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Madero and S
< My:
Members of Guard Having Prisoners
* i - ? A YYsiljl
in eiiargre Are Arrested hiiu nci?
Pending Inquiry.
Mexico City, Feb. 23.?Francisco I.
, ' Madero and Jose Pino Suarez are
___ dead. In a midnight ride under guard
from the National palace to the peni-?
i ?r-iii^/i
lenuary iiiej wuc nmw.
The circumstances surrounding the
death of the deposed president and
vice president of the republic are unknown,
except as given in official accounts,
which do not in all cases conform.
The only witnesses were those
actually concerned in the killing.
The provisional president, Gen.
Victoriano Huerta, says the killing of
the two was incidental to a fight be
tween th'eir guard and a party at,
tempting to liberate them. The minister
of foreign relations, Francisco tie
la Barra, adds that the prisoners at
tempted to escape. Neither makes a
s definite statement as to which side
fired the fatal shots. It is not impossible
that neither knows.
An official investigation has been
ordered to determine the responsibility
and promises have been made that the
t guilty will be punished.
The President's Story.
The following official statement of
President Huerta was given out at ihe
1 palace:
"I called together the cabinet to
report that Madero and Pino Su'irez,
who had been detained at the painceat
the disposition of the war department,
were taken to the penitentiary
in accordance with a previous decision,
as the result of which that establish
-? * a A?
ment was piaceu yesterua.,)' auciuuuii
j under the charge of an army officer
for its better security.
"When the automobiles had traversed
about two-thirds of the way to the
penitentiary, however, they were attacked
by an armed group and the escort
deserted the machines to offer resistance.
Suddenly the group grew
larger and the prisoners tried to escape.
"An exchange of shots then took
place in which two of the attacking
party were killed and two wounded.
TJrvtVi nricnupre wprp Villpd Thp ail
tomobil-es were badly damaged.
"The president arid his cabinet
have resolved that th? affair shall b^
.consigned to the military judicial authorities
having to do with the attempts
against military prisoner* such
as were Madero and Pino Snare/, so
that they may make a strict inv>sti
gation with the direct intervention 01
^ , the military posecutor general.''
House Member from Abbeville County
Announces Candidacy.
% Columbia, F-eb. 20.?Mr. J. Howard
Moore, representative from Abbeville,
definitelv announced tonight that he
would be a candidate for lieutenant
* governor next year hence.
t .
X j Freckles
Characters i
uarez Shot Do
stery SurrouL
nnrninrn ta kpT
rtt&rAftLu iu ati
' Attart nr Fsnression of Mo?) Violence
Will be Signal for Active
Washington, Feb. 23.?The killing of
j Francisco Madero and Pino Saurez,
i deposed president and vice president
of Mexico, after provisional President
Huerta had assured American Ambas;
sador Wilson of th-e safety of his
prisoners fiom just such attacks,
created a painful impression in administration
circles here today.
When the first feeling of surprise
had passed it was realized by officials
that this last tragic event had added
greatly to the gravity of the situation
and undoubtedly had placed an adI
ditional strain upon the already tense
relations between this government and
that in the Mexican capital. Still, as
President Taft himself declared, the
event in itself was not sufficient to
iemand any departure from the policy
of strict non-intervention which so far
has governed nis aaminisirauon.
Probably the immediate result will
be to hasten the military and naval
preparations in order to have the so1diers
and sailors and marines ready to
answer a call for i.istant embarkation
if further developments in Mexico
should demand their employment.
Elder Diaz in Egypt.
' Cairo, Egypt, February 22.?The
statement published in the United
States that Porfirio Diaz, the former
dictator of Mexico, had returned to
Cairo from his trip up the Nile is without
J Gen. Diaz, who is still in his bnai o'i
the Nile, replied today to a telegraphic
inquiry with the following dispatch
"Luxor, February 22, 6.455 P. M.?
I feel I cannot express any opinion of
; the Mexican situation. My absolute
i aloofness from the politics of my country
precludes me from doing it.
(Signed) "Por^rio Diaz."
