 o'clock in the afteri
noon, at the residence of the bride's
| parents, Mr. and Mrs. Stout N. Henderson,
Prof. Coke Smith Lykes, of Clem|
son college, and Miss Kate Margaret
j Henderson, of Blairs, were married
by the Rev. William Hamilton.
At the first marriage Mr. Frank Lee.
of Jacksonville^ Fla., was best man
and Miss Mary Hardy, sister of the
bride, was maid of honor.
At the second marriage, Mr. Carlisle
Lykes, brother of the groom, was best
?nan and Miss Jessie Rutherford, the
bride's cousin, maid of honor.
One of the most interesting things
to mention in connection with these
marriages is that Mrs. Hugh M. Henderson
(nee Miss Helen Hardy) makes
the -eighth Henderson bride to have
been brought ot the old Henderson
home on Enoree river.
Mr. Henderson and his bride left
for Savannah and Mr. Lykes and his
bride for Clemson, both brides having
married in their traveling suits, Mre.
Henderson in a grey and Mrs. Lykes
in a navy blue coat suit.
Thei Herald and News extends congratulations
to all and the best of
wishes to each for plenty of happiness!
and prosperity. They have a great!
- ~ ai? I
host-Of trieiKls to join in ine reiraau,
as- the two couples are popular in their
own rights and are of the most prominent
Church of the Redeemer.
(Rev. Ec'lw. Fulenwider, Pastor).
Nothing preventing, the following
will be the program of divine services
at the Lutheran Church of the
Redeemer next Sunday:
11 a. m.?The regular morning service.
The pastor will preach on the
subject: "Approving Things That Are
Excellent." "Wfe meed not know so
much what a man says or pretends,
but let us know what he actually approves
and we can tell just where he
stands. Some interesting and important
thoughts will be presented in the
sermon. At this service the quartette
that has been doing such splendid
singing that has called forth much
favorable comment, will sing.
8 p. m.?The -subject of the sermon
will be: "The four Great Rules of
Life." There will be good music.
4 p. m.?Sunday school meets.
The public is cordially invited to all
the services.
FOR SALE?Car load of Tennessee
hogs just received at G. W. Jacobs'
stable. ll-l-3t.
tlAT'YTl mV>/% rto.'t t'h p hp-Jt
JT I. -^ I' JL HC Ji/i Ci\_/ V/ CV-/ ^VL */**v v v. ?
blacksmith ccal at the right price.
Apply at Gibson's shop, or write W.
H. Caldwell, Prosperity, S. C. 11 -l-3t
WANTED?Position as retail salesman.
I am an experienced salesman
an'd can furnish good references.
Salesman, care Herald and
Xevvis., Newberry, S. C. 11-1-ot.
>EW oyster parlor and restaurant
opened next door to Baxter's undertaking
business, by R. L. Kingsmore.
""n IJT.'VT ^ Q_r?nr>it-i in
r U li I\ L I Ulic t> X VV1U WVV**0N/
South street, at $5 per month. Apply
to T. M. Sanders. 11-1-3t.
FOR S.H.E?Two good mules at a bargain.
Apply to J. S. J. Suber. Sirother,
S. C. 11-1-11.
FOR JviLF?0nc mare mule, six years
o'd. Apply to J. S. Smith. Prosper- i
ity. S. C., R. P. I). So. 1. 11-1-11.
DIu J. K. MILDER. .JR., Dental Parlors,
in postoffiee building, corner
Caldwell and Friend streets.
10-29-tf .
voi? c v II'?" :u-rps land, well tim
i \rii
bered and plenty of water, in No. 10
township. If not sold by private
sale before the first .Monday in Decern
bpr T will offer for sale at public
outcry before the court house at
Xewberry, S. C.. during the legal
hours of sale. Terms: One-thin.'
cash, balance in one and two yen":with
privilege of paying all i?i
if desired. Purchaser to nay fo* j
papers. M. C. Moore. 10-22-6?-! tau i
Newberry. |
. (Corrected by Nat Gist).
