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Kntertainment to Be Repeated Friday I
Nisri.t at Silverstreet?A Great
"The Old Maids Associa ion" which
was rendered a: Silverstreet last Fri- r
day evening by local talent, was so (
II1U(JLI t'UJLM t'U lUclt. LUC ail ullg UlCJOUlt l
has been brought to bear that it be <
repeated ci\ March 6th. The young ?
people who got up the entertainment f
have decided to yield to tais request,: \
and the entertainment will be repated }
on Friday evening at 7:30 o'clock in J
:lie school auditorium at Silverstreet. ! c
The same admissicii will be charged : c
and the money will go to payment on c
the piano which was purchased for 3
the school Even with the bad weath- Y
er last Friday, the receipts were about g
*30- ?
n t
A Tell-the-Truth Kditor.
A western editor, who believes in : c
i teiling
the truth printed the follow-!
"Willie Sno'tlike a?:d Annie Blcom- ^
ers were married at the church jiasi
evening. The church was very a
prettily decorated with flowers and v
potted plants, borrowed promiscuous- j
ly fromi over town from people who ?
didn't want to lend them. The decor-: s
ating was done under protest by some jj
of tue members of the church, who
? -.1-^ J Arv /i/v A VvV??/3/1 <S Y\ /I
V> ts e iisivtru. tu uu uj* iiic ui iuc, <iuu 21
couldn't well refuse. The ladies are j
of the opinion that if the couple w^/e JS(
so bent on having a stylish wedding s
they should have been willing to have ^
paid some one to chase all over the I
town for a day getting flowers to-' e
getlier and then taking them home n
-again. ! p
" The bride wore a handsome Paris-!
;an gown (made at home), and tie ^
groom was decked out in a $10 hand- q]
me-down. borrowed for the occasion.
Sallie Fctts was maid of honor and 0]
the consensus of opinion was that she ]y
v>as two to one better than the bride, w
The young couple took the morning
train for St. Louis, whe'e they will C(
spend more money in a few days than
Willie can earn in three months.
"Willie says that now he's married, j
he's going to settle down. Some cf j
our merchants think it would have j
been better if he had settled up first, j
Tne groom gets a salary of $27 a!
month, which is about the allowance
Av.nie has been used to for pin money. jU
We wish, for Willie's sake, that the:11
i fc
old saying that it takes no more to !
support two than one wasn't a lie.
. "The bride sent us a shoe box full i
v=f a conglomeration o! stuff supposed j
* ? * =* - - 1 ~ ~ P i
to oe case. tuis is a. ui j
Annie's cooking we feel sorry for;
"Willie. Our janitor's dog fell heir to ,
the cake an.' r. w he's lying in the j
coM. co'3 sroun^. Bu^ this weddicgi
is none of our funeral. If Willie j
acd Annie are satisfied, we've got no j
kick coming."
Only Thought
St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
Horace Trumbauer, the Philadelphia j
.architect, who is par-excellence, the!
architect of the millionia'e, said, at,
the aanual outing of the Associated I
Architectural societies at Engiewood: j
"The palaces of our millionaires are'
undoubtedly the most beautiful in the
world. The American millionaire has,
as a rule,*an esthetic sense. He isn't
like Cashley, of Chiiliciothe.
"Cashley. iast winter, visited the RiTiera.
Arriving at the Palace hotel,1
in Nice, be said to trie cierK:
" 'Gimme the dearest room in the _
house, young feller.*
" 'Yes, sir,' said the clerk. 'And
"would you prefer, sir, a sea view or a
mountain -view?a view oif the Medi-;
terranean, or a view of the Maritime !
" 4Oh. 1 don't care n^thin' about j
that," said Cashley. "The dearest room
in the house, young feller?that's what
I want."
V i
Walter B. Brooks, of Savannah, Kills J
Charles Barbour, Citing- ''Unwritten
Savannah, Ga., Feb. 28.?Walter B.
