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Monday, Marcn 3, ihi*.
j. ?=f
; i
Verarara Assaulted by Federals Kept j
Three Days in Prison and Then 1
Taken Out to His Death.
rvvK or ?Plompntn t
iXir QO, 1 CXiiS, ri'u. ,
t Vergara, American citizen, was as- <
L saulted by Mexican federal soldiers'<
T K)n the Mexican side of the Rio Grande j t
and imprisoned at Hildaga February f
13. Two days later he was hanged i c
from a tree three miles from that!
city and the b:dy was left uncared for j
until two days ago, when it was se- <
nrfitlv removed ! 1
JL This, it is stated, was established <
o the satisfaction of United States *
( Consul Garrett and S. J. Hill, broth- <
er-in-law of Vergara, who today went t
to Hildago to investigate the death offi
the Texas ranchman. They returned
late tonight to Nuevo Laredo. Fed-i<'
, eral soldiers at Hidalgo, they said, j s
denied all knowledge of Vergaras'
death and Capt. Apolinico Rodriquez, '
commander there, was particularly 1
emphatic that Veragara and the horses \
which tae ra.nci.mctn claimed had <
been s:o en irom lain had been sent *
.s.^2- as. Hi.l. however,
IV JL. ViU. W*0 > ??.
taid -lie rec-g^zed the missing am- !
f rnals ani^n^ .,-e norses :idden by the '
iederal troopers. . ]
iil *>iexiC0. J
It was e^jnsneu taa: Vergara '
was seized on the Mexican bank ot 1
the river and net on ;.he island about
whicha question has arisen whetner 1
it is Mexican or American terricory. i
Mrs. Vergara witnessed the assault i
on her husband. Vergaa had been J
told by 'federal soldiers that Capt. ft
Rodrizuez wanted to set:le with him <
for seven stolen 'horses a:id, accom- /;
paniei by his nephew, crossed the <
# river. Tne boy ran and hid in the <
W brush wnen the soliders knocked his J
uncle unconscious and in view of the
distracted wife, watching from the
other bank, took him away to Hi- '<
~ ?
Mrs. Verga*a visited her husband in 1
jail tie following day and dressed his 3
wounds. On Sa:urday he was taken ;
f om prison, supposedly to be "trans- ^
f ferred to Piedras Negras. Later the^
body was seen hanging.
Saw tne (*;.ave. 1
Two days ago the LoJy disappeared ]
and a newly made grave in toe Hidago
cemezery was noticed by sev- 1
eras. Mexicans, who siuce ioia luc
Nuevo La eao police. h
Consul Garrett s.ated tonight thai 1
he was con. inced by the federal at- ;:
titude t-at it would have been dan-;;
fgerous for him to search for the b:d> j!
in the cemetery. Pie told Capt. Rod-! 1
v riguez that he would secure orders for
the removal of toe body. That no
mistake cculd have been made ij :be
identity of the man hung is assurea :]
by' the identificati:n or tne d^ay dj ;
half a dozen persons. Verga a was j
well known throughout that section. :
x._ Conflicting details in the story of p
(T Capt. Rodriguez aroused bitter dis- j <
y cussion here tonight. It was learned ,
that Rodriguez had tcld Consul
p Blocker that Vergara had joined the 1
I constitutionalists. Rodriguez denied J
thai he had ever received any o ders j
from the Piedras Negras commander, jj
Gen. (Alvarez, who told :he American j
authorities Vergara would be trans- j1
ferred there. The federal captain was j J
insistent, howeve", that the missing ]
man had been sent to Piedras Negras. ]
^ o 1
0'Sliaug^hnessy .Advised .to .Demand |
Huerta to Act.?Cabinet
With President.
- Washington, Feb. 2i.?Two hours;'
& of discussion of the Mexican situation j
in all its phases by President Wilsoii
and his cabinet today developed x >,
k unanimity of opinion that the -rime hat j1
F -liot yet arrived for any change in the j
policy of the Washington government, j
.Though still reserving judgment on
the. facts surrounding the execution of
William S. Benton, British subject, -the
president and his cabinet, it was *
learned authoritatively, were inclined 1
to regard of serious moment the hang- '
ing by 'Mexican federals of Clemente J
Yergara, an American citizen. Imme- I ^
diately after the cabinet meeting Secft
retary Bryan cabled Charge O'Shaugh
I nessy to demand of the H'uerta gov- 1
ernment the punishment of those re-:1
sponsible for Vergara's death. An ex- '
planation will be sought by the Amer"
"arVltr on V "harm be~ j '
iUtll gUrCi UiliVUb VI nu;
fell Vergara, when assurances had j'
been given to the American consular '
representatives that he was safe.
Federals Just as Bad. I
|g Incidentally the . memorandum cir- J]
culated by the Huerta government \{
among diplomatic representatives In j1
Mexico City, pointing out to the United
States that the constitutionalists <
were unable to protect foreigners and, '
therefore, ought to be deprived of the, <
right to get arms in the United States, 1
did not reach* the State department ?
