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-- ,*m . . ? ? --"^.-u^wewwuii hwiiibii wn?aupi
Court of Common Pleas.
Frank R. Hunter, Plaintiff,
Jofcn C. Halfacre, Eunice J. Halfax-re
Hipp, Ruth Amelia Halfacre,
A Mary Frances Halfacre, Lula Neel
i Balfacre, Huldah Elizabeth Halfacre,
J 6. M. Efird, Tresurer of the United
fi Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran
V cfcurch of tine South and W. Frank
? Hipp, Defendants.
By 'virtue of an order herein I will
sell before the court house door at
Newberry, S. C., on salesday in January,
1915, the same being the 4tib
day thereof, within the legal hours of
sale, to the highest bidder, foe following
described tracts of land, to wit:
All that tract of land in Newberry
A? O 4-V. nAnfoininnr /\n ^
C?untv, OUUCIi ua: na, wiiiaiuuig wayhundred
and ten (110) acres, more or
less, bounded on the north and south
by lands of Mrs. Clara B. Matthews,
?n the ast bjr lands of estate of James
Kenry, deceased, and on the west by
lands of S. P. Crotwell.
Also, all that tract of land in Newberry
county, South Carolina, containing
two hundred and ten (210) acres,
more or less, bounded by lands of
I Mrs. Mary Norris, John C. Neel, I^ee
Fellers, J. T. McCullough and Mrs.
Bettie Mims.
Also, all that house and lot in the
town of Newberry, county of Newber
ry, State of boutn Carolina, containing
seven-eighths (7-S) o-f an acre,
more or less, bounded by Main (or
Pratt) street, lot of J. H. Summer, lot
of Mrs. Sue Epting, and lot of Mrs.
Mary P. Fant.
Terms of sale: One-third of the
purchase money to be paid in cash and
the baiance on a credit of one and
wo years in equal installments, with
Rnterest from the day of sale on the
^^ credit portion at the rate of eight per
^^e>ent per annum, payable annually; j
said credit portion to be secured by a
fcond of th-e purchaser and a mortgage
of the premises and said bond and
mortgage to provide for ten per cent
attorney's fees in case of collection by
s*it, action or foreclosure, and also
i? the case of the house and lot in the
town of Newberry to provide for ina*ranee
of same for tfce amount of j
said credit portion and an assignment
of the policy of insurance to the master
as additional security; the purchaser
to pay $200.00 on each of said
tracts upon the acceptance of Ibis bid |
as an evidence of good faith, and in
?ase he fails to do so the lands to be j
sold immediately at his risk. The purchaser
will have leave to anticipate
Ike credit portion in whole or in part.
Purchaser to pay for papers and re-1
t#rding same, and also tine necessary
revenue stamps.
H. H Rikard, |
December 18, 1914.
/ > ? ;
Court of Common Please.
Thp "FX-nhan^e Bank of Newberry, S.
C., plaintiff,
Rosannalh Havird and Ellen M. Witt,
By virtue of an order of the court
herein, I will sell before the court
kouse at Newberry, S. C., within the
legal hours of sale, on .vlonday, January
4, 1915, same being salesday, to
tiie highest bidder at public auction,
all that piece or lot o land in the town
cf Newberry, county and State aforesaid,"
containing three-fourths of an
Lc:e, more or less, and bounded on
t'. e north by Wheeler street, cast by
Lindsay street, south by land of R. D.
Wrii'l-t and west by land of Van Sinii.'i.
being the place at which the said
Rosannah Havird now resides.
Terms o: sale: One-third of the
purchase money to be paid in cas-rr,
the balance, to be secured by bond
of the purchaser and mortgage of the
?-?premises, payable in one and two equal
annual installments, with interest
from day of saln at the rate of eight
i>er cent per annum, payable annually
until the debt is paid, wii'j leave
to the purchaser to anticipate pay
men: of the credit portion m wucie
or in pari; the mortgage to contain
a stipulation for ten per cent attorney's
fees if it is placed in the hands
?f an attorney for collection after
maturity, and a stipulation that the
mortgagor is to keep the houses insured"
and assign the policy to the
master for the security of the debt,
with authority to the master to pay
any insurance premium upon default
of the mortgagor or his assigns and
reimburse himself, with interest on
*v1/1 nrtiAiint fr/\m riav nf navment at
~v-u.C auivuiib VUA -?
eight per cent; the purchaser will be
required to pay one hundred dollars
to the master when rhe property is
knocked down to him, and upon his
failure to comply with the terms of
fcis purcl". ase within ten days the property
will be resold at the risk of the
defaulting purchaser on some convenient
saleday the^^^r. Purchaser
to pay :or papers-a^^^Ror ding same.
fljflttUH Rikard,
^^fccember 14,
| County of Nt\v berry,
Court of Common Pleas.
Amos S. Wells, Plaintiff,
Sam P. Crotwell, Defendant.
[Pursuant to an order of ijhe court j
'herein, I will sell at public outcry, to t
the highest bidder, before the court
I house door at Newberry, S. C., within
I a _ j ? 1 ~ ^ 1 ^ ^ I
1116 ICgill XlUUXij Ul bdic, v/ii Kjaxtvitij |
in December, 1914, the following lot
of land to wit: All that lot of land
: lying near the Mollohon Mill
known as "Spearman Row," partly
within and partly without the corporate
limits of t:e town of Newberry,
on the road from Newberry to
Prosperity, containing two and onehalf
acres, more or less, and having
; seven tenant 'houses thereon, bounded
| by lands of George M. Shealy, de- !
; ceased, Mrs. Clara M. MeCrary, A. B. j
lAtwood, and by a screet separating !
i said lot from lot of 01 formerly of J. T. J
Terms o;' sale: One-third of the
purchase money to be paid in cash,
; the balance to be payable in equal in|
stallments in one and two years from j
I day of sale; credit portion to be sej
cured by bond of purchaser and mort|
gage of premises sold, bond to bear
! interest from day of sale, and until
'paid in full, ft t_e rate of eight per
! cent, per annum, interest to be pay;
able annually or to become principal
annually and bear interest at the same
I rate until paid in full, the purchaser
! to iave leave to anticipate, at any
! time, the credit portion, in whole r
! in part. The mortgage to provide for
! the paym of ten per cent, of t/he
! principal an_ interest as attorney's
! fees in case cf suit or collection
through an attorney, and it a'so shall'
provide that if the first installment,'
or any part thereof, or any interest!
due is not paid when due, the whole '
: amount o: said bond and mortgage,
I witJa interest, attorney's fees, costs,
insurance, taxes, as therein provided
Ismail become due and Davable at once.!
The mortgage sfrall require the pur- j
chaser to insure and keep insured j
from loss or damage by fire the buildI
ings on the premises and assign the
j policy to the master and shall provide
that if the purchaser fail to do so, i
fail to pay the taxes, the master or his
assigns, may pay said insurance and
taxes, and any penalties incurred j
thereon, and reimburse themselves for j
the same under the mortgage at the j
| rate of eight per cent, per annum from j
| the day of such payments. The pur- j
I chaser shall be required to pay the j
| master the cash portion of the pur- j
I cliiicp.mnnpv immpdiflfplv imnn flit1 30
I " " T |
| neptance of h s bid, and if the pur- j
j chaser fail to comply the master will!
| resell at the risk of tfae defaulting j
j purchaser. The purchaser to pay "or j
| drawing of deed and mortgage and re-.
cording of mortgage.
H. H. Rikard,
11-17-St-ltawM |
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Court of Common Please.
T. O. Keister. plaintiff,
Wilson Herbert, Summer Brothers
Company, a corporation, and .To'.n C.
Gogga'ns, as- Guardian of Margaret!
Spearman, defendants.
By order of the court herein, I willj
sell before the court iouse at New-'
berry, S. C., within the legal hours of
sale, on Monday, January 4, 1915, to
the highest bidder, at public auction,
the following:
All that tract of land in the county |
and State aforesaid, about eight miles j
from the town of Newberry, containing
eigl.ty (80) acres, more or less,
lying on the public road from Newberry
to Ivinards Ferry and otherwise'
bounded by lands of or formerly of j
Mrs. Sally Werts, George Werts and j
David B. Werts. this land having been '
conveyed to the said Wilson Herbert I
by W. H. Lc ng, December 1st, 1SS7,
by deed of record in the office of the j
register of Newberry in Book No. 4 j
at page 22S.
Also mat tract 01 iana m s-dia conn- j
ty and State containing forty (40) \
acres, more or less, and bounded by;
lands of Wilson Herbert and t'-r.e es-1
tate of Henry Werts on the north, by j
lands of D. B. Werts on the east and i
south, by lands of M. J. Waldrop and !
the road from Newberry to Kinards!
Ferry on the west, tv:is land having j
been conveyed to the said Wilson
Herbert by D. B. Werts January 2oth. |
1893 by deed of record in the office o-. the J
register for Newberry county in Book j
No. 7, at page 3 35.
Terms of sale: One-third of the
purchase money to be paid in cas'h, the
balance, to be secured by bond of the
.purchaser and a mortgage of tn^
premise, payable in one and two equal
annual installments, with interest
from day of sale at the rate of eight
per cent per annum, payable annually
until the debt is paid in full, interest
to bear interest at eight per cent if
not paid wt;en due; the mortgage to
contain a stipulation that the mortgagor
shall pay ten per cent attorney's
fees if collected by suit or placed
in the hands of an attorney for
collection; also that he is to keep tf/.e
house insured and assign the policy of
insurance to the master for a further
security of the debt, with leave
to the purchaser to anticipate payment
rvf thp nortion in whole or
in part. Purchaser will be required j
to pay the master one hundred dol- j
lars on his purchase when toe prop-j
erty is knocked down to him, and upon j
his failure to comply with the terms of j
the purchase within ten days t'le prop- I
erty will be resold on the' following i
saleday at the risk of the former pur-1
chaser. Purchaser to pay for papers j
and for recording same.
H. H. Rikard,
Master, j
December 14, 1914.
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Zudora is left an ?.? ]?:-iin at an early
oge. Hc-r fat:.er is kill?-<l i:i a gold mine. I
Zudora arid t:.o fortune i"ror:i the mine,
which grows to be worth S^U.OOO.OOO, are ;
left in the guardianship of Frank Keene. j
Zudora.*!? mother's brother Zudora, giv- ,
ins promise of great beauty, reaches .the 1
age of eighteen The unc;e. who has set
himself up as a Hindu mystic and is j
known as Hassam Ali. decides that Zu- j
dora must die before she can have a ;
chance to come into possession of her
money, so that it may be left to him, the
nuvt ..f km Ali spps nn obstmflp
to his scheme in the person of John j
Storm, a young lawyer, for whom Zu- |
dora has taken a fancy, and he com- j
mands the girl to put the man out of her j
mind Zudora insists that if she cannot
marry Storm she will marry no one.
Well, well." says Hassam Ali, "if you
take such a stand I'll compromise. Solve
my next twenty cases and you ran marry j
him; fail in a single case and you must
renounce him."
Zudora, using the knowledge gained !
from years of association with her uncle, j
unravels a baffling mystery and wins her :
first case--a case in which John Storm is
saved from being convicted of a murder ;
instigated by Hassam Ali himself
Zudora and Hassam Ali visit N.ibok i
Shan's house, where sleep overcomes ev- i
ery one whenever Xabok attempts to mar- !
ry a princess Storm, set-king Zudora. is i
maue a prisoner Zudora f'ils Xabok j
Shan, restores the princess t'? tier original
lover end saves Storm from death.
The Mystery of the Cheesemaker.
IN a kind of cellar, under a window, !
a man sat, bent over a peculiarly j
constructed machine of small j
wheels that spun with lightning
rapidity Every now and then he pa us
ed and scrutinized the minute object
he held in his fingers At length he
seemed satisfied, rose, stopped the ma i
chine and shuilied over to a cupboard {
Then lie sat down on a cot and began
to figure in a small notebook. The re- !
suit of his mathematics evidently j
pleased him.
In a corner behind curtains stood a !
furnace, a crucible, with powerful bellows
and chimney. It looked adapta- |
ble to tremendous heat pressure. The '
machine previously referred to waT an j
unfamiliar one to any but the ey( s of
those who have watched similar ma- j
cnines in Amsterdam unu uuueiuuw,
in Holland. It was a diamond cutting
and polishing machine. What the unusual
crucible brought forth remained
to be seen.
The diamond cutter rose again and
once more approached the cupboard
The Diamond Cutter
and gloated over his treasure, which
consisted of half a dozen perfect gems
perfectly cut and polished, but small.
"1 shall be rich some day."
Then came sudden transition from
joy to gloom, lie dared not go forth
openly to sell th&se gems, for he feared
that he woul 1 be looked upon us a
thief. The fact that these diamonds
were not registered would act against
him. The least they would uo would
b 10 lia'e him before riu> customs ollic;a!s
;:s a smuggler. And if lie told
the truth iris wonderful discovery
\u>:;iu become public property, and he
would be ruined.
"i aiiK'iin!iickyhe groaned, "i see
I with Sf?Tim
liU Vl 1 l lr?. 1 ' IU1, Ii^vu
one in order to get anything. i will
sound Hassam Aii."
He had disposed of several geins
among pawnbrokers who were known
not to ask quest ions, but in these transactions
he had received but a fourth
of what tiie gems were worth. These
things contributed to his sudden rise
and fali 01" spirits. lie was also something
of a madman.
Presently he sniffed. There was a
faint odor of curds in the air. Beyond
the wall was a cheesemaker's shop,
and there one could buy anything from
? Camembert to what is known as a
Dutch cheese. The diamond cutter discovered
that he was hungry. So he
left his den, bought some cheese and
rye bread and returned, soon to begin
his labors again. During certain in-,
tervals of silence he heard without apparent
notice slight scratching sounds. :
The furnace began to glow? throwing !
nrvnn Inc linnH Onfi j
weiru ii^LiLs upwii uio nutv. ,
ic countenance.
When niirht came he went again to
his treasure and gave a cry of anguish, j
A gem was gone! He searched thor- ,
oughly, but could not find it. it could
not bo possible that he had made a j
mistake in the original counting. He
would go and have ??is friend Hassarn ,
Ali look into his crystal. There were
wonderful revelations made there, and,
Ilassam Ali reassured him that the'
gem would ho found
The next day, after Zudora had gone j
forth?to meet her lover. Elassam Ali
Was assured?Hassam Ali retired to
the mystic room. He was curious
keep fo^Rng in the <>; che eryatal.
llm was intensely superstitious
witboutfrealizing the fact Yet again
he saw/ the face, the same appeal in
it. Hys heart swelled with fury and
hate. } lie was beginning to hate his
niece,/for we invariably hate those we
have ; wronged or intend to wrong. ;
Whenever he saw her slender white
throajt a horrible, almost irresistible,
desire laid hold of him to rake that
white throat within his fingers and
cmsib the life out of it. At the same j
time he became vaguely atarmea lest
at some time or other he should sur- j
rentier to this mad desire. No. no!
Ik ^ J . ' I ^^3
At: \kJ ^?? MM A of nicniiit.
nddddlii r\if t? cis? otii nuvpk c?b ?#(wg?i*w
ing Himself.
A thousapd times no! He must follow
without deviation the plans he
had mapped out Sooner or later he
would grain his ends without incriminating
Himself. She suspected noth
ing. Oim side of her was all keenness
and inAht, but the other side of her
was as guileless as a child, and to this
side he always played. He must wait,
tedious as waiting might be. Gold,
gold, yellow gold, the most beautiful
thing in the world; millions of shining
disks, all his. He suddenly shook him
self. He must smother these thoughts,,
this rampant desire, or he might over j
stop. Misers are full of strange cun j
i ning.
Zudora had given tier word to say
nj^iing about her great inheritance.
affa her TSyalty to her word was as
strong as hoops of steel.
Hassam Ali was an adept at disguising
himself, making himself unrecognizable.
A half dozen touches
of the brush, a muffler about his chin,
ard eren Zudora would fail to recog
nize him at first glance. He sallied
forth He was eager to learn wbat
Storm was doing. For the present
Storm was the main obstacle in lite
way. If he bccame Zudora's husband
goodby to the Trainor millions, wbeth
er Zudora lived or not. If Zudoru
married Storm clandestinely he was
/lntnrmirio/1 iinnn thMt knowledge t<:
kill them both Once a week he rnadi \
inquiries at the bureau of licenses.
Zudora met Storm in the park, and
they idled away an hour or two build
ing castles in Spain The will of .la
son Olds harms been probated. Storm
i was the recipient of a hundred thou
| sand, which he immediately divided
between several hospitals. Fie wanted
it known that, aside from his business
relations, he wanted nothing of Olds
| living or dead. His gift reacted fa
! vorablv.
Storm became suddenly serious.
"My dear." he- said. "I want to ask
you some really vital questions."
"(?o ji he: d
"Do yen !<>ve your uncle?"
She did iv r answer at once becaus
tile quest'::)!; was tef.lly unexpected
She be- o think
"TYIi. . i>n.. ? ' it's ;in odd question." j
"I . u ! :it l jusr simply iiail t > ;
ask it."
"I re " > ' *? "for he is
a hki!j of extra ;uiuary attainments. I
\m+ r
j I ||S& '!
? v j
Zudora Met Storr?? in the Park.
for all that you sometimes smile at j
his occupations."
"It is precisely because he plays at j
this mummery and is at the same time j
tin extraordinary man that i ask you i
if you love him." I j
"Love is a strange thing," she r? j
plied evasively. She felt strangely I
stirred over the trend of conversation. I
"You don't answer me directly," Hel
was an attorney and had something ofB
tie bulldog's grip. There were manjfl
unhappy witnesses who would testif*
1 3
H i fTa
from s<fl
think thw i:v::',
marry m^B
"Not UnW .
ment is coiH
"1 suppcfl ' V:
mind?" ^B
"Yes. Jus^B
up my mirnfl .
that I wouIotiB
greatest kiugdomM
He laughed anM'' \
He had been on tfl 1
his innermost sus[? ,'I' fl
icai sue was -5,
enough without bis'1M "h
little girl! Because sM
had assumed almost V 1
tasks of Hercules.
and more determined to f(W
stand guard over her in ev?
had?that is. .''ieOB
From the bottom of
trusted Keene. [lassan^^B
It did not require an urfl
intuition to feel the sens? |
rected against l?'m when
into the presence of thefl
he possessed no define(*:|
what had caused this a?
It iroc hnrn nf
Oiv/Il. L L ??i*o 1/vtu VI.
mciit for tbe niece. >fl 1j
due to the fact that befl,
with contempt upon Kw
knew Keene to be
ent to what tbe publij
affairs. In this Storrm
to admit of a secret?
the man. Think deep? :
as he might, howev J. /:;||i||
bring to the surfac?
cause for Keene's biflj j
Storm's mistake w?
reveal to Zudora wm
eions were?that it
who wanted him outfl
both in that event - '
a good deal of troalB
?? ^ 4 +
1U1 1L. 1
When they at lafl W'!';''
went downtown,
fact that he was
he did not recognin
Storm usually vfl
In his study, and fl
need of a bite bed
midnight lunch cofl 1 1: |,
crackers and a ffl ^ |!
Hesldcrn^tnau tfled ? j
other day be ' ''t
maun's cheese slfl - I i j;
the cbeesemakerl :
I He WoulctfM .
;iU'?i || j
^| * - 1 * i. ^i'ii.y^V-M.
I ni.ivU^ef^H
ully SOI'B
| must |
t mm
I ClV^^I
learu fl
p u rcl: 'I II mI'it
hi in m fl
dee J fl .
A-S^fl "'V:;
iattejfl ; '
entefl v:?||l|
1 ' j i;V'''il'1!'!'fIs
see? / '
i j ': if j? j|

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