Brooks, a member of the Savannah
police force, this morning at 8:45
o'clock went to the room of Charles
Barbour, a well known restaurant
proprietor, and shot him tbree times.
One bullet entered Barbour's abdo
men. The wounds proved fatal, Bar- j
6our dy*ng tonight. Brooks is held on
i -charge of murder. tc
Brooks claimed Barbour had invaded
his home. fr
The dead man was a lodger in the
home of Mrs. R. E. Stratton. Brooks fi
vas admitted to the house by Mrs. ,*
Stratton. who, ignorant of the pur- 3d
pose of his visit, showed him to Bar- t<
VI/VHW'A ?AAm TXTVi <%fi f Vi a <7
awakened by the knock npon his door, tl
answered the summons, Brooks began
Sring at him with a revolver. ft
Barbour insisted that Brooks shot IV!
the wrong man. He claimed not to An
know 'Mrs. Brooks. B
Brooks surrendered to the police, i tl
M> Says Vice President For Georgia,Apply
Able to Take ( are of Obligations.
It was published In tlie daily paper:
i few days ago that Southern S:ate
Norton company had been fcreed i<:t<
nvoluntary bankruptcy. This is thi
ompany that was represented by Mr
Udricii in buying cotton from th<
armers and giving script for par
>ayinent and many of the farmers o
sewberry 'have sold co'.ton to Mr
Udrich as the representative of thi<
:ompany and of course felt an inter
st in the public statement that tlx
ompany 'had gene into bankruptcy
>1". J. F. Stephens of Silverstreet ha*
landed The Herald and News a tele
;ram from the vice president of Geor
ria with the request for its publicaion.
The following is a copy of the tele;ram:
Dallas, Texas, Feb. 2j 914.
Story sen: afternoon papers Fridaj
?y Associated Press was fair and com lete.
Some dirty sheets cut story sc
s to make It appear that corporation
ras threatened with bankruptcy.
This work of Barretors and Jackals
>ne petitioner bankruptcy bought B,
cript with worthless check to qualify
Another petitioner withdrew, claimig
"he had been misled.
Total claims about $3,000, all B.
cript which is not due and was isued
in accordance with contract and
lan of corporation.
Stockholders meeting here Friday
Ar?/^Afcarl rviini rrn_
iei:t, operation and condition of cororation.
Petitioners not compelled to make
ond and their paper simply lies in
Icrk's office of court.
This is the outcome?discharge genral
manager for incompetency 0:1
Dastirg to directors meeting, he
ould get even.
Identical case thrown out State
3urt week ago as groundless.
W. T. Anderson,
Vice President for Georgia.
The Jury.
The jury commissioners on Friday
rotv tho f/vl/^wirnr 19 ilir-Ors
> serve the year 1914 and the folio wtg
petit jurors for the sessions court
); the week beginning March 16th:
Grand Jurors.
Rutherford, W. D.
Swittenburg, Geo. W.
Dickert, G. A.
McSwain, W. A.
Scott, T. R.
Warner, P. B
Berley, D. E.
Livingston, P. S.
Minick, Geo. A.
Denning, J. W.
Nichols, Jno. A.
Bishop, C. B.
Petit Jurors,
Wise, G. L.
Cleland, C. S. ;
Darby J. A.
White, J. W.
Sease, D. Ben.
Summer, G. L.
Duncan, S. M.
Richardson, George.
Summer, C. T.
Harmon, S I.
Mack, J. T.
Watson, A. M.
Crooks, J. v L.
Shannnn P T4
Fulmer, J. E.
Baker, Wm. T.
Sanders, T. M.
Vaughn, Alien.
Wicker, H. M.
Cook, 0. L.
Hawkins, T. B.
Nichols, J. M.
Morris, E. Pope.
Cook, Jno. B.
Dennis, J. M.
Cromer, Geo. H.
Bedenbaugh, T. B.
iSligh, F. C.
Kurt, Carls. S.
Pitts, J. W.
Dawkins, J P.
Stuck, R. I.
Chapman, L. J2.