Secretary Bryan said it had not been
I received, and there ^ere intimations ]
rorn nigh officials tha: the memoran-' l
lum meant little in view of the wan:on <
r.urder of Vergara. 11
Vi.tually every move that has ever {;
jeen suggested for the protection of
* ^ st.i ,10 nnH f/-\r-nio-r>n-r;.' in \tpvir>n c
^lUCJ H_-a.il O auu 1U tuvoivv ,
md fcr the restoration of peace in
.hat country was discussed by the
cabinet. No conclusion was reached,
is far as could be learned, except thatCl
here should be aggressive pursuit ol <
'acts in both the beiuon and Vergara \
leaths. i
: J
Bryan Sees Spring-Rice. ]
Iiate in the day Secretary Bryan ?
conferred with Sir Cecil Spring-Rice, <
British ambassador, whom he inform- ]
Mi that Gen. Villa had consented to <
>iir>w i-.hp hrwiv ?f Benton to be seen
>r examined by two representatives of i
he American government, two rep
-esentatives of the British govern- <
jrnment respectively, and one army 1
iiid any relative of Benton who de- i
>ired to accompany the party. i
Mr. Bryan poin:ed out that the i
ime ican government would have ]
Deen satisfied if a single representa:ive
of the British and American government
respectively, and one armq
surgeon had oeen given permission to i
>e the body. He told ih ambus^ador, 1
lioreover, mat a special trai i ^ad i
nfnmitP'i hv Vi 1:> to Llike tllO I
par>:y to Cnihuahua, whe e the bcay
..as been located, and thai a st.ir: prs- >'
ija'oly would bo made tomorr-w jr
aext day.
It had not been decided today exaci- ]
[y who would make up the party, but (
it is regarded as cerrain chat the Brit- <
ish consul, Charles A. S. Perceval, and ;
iiis secretary; George C. Carothers,
American consular agent at Jua ez,
md Marion Le.cher American consul
it Cliihuahua, will view the body,
ilong with two army surgeons, to be <
detailed by the war department fr-om
Fort Bliss, Texas.
Villa's Order Pleases.
The news that Gen Villa had issued
an order requiring that American ccn- :
sular representatives in Mexico be adrised
of all arres;s of foreigners was 1
received with satisfaction here. Assur
ances-also have been coming i :directly
that Gen. Carranza and other leading
constitutionalists will see to it
that no further international complications
are caused by their sid? of the
Discussion of the Benton case in an '
informal way among administration
officials has developer] the view tna:
primarily Benton committed an indiszre
ion in going to 'Villa, with whom,
it is admitted, he was on unfriendly
terms. To go into Villa's camp under
such circumstances, nigh officials here .
think, was to unnecessarily risk his
life. They contrast the affair with the
killing of Vergara, woo did nothir.g to:
provoke Mexicans, but as an innocent'
rancher was kidnapped by federals j
and later hanged.
>ot Satisfied About Baucli.
Thus far the State department nas; <
received no satisfac:ory advices con- '
:erning Gustav Bauch. Consul Ed- !
wards reported that he saw him in t-be j >
Juarez jail on February 18; that since
Llie2 his whereabouts has been un-!,'
known, Villa denying that Bauch was i
in Chiiuahua City. Further inquiry
iias been made. . v
Speeches critcising the administra- {
Lion's Mexican.policy continued -today i
in the house. Representative Mondell, j'
republican, of Wyoming, making the j
p"incipal speech of attacK. Administration
leaders believe a big majority
of the republicans in congress are in- ?
clined to leave the question in the
hands of the executive department of
the government.
Secretary Bryan is keeping in ^
touch with members of the senate to. -'
sign relations committee through Act- J
ing Chairman Shivelv.
Colquitt Asks Wilson to Allow Him
to Send Hangers Into Mexico. ?
Bryan Wires Him to Wait.
Austin, Texas, Feb. 26.?A request to
know "whom the United States gov
enrment now recognizes as the constituted
authority in Mexican States
^ordering on the Rio Grande" went forward
late today to President Wilson
from Governor 0. E. Colquitt, of Texas. |
rhe request was made for the purpose
of demanding the surrender of j
Lhe "abductors and murderers" of \
+ TfArrrn T*O rj TfiVO'O 11" i 7 ?> D PV? I '
UlCiUUUkC Y CI 5U1 CLy <A X ?
scuted by Mexican Federals.
Then apparently answering the
luestion himself, the governor asked 1
consent of the United Slates, "in view .
Df the conditions of revolution and !1
anarchy in -these border States, to send i1
Rangers across the Rio Grande in j
pursuit of the lawless element of eith- j
sr faction when they cross into Texas i:
md commit crimes."
"I insist. Mr. President that Texas i
is a soverign State, is entitled to pro- j
:ect Texas citizens on the border from j!
in unbearable condition like tha \
svhich now exists,concluded the mes- j
Earlier hi the d*.y Governor Colquitt ]
lad put in motion an investigation of I
:he Vergara incident through Stat
channels. The first result was infor
nation from the Webb counry reco:d
asserting positively tiat the islam
^vhere Vergara is said to have bee:
seized belongs -co Texas.
