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Tlie Movements of >Ianv People, \ewiM'irianN
ami These Who Visit
Miss Julia Kate Anil. #f Columbia,
is visiting relatives in Newberry.
.Miss Alice Aull has retu'ned from a
visit to Columbia.
Misses L ttye Lee Halfacre and Mae
Amick iiave been re-elected to each in
the Hunter DeWalt Graded school.
Mr. CI. Fra k Wearn who was operated
on in a Columbia hospital s >me
time a.uo is improving ami hopes to be
home soon.
Mr. K. C. Perry was operated on in
a hospital in Columbia on Wednesday.
His many friends will be interested to
kn w hat he is doiim well.
^ * *"* w_n .1 at.. " T">
Air. u. u. uanatv aim .vir. v\. i>.
Wallace arc attending the commencement
;it Limestone c liege. 'Miss Sara
Wallace, daughter of Mr. R. D. Wallace.
gradua es this year at Limestone.
Commencemnt a Newberry college
i? just one week away.
The court o1.' general sessions is advertised
to be held at Newberry on
.June S.
A go ;d many veterans attended the
Confederate r uni 11 in Anderson this
No rain yet. The second day of
June is the day fixed by our prophet
for rain. That is .iot sd far away as
r was.
The many friends of Hen. Geo. S.
Mower will be glad to k:ow that he is
get ing on nicely, though still at the
hospital in Columbia.
T ie Business League will hold
regular monthly meeting Thursday alt
moon in assembly room of old
chamber of commerce.
The regular preaching services will
be held at Kings Creek church on next
Sabbath afternoon at 3:30 o'clock,
conducted by the R?v. .1. AV. Carson.
Miss Corrie Lee Havird has been
reflected teacher of the Helena school.
During the present session she has
taugh in the city schools under an
arrangeme.r by which the Helena
children attend the city schools. This
may be continued an:the" year.
Will Speak There Saturday Night?A
Large Crowd is Expected?A I)e
lit; in i ui i ?<m r*
A large crowd will he a: Willowbrook
park Saturday night. May 30.
likes t-> go to Willowbro k anyway,
anyway, for it is a pleasant place to
spend an evning.
But Saturday night will be a bigger
ime than ever there. At 8 o'clock
Governor Blease is to address the audience
on political issues. T;>e Xew^
berry conce" t band, always popular
v/icti our people, win piay a numD<;r
of pieces of the latest music. Refreshments
will be served 011 the
It is understood that no only will
the people of Wes' End. Mollohon,
Oakland a d the city be present in
large numbers, but that many people
from all parts of the coun y are coming.
Grand L<?dge Knirlits of Pythias.
Mr. W. A. McSwain received a telegram
at Chester just as he vj s leaving
f:r Great Falls announcing The
? -- _ c -vi r1 ^e
iea .: 01 .uis. .uuu e, ot
"Hill, a sister ol* his mother, and he
/went to Cross Hill to attend the bursal
of his aunt, instead of going with
the Pythians :o Great Fall's. Prof.
(Derrick, he other delegate from X wberry
1 dge, was n:t well on Wednesday
m:rmng and he returned to Newberry
and did n- t get to take the trip
to Great Falls either. Those who did
go say it was a grea: trip.
1 Altogether he meeting of the ?rand
.lodge Knights of Pythias was a very
I successful'm eti and greatly enjoy\
ed by all the delegates The Chester
\ beople did everything they could o
tnake the convention successful and
V . 1 r-. r. '\ * l*i a r>] a rr<i * r\l-> <? i rl ci t Ar '
i i i:ir a u wjuui j.
iPne play on Tuesday night by local
talent. "When Knighthood Was in
PI ewer,"' was beautifully s'aged and
the acting such that it would do credit
to a professional company. In fact
some of it was far superior to a great
deal :hat one sees on the stase. Miss
iLucile Melton who had the part oT
Mary Tudor was as fine as ore would
expect to see. She has his rionic talent
far above the average. The play
was greatly enjoyed by the members
of the grand lodge. Th dck.- ys also
had a great time a* Chester.
Apron's of \othiair.