Jones, S. L.
Kinard, J. Andrew
Herron, B. H.
Mr. Harry H. Blease is on a trip
) Virginia.
Miss Saluda Blease returned home
om Columbia Sunday.
Mr. Eugene S. Blease has returned
om San Antonia Texas.
Manager J. J. Roach has employed
[iss Ethel Hierren, of Yorkville, as
ilegraph operator sucse^ding Mrs.
. R. Wallace which went into effect
le first of March.
Mrs. Jerome Brace left Saturrday
>r Jacksonville, Fla., and Mr. J. F.
[oore and family moved in to oc
upy the house just vacated by Mrs.
ruce as a residence for the rest of
le year.
- Dr. C. T. Wyche Home and Iniproyli
?People Who Are Coming
and. Goiag.
5 i Dr. C. T. Wyche reacned home frc
s Knowl ion's Infirmary Friday. He w
? lHPt at tho train hv nni r> -j r5o.r>->?i:i
2 of nis townsmen. The many frien
. of Dr. Wyche will be glad to lea
2 that he is improving.
t Mr. A. H. Hawkins has return
[ from a business trip to Columbia.
Mr. Hayne Boozer has returned
\r? _ i?x ~ i i- ?
5 ;\u\\ xuih. auer several weeKs stay
- nis sister, Mrs. J. P. Wheeler.
3: 'Air. D. E. Ridgell, cf Jacksonvil
. Fla., spent the week end with Mr. ai
5 Mrs. W. A. Moseley.
Miss Lena Lester, of tne Columlj
- Hospital, is home for several wee
- stay.
! Miss Myrtle Hendershot, of Erie, P
- is the guest of Mrs. G. W. Harmon.
i Mr. Javis Black, of Saluda, spent ti
week end with his sis;er, Miss Ess
' Black, who is confined to her roo
with la grippe.
) Mrs. M. H. Bcozer, lias been call*
i to Columbia on account of tae illne
cf her :.:st2r-m-law Mrs. Sam Can no
Mrs. F. E. Schumpert, has return*
. from a visit to Columbia.
Mr. A. Hart Kohn, of Columbi
i visiiea mt. a. u. wise iasi weeK.
Mr. W. J. Wise spent the week er
in Columbia.
Mr. S. J. Kohn spent Thursday :
i Newberry.
Mr. C. C. Wyche accompanied h
father, Dr. C. T. Wyche, home ar
i has returned to his seat in the legi
i lative hall in Columbia.
Mr. V. E. Kohn and family have mo
led from town to tiie Hair p'ace ju
outside incorporate limits.
3Irs. Emma IfaHiwansrer DeLoaeb.
Mrs. Emma Halciwanger DeLoac
died at her heme at Ninety Six c
Saturday morning February 23th, ;
I too jjflvnnppil r>cra of 7fi vpiirs
j ~
was sick for only about a week. SI
is survived by one daughter, Mrs. J(
j Tolbert, and one sister, Mrs. Jacc
I J^uther Aull, who lives in Greenwoc
; county near Dyson.
Mrs. Aull is the only survivor of
ivery large family of brothers an
sisters, all of whom, however, live
i to a ripe old age. Mrs. Aull is no
four score years, but in the enjoymei
| of good health and. seems to be ?
i active and energetic as if she were n<
more than three score years.
Mr. Jacob Luther Aull, her husban
is also the only survivor of a larg
! family of brothers and sisters, wi
lived the alloted three score yeas
and many of them three score ac
ten and some four score. Mr. Williai
M. Werts, who died a few montfts ag
was a half brother of Mr. Aull, ac
more than four score years of age 2
the time of his death.
Mrs. DeLoach had lived at Xinet
Six for a good many years. Her li]
was quiet and unobtrusive, and he
disposition gentle and kind. She wz
devoted to her family and kind 1
her neighbors. The funeral servic
was held at the residence at Xinet
Six at 12 o'clock on Sunday, conduct
by Rev. Mr. Dibble of the Methodic
church. Interment at Ninety Six cen
The pall bearers were her nephews
Justifiable Kisses.