Bryan Wires Colquitt,
Washington, 'Feb. 26.?Secretar
Bryan tonight telegraphed Governo
Colquitt, of Texas, that the sendin;
3f the State milicia into Mexico to ap
prehend those responsible for th
ranging of Clemente Vergara, ai
American citizen, would involve a re
jponsibili.y which t.ie federal govern
nent alone was in a p:sition to as
Tie governor had inquired whethe
the federal government had any ob
jections to the sending by the Stat
Df a force to arrest the slayers o
^'ergara. Secretary Bryan replied tlia
the Washington government was do
ins: all that could be done t? cbtai]
the arrest and punishment of the of
'A similar situation arose in Texas i;
ternary, 1912, and February, 1912
when boraer 'roubles caused Gover o
Polquitt to declare he might sen*
IYv'is rangers inio Mexico either t
prevent firing int3 American territor,
or to prcfert Americans. When o
February 2', Governo- Colqui
Drdered four companies of militia t
rrownsvi'le the war department tele
p-r^he^ Hen Sleeve7*, then in com
mand of t^e department of Texas, "un
der no circumstances to permit thei
crossing of the river, except unde
the specific orders of the Serertary c
Becker Lodged in Tombs After Joyon
Journey.?Says He Hopes TVhitmon
Will Uod^n Va<>nnd Trial
New York. iFeb. 26.?Aifter a tri
from Ossining diring which he talke
with and lovingly caressed his wifi
Char'es Becker, the former Iieutenac
:f the New York police departmen
was lodge:l i;? the Tombs tonight. H
v,*as placed in a cell three doors froi
tve one he occupied before he w?.
"aken to Sing Sing to bs executed To
t'r.e part he is alleged to have playe
in the murder of Herman' Rosentha
the gambler.
Mrs. Becke" arrived at Sing Sin
prison early in the afternoon with
bundle of her husband's clothin
When Becker's attorney, Joseph 1
Shay .and two deputy sheriffs arrive
with an order authorizing the reieas
of Becker from the death house, th
former policeman and his wife wer
sitting in tie warden's office. One
i * J- -1 i.1 3 _ A.
tn,e waraen ana me guarus lurne
iheir backs.
His First Kiss.
"Thai's the first time I have kisse
my wife in 16 months," said Becke
As Becker and his attorney, hi
wife and the deputies guarding hii
stepped outside of the prison
"trusty" working almost opposit
waved his hand towards Lite lohg gra
stone building.- Immediately ther
was a shout from the barred wir
dows. As Becker was driven past th
row of cell windowg anotner roa
?ir? '
" Vil U U
On the way to the station Becke
expressed regret.- that he'had not bee
ab.e to say good-bye to all the othe
inmates of the .death house. H
changed clothes in warden's office an
did not have time to go back befor
the train left. .
' Pity for Gunmen.
"I am sorry I didn't see them," h
said. "I am especially sor-'y I wa
unable to say a word or two to th
four gunmen.
"<Ajid I want to take this opportun
ty to i-ay'that I c'idn't really mea
what I said yesterday about goin
back in;'the police department an
cleanup up the gunmen in New' Yor]
I wouldn't go back on the force fc
all the money in the world. There j
r.othing that could induce me to liv
in New York after I am finally freedfor
I am confident that 1 will be.
"I see that District Attorney Whii
man is quoted as saying he plans t
have mo br ought to trial again withi
the next six w^rks. I hope he doe
it sooner than chat. I don't fear th
district attorney. I be'ieve him t
be a jus: man. If he, personally, an
no one else prosecutes the case againt
me. I know the thing will be don
right. Whitman is on the level. I ca
3ay no more than that."
District Attorney Whitman toda
declared that he will put Becker o
trial again fop the murder of Henna
Rosenthal. He said he is preparing th
people's case and will move for a ne^
:.rial either in April or May.
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Measure?For the Postoffice.
Washington, Feb. 28.?The senat
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carrying $311,492,067, an increase
t- of nearly $840,000 over the bill as it
.0 was reported by the postoffice comn
j miitee. All efforts to limit the power
ic l '?f tiiQ nftQt-mactpr general to regulate
'W Ci-t0 ~? _ -w
a 'parcel post rates, zones or weights
o i >'were defated.
d The last amendment of this nature
}t was proposed by Senator Cummins.
e It provides that packages of more
n than 50 pounds should not be carried
until the interstate commerce comy
mission should decide tiie rates repn
? ^ ^ ^ ^+ V?Af fVin ooruipp Tr
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11 was lost 29 to 20.
Senator Bristow proposed a new
! system of parcel pest rates reducing
J pay to railroads for this service, which
j also met defeat.
Increases of salary f'om $200 to
$500 were inserted for railway mail
tt division superintendents assistant superintendents
and chief clerks; rural
mail carriers received an increase of
e | $100 a year on standard routes, and
i- substitute carriers and clerks from I
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