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r '
She Movements of Many People,
berrians, and Those Who Tisit
Miss Dora Eddy, of Columbia, isj
- - - - ~ \X- I_I r-Sr?*- i
visiting ner iataer, ->n. v?. n. ,
Mrs. R. W. -Shelor is visiting:
friends in Newberry.?Anderson Intel-1
Miss Winton Agnew, of Donalds, hasj
been elected to teacn at Whitmire next
\ficc T^pnora Henry has returned
from Saluda county, where she has|
been teaching school.
Mr. D. L. Beacham has returned from j
Charlotte, his father Slaving recovered |
from illness.
Miss Lucia Winn, of Donald, teacher
at Jalapa, will attend the Knoxvillesummer
Miss Mary Frances Kibler returned
on Wednesday from tihe Woman's college
at Greenville.
Miss 'Mayme Ferguson is spending
some time in Newberry visiting relatives.?Laurens
Miss EC':el Bowers, of the Bennettsville
graded schools, is at home to
spend her vacation.
Mr. C. A. Bowman left yesterday for
Charlotte to spend a ivacation with Mr.
Eduard Scholtz.
Misses Lois and Mamie Lou Glasgow,
of Jalapa. are spending the week witft
Miss Cora Ewart.
Mr. W. F. Allen, of Greenville, spent
a day with his brother, Mr. R. E. Allen,
during the week.
ru.i. nnrj Mrs R L. Langford, of!
Prosperity, are here to attend the
graduating exercises of their daughter,
Annie Lee Langford.?Rock Hill Herald.
Miss Annie Green, Buffalo school
teacher, has returned to Newberry, after
attending commencement at Columbia
this week.
Superintendent W. Edward Monts, of
the Parrott, Ga., High school, has re- j
turned to his home in the Prosperity j
country to spend vacation.
Mr. Joe T. Hutchinson is back from J
Columbia to the Newberry Caldwell &;
Haltiwanger store. "Hutch" is all
Tight as a salesman.
H. O. Long, of Silverstreet, passed'
through Columbia yesterday, returning;
(from the commencement exercises of :
Summerland college.?The State.
Messrs. Harold Boozer and George'
Sligh have arrived from Pittsburg, Pa.,;
to spend vacation at home in Newberry '
after an absence of two years.
v i
Mrs. F. C. Omberg and brother, Mr.j
GTOver Todd, are in Newberry. They;
will not return to Dublin, Ga.. but will i
go back to Millen.
"* ^?-a, ? ? V< ic. Hri H a i
Mr. mscner r>ea.uu<?m <iuu uic
after their visit to Helena looking for >
the rainbow, left yesterday on their;
return to Clinton.
Dr. W. G. Houseal is in Charleston,
where he attended the meeting of tr e!
board of trustees of the Medical Col-:
lege of South Carolina. He will be,
back today, Friday.
Rev. Edw. Fulenwider speht Wednesday
in Columbia at the hospital
with Mrs. Fulenwider, who underwent
an'operation on that day and is doing
George B. Cromer, of Newberry, j
was in Columbia yesterday. Monday
miglht Dr. Vromer was on the program
" J' - -t ?rvf + Viii Inhn
ior xne tuosuis V4. V4J.V vv? |
eton school.?The State.
I. H. Hunter, Esq., of Newberry, was
a visitor in the city Saturday.?Lau-!
<rens Advertiser. You are a little mixed.'
1 Anyone abroad would be liable to get
smiexd on Hunt, Hunt and Hunter.
The Sellers school, under the effi-'
cient supervision of Miss Sarah Cald- [
well, Miss Pauline McDaniel and Miss i
Floy Bethea, will close on Friday night, j
June 4th, with appropriate exercises.?
Marion Star.
Misses Lizzie Griffin and Irene Mc-1
Daniel will spend a month at Harris'
Springs, before going to their respective
homes.?Laurens Advertiser's account
of the ending of "a good year
in (Cross Hill High school."
Dr. J. M. Kibler lias returned from
Baltimore. Mr. Sonnenburg stood the
trip very well and is about as he was
when he left for tlbe hospital. He has
lots of friends here who are auxiously
Jioping for his restoration to health.
fMxs. H. H. Blease and son, Marion,
Iftff r*n v fnr iSiaiirvt/vn Va
to spend the summer. A good many of
their friends were at the depot to see
them off and to wish for them a pleasant
stay in old Virginia.
William Brooks and Horace Gray
motored down to Prosperity Sunday.?
Eden cor. Laurens Advertiser. Which
Prosperity? There is a Prosperity in
Abbeville county, but of course it is
not on the map with our Prosperity.
Miss Rosalyn Summer, member of ,
the faculty of Mt. Amoena seminary,
Mt. Pleasant. N. C., spent yesterday in
Columbia. The seminary closed last
week, and Miss Summer was returning
to her home in Pomaria for the vacation.?The
Dr George B. Cromer, of Newberry, j
chairman of the State board of chario,
. . - i
n^3, ? as ill vuiuuioia j ' ui.u
conferred wit'.: the office force. Senator
Alan Johnstone, Sr., of Xewberry,
also paid a brief visit to the office of
the board yesterday.?The State.
Rev. J. W. Carson did the preaching
at Pisgah in our recent communion
service, tie is a son or risgaa ana
he loves Pisgah, and Pisgah loves him.
On this occasion we ?ad ten additions,
one a man who is the head of a fam-j
ily, making twenty-five since synod.?
'J. B. H. in A. R. Presbyterian.
Mr. Jas. L. Aull, who has been with
the Intelligencer for a long time, has!
returned to his home at Newberry.
Mr. and Mrs. Aull made many friends
in Anderson during their stay, who
regretted to see t':em" leave, and The
lnuune joins in wisuiug uieui muuu
success at their old home.?Anderson
Miss Lillian Kibler graduated this
week in Lynchbury, Va? at Randolph
Macon college. She has taken a iMgh
stand, being the author of a play. "The
Land of the Cotton Blossoms," with
music by one of her other talented sisters,
Miss Bess Kibler. The Newberry
schools are fortunate in naving elected
Miss Lillian Kibler as a teacher.
Mr. R. Y. Leavell attended the annual
session of the South Carolina
Funeral Directors' association in Columbia
on Wednesday. Tee State says
Mr. Leavell "gave the newly elected
members a short and impressive talk
on the duties incumbent on tlhem on
assuming their new obligations. This
talk was greatly enjoyed by all present."
The'close of the College for Women
brings into prominence again the probable
closing of tibe institution. Miss
Euphemia McClintock. tfce president,
is excedingly popular in Columbia and
throughout the State and there is gen
nine regret at the thought that her
activities and talents will be taken
to other fields.?Columbia cor. Greenville
The colored Baptist delegates are a
Ihealthy looking set.
The Laurens Motor Car company
says that the demand for the Ford is;
greater than the output.
It Sfcas been a month or two since!
mat muie ien in scou s creeK wna a
part of tJ':e bridge railing.
If you are in need of having a broken j
rib mended go to Mr. J. Monroe Swin-I
dler. Take your old umbrella to his
shop for repairs.
Judge So-umpert, on the first, issued j
a marriage license for Mr. Haskell j
Crumpton and 'Miss Jessie Singley,;
both of the Prosperity section.
m There must have been more than one |
fine new dress ruined by the mud from
the questions asked. How some little
paragraphs catch bright eyes.
Charles J. Nielsen at the opera
house. He is the wizard of the onestring
violin. Also sings and talks.
Hear him now and the balance of the
We don't know whether or not tft-ei
rigfct person saw the little squib about
a nice mannered person "doing you"
when opportunity offered, but we were
asked "who is it ?" "Isn't it the truth ?"
The criminal coi^rt will convene on
<next Mondav week, with .Tudse M. L.
^Smith presiding. This ^rill be the new
judge's first appearance here in that
The colored State Baptist convention
is meeting in Newberry t':is week andj
the city is full of delegates, said to |
number between 500 and 600. There1
are some good talkers and singers
among them.
Pushing a baby carriage is recom-'
mended as one of the most healthful!
exercises.?Charleston Post. Now, j
Tn /-I era r?r\n 'f -fViinlr n,'a o n.ir+Vi in or
%J uv/n c i/iiiiixv JJ ^ ?XCL\1 wu;
to do with, this just because we happened
to see you last Sunday.
There will be no pictures shown at!
the opera (house next Monday and j
Tuesday nights. They will be shown
only at the matinee performances on I
those days. See them Monday and.
Tuesday afternoons.
The Anderson Tribune says The
Herald and News is wrong, that Ander-;
son (has Newberry "skinned" in the
matter of circulating rumors. Spartanburg
and Anderson have put in
claims against Newberry.
iC onions showers havp fall An nil I
through the past week and, take my '
word, grass is growing.?Madden cor.
Laurens Advertiser. iWe don't have to
take anybody's word for it down here,
where there are lots of copious showers
and grass.
Capt. J. W. Lanford found a mud |
turtle under his door-step Sunday j
morning. He thinks it must be a Meth- j
^11 wf 1 A n TTTrt? si A '
isvixoc iUl Ut?, OS At naa OV L'dUl LLKJLLL '
water.?Lanford cor. Laurens Adver-i
tiser. It was a Scott creek turtle run-j
ning from ti e delegates at Bet".lehem
Baptist church.
I The negro prisoner who attempted.
| suicide in jail on Saturday morning,
! is not dead yet. In fact he is reported ,
' a<? imnmvina:. remarkable to re'.atr*. If
! he recovers it will be due to the untir-;
I ing efforts of Drs. Mower and Pelham.!
I ?
for he was as near death as a man ever I
gets without dying. The doctors had
a hard-fought case.
There was a meeting of prohibition!
leaders in Columbia on Tuesday, at j
which a steering committee was'
formed. Senator Alan Johnstone and :
Dr. George G. Cromer were present j
at the meeting and were named on the!
committee. It is the "organization of;
the campaign to be conducted this!
summer for tfce purpose of carrying|
the State for prohibition at the special j
election September 14."
The/faculty and the class of 1915;
of Belmont Abbey college request the1
honor of your presence at their commencement
exercises Thursday morning,
June the tenth, at nine o'clock,!
{college auditorium. So reads an in-!
! vitation to the editor through t?e cour'
tesy of our young friend Edward B.j
I PurcelU a student at the college, to
j whom our thanks for the same are
hereby extended. !
Something good is promised for
Wednesday at tee opera house in the
presentation by the celebrated -Wbrld
| Film corporation of "M'Liss," a fiveact
Shubert feature. p*ople will want
to see "M'Liss," from ?,ue story by Bret
Hart. The World films are all good,
and it won't pay you to miss '"M'Liss."
You will lose if you fail to go either
on Wednesday afternoon or night. En- j
joy the good old commencement time.
Magistrate ^Ic^er to Colum
bia on Sunday afternoon and returned
I on Tuesday morning with one Will
Walton, colored, but he was not the
I man wanted. The man wanted is
! George Clamp, for larceny and violat
ing labor contract. Walton answers
every description of^Clamp, except that
the is too stout. He was released and
I promised the magistrate to help locate
Clamp, as he knows the negro.
The Wadesboro X. C., paper recentI
ly carried the following notice about
I one of our Newberry boys: 'Mr. Hay!
wood Ewart, of Newberry, S. C.. ac|
cepted a position last Tuesday with
| the Western Union Telegraph company
as assistant to the genial local' manager,
Mr. A. W. Huntley. Mr. Ewart
I ? r? o <"* r\-r*t ftp 1/Tt? WT I? Un'orf on/1 if o
io <x ov/ii Ui. lui. f? i. uwai i ciiiu a
young man of -sterling qualities. He
has taken a college course in telegraphy
and comes here to learn the office
end of the business.
I The special feature of the evening
was the missionary address, made by
Dr. Geo. B. Cromer, of Newberry,
chairman of tfce Laymen's Missionary
movement of the Lutheran church of
the South. The speaker spoke upon
missionary motives. These are threefold,
the great commission, our own
spiritual development and love for the
Master. Dr. Cromer punctuated his
points with apt illustrations from tf*e
[ Bible.?Prom the Leesville cor. in the
! State of Summerland college commencement
ihyou want a bottle of it you had
better get it now, before the stuff is
all sold, as it is selling fast and there
are not many more bottles left at Rikard's
store in the Savoy block. It is
only 50 cents a bottle, but the way in j
which it runs flies and kindred spirits
out of a room is astonishing. Try it;
and see flies fly. It is easy to work.
n J tttCII i r? aV? AA Ar\
clilu y\ju win xuiuiv il ia p rtu^juj
you use it. Leave the doors closed and,
Che flies die, open them and out flies j
flies. Same way with mosguitoes and j
other little things of home, sweet'
! Newberry College Coemmcncement.
f The commencement exercises of The
58th session of Newberry college will
begin on Saturday, June 5, and con-,
tinue until Wednesday, June 9, and
the outlook is that Newberry college
will have one of the best commence-'
ments in many years. There will be!
25 to graduate this year, 20 who will |
receive the A B. degree and five the
| B. S/-degree.
Following is the program:
Saturday, June 5?8:30 p. m., sophomore
declaimers' contest.
Sunday, June 6?11 a. m., baccalaureate
sermon by Dr. George T.
Rygh, of Columbia, one of the editors
of the Lutheran Survey; 8:30 p. m.,
annual address before the Y. M. C. A.
by the Rev. F. B. Claussen, of Wilmington,
N. C.
Monday, June 7.?10:30 a. m., senior
class exercises in Holland call; 8:30
p. m., junior oratorical contest.
Tuesday, June 8?11 a. m., annual
alumni address by Edward B. Houseal,
of Buffalo, N. Y.; 8:30 p. m., annual
'address before the literary societies by
Congressman A. F. Lever, of Lexington.
Immediately after the address
-will be Hield the annual alumni banquet
at Hotel Savoy.
Wednesday, June ?11 a. m., graduating
exercises; conferring of degrees
and presentatioa of medals and,
Many Medals and Frizes Are Awarded. .
Fine ( lass;of Youn?* Men
and Women.
? i
Beautiful graduating exercises mark-'
r\t ^ r?l Acin <r avorf'icac rvf \" ^ w)\ a T%r . i
v7u. tilt; v, luouij LAv-i vi .1^ i i ;
High school, Tuesday evening, June 1, 1
at the opera house. The program was j
as follows:
Invocation, Rev. Edward Fulenwider.; '
Chorus by fl^e graduating class. <
Salutatory by Miss Kathryn Harms.; i
Music by 'Misses Ruth Digby and :
Mildred Evans.
Oration, "Our Opportunities," by';
Mr. Henry Rikard. j!
Vocal solo by Miss Goode Burton. <
Valedictory by Miss Ruth Digby.
Music by Misses Evans and Digby. ]
Address to the class by Dr. J. Henry ;
Harms. j 1
Delivery of diplomas by Supt. Anderson.
Announcement of distinctions and
awarding of prizes. *" i
Chorus by the graduating class.
Benediction by Rev. J. AV. Carson. <
There were 22 graduated, 16 girls ;
and boys. Those who finished with.:
distinction in scholarship were: Ruthi ;
Digby, 97.6; Kathryn Harms, 97.5; :
Henry Rikard, 97.3; Vinnie Eleaser,
93; Fannie Eleazer, 92.2; William
Halfacre, 92.1; Mildred Evans, 92;
Eldridge McSwain. 91.
Tf.:e others who did well were:
James Dennis, Douglas Hornsby,
Goode Burton, Willie Belle Duckett,
Ruth Head, Martha Kennedy, Blanche
"\* f* Li11 ir? L) rt** T O i + Vi I
1 Id, JCJliatT JtCLClOlUl, 1A?U10C CUillll,
Julia Summer, Dorothy Taylor, Mat- j
tie Lou Wicker, Frances Wlieeler,!
Robert West. ;1
The handsome gold medal offered by,
*Mr. Otto Klettner for the highest 1
scholarship in the graduating class
was presented by Mr. W. A. McSwain '
in an appropriate manner to Miss Ruth :
Digby, very honorable mention being :i
made of Miss Kathryn Harms and Mr. '
Henry Rikard.
The gold medal offered by Mr. I. H. :
Hunt for the best mark for the year
in the department of history was
awarded witJh a short talk by Mr. W.;:
H. Wallace to Miss Ruth Digby, with j
nonorable mention of Annie Kinard
and Henry Rikard.
The gold medal given by Miss Elizabeth
Dominick for ready writing was
presented in an effective way to Miss
Ruth Digby, with honorable mention of
Miss Elise Peterson.
Five dollars in gold, given by 'Mr.!
M. L. Spearman to the best student in mathematics
was presented by Prof.
Holloway to Jack Dunstan, after men- ;
tioning honorably Annie Kinard Bertha
Gallman, Ruth Schumpