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<.nks isi.i;ask ivn isonv <a aki>.
btiwTjior \s^ins .1. VriiiNtronc: Chalonfr
No Harm Will Befall Him
While in South Carolina
Columbia, bee. 10. John Armstrong
Chalor.er. the New York-Virginia millionaire.
whose iirearecratin 1*1:.o>i\ingdale
asylum, its New V >r.k. a> the
dial's.- o; h>. <u>. and his subsequent
?-si:ap?* to Viijriir.a. ;.m! f-rfo 's to recover
his New York prop wnic.-i
riivnnfl m-nv / > , r / .01 mi 11 f? - ?
by the cc:i: - ul.en !i u;i.nt
lo i1!.' asylum, bro.-.g'it into ,
tional prominence by hi.. >igiu en !i:n<n
v laws, has writt n Gov. Uleast a ^k-j
ina for a sate conduct and a body
?uarxl during a visit he wants to make;
to Columbia. The letter was received,
this morn in.2, at the governor's office!
along with a lot of newspaper clippings
detailing the lectures of Mr.
Chaloner on the lunacy laws. i
Mr. Chaloner, in his will, left $500,-!
tXK) to Virginia a.id North Carolina col-1
leges. He is considered sane in North ;
Carolina. Virginia and South Carolina,)
and lie takes refuge in the first two!
States. As things now are he is under j
the ban in New York, where so much ,
oi his property now exists.
To Interview Dr. Mitchell.
It is, says Mr. Chaloner in his letter-'
to the governor asking tor a body!
guard, for the purpose of holding an ;
interview with the president of the
1 ;
University of South Carolina, that h? |
wants to come to Columbia and asks
for a. safe conduct and a body guard J
I'or the purpose. He says that he has I
willed $10,000 to the I'niversity of i
South Carolina. $10,000 to the College
of Charleston, $10,000 to the Citadel:
and $10,000 to Clemson. He wants an |
interview with the governor and says
that he will arrive at Hamlet, X. C., i
on Friday night and to have the body!
guard meet him there and he will come ;
to Columbia on Saturday, transact his i
business here and return to Hamlet!
that night.
The governor replied, through his I
private secretary, that he did not think
}ir. Chaloner needed a body guard,1
and cited him to the fact that he!
couldn't bf arrested and taken from '
this State without a requisition.
Mr. Cha loner says that he has rela- j
tives in Charleston, who he tears would!
rush hiili 011 a yacht and have him
returned to New York aad Bloom(ng- j
. dale asylum.
His story of the origin of the fu-ed |
between him and his family is that it
was while he was paying attention to
Miss Amelia Rives, the novelist, whom
he later mairied, and who is now;
Princess Troub stkoy, that her novel.
"The Quick and the Dead," appeared
in a magazine. His brother, YVinthrop
Astor Cliander, wricte "sarcastic comnients"
on the margin of a copy and
mailed U to him. As a result only one i
member of the Chaloner family of hL i
seven brothers and sisters was invited I
to his wedding at Castle Hill, in Al- j
Wants Judge Impeached.
It was Federal Judge Holt, who committal
f^ulnnpr 10 the asvlum. and I
he is trying to have the judge im-'
peached. Me says that he has scattered
oetiiio s throughout Virginia,
th ai'.J South Oaioiina asking tne j
to sign .ind forward them to
Congress 'lor this purpose. He has!
also addressed a letter to President
Tail asking for a safe conduct so he|
can eo to Washington and lay his fight:
u gainst the lunacy laws before the j
judiciary committee of the house.
-Air. Chaloner is o.e of the most in-!
reresting figures before the country ,
llorii of a wealthy family in Xew York,
and inheriting a considerable fortune,!
iu> fell out with his family, who thought:
his doings so eccentric that they ap-1
plied for a writ to have him placed j
ir an insane asylum and his property j
to be managed by a committee appoint- ;
< d by Uie court. He was pronounced;
insane and committed to Bloomingdale\
asylum, from which he effected his j
escape and went to Virginia, where he j
had landed interests. roFm his re-j
fi,rr-rnnilifted his fight to:
llrclC Ull. I I. i?v v, ^ _ _
have the New York courts declare him '
sane and to leturn his property to him. j
This lie has never yet accomplished, j
although lie is held to be sane in Vir-;
ginia, North and South Carolina, and
Xew York can't get him.
Changed His Name.