I Exchange.
Here is one that was told by Coi
gressmar. (i<org.j Gorman, of I
linois, the other afternoon when ti
talk topic turned to humorous skuj
tions in a court room.
One day a young man was hale
into court for stealing kisses from
pretty girl, and eventually the fair or
was put on the stand to tell her stor;
"I understand you say," said tt
lawyer for the young man in crosi
ovominaHrtn "fViaf fho /^AfpnHarit Hf?T
kissed you against your will."
"Yes, sir," v,as the prompt an
blushing reply of the fair girl, "an
he kissed me more than once too,"
"I see," calmly i(turned the leg*
light. "And is it not true tbat yc
also kissed the defendant?"
"Yes, sir," admitted the pretty on
"but I did it in self-defense."
Night aps.
"Persons who sleep outdoors shoul
wear night caps," is the dictum of
fresh air fiend; and our reprebensibl
acquaintance is moved to add th*
when a man has had several nigl
caps outdoors is just the place t
wants to sleep.?Norfolk Virginiai
A man who has had several nigl
caps in Norfolk doesn't care a ra
where he sleeps.?Newport Ne"?
Personally knowing nothing of tt
matter, we can oniy oow suomissivej
to the knowledge born of experienc
Wonder what Newport-News nigl
caps do for a man.?Petersburg Ii
j Hope there will not be two mac
1 j nigfbt caps in Newberry the balance <
j^the winter.
?g. Miss Hollo way Making Progress.?
j Teachers and Pupii? Entheseastic.?Clubs
)in Editor The Herald and News: As a
as partial canvass of the county I take
pleasure in reporting the following tods
.vato clubs organized at the schools
rn named:
I Prosperity?Ruby Wlieeler, presied
den:; Mary DeWalt, vice president;
Katie Mae Nance, secretary; Mamie
to Livingstone, Mary Alice Hartman, An
at nie Mae Cornwell, Ethel Saner, Bes!
sie Lee Gibson, Grace Sease, Riuli
le, Hunter, Jennie Rut'a Counts. Maud
Lid Harmon, Nannie Wheeler, Susan Lang,
ford, Doris Kohn, Marguerite Wise.
>ia Xel'ie Wise, Nannie Mae Cook, Cora
ks Lee Cook, Vera Merchant, Moss Fellers,
Caro Wyche, Lera Livingstone,
a., Susan Quattlebaum, Bertie Saner, Lizette
ne l/V;io Mountain?Kathleen Counts,
'ic president; Minnie Lee Shealy, vice
m president: Xinaleigh Boland; secretary
Alberta Bowers, Myrtle AulL Ixjuise
2d Cl'iofi'v TViria T-TinsrH TT?t^n
ss man, ZuJa Stockman.
u- Jalapa?-Ida Folk president; Lillian
McDowell, vice president; Lois Glasi
gow, secretary; Blange Folk, Mary
a- . Lou Glasgow, Gertie Miller, Xora Mil!
ler, Lucile Suber.
: Silverstreet?Rosa Ham, president; !
Gladys Still well, vice president; Cleo |
in DeHart, secretary; Loma Berry, j
Pearle Ham, Nannie DeHa'Tt, Elmina :
1S ! Long, Mae Long.
| St. Lukes?Merle Hunter, president; ;
Edna Minick, vice president; Janie
! Leste", Marjorie Hawkins, Nannie
, Morris, Annie Hunter, Julette Morris,
. Mary Morris, Lucile Moore, Sue Les!
ter. Lucile Hawkins. There wi'l bo
additions to this club.
:h Clubs at Zicn, Hunter-DeWalt and
>n Cliappells will be repor.ed latsr as
at * oon as seme minor derails in the orie
ganization are completed.
le I am delighted to report the inter>e
est and cooperation shown by the
>b teachers, pupils and parents, the hos>d
pitality of the people in the communities
visited has been uustinted. Wi/th
a such material as we have enrolled I
d see no reason why this work should
Ki not redound to the benefit of all con-1
w cerned and make Newberry county the {
it, banner county of the State.