Tt is no~ fair t> visi-t all
The blame on Eve for Adam's fall;
The most Kve did was to display
Contributor; neglige. j
?Harper's Weekly, j
To lie Onsen ft! in \f wherry on Wednesday,
June at ">: ><) 0 cluck.
Crosses of Hon?r.
Tli.- Drayton Rutherford chapter,
Daught ' '? of rhc Co.ifederacy, invites
ill*' coinmander of he .las. I). Xance
camp and a delgation of lo; the coni|
niander of the John M. Kinard camp
and a delega:ion f 1<?; tin1 president
' oV the Calvin Crozler chapter and a
! delegati .11 of 10: the officers of the
1 1). A. Dickert and 0. L. Sciiumpert
1 chapters. Children of the Confederacy,
; :o the exercises to be held in honor of
1110 birthday of President Jefferson
i l>avis a the residence of Mr. R. I).
Wright on Wednesday afternoon. .June
at ">::><? o'clock. A1.'! r the exercises
i those present will be entertained for
: a social h air.
Or sses of honor will be bestowed
: on the following desccendan's of veterans:
Ge rge Kinard. E. L. Rodelsperger,
.1. W. Werts.
Tin. tn,?mhpr< , f tlip I)r;iv on Rlltll
| erford chapter are requested to meet
; promptly at 4 o'clock Wednesday.
! .hi. e 3. .Mrs. R. I). Wright, hostess,
j This b ung the time for the annual
j elec itJii d: officers, a full attendance
S is desired.
Mrs. \j. W. Floyd.
Trespass Notice.
All persons are hereby forbidden to
i hunt or trespass on my land by stock
i or otherwise. The law will be enforced
aaginst all trespassers.
.J. M. Heller.
j Preaching af Cannon's Creek Church.
Contrary to the announcement made
! on last Sabba h, there will be preach!
ing services at Cannon's Creek A. R. P.
; church next Sabbath afternoon May 31.
by the regular pastor. Sabbath school
j will begin at 3 p. m. and preaching
j service an hour later.
Charles Haddon Xabers,
Welcome Home, Old Freind.
i Laurensville Herald, 22nd.
! Mr. R. H. Greneker, city editor of
T?l. - NT??.l U Am 1 mA Von-c. io
I uie ;>cwuei 17 nci aiu a.iiu o, 10
I spending some time in I^urens, at the
j home of his sister, Mrs. W. F. Wright,
only a few miles from the city Mr.
I Greneker has but recently recovered
} from a pretty severe attack of illness
! and he has come to Laurens <*o fully
regain his strength and that priceless
gift to mankind?health. And while
won are in these "diggins" Dick, remember
The Herald office. ?
; Death of Mrs. Arthur F. J>omjnicfc.
Mrs. Nettie Dominick, wife of Mr.
I Arthur F. Dominick died at her home
i.i West End Wednesday liigii. aJ lu
I t\o. <-'U- Knneral services were neld
1 l'nuisuay afternoon iron) tlie resij
u-.nce, ounal 111 Rosemont at 5 o'clock.
| I^e service was conducted by the Rev.
| Gooe smith and tiie Rev. S. C. Morris
j ox t.ie Meuodist church cf which
| cnurcu Mrs. Dominick was a mera|
ber. M: s. Dominick shad been in bad
J neaitii for the pas. several mon lis,
: and while ^er death was not unex\
pt-cied it was quite a shock to her
; ianiily and friends. She is survived
oy her husband and live cnildren.
Before her marriage she was Miss
! X.ttie Bougnigli , daughter 01 Mr. anu
Mrs. J. R. B^uknigh . .vir. and Mrs.
j Bouknigbt have a very remarkable
j family history. They have been mari
ried lor about 4u years and have been
; blessed wit.i 11 children, the youngjest
n~\v bei.ig lb years o:' age. Mrs.
i Dominick is the first death* in taeir
! inimedia e '.amiiy during all these long
! years.
j iHie following are the bro.hers and
i sisters of Mrs. IXminick: .Julis Bouk|
night, of Lexington; Mrs. .J. H. Koon,
of Newberry; .j. H. Bouknight, of
[Ninety Six: H. C. Bouknigat, of "Newberry;
A. E. Bruknight, of Newberry;
Pavid Bouknight, oi Newberry; Oscar
, Bouk.nglu. of N.wberry; Ernest i/ouk.
nigh , cf Ne-wberry; Mrs. Annie Kiri
by. or Columbia; Mrs. Mamie Yoimg'
iuger. of irmo.