When he went to Virginia he changed
his name to Chaloner, and is well
known throughout tie State. His fight
against the lunacy laws in New York
and other States has attracted nationwide
attention, ana he is today declared
to be the best authority 021 this
subject in the country. He has lectured
throughout Virginia and Xorth
Carolina, and is at present in Raleigh,
X. C.y the guest cf Mr. and Mrs. William
J. Andrews, and at a large reception
given in his honor there last
week over 150 guests, including Governor
and Mrs. Kitchin and Judge Walter
Clark, Chi# f .Justice of the supreme
court, attended.
Mi*. Chaloner is a widely traveled
:: ::rl wond< rfully r ad man, having at'
tended school in Kngland and visits
ma ay parts of the world.
Through his private secretary, Mr
.John K. Aull, Governor Blease addressed
the following reply to Mr. Chaloner's
Governor HI ease's Reply.
"Governor Blease is in receipt ol
your communication of December 17
. . i : in >ii- i-nii i'-iT vnnt
UlHi UJi wis ijit- iu maun n,i jvm.
inti-jvj-'t in tin' ducational institutions
South Carolina, and to express the
hoi-<* that you may be successful in
carrying out your intention to leave
ten thousand dollars each to the University
-cf South Carolina, Clemson
college, the College of Charleston and
tho Citadel.
"The governor notes that you state
your relative s are attempting to break
your will by having you declared insane.
it is respectfully suggested for
your consideration that ; ou might obviate
this difficulty by sending the in
stitutions a certified check for the
amounts you dtsire to give them, arid
then there would be no need for a will;
and in addition you would have the
pleasure, during your life-time, of
realizing the great benfits of your
beneficence. If you would send to me,
as secretary to the governor, or to the
governor himself, a check for the entire
amount, for the benefit of the institutions,
it would be sent out to them
Thinks Body Guard Unnecessary.
"Governor Mease directs me to say
that he feels sure you would not need
a body guard to travel in South Carolina:
that the laws of this State, as of
the other Stat: s, are very strict in
and carrying them out of the State, a
requisition, honored by the governor
being necessary for this purpose, and
those proceeding without a requisition
being guilty of kidnapping.
"I am sure the president of the
South Carolina university would be
delighted to see one who is so kindly
disposed towards this and other institutions
of the State. Governor Blease
is himself extremely busy at this sea
son of the year, but will assisi in anvv
way he can your worthy effort to help
the institutions of this State.
"I trust you will find this letter satisfactory."
<$><$><$><&<?><$> ?>$><$<&<?><$<?><?><&<?><$>
<s> <S>
Speers Street School.
First Grade?Edna Sanders. Gladys
Havird, Margaret Farrow, Lois Burton,
ifuth Long, Buby Reddick, Azile Whitaker,
Mildred Perry, J. \V. Earhardt,
Jr.. Teddy McDowell) Tom Sligh, La
mar l>ailes, James Nobles, Ross Wilson.
Second Grade?Caroline Weeks, Delnar
Bailes, Elizabeth Harms, Troxelle
Wright, }Iarie Long, Essie Robinson,
Blanche Long, Etha Taylor, Cor.tez
Sanders, Leland Wilson, .lohn EppS,
Caldwell Derrick, William Eddy, Clarence
Pitts, Elliott Davenport, Hubert
S tzler, Griffin Williams.
Third Grade?Louise Thomas, Wil
iain McSwair., Edith Wilson, Evelyn
Fourth Grade?Mary Alice Stiber,
Harry Koon, Aumerle Eargle.
^-1 ?3^ Qotyiov Abbie
i* I I lil (j I (Ull nu "111 KJ ,
Gaillard, Sue Ella Peterson, Susi?
Claude Wilson.
Sixth Grade?Emily Hoof, Nancy
Fox, Thos. Hair, Esulle Kibler, Clara
II raw ley, Gray Hayes, Geo. Amnions,
Ambrose Donohue, Annie Du niton,
Grace Eargle, Goel Wertz.
Seventh Grade?Annie Kinard, Jack
Dunston, Jce Vigodsky, Grace Wilbur,
Edward Davis, Sara Thompson, Gussie
Boundary Street School.
First Grade?Elizabeth BiacKweiaer,
Ella Van Bowman, Pauline Boozer,
Loula Mae Fellers, Mildred A. Livingston,
Louise Rogers, Albert Boyd, .las.