The proprietors of the hotel at which
he stays in Cairo are in constant communication
with Gen. Diaz and declare
they have not heard any expression of
his intention of making an early return
to Mexico.
Results in Clash.
Douglas, Ariz., Feb. 22.? P.eiusil
| of th-e Sonora State government to
rwn<Tuiyp opti Hnerta as Dresident of
Mexico resulted today in a clash bei
twr?e:i* Elib Calos, commanding the
State troops, and Gen. Ojeda, the rebt}
commander at Agna Prieta, Callos
j livjcL 10 this city on threats, he said,
! of b,?ing hanged for refusing to recognize
Huerta. The State troops in the
border town are Yaqui Indians. Governor
Mayterena had ordered the State
| troops not to recognize the new pro|
visional government.
Angel We
n "Freckles," Opera
ids the A ffail
Mexican Government is Confronted
j With Task of Showing How Men
U'A?n Villo/1
ITCiC liiiicu*
Washington, Feb. 23.?Ambassador
Henry I^ane Wilson telegraphed the
state department tonight that Francisco
de la Barra, minister for foreign
affairs, had invited all foreign diplomats
in Meico City to take luncheon
with him tomorrow. The ambassador
stated that none of the diplomats would
attend the luncheon unless the tragic
death early today of former President
' ' ? " tt - _ ? r>
.uaciero ana iormer vice* noiucm
Suarez is cleared of mystery.
President Taft, upon his return
from New York tonight, found a telrgrain
from A.mbassador Wilson at
Meico City telling of the killing of
former President Madero and former
Vice President Suarez. The president
added nothing to his statement in
New Xork, in which he said there was
as yet no cause for intervention.
Mr. Wilson explained that the em
bassy was informed of the tragedy
last night by Minister of Foreign Affairs
d-e la Bara, who said that the
deposed leaders were killed while being
transferred from the National palace
to the penitentiary. Senor de la
Barra asserted that the transfer was
Deing maae 10 anoru grtaier security
for the two prisoners, pending the
abatement of public excitement, and
because tliey could be bett-r quarter
ed in the penitentiary, which is of
modern construction.
! Gen. Huerta, provisional president,
declared to the ambassador that there
ti'/mi 1A Ka rr-i A nf oil
v\v;uiu UC a a i^iu v* u*4
the circumstances. ?,
Man Wanted for Bigamy Had Escaped
| From Train?Sheriff McCain Will
Go Back for Man.
! fVi.a Qtato
! Eugene Campbell, alias C. E. Tucker,
wanted in Columbia on a charge
of bigamy and who escaped from the
custody of Sheriff J. C. McCain while
being brought back from Atlanta, has
been recaptured.
Sheriff McCain yesterday received s
' telegram from the assistant chief oi
; police in Atlanta as follows: "Tuc?\<:i
; recaptured. Come with papers an 1 gel
him." The sheriff said yesterday tivr
he had alays had the belief that Campbell,
after his escape, had made hv>
way back to Atlanta, and had writtei
the Georgia officers to keep a clos-:
watch for him.
i No details of Campbell's captur-'
have been received by the sheriff only
the bare statement of his caj-rurt
having been communicated to him
Sheriff McCain will leave this mo/nins
for Atlanta, taking with him th?? prig1
**nioif i An t-*o nnro
( nidi i cquioiiiun
Campbell, it is charged, whi1 ^ having
a living wife, on February 12 marj
ried Miss Emma Smalls, daughter ol
D. M. Smalls, of this city. Aft?r t.heii
marriage they went to Atlanta on a
; trip and it was then that the chargf
House Thursday, F
4 I
' w!" ')hr.imy was mail*'. He w - : iv.-ted
, ii. Atlanta, and Sheriff .\K ' ':t; 1. w 11? j
1 i_
j after him On tli retur : trip with;
j Campbell, he escaped .from -h ? Ifice. I
! under a pretext of a visit v th?- t..il< 1 j
I . I
r (Oiiipartment cf tue car by jumping;
j througn *\ c window as the iiam was
I leaving Greenwood. The telegram re|
ceiv^d yesterday was the fir S. intimation
had of Campbell's whereabji:*s
since his flight.
i The sheriff expressed himself yes- i
terday as being "the happiest man in
j Columbia" on account of the capture.
ilt is Fxnected That liiiverslty will
- g. - - _ (
bo Well Represented in Parade
March 4.
| The students of the University of
South Carolina have be-n invited to
participate in the i.iaugural parade
| at Washington, March 4. A large
number of the young men are anticipating
attending. If any alumni
of the institution, or any one in CoI
T- * +/\ rrr\+ Am tVlQ CHTYiP
iumuia wuum ime 5^1 vh mv .
ticket with the students so as to get
the reduced rate, they are requested
to confer with W. H. Scott, president
of the student body, at the university.
Decrease in Liquor Sales.
The total sales for the dispensaries
in senven counties of the State January.
amounted to $204,504.43, according
to a statement issued by M.
------ - _ Jii rru,-,.
H. Mobiey, aispensary auunui. nuoi
is a decrease as compared with Jan- j
uary. The operating expenses for!
.January amounted to $10,988.22.
< barged With Assault and Battery on
Young White Man.
Manning, Feb. 23.?A negro boy
named Marion Cantri, aged 17 years,
, was shot to death by a mob of 12 or
ir> masked men at Tindal's Mill, six
miles west of Manning, about 1 or z
| o'clock this morning.
The boy had b-sen arrested for assault
and battery on a young white
man named Joe Mims and was sent up
for trial by the magistrate at Paxville.
The magistrate's constable started to
Manning to lodge the prisoner in jail,
[ but after traveling about four miles
he was overtaken by an armed mob
who took the prisoner and shot him.
Coroner Gray held an inquest today
but no evidence was elicited to
' indicate who composed the mob. The
1! jury returned -a verdict that the de!
i ceased came to death from gunshot
* j wounds at the hands of parties un51
WHEREAS, one-third of the resi1
. *
k i dent electors and a like proportion of
r J the resident freeholders of the age oi
. i 21 years, of .Hartford School District
No. 11. of Newberry County, State of
i South Carolina, have filed a petition
>: with the County Board of Education
I *
. of Newberry County, South Carolina;
> I petitioning and requesting that an
. j election be held in the said School
i j District on the question ot levying a
. | special annual tax of four mills, to 6e
r! collected on the property located in
. the said School District.
NOW, THEREFORE, the undersigned,
composing the County Board of
- Education for Newberry County, South
' Carolina, do hereby order the Board
of Trustees of the said School District
l No. 11 (Hartford School District) to
s hold an election on the said question
ebruary 27th.
of It-vying a four mill tax 10 bo collected
on ill-- property locat d in the
said School District, which said election
shall bo hold at Hartford School
House, in the said School I) strict No.
11, on Thursday February 27, 1913 at
which >aid election the polls shall be
opened at 7 o'clock in the forenoon
and closed at 4 o'clock in the at
noon. The members of the Beard of
- ? - -3 n _t 1
irusiees or saiu acnuui uismti .->???!
act as managers of said election. Only
such electors as reside in said School
District and return real or personal
property for taxation, and who exhibit
their tax receipts and registration certificates
as required in general elections
shall be allowed to vote. Electors
favoring the levying of the said
tax shall cast a ballot containing the
word "yes" printed or written tnereon,
and each elector opposed to such
levy shall cast a ballot containing the
word "no" written or printed thereon.
Given under our hands and seal on
February 8, 1913.
E. H. Aull.
E. O. Counts.
J. S. Wheeler.
County Board of Education for Newberry
County, South Carolina.
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By a Little Tot
Here is a story worth telling.
It is true and names are omitted
only because there is no use to
print them. It happened in
Raleigh, North Carolina, and t'.ie
place was Christ's Church. The
Sunday School teacher had asked
"what is a Miracle?" and finally
a little tot who looked wise, and
who had remembered, held up his
The teacher asked him to tell
her what was a miracle.
The little fellow replied: "Mam^
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