To Obsene Honrs.
i Saturday, JYIav lit). being National MeI
i moriai da.y the pos:offiee will observe
| the following hours:
General delivery, stamp and money
j order windows will be open from 8:30
!~ + - 11 ~ nrinr?/VIVa
&. ill. LVJ X-l a. 111. v.ai l ICl nmuu ?o
will be -open from 10 a. m. :o 11 a. m.
City carriers will aiuke firs business
delivery at 8 a. m. Rural carriers
i Vv ill n w ik? t*ie".r usual trips but pa
trons can get :nc-ir ma'i by calling ar
! t/.e P'->st oflkv wi.ii* carrier's win'Scws
i are open.
W. A. Hill,
Post" naster.
T>o:vT- - f Mrs ISal? ,:rd.
I Mrs. nr.r.?.ri. .1 young married v/oi
n:an, i]!'3'! ' " 1 kr.Iy of heart fai'.nre at
0 1 < 1 tnd ?: ! village, Tuesday evening.
I The body v.'>3 & :r :o Clinton for burial
Wednesday. She is survived by iur
husband and one child.
Will lie HHd Friday \it?lit -Toasts (
And Ii?'s|nms?s The Speakers.
'I'll I. :in II It'll li:liwnt. t <\t" til.. I >1 1 1 > s; 1.- i
I lodge So. -?>. i. (). O. Ff, Will be hold h
Friday nig.it. An interesting pro- '
. grain-Hi'' of af er dinner speeches has
, been arranged. A good dinner will .
! be spread. All tin* members ck' the lo- ,
i eal lodge will attend. A number ot 1
' ' I
! invited guests will be present. : c
i The banque* will be held in a va- *
! cant store r >om in the MeCaughrin ,
block and will begin promptlv at v:io ,
! '
oel :ek. It will be served by t.:e P.ach-;
; elor Maids. ! t
j /The folio wing is the list ' ;f toasts \
i and those w.io will respond: i 1
! "Friendsliip, Love and Truth."
Hon. <M. L. Smith?"Odd Fellow- ! *'
I ... 's
! ship.
i 1
! i
! 11J ought not t) pretend to friend-.
ship's name,
j {
i Who reckons not lnmse?. and friend
i - i
he same.
| j i
i .Mr. E. A. Kline?"Onr Orphans."
! |
| Then spoke he angel of mothers
To me i.i gentle tone,
J '"He kind to the children of ethers,
And thus deserve thine own."
Gov Cole. L. Blease?"The Spirit of J
| the Age." , | I
I And only this he asks of fate: ! (
' Thu hp mav keeD his d:;wer
! Of strength, and will, and labor's skill j
; Unto his life's last hour.
| Mr. Z. F. Wright?"Woman."
! i
i j
| The world was sad!?the garden wild! ; s
And man, the hermit, sigh'd, till wo-! c
man smiled. ; r
Clmrcli of the Redeemer. t
(Rev. Edward Fuleu.wider, pastor), i
Nothing preventing, the following
will be :h<e programme of divine ser- ?
j vices at the Lutheran Church of the [
i Redeemer next Sunday: T
! 11:15 a. m. The regular morning s
1 service. The pastor will preach a j ^
! special sermon to the children. Par- i v
* ' - j * - l. ?; +U yv WA11 I (
i ents ai'? urguu u uimg me uunuicui I
io the service, and those who a.tend!^
i Sunday school are requested to remain , 1
j for the service. The front pews in the :
church will* be reserved for tlte child-j c
i ren. i r
i C
8:30 p. m. Service cf song and h
prayer. Short sermon by the pastor
on "Misrepresented Goodness." Text ?