Burns, Howard Dean, George Fulenwider,
Boyce Glenn, Claude Hornsby,
Maxie Lever, Hassell Mimms, Herndon
Second . Grade?Wadsley Anderson,
Wright Cannon, Buford Cromer, Gertrude
Dean, William Matthews, Angus
tus Pifer, Ruby SiiglirT. W. Smith, Jr.,
Garland Taylor, Boyd Wheeler.
Fourth Grad(?Frediia Schumpert,
Marie Schumpert, Ella Dunn, Colie
lilease, Mildred Worts, Daisy Wix, Edward
Epting, William Jones, Legare
Tarrant, .John Chappell, Harold Hipp;
Everett Hipp, James Wallace, Henry
! Lc-r.i:uol;, Otio Gregory.
" rr
a iiirci Grade?rrcunu ~
Clark Floyd, Prances Jones, Mry Frances
Jones, Alliene Dunn, Janie Del!
Paysinger, Carroll Summer, Hermar
Dickert, Olivia Stewart, Annie Ward
Hanie McGraw.
Fifth Grade?May Tarrant, Dagget
Norwood, Margaret Wertz, Edna Taylor.
Bryant Stribble, Mary Kleftner
Robert Schumpert, Hattie May Buford
Cora Ewarr. f^llie Boyd Parr.
Sixili Grade- A;*jif> Parr, Robert*
Mann, Ruth
C?s (aunt)::. I.. Qoul
- gai"?.l S?;? arm:i:i. Ruth Schumiier'
I Mary Wheeler, Pauline Fant. Sophi
I X?'l 1 Croiwrll.
; Seventh Grade Pfi'tha Ja'.i .1..:
George R-J-delsp rger, Margherita .Mat
tlH'.vs, Ruth Porter.
High School.
Tenth Grade?Amy Wertz. Mar
c Jones, Faye Rikard, Amelia Klettnei
?l .ieMiie AIoj ri.-;. Annie Lominick, G ni
' Wheeler. .James Gailard, Margare
? l?<'ii\vick.
j .Ninth Giade?Teressa Maybin, .Ma
11 noii i^ai iiarut, baia liailacie, Kosale
Summer. it uecca blign, Abrahau
\ igousky, Kosa AaiicK, Maud Aorams
I .seeiv LiGinci, -Viuiion jbaxier.
[ I
Eighth Grade?Henry Kikard, Ruti
i D'.goy, .)oe .\orwojd, Jfrance^ Wneeiei
EiaiiUg-e .ucowani, oooue Uurton
' l'Jbaise reterson, iMiuie Alae Parr, Join
; L/avcnport, Margaret Mcintosh, Martn;
! Kennerly, Mary Kibier.
West ?ud School.
| Third Grade?j^va Kooertson, Evj
! Rrster, Alice Thompson, Glenn Jones.
j Fourth Grade?Annie Mae BedenI
baugh, Bermee Campsen, Leona Frank
; lin, Mabel Jones, Fred Thomas, B. F
i Tompkins.
i Second Grade?Willie May Culbert
1 sen, Maze! Hiatt, Helen Jones, Lizzie
Morse, Ruby Taylor, Murrel Witt.
First Grade?James Evans, Tommi<
; Rushton, Kosa Kusnton, George Craps
Furman Bcaknight, Esteil Bouknight
Luther Bedenbaugh, Broaddus Davis
j Webster L>avjL, Eug-ciie Jones, Boyc
| riouertson, truest Lay ton, Myrtle Tew
; -Bertie Inabinet, Maxie Davis, Woli'orc
i Lever.
Doctor Accused of Aillicting- Women t(
Cure Obesity.
i m n?One of Peori;
i CVllil, ill.,
leading society women whose greatest
dread is getting fat. congratulate*:
a friend, whose weight had suddenly
decreased about 40 pounds, and asked
if she attributed her reduction oi
avoirdupois to Turkish baths.
i"I have been taking treatment of l)r
! . and the pills he gave me are re
; sponsible for this liappy result.
The society woman accompanied hei
! friend to the doctor's office, and pak
! $25 for two rather large and suspiciou<
j looking* pills, guaranteed to reduce hei
! weight 50 pounds within six months
1 She decided, however, to consult hei
husband before taking the capsules,
i The husband sent the pills to Washington
to he analyzed 1>v the public
health service. In a few days a.govern
?ment secret official called upon him am
informed him that each pill containec
' % i*i ? .1. 1 i__ r ,
the head and nrsr nnk oi me uouy m i
' tape worm and sufficient nourishment t(
maintain life for probably a week, am
that the secret of the weight reduction:
! accomplished lay wholly in the success
fill introduction of the creature into th<
. stomachs of the patients and the con
! sequent debilitating effects.