? L-et me urge a;i tne memoers to se-;
cu"e club seed from the depository
whose name was given to you by me,:
d.: and get them in suitable hot beds ac?e
cording to directions as scon as the i
'O , weather will permit. Do rot forget
r. that accurate records of all transac,
td vions mils' be kept.
tn ; Below 1 beg to append directions for 1
o,; making the hot *:ed.
td i | Fannie Hollcwrn*.
it! I Organizer of Girls' Clubs. 1
! !
J j Making a Hot Bed.
fe j The hot bed may be made as fol- j
ir ; lows:. Select a well drained location, j
is | where the bed will be sheltered, pre- :
a ! ferably on the south side% of a building '
JC! or fence. Make an excavation IS
:y : inches deep the size your bed is to
;u i-'O. inrow in iresu oorse manure tuiu
: pack by tramping. The manure heap
i-! should be abo'it eveu with the surface
! of the ground or 18 inches deep. The j
i manure furnishes the heat to start the
} s
plants. Put on top the ma nure four
or five inches of a good ga' den loam,
which has not grown any diseased,
plants, and cover the bed with glass
hot bed sash. If sash can not be seie
cured, canvas may be substituted for |
l~j'he glass. The temperature will run!
Mgh for a few days, buf no seeds j
!<i should be pla-ted until the tempera- j
a | ture falls to about 80 degree F. which ;
ie . will require three or four days.
1 (A bed made about nve ieet nine
ie inches wide and about six feet long t
will be plenty large to grow plants for!
*c;a tenth acre garden. This size bed
I will take two hot bed sashes which J
| measure three feet by six feet. The
d j frame to support the sash should be ,
j about 15 to IS inches high at the back j
, and six inches lower in front in order j
,u ! to drain off the water. The slope
j should be toward the south.
6/' During brighit days the bed will
: heat very quickly and it will be necesj
sary to ventilate by raising the sash j
: on the opposite side from the wind, j
d j Toward evening close the sash in or-1
a ; der to get the bed warm before night, j
I? j Water the bod in the morning on!
*t bright days as watering in the even- |
it ing or on cloudy days will have a ten- j
ie dencv to injure the plants and increase !
the danger of freezing and damping j
off. Ventilate the bed after watering i
it in order to dry off the plants.
P Before the plants are set out they
rs ! should be hardened off and this can
i be done by transferring to a co-a i
ie frame by removing the hot bed sash |
ly during the days in mild weather. As j
e. the plants become hardened the sash |.
can be kept off at nights when there
it is no danger of frost This hardening
i- off process must be done gradually to
^prevent any serious check to growth.
iy j If it is impossible to make a hot bed
:>fjthe plants can be started in shallow
* boxes In tho house. (let shallow hoxes ^
from a store and fill with good, rich
soil and fow the seed as described for
the hot bed. Bore two cr three aoi^s i
in tiie bottom of the box for d"ainage. \ 1
Keep the box as near a window as pos- j i
?,!b!e and a: living room temperature, j I
; Close attention should be given to wat- \
; ering as the air of a living mom is j ?
upiial'v dry and will scon dry out the j ?
soil. The plants must be developed i ?
i ?n the light or the* will be weaK and . L
rpinunng. i nev snouia dc iranspiam- ; j
i (Mi to other boxes or to a cold frame,
which is made in the same way as the t
hot bed except that the .namirf is left j ?
out and canvass may be substituted j
for rhe glass sash. In toe far South ; *
it will not be necessary to have a<"
hot bed; the cold frame will be suffi- j
Death -Near Whit mi re. j I
Mrs. H .W. King, at the age of 23 |
years died at her home Friday night i
of tuberculosis at her home at Whit
miro qtiH wflc }nirir>rl nt T)llTHV?n'<?
r->' rt'-h cn Friday afternoon at 4 ,
o'clock service by the Rev. Plunston '
and Patierscn. | ^
W. IV. Jones Dead.
1 r
Mr. W. W. Jones, of Laurens, father .
of Mrs. 0. B. Mayer of Newberry, died
at his home in Laurnes on Saturday eight
after an illness of only a few ! 1
days. He was 76 years old. j
A Strong Man's Job.
Philadelphia Telegraph.
iSome time ago a colored man applied
for work at a building operation o
and was taken on. The fi's: duty as- j
signed him was carrying planks from j I
one cornor to another. The planks j
weighed a whole lot more than a heavy i
conscience, and as the colored man !
wearily trudged along he became ex- j
ceedicgly thoughtful.
"Look heah, boss " he remarked, fi- !
nally, going over to the foreman, "did
I tell yo' what man name was when 1 ^
started in to work?"
"Why, yes," answered the foreman,!
wonderingly. ''You said it was Thompson."
"Dat's jes' what I did, boss. Dat's i
jes' what I did," was the smiling re- j
joinder cue the colored party. "But I was
afraid dat yo' done gone made a 1
mistake an' fink it was Samson."
Obliging. j
New York Globe.
A teacher in a tenement distirc: |
hurried from the school to find 'thej^
mother of a pupil who had been taken ,
"Can you show me where Mrs. An-!
gelo Seandale lives?" she inquired of ;
a cherub transplanted from the sunny j
south to a dark, sunless alley. ! ^
"Yes, teach,' I show you," a^d a wil- J
ling sticky hand dragged -her on with
such speed as to make her stumble ;
over an Italian dame seated on the
threshold y
After the teacher's breathless flight j
toward the clouds the little hand j
stopped tugging.
"tviara tfkoro \fooo Hva " i
indicated the horizontal arm and fin-;
ger, "but she downstair sittin onj
the step," finished the smiling lips. ! ~
Notice of Election in Swilton School;
District No. 19.
Whereas, one third of the resident
electors and a like proportion of the' ^
resident freeholders of the age of 2i
years, of Swilton. school district No.
19, of the county of Newberry State of
SouLh Carolina, have filed a petition j
with the county board of education ofj
Newberry county, South Carolina, peti- j
tioning and requesting that an elec- j
tiou be held in said scftool district!
on the question of levying a special j
annual tax of four mills to be collected I _
on the property located in the said j
school district.
Now, therefore, the undersigned
composing the county board of Newberry
county, South Carolina, do hereby
order the board of trustees of the
Swilton school district No. 19 to hold
an election on the question of levying
a four mill tax to be collected on the
property located in the said school
district, at Swilton school house, ~~
in said school district No. 19 on
Saturday, March 21, 1914, at which,
said election the polls shall be open
ed at 7 a. m. and closed at 4 p. m.
The members of the board of trustees
of said school district shall act as managers
of said election. Only such. ?
electors as reside in said school district
and return real and personal property
for taxation, and who exhibit their
tax receipts and registration certificate
as required in general elections shall ~
be allowed to vote. Electors favoring j
the levy of such tax shall cast a Daiiot
containing the word" yes" written or
printed thereon, and each electors op- posed
to such levy ahall cast a bal- jj
let containing the word "no" written
or printed thereon.
Given under our hand and seal on'
March 2, 1914. j?
n "TV Rprtwn TT? i
vl* A/? W t? W 4 ?
S. J. Derrick,
J. S. Wheeler. j_
County Coard of Education for New- iF
berry County, S. C.
?? ? %m
Dr. Hugh Senn and Miss Lucie Timnermar,
were married on Sunday at
l o'clock at Mt. Zion Baptist church
lear Silverstreet, by the Rev. Mr.
Dr. Sonn is the son cf Dr. W. D. I
:'er.n No. f> :ownship and a recent 1
graduate of the medical college of M
3011th Carolina in Charleston and has *fl|
;een located at SiJverstreet for tie I
ratice of his profession.
Miss Timmerman was the assistant
eacher in the Silverstreet school.
!)ne Cent a Word. No
vartisement taken for leuT
th an 25 cents. vj
'aror! rawerr. Ten anrf 15 cents?
pound. New lot of Box Pound Papacy 1
Faoric, Finish, regular 25c value, as; I
lciig as it las:, the pound for 10 and* |
15 cents. Good Cigars always tor 1
salt at Annie 0. Ruff & Company, j
Yiicn iii Seed of transfer auto hack j
r?ns 3G9-2 ri.:gs. B. 0. Hodge. 1
' or S&Lt?Oliver typewriter, first class
condition, easy payments. Mayes
Book & Variety store.
or Sale?Flat caught at Wyse's Ferry *
if not reclaimed by owner, who can
do so by paying expenses, will be
sold on March 14, 1914, at 10 o'clock
to (highest bidder therefor for cash,
at Wyses Ferry. J. B. Dominick.
-3J3t. .
>r. Connor located in Newberry nearly
six years ago. If your eyes are
not right, he is the man to see. One "W
of the best equipped offices in South \
Carolina. Hundreds of satisfied customers
in Newberry and in New- ,
Leny county. A.i work guaranteed.
3-3-imo. ^
trayed or Stolen?Big red hound with small
white spots in breast. Will
pay reward to any one lotting me
know about him. Answers to the
name of Alex. J. H. Wlllingham,
<Newberry, S. C., R. F. D. No. 7, phone
315-4. >
'he Perfect Protection policy is sold i
only by the Reliance Life Insurance
company. Pays death benefit, aad
projects you during life, paying for
accidents and sickness. William B.
Pelham, Special Agent.
'or Sale?Sweet potato plants, any
variety, shipped from Florida, price
$1.7' per thousand. Book orders
now, making sure of getting early.
C. P. Pelham. 2-20-tf ' ^
Wanted?To trade you a good youag
mule for your second hand mule or
plug. We allow you a higher price
for your mule and sell ours cheaper.
Summer-Wise Stock Co.
our present light bill entitles you to
the trufold light of Sunbeam Mazda *
. . . k.
lamps at same cost tor current w&<v%
times the light of old style electric
lamps at some cost for current. We
sell them. Summer Bros. Co.
2-24-2U . *
or Bent?(3) Three front office rooais
in Cope1.and building, corner of Mali
and College streets. Apply to & B.
Copeland, Newberry, S. C.
aady Salesman Wanted?$100 monthly,
and all traveling expenses to
start. Experience unnecessary. 8p- i
licit orders from dealers in your locality
and surrounding territory
for our high grade Cfcccolatea, BonBone
and all kinds ot Candid. Write
quickly for full particulars and contract.
Kase Candy Co., New York,
N. Y.
am now ready to equip your vehicles \
with best Kelly Springfield rubber \
HrAe at o nnV? wav hnlnw all anri
all work positively guaranteed to $e
perfect. Don't hesitate for a mo- ^
ment but come to see me. It will
pay you. You will always find ?e
at my shop in Prosperity ready to
give you service at once. Your& to
p'ease H. L. Shealy.
rANTElJ?several hogs weighing
about -100 to 125 nounda See ub be
fore you sell any kind of cattle or
hogs. The Cash Grocery, jkJ. M. Lane
? Co. Phone 110 or 212.
3-K-tf. ;
AR FOB HIEE?Large touring car,
careful driver?calls promptly answered.
Phone 30#?'Mower's garage.
oultry Wanted?Hens, 11 cents
J 11% ? a. _ r*? l
per pouna, curens, is cents. mgHest
prices for eggs. Player & Graham.
9-12-tf. ,
f y?u want to loose money buy your
roofing without getting our price.
Johnson-McCrackin Co. 1-20-tf
er Sale?Three mules in prime, a
pair of blacks and one iron grey.
Mules guaranteed sound and alright
See B. B. Copeland at store.
tor Sale?Two mules, weight about
pounds. & H. Duncan. 3-13-tf

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