Romans 14:16, "Le, not your good be s
spoken ci. i
The public is cordially invited to all j1
, th'a services. *
?. 1
: i
i i t
: John ('. Sloan, of Columbia. Dies of
Injuries. '
, I
"While attending to some prelimi!
nary work on the hew Hopple street *
j viaduct, Cincinnati, Ohio. John C.
i Sloan, Columbia, superintendent of i 1
construe i:n of the viaduct, lost his *
balance and fell into a pit below. ^
i In the fall he struck a derrick bucket J
I at the bott:m of the pit. death being
! ins an aneous. The accident occurred 1 1
; i
; last 'Friday. The remains were s
| brought to Columbia and the funeral j(
j services"*will be held at 4 o'clock this c
afternoon at the Green Stret eMtho!
dist church. The services will be 1
! conducted by the Rev. I). W. Keller, 1
pas'or of the church. 1
Mr. Sloan left Columbia about six
weeke ago for Cincinnati to assume j
i t'_c superinte^dency cf this work. He j
jnad resided in this city for the past j(
i seven or eigh years, an(! had held1 r
j re: sensible positions* witli .he Parr *
. Shoals Construction company and' 5
I with the (Charleston navy yard. He | i
was a native cf Newberry county. H"
! is survived by his wi:'e. who was Miss
i .*o:? Sculf-r, c * Columbia, and two '
Ichildr' n, Miss Lucile Sloan a d Uu
nell Sloan.
' . '
I At Ue cor:ners inques m V;ncmj
na i it developed that Mr. Sloan los: |
j his balance w'.;en he reached ior one ,
j end of a timber chat workiuer v\ere ;:
! raising over a pit, which nad bee.ii j *
i made for the foundation of a concrete !c
j pier, and in falling struck on the f
bucket at the hnttjm of the put. The !
j H
pit was 30 feet deep. :
! The above was clipped from the!,,
Sta e of May 24. Mr. Sloan was biuied ; ;
; Su day evening at 4:30 o'clock at!
Ivnv.vo. d cemetery. H is survived by ,
; his wif: and two children, also five
:*o ' rs and one sister, Mrs. Ii. F.
' r. r- a, :-r. La caster; Me.-srs. H. A. ,
; Slcon, of Springfield, 111.; A. S'o.in.
I *t nville; F>. P. Sloan, f Xewber- (
v : S. A. SI can, of Mobile, Ala.; H. , -
I ~ ' .
of Wliitnev, X. C. This is
i *' o n~st death that has occured in T
; t.his r.imily in thirty years. He was o
j 42 years of age. ; J
1 i
omiiienceineut Programme .\ewbern
City School Will Close June
1 \<!?lr<"?s \iy !)r. CronH'r.
T v closing ?*x? rcises of the Xe\virrry
city sc.uol: have been planned
s follows:
.Monday night. .June 1. Voi.i o'cljck,
debate by Messrs. Xeely Ciomer.
Jalph Higgins, Willie Thornton Forest
Dickert. Joan Floyd and John
liggins. of the Ataenaen literary so iety
on he subject: Res -1 ved That
dewberry should car'y a nr e muis
uiditioaal tax tor school purposes.
The best debater will be awarded rhe
ohn M. Kinard g dd medal.
Tuesday morning. June 2, 10:30
)*eloek an elementary school contes'
vi 11 be held at t.ie nigh school audiorium.
The Boundary stre.-t, Speer.s
reel a d Wes Knd seh ols are eacfl
Ilowed to filter twD boys and two
:irls. One boy and one girl among
lie 1- will be awarded medals.
The seventh g'ade promotion c rtiicates
will be pr se-.ted at this
Tuesday. .June '1, N:iJ J o'clock. The
;raciuaiing exercises will be held in
he opera hous \
Salutatory? 'Xeely Cr.nner.
Valedictory?Miss Teressa \iaybin.
Class address?Dr. ueo. t>. ur-mer.
Announcemnt o1.' awards and distixici
_ ns.
Delivery of diplomas.
loses a Successful Year? Awarding
of Medals?Teachers Elected?
Iturhecue .July 4.
special to The Herald and Xews.
Little Moun ain. May 2S.?The ciosnsr
exercises of Little Mountain high
ic.jool were held during iie first part
f th.j wee. The prjgi amine has al eady
been printed in The Herald anc
Cews. The exercises were very crediable
to the school a.id were a:tended
?y large audiences.
The annual serin:n was preached
Sunday morning the Rev. J. W. Horha
prliror of the Lutheran Church
Visitor, of Columbia. Superintendeni
Swearingen, who was expected to deiver
the address on Tuesday evening
vas ii-vu able to be present, but se:ured
ti'.e services d. Prof. J. A. Carion,
of tv.e University of South Caroina.
in addition to essays by all of the
nembers of the graduating class, th?
>resentaion d. prizes and medals took
>laee on Tuesday evening.
'Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Young give a
;old medal to that member of the fifth,
rxth and seventh grades who maintains
the highest general average du-"
ng the year, and this medal was w>od
>y Miss Bessie Stockman. It was
^resented by Mr. G. D. Brown.
Messrs. \V. B. Sh >aly and J. B. Der ick
give a medal to tha. member ol
he high school maintaining the highes:
general average during the schoo
ear. This medal was won by Miss
Vlinnie Lee Shealy and was presentee
)y the Rev. E. W. Leslie.
For several years Col. E. H. Aull has
Deen giving a gold medal to thatauem
ier of the high school department
vho produced the bes; essay on a sub'
ect to be assigned by the teachers
The condition is t.iat every member o
:he high school is to prepare an es
iay. The purpose being to encouragi
>'. igi: ] bought and correct English
:omposition. The subject this yeai
PfM "Mexioo." The cominitee to judgt
n,on the several essays awarded tty
neaal to Miss Minnie Lee Shealy. The
)v -senratio.i was made by the Rev. .1
1. L ig.
T:., trustees of :he school have rejected
Mr. G. H. BaMentine as prin ip-il
and Mis.s BrownN, sister of Couny
Supe* intendent f Education G. I)
?rown. as high school teacher and the
nlinu-ino- for the c uinion school de
r-.ment: Misses Gertrude Boland
stine Wicker, KIberta Sense.
The . chool is in a i.ealthy and .'louri-.hing
The >'hoo! !ni]>rc vcn. nt ass cm'on
of tli1 Little 'fountain high school
"ill serve a larbec-u* .cn . iily 4th, f i
he be etir < ' the school. A fine bar)ecue
dinner is assu'.'ed to all who atend
and the proceeds go o a w.rtln
> & <$- */ ? t> y <8> <$> <?> rv
;> <$
i. i. i ; ; .. ; ;
The i-r.nre <?:r. ' ".t ass ciaof
the Li't! > 'Von^taii. high school
Till serve barbci!*? on J L"ly 4th. 'or
N? ha efit c* the scho:I. A fine bnrkcire
dinner is assumed to >11 who atp-ifi
and thu proceeds tio t > a.w rthy
n use.
For seventy-three years the StiefC
5;nnr> has been a leader. Investigate
ur easy 'erms.
Ldv.?5-15-tf. C-'ias. M. Stieff.
H lease To Speak (inod ttarbecur
Dinner to i>.* Ser>e?I -Hasei.iill.
Wairmiit* is expecting a gieat day
and a 5>u ime on Saturday f this
week. M iy ;{n. Messrs. A. J. Holt and
.1. G. Holder will furnish a first-class
barbecue dinner, and guarantee that
h?' meats and liush will be well cook- (
a. L
Governor Cole. L. Blease lias prom- [
ised t:> be present and to make a
i speech on political issues in rhe ai- ;
H rnoon at 2 j'clock.
An in eresting game of baseball is j
expected r> be had in the afernoon,;*"
1 a:'ter the speaking: \ I
A large crowd is expected to be
present, manv from Lairens and Cn- i .
f ' ! 1
ion counties.
A'hiimire is a urowi. g. prospe rous'
r wn, lie population is fast inceas- ,
in.ii. M my people r m Newberry will
Ik* t.iere Sa nrday, not only to near _
the speech of Governor Blease, and j
i to eat the barbecue dimi'-r, but tj see
i the town of Whitmire and its people, i
| * nv Telephone Line?Dry Weat her j
?Personal and Otherwise.
! j.
j Special to The Herald and News. ! j
| Excelsior, May 28.?Mr. .). S. Wats!
i attended the soldiers reunion in An- :
; derson this week. I!
We are very dry in this section and !
j need rain badly. Corn a.:d cotton |
can't c:me to a stand until i: rains. j
j Our people are busy harvesting .;heir
j grain and th'3 crop will be short owing -
| to tne dry weather. J (
\!iss Rosine Singley who has been
., teaching scho.l up near Hodges has
; | returned home for vacation. *
; j M" Elan Stone of Saluda coun:y has
. i been over on a few days visit home.
[ Mr. Ira Xates of Columbia has been
. j up on a few days visit to his home
i | here. ~
Mrs. H. .J. Kinard spent Tuesday in k
^ i Columbia.
J Miss Eunice Aiewine has been on a
, I visit to Misses Nar.nie Mae G';ok and ^
. I Frances Kibler.
| Mr. Willlie Singley has returned to
. I his home in Welling Texas.
. I
Tlie gardens have nearly all dried
. up.
Mr. and Mrs. P. S. C'Jok have bee i ^
on a few days visit to relatives in Columbia.
Mrs. Carrie Havtman who has been i
. j i.i he Columbia hospital for a two
weeks treatment re- urned home Tuesday.
The subscribers to the 3600 Tele"
phone line going cut from Prosperity
put wo days oj neir line last week
putting in new post and .igh'-ening up
1 the line.
' Mrs. Dr. D. H. Werts is spending a lew
weeks with her son in Newberry. ']
" i L\lr. Leslie Boland has been cn a few
[ J days stay with his brother in Greent
1 Mrs. .Joe Lovelace is visiting her 3
' r! a n trVi tpr Tt/Tre. "Runs founts.
* \V have so.-n- iniiTiij)*: in the community.
51 'Some of our boys have been to the
-j river fishing and they report good '
*;luck- -iiJl;.
; Sigma. !,
l |\
j-1 Annual Meeting.
The annual meeting of th stock-;
J holders of The Farmers Oil Mill will
t ' be held in the court house at Newberry,
. j S. (\. on Thursday June 11, 1914, at _
j 11 o'clock, for the election of directors (
,1 for the ensuing year, and f:r the
> ' transac ion of other business.
J. H. Wicker, 1
I ?ii, n,i I, |ii? ?HBII? Winn?i 1
Cent a Word. No ad
> I vertisement taken for iesi j
than 25 cents. !
T . ~
AA.'VE 0. Ill rr & CO. sell y?;u j (
iiee< gi its, rice, ilour, sugar canned I
He keep ?i.e best groceries
ami can >a,e y?u money. Kemember
a* on your next order. A. 0.
1 IxiiiV tV (>, I'lione >4, ">-'2!Mt
For Sale?Tho'"oug'.ibrea Berkshire <,
. j pigs; prices reasonable. M. P. Lake,!
Newberry, S. C.. R. F. D. 7. it
f-'or Sale?Few pure bred Shropsire
>! ram lambs f:r breeding. U W. ^
,1 Floyd. 5-29-4t'
Keau'iful Artificial Flowers including;
lovely wreaths, 10c. Robinson's 10c
': Stor?. ;
. j _
and Rakes?See our Dain s
;^r:>A t-rs and Rakes before buying.
1 -t ii'.'h tdruft mower n the mar- I'
i:. VVr. keep a!i repairs. .1. T. (
Mayes <x Co. r,-26-3.
i i> onni'es Pnre Soap for 10c
a Robinson's 10;: Store.
{ ;
Good Wash Boars'^ for 10c at Robin- 1
j son's 10c Store.
ipecia! on wide Embroidery again
tiiis week at l"c yard. Robinson's
10c Store.
hind l.'rip I.ost Taken off Southern
tram Friday morning, i-t1 --nu, uetwecn
Columbia a.id Newberry. Ha*4
bank book in it of The Medium Pub^
lishing ('o. Please return to 2> C. j
H,rt n, Abb ville. S. C. It
ly Traps and Fly Paper at Robinson's
10c St >re.
Mants For Sale ?Rot and Blight Proof
Tomato. Bell Peppers. Ho; Peppers,
Cabbage. Egg Plant, Potato Plants/ <
All l."?c per doz.. 50c per 100. C. P.
Pelhani. 5-1-tf.TB
.adies Turkish Towel or Crash Hats
Robins, n's 10c Store.
Jest Patent P'lour $5.10 and $5.20. M.
Q. Chappell. 5-1-lmo.
inldren's Silk finish Socks only 10c
at Robinson's 10c Store.
tuggies and Wagons?To make room
for nearing shipments we are selling
Rock Hill buggies and Piedmont
wagoiis at greatly reduced
prices. Special prices on Cane
seed also. Let us show you our
stock. i\7e guarantee satisfaction.
Purcell & Scott. 5-8-tf.
<ans! Fans! Fans! Every kind imaginab".
to 2."?c. Robinson's 10c
x '
>ee JohnsonOIcCrackin (X for Deering
Mowers, Deering Harvesters.,
"We carry a full line of repairs.
4-24-tf. ^
iiildren's Parasols 10c and 23c. Robinson's
10c Store.
'or Sale?Two-story dwelling, 9 rooma
and bath, electric lights, screened
throughout and newly painted, large
lot wit'h running water in stables.
Apply to 1311 Glenn Street.
*ee what you can get for 10c in
Enamelware this week. Robinson's
10c Store.
ane Seed, Cane Seed?We have thena
and can save you money. Nice clean
seed and we give 50 pounds to bushel.
Com^ to see us. Johnson-M?f'n
_ 4,-94-Ff
Children's fanay and solid black socks
10c a- Robinson's 10c Store.
PFe have just unloaded the third car
Roofing since December 1st. We
Shave the price and the quality ia
why we sell so much. We 'have in
this last car Edward V Crimp, Ed- *
wards Patent Lock, Edwards Re% M
Chester Shingles, Edwards Queen-^^
annie Shingles. Get our prices.
Johnson-McCrackin Co. 4-24-tf
Ladies and Gents 25c Silk Hosiery f
are mighty good at Robinson's 10c
Store. i 4
ffy Percloa Station *F1-Fi" will make
bis stand this seasen at Quattlebaum's
stable, Prosperity. Fee $2$.
B. L. Miller. \ 4-3-tf.
Fairly good 10c Gauze Vests 5c this
week at Robinson's 10c Store.
hamlu?several nogs weaning
about 100 to 125 pounds. See us before
you sell any kind of cattle or
nogs. The Casb Grocery. eJ. M. Laaa
& Co. Phone 110 or 212. \
>llar Bands, all sizes at Robinson's ,
10c S ore.
.'onltry Wanted?Hens 11 cents per
pound; frying 17 l-2c. Highest
prices for eggs. Player & Graham.
Special on Ice Tea Glasses, Ice Tea
Saucers and Ice Tea Spoons this
week a: Robinson's 10c Store.
rVind'hv Shades, regular size with
Fringe 2.~c. Robins n's 10c Store.
.'ure Cleveland bi^r boil cotton seed
for sale at $1.00 per bu.iiel; makes
two bales r r acre; also some
fodder Sl.SO per hundred pounds.
Phone 5602 J. A. Shealy. 3-27-6t
svat the Fly with our swat ers 5 and
^ a rV* __ ~ ~ j ni
IU cenis. r .y pap t auu r ly traps
to catch 'era with, and 10c "wonder*
Fly Killers at Robinson's 10c Store.
? ?
trespass Notice?All persons are hereby
forbidden <o hunt or trespass on
my land, by stock or otherwise. The
law will be enforced against all
respasser.s J. T. Epting.
- _->0_0f
special on Laces and Embroidery a:
Rob'ns .r,'~ 10rj Store this week.
iraduafed Trained Nurse?Calls answered
promptly day or niNell:e
J. Gallman, 836 Hunter s-reet,
near colored Methodist church.
5-1 o-31-1 taw?F
Pango Hair Pins, large size, and collar
bands, at Robinson's 10c Store.

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