Notice is hereby given that the annual
meeting of the stockholders o
! the People's National bank, of Pros
perity, S will be held at the bank
ing house in Prosperity on Tuesday
! January 14, 1913, at 1 o'clock p. in.
R. T. Pugh,
Cashier. ?
| 12-20-td.
i ?? " " ~
Lyles Whitener, Mattie Jones, ant
j Laura D. Whitener, Plaintiffs,
I^amar Whitener, Carey W. Jones an<
j Polly Summer, Defendants.
Under order of the Court herein
j will sell at public auction at Newberr:
j Court House within tlie legal hour:
of sale to the highest bidder therefor
! on Monday, salesday, the 6th day o
| January, 1913, the two following de
scribed lots of land lying and beinj
; situate in the town of Newberry, Coun
i ty of Xewberrv, State of South Caro
; lina, described as follows, to wit:
* "* ' 1 - ?- t-j. ^ ?? 1 3 .
'! Ail tnat tract or lot 01 iu.nu iviuj
j and being in the corporate limits o
j the town of Newberry, in the Count;
j or' Newberry, State of South Carolina
: j containing one-sixteenth of an acre
] more or less, bounded by lands of I
'! H. Whitener, Henry Kennedy, Browi
- j & Moseley and by an alley-way tei
' i feet wide.
! Also, all that piecf-, parcel or lot o
'; land situate, lying and being in tha
*j portion of the town and County o
H Newberry, State of South Carolina
1 j known as Gravel Town, containin
' < twenty-nine oue-hundredths of an acr
i and bounded by lands of Henry Ken
1 n^dy, John A. Kinard, James H. X
Kinard and fronting and being o
'; Caldwell street.
'j Terms of sale: Cash. Purchaser t
pay for papers.
H. H. IMkard.
llfljjL Ma.s-cr.
kftp.iber 12. IS 12.
a |
> i 1^lfejs??Sk. jfi
'' Doif liii CHANCE
; Don't delay the placing of
11 that MONUMENT order any
' j longer if you wish the memorial
erected this fall. Winder
is but a few weeks away
| and then the inclement wea11
ther will prohibit its erection.
: An inspection of the mon
uments on display here and
"Ithose already erected and
; made by us will convince you
- = that 'you will make no mis3;
take in favoring us with the,
I order.
Newberry, 5. C.
' ! jmiU 1 JifclHHW'irCTBggara
| |
Eureka Violin Agency
(| Spartanburg, S. C.
Violins Repaired i
All kinds of violin repair:
. , i
j: work done with neatness ana j
"I High-class violins made on j
c order.
! The best materials used |
-land the most loving care.bestowed
on all work.
j! Ship violin in strong pack;
i ing box, wrapped carefully
''with soft material, express
'prepaid. Address:
: 270 S. Converse Si, Spartanburg, S. C,
! i
'! 1
ii Notice is heieoy given that the un-j
>; deraigned will make final settlement
1 as administratrix of the estate of EdI
i U'orto minrr rlwpfisprl in the
3 1 11, I I VA VfcJj J M ? w -W ?- -. v v. _
-j Probate Court oi Newberry County,
?! South Carolina, on January 3, 1913, at
. j 11 o'clock iu the ioreuoon, and will
immediately thereafter apply for her
. j discharge as such administratrix. All
persons holding claims against said,
estate will file same, as required by j
f j law and all persons indebted to j
_, said will make immediate settlement,
_! with the undersigned or her attori
Mrs. Lucretia J. Dawkins,
Guardian, i
I <
'1 Notice is hereby given that the un- j
| dersigned will make final settlement I
las gaurdain of the estate of Jack-;
j son Stuck, minor, deceased, in the
11 Probate Court of Newberry County, I
South Carolina, on January 4th, 1913,1
at 11 o'clock in the fcrenoon, and will
I immediately thereafter apply for discharge
as such administrator. All per[
| sons holding claims against said espjtate,
will file same, as required by
31 law, and all persons indebted to said
. j e-tfate will make immediate settle
t-;ment, with the undersigned.
J J. W. Stuck,11
* Guardian.
. j 12-6-41.
. -? ?
I will sell at public outcrv at the
y , .
I\ Xewberry Court House on January 6,
11 *
j 1913, salesday, if not sold before -it
| private sale, my place, lying near
': Halfacres mill, containing one hun
' | dred acres, with good dwelling. ne*.v
" j barn and necessary outbuildings, and
, fine pasture wired in, excellent neigh"
| borhood and healthy location. Terms,
! one-third cash, one-third in one year
* and one-third in two years time.
t M. C. Moore.
f : :
" " An x-pirnnnnr
g UUL.M 1 IT ^nuccinui,
- George S. Mower, Treasurer of Ers[.1
kine College, Plaintiff,
n against
Emma Malion, Defendant,
o P>y virtue of an order of Court herein.
F wi'l soil befor;- 'ho Court Ho-:?'"*
at Newberry, South Carolina. Monday,
the '.;-.h day of .January. *'>?>. virhin
. lie legal he-:", of sal , to the highest
H. B. WEL1
Ed. W. Rowland and
Prices $1.51
< J11 Mil 1 liWfc
| Carload Mule:
I Just Rc
I I have just rece
1 good, first-class i|
that I will sell foi
ITT 111 11 uuv* Come
and ins]
you are thinking
see what I have t
n k II
d. A. n
Red Stables in re a
' *?
Ask any g-ood doctor
what lie thinks of the
judicious use of pure, old I
wniskev. and he will tell yj
i" J '
you that it is the best
sort of a tonic and in- /jsJj
vigorator. But you must flM
choose the right kind ivilh
care?a poor whiskey will
do more harm than a -
good whiskey can do
good. When you buy SU.\*
Th- PURE FOOD Whiskey -?551
Tft Un>ny j
?yo.u have the guarantee ~'"~
of the largest distillers of
fine whiskey in the world
I I I j IKj * pB ^ K * Y
I Send yoi
Chattanooga, T<
IlHi?? II'I Hi
1 All that lot, piece or parcel of lana
: lying and situate in the Town of Newberry,
county and Slate aforesaid, coni
raining one half (1-2) acre, more or
1 less, on the corner of Adams and Cal
houn street of said town and bounded
j on the north by Calhoun street, on the
' east and south by land of P. E. Scott
^ TL'act
and M. Ij. spearman auu uu ?.iic
' by Adams street.
Terms of sale: On* third of the puri
chase money to be paid in cash, the
i balance in two equal annual instal:
ments, with interest from day of sale
i at the rate of eight per cent, per an'
num, payable annually until paid in
full, the credit portion to be secured
by bond of the purchaser and a mortgage
of the premises sold, with 1-ave
to the purchaser to pay all ca.-h?parI.
L,S, Manager.
Edwin Clifford (Inc.)
he Great New York Chi- .
ago and Boston Success
!.AY WRIGHT in the WORLD o,
Si.00 75, 50 and 25c.
s and Horses ,
sceived r
;ived a carload of
lorses and Mules
cash, credit, or
pect the stock if
of buying, and
o offer you.
ir of Court House. I
32 BROOK j
that it is the very be?t and
IB/; purest that money and
skill can produce?a whiskey
scientifically distilled and
I BJv. carejully aged for the express
nHtakX purpose of being used as a
[a healthful stimulant in the
home. q
"S?A v-" The PURE FOOD Whiskey
-*"* is distilled, aged and bottled
?Rnnfik' *R bonc* un^<;r tliedirect sup- "NIYDROu^
ervision of U.S. Given/went
[ISKE.V Inspectors, and the (JiC^n
r.? cflun . ? Government Stamp that se;il3
each bottle gruaninrecs that the
??isu?i-",c0 contents are genuine,?traijrh*,
natural whi*key, properly ma
tured. and full U. S. Standard
\100- -') proof.
inn., Distributors. I 1
cliasor to pay for papers and recording
same, and to forthwith insure the
; buildings on the premises in a sum not
less than the credit portion and assigu
, the insurance policy to the Master aa
additional security.
H. H. Rikard, *
I Master's office, Dec. 11, 1912.
} The regular annual meeting of the
! share-holders of the National Bank of
I Newberry, S. C., will be held in the
1 president's office on the 2nd Tuesday I
of January, 1913, at 12 o'clock m., for
; the election of directors, and such oth- ? M
1 er business a= may come before said
r* r\ r* :r u
mtteune. it. u. o:un.a.

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