Cotton 11% (
(By Robt. McC. Holmes.) i
| Cotton 11% <
(Summer Bros. Co.) t
Seed 28%
Little Mountain. i
(By w. B. Wise). 1
Pnttnn 11V. 112?
J. J. /% W XX 7a
Seed, per 100 90
Whit mire.
Cotton 11^
Seed 3^ \
Cotton 11%
Seed 30
Chappells. *, &
Cotton 11% M
Seed, per 100 1.05
Cotton 11 7-16
Seed, per 100 90 i
Cotton 11%
CnnA 001/
UCCU . . ...
Cotton 11.40
Seed 28^6
One Cent a Word. No advertisement
taken for lest
than 25 cents.
LOST?Several weeks ago, pair gold
rimmed spectacles. Please leave at
TT?_? 1.3 1 X* e__
i nciaiu ami :>ews omce.
SEE J. L. BURNS for fresh fish. %
GENTS coat chains, $1.50 and np, at |
Williamson's. 9-24-tf.cos |
CALL OX J. L. BURNS for fresh fish.
XEW STOCK lavallieres, crosses,
lockets and neckchains at Williamson's.
9-24-tf.m (
SEE J. L. BURNS for fancy groceries.
. ?
NEW LIXE of gold cuff buttons, $2 and
up, at Williamson's. 9-24-tL ,
CALL at J. L. Burns' for all kinds of
fruit. 10-28-lm.
FOR SALE?One 3-horse disc plow,
one feed cutter, one 2-horse wagon,
one disc harrow. Apply P. R. Hunter,
old court house. 10-25-fcf.
10-25-tf. r'
MR POULTRY^AN : If von arp not eftt
ting eggs, don't blame the chickens;
help them along by feeding Conkey's ?
Laying Tonic. Gilder & Weke has it.
count of the rain last Saturday the
auction sale of buggies was postpon- - 4
ed until Saturday, October 26, 1912,
at my stables in Newberry. W. H.
FOR SALE?117 a<ires of land, to be
sold the first Monday in November,
at Newberry, belonging to the estate
of Mrs. Elizabeth Moore, Joined by
L. D. Morris, Belton Stockman an? '
Burr Connelly and Calk Ferry road. j
Two dwellings, good barn and a good
well of water, in almost a stone's ^
throw of a good school. Terms of '
sale, cash, being sold for a division
of heirs. M. C. Morris, Prosperity,
S. C. 10-22-31
FOR RE XT?Good two-horse farm
near good school. Apply B. P.
Davis care A. N. Boland, Little
Mountain. 10-lC-tt.
hundred and ninety-five acres joining
the county home. Twenty-four
acres a mile from there. Home place
40 acres, just out side of the incorporation,
with nine rented hoilses
and one very large dwelling. Twenty-one
and one-half acres on the
Southern railroad, and joins the
Mollohon mill, thirteen acres on the
Coast Line road half mile f^om in- M
corporation. Sold on easy term^. '
Antine Bushardt. 10-15-6t.
FOR RE XT?For one year or longer
from January 1, next the Old Towar *
plantation containing 960 acres,
more or less, supposed to have iu
cultivation about a thirteen horse
farm. Dwelling, barn, numerous
tenant houses and necessary outbuildings.
Valuable corn lands on
Saluda river. Railroad station on
j,lace. For particulars address. F.
\Wrber, Jr., Berwvn, Maryland, tf.
Wilson wrote* the ? J
most interesting story of the Amer- 1
ican people ever written. It is th<? "
story of our country's lire irom ear\
liest times to the point where history
and the present meet. Write Harper
& Brothers, Franklin Square,
New York, for full particulars.
8-23-25 and' 11-12-d.
MONEY TO LEND?Money to lend on
real estate. Long time ^nd easy
.,o..monto Wmif- TTnnt Sr. Hunter.
' j a * me inc. i x u 4* ? ? ?
A CAI? of special grain fertilizer has \
arrived. For further particulars*- *
r j?! o" P J. Kohn, Prosperity. .
r, rf

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