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gereJii aitD gems.!
Entered at the Postoffice at Newfcerry,
S. G, as 2nd class matter. '
Tuesday, August 18, 1914.
? '
Every indication points to the fact'
that the people of the Third district
are going to make a change in their
representative in congress.?Abbeville
It does and it looks like Dominick.
Has Blease been called??Headline
in paper.
Yes, to the United States senate.
All signs fail in a Palmetto political ,
campaign.?Greensboro Newu.
They failed in the Jones campaign
and will fail in Smith's. Bring Brown
out next.
'Of course all anti-Blease men think j
tie fs a goner, hut let us not be too
cure and cease our efforts. If we keep
on hammering away the thing will be
accomplished, and that finally. As to
Newberry, two farmers talking not
long ago, both predicted that Blease
wouldn't carry his home county. It
seems to be doubtful. There is one j
tuang certain; ne win not carry nis
own ward in the town. Any citzen of
the town will bet you a thousand to o
one on that."
Thus speaks a citizen of Newberry
who is familiar with the poltical situation
in the governor's home town i
and county.?Edgefield Chronicle.
Yes, if you keep on hammering j
away. That's the object. But the
mor{e you hammer the stronger the j
Blease rivets. They talk loud, but j
fcaven't courage to back talk with j
money. Put up or shut up. That
same old prediction has been made
every time Blease has been a candidate.
It is all done by some oppoi
nents who hope that such talk will
influence votes against Blease else-!
where. Blease has never yet failed
to carry nis county and will not fail j
this time: And, yet, it is the one !
county in the State that does not have \
mucn county priae m tne matter or
standing to home mei. Somefoo'w
there has always been an element that,
"preferred to run a'-ter the stringer, j
It is not peculiar in Blease's case but j
was true when Geo. Johnstone, Joe l
\ Keitt, Dr. Wyche and others ran for
State offices.
? . j
"The News and Courier last night.
received from E. H. Aull, private sec- \
retary to Governor Blease, the follow- j
ing with the request that it be publish-.
ec" this morning."
me above appeared as introduction j
to an account we sent the News and .
? Courier of the meeting of the executive
committee in this county on
Saturday. We have been the correspondent
of the News and Courier at j
this place for many years and the ar- j
ticle w5s sent as an item of news. We
are not and have not been the private ;
secretary of Governor Blease and the
publication was not requested as j
such but purely and simply as a news |
item and we do not understand why j
the News and Courier should desire 1
to make such a statement as the '
above. Was not the item a good ,
news story?
Some of the candidates for congress :
have had awfully light expenses up to ^
the time of filing reports with con-!
gress. We suppose contributions to |
? _ - - - - I
me poor ana to cnurcnes and such i
like are not legitimate campaign ex- !
penses but are given out of the bigness
of a purely charitable heart.
Let the people rule. IThat is the
motto of The Herald and News. It
some one does not vote as you think
or as you > ote, please do not get an- |
gry with him or lose your temper.
The people are doing their own thinkt
ing and are going to do their own voting.
You can't buy them, neither can
you dictate to them. The primary
w;U do the eliminating and the work
will be done by the Totes of the peoPle
Hon Fred Dominick \v..o is making
the race for congress had stated that
he did not ask the votes o: the people
' i
of Xswberrv because he had been a
citizen of the county for many years;
that his forebears had resided here |
for generations; that hey had been >
taxpayers in the county; that he and
his family were today taxpayers in 1
the; county; that he and they contributed
their share to every good
cause that was for the advancement,
of the community; that they expected ,
to remain citizens of tae coran^unity; I
bi t that he based his claims upon his
litness and capacity to represent the
district as it should be represented,
and if the people of tie county did
not think that he could represent the
district as well as some other, then
he did not ask for their votes. That is
high ground, and it is the position
iha; should be taken by all candi<Jates
for the suffrage of the people.
We doubt if there is a man in the
county who will question the fact that
by education, training, ability and experience
that he is as well if not better
fitted properly to represent the
district th? i any of the candidates.
Then whv-should he not zet nracti
cally a unanimous vote from the people
of Newberry. He is one of us.
He buys his groceries from our merchants.
He and his people buy their
clothing tfrom our merchants. They
spend their money in our community.
Everything else being even equal why
not give our. vote to our home man.
Why go out after the stranger who
onlv comes to see us when the wants '
our vote. Can you give any good
reason that is satisfactory to yourself
for doing so. Think about it.
Dominick is going to have a majority
in the county. There is no doubt
about that, but he should carry it
practically unanimous. \
We believe he is going to win in
the district, and that is not simply an
opinion for the purpose of \ saying
something. We have been over the
district and we have talked with people
who have been over the district
and who know something of local conditions
in the various counties and
our oninion is based nnon facts as we
have seen them and as we have gathered
tfrem. There is little doubt that
he/will carry Anderson and Pickens
counties by handsome majorities over
all the candidates ? ' in Greenwood
he will, have a majori and in Abbeville
it is going to be close. In Oconee
he will have a majority. His election
is assured unless absolutely all
signs fail and we do not believe they
will in this case. ' Then why should
not Newberry lead all the rest and |
give their own boy a practically unanimous
vote. We "believe she will.
This is a good time to use the split
log drag.
The Herald and News will send
blanks to all the managers and will
request that on the night of the election
the managers of each precinct j
r?V?Ar?n av* ti'i-f V? o o caavi o c '
pnv/nc \.n v* li ^ iij.v icouii do ouuu clo |
the count is completed. When one
"box has been counted please send the
result ifrom to at box without "waiting
until the entire count is completed.
The notice from the executive committee
to Governor Blease did not
state that he show cause why his
name should not be transferred to another
club but that he show cause
W .1 V Uld 1IO.I11C SUVUiU live OUJV/AVU
from Ward 5 club.
We publish another short communication
from Hon. James M. Baker,
clerk of the U. S. senate, in which he
brings evxidence to show that the
statements contained in his former
leter are true quotations from the official
record. It seems that he had
information that Mr. Aiken was pre
paring to make an effort to question
the correctness of the statements be
made in regard to Mr. Aiken's record.
Mr. Baker fixes that all ~ight and upon
the affidavit of an official who made
the comparison. Mr. Aiken's record
is writ and foe can't change it and no
one has any desire to change it for
him, because it is absolutely satisfactory
to his opponents.
>Mt. Baker refers to another ,
in his brief letter and that is to "pernicious
political" activity in partisan
politics by rural carriers and postmasters
in the Third district, and says
he has referred all these to the department
with the request that they
be given attention at once. That is
the proper thing to do. We do not
ri'Vvrt t V> a Ion- ic Knf n'Q r* o rt cao
IVllUW ?Jiat uc ia" 10, uuc ^ vaix ov*v*
110 reason for any rural carrier to become
especially excited about an election
because his job goes on so long
as he attends to it and does not become
partisan, but "we can understand
why a postmaster who is drawing
$2,000 to $3,000 a year from his job and
when he owes Che job to the good offices
of a congressman should become
rather actively partisan for that congressman
in his race -for reelection
because his job may depend upon the
success of his friend. In fact there
is no need for any one to become in
the least excited. Let the people rule. 1
Talks To Farmers On Practical Subjects
by Experts.
The Clemson college party were in
Newberry Monday and talked to about j
50 farmers in the court hous?. Prof. I
R. L. Shields spoke of animal husbandry
and gave some valuable suggestions.
Prof. F. C. Hare talked of poultry
r\Alllft?TT t?Q1CArC TirV>A
IdiMIlg dUU Luc pvuiii j iaiouo "uw
were present were repaid ifor the time.
Mr. Atan Johnstone spoke *on burr
The party will be at Young's Grove
Tuesday and at Little Mountain Wednesday.
Whitmire to See PUuline.
Manger A. J. Holt of the Ideal
' i
Friday, Aup
From Newberry,
Lv Newberry .11:
" Prosperity 11.
" Pomaria 12
Arrive Charleston 7.30
Excursion tickets wi
on trains and schedule
will be good returning
to and in eluding morni
leston Tuesday, Augus
A 1 1 1
Ample coaches win t
scheduled above to c<
Spend a week-end al
its magnificent hotels i
Dancing every after
largest Pavilion in the
Continuous concerts
Military Band.
Remember you have
I Seashore.
Make up your parties
For further inform.
Agents or
W. E. M'BEE, A. G.
S. H. M'LANE, D.:
:r. -1
theatre, at Wi.ntmire, has booked "The
Perils of Pauline," which will appear
every Fridav, beginning next Friday.
! ?j>
j<3> <?>
i Following is the campaign itinerary:
Yorkville?Thursday, August 6.
naffnpv?Fridav. August 7.
Spartanburg?Saturday, August 8.
Union?Tuesday, August 11.
dewberry?Wednesday, August 12.
Laurens?Thursday, August 13.
Greenwood?Friday, August 14.
Abbeville?Saturday, August 15.
Anderson?(Monday, August 17.
WaMialla?Tuesday, August 18.
Pickens?Wednesday, August iy.
Greenville?ThLrsday, August 20.
1 Hereby announce myself a candidate
for Congress from the Third ConI
gressional District, subject to the
I rules of trne Democratic party.
JCnn A. Jtiorion,
Belton, S. C.
j House of Representatives,
j C. T. Wyche is hereby announced as
cndidate for the house of representatives
and will abide the results of the
Democratic primary.
Godfrey Harmon is hereby an
J ~ ?-> ? fnf fho Iptrisla
QOUUCeU <1S a uouuiuakc iv< uiv *~0-~?
ture and will abide the result of the
Democratic primary.
I hereby announce myself as a candidate
for the House of Representatives,
subject to the Democratic primary.
Neal W. Workman.
Geofge S. Mower Is fcereDy announc\
TON, |S. C.
i inmvuij
3rn Ry
l Ol 1A1 A
Prosperity and
38 a. m. Rate $3 00
'53 a, m. " 2 90
10 p. m. " 2.85
11 be srood going only
mentioned above and
on any regular train up
ng trains leaving Chart
25, 1914.
>e provided on all trains
)mfortably handle the
i the Isle of Palms with
md restaurants.
noon and night in the
by the .Noted Metze's
FOUR DAYS at the
for a delightful outing,
ation apply to Tichet
. .. _
, P. A., Columbia, S. C.
P. A., Columbia, S. C.
. : . - - \ SI
ed as a candidate for nomina:ion fo.
the House of Representatives in :h<
approaching Democratic primary.
1 Joe B. Derrick is hereby announc
| ed as a candidate for the House o
: Representatives and will abide the re
I -. 'lit of the Democratic primary.
| Dt J. Wm. Folk is hereby an
I -><5 a rianriitfate for the learis
! ?laturr
3nc: nill abide the rules of thi
Democrat* t?*t^nary. Platform: Oo
operation, educalioc and lower Taxes
B. V. Chapman is hereby announce*
i nc a candidate for election to thi
House of Representatives, and pledge
himself to abide the result of the Dem
ocratic primary.
Arthur Kibler is hereby announce<
as a candidate for the House of Rep
resentatives and will abide the re
i suit nf fche Dprnnoratic nrimarv.
For Probate Judge.
C. C. Schumpert is hereby an
nounced is a candidate for reelectio:
as Probate Judge for Newberry coun
ty and will abide the results of th<
Democratic primary.
County Supervisor.
The many friends of D. C. Bolam
hereby announce him a candidate fo
, County Supervisor and pledge him t
abide the result of tiie Democirati
j "A Leap ii
Third E
"The Million I
Faster grows th
spectacular the
i r -i
episode of this st
tion is revealed i
j In this, the mos
j yet released, the
the exception of
i -
I Admission: -
We wish to
public that we
j best repair sho'
We still have
who has been v
time and have i
j Spottsa Ford
We have ad
to-date machir
pared to do fir.
4 ,
snort notice,
i >
1400 MAIN ST.
Night Phor
. ?
r 1 Lereby announce myself a candi2
date for Coun.y Supervisor for New- / berry
and will abide the rules of the
Democratic primary.
L. C. Livingstone,
I hereby announce myself as a can- *
didate for Supervisor for Newberry
county eubject to the Democratic
" partj J. C. Sample. I
I am a candidate for Supervisor,
subject 10 the rules of the Democratic
party. J. H. Chappell.
hereDy announce myself .1 candle
date for Supervisor of Newberry coun- ;
3 ty and will abide by the Democratic
Henry M. Boozer. . *
.. V- 4
The maDy friends of J. Monroe
Wicker recognizing his ability and
qualifications, we hereby nominate
. him for County Supervisor, subject to
the". Democratic primary.
a - ^
' I am a candidate for the office of f
e Supervisor of Newberry county subject
to rules of the Democratic pri
mary election. L. I. Feagle.
d I hereby announce myself a candir
date for Supervisor of Newberry coun- *
o ty and will abide the result of the
c I Democratic primary.
[ v - Custta L. Leitaeey.
Airdome | ^
ay, Aug. 19
n the Dark"
Ipisode of ;l
iollar Mvsterv"
sensation as each
upendous producipon
the screen.
/ \ ,
i 4
t exciting episode
entire gang, with
Braine is captured ' j
5 and 1Q Cents
announce to the
; have one of the
ps in the State.
J \
Mr. John Nance r *
vhh us for some '
secured Mr. Geo.
ded a lot of uptery
and are prest
class work on
_ y Yt;
les 37 and 103
X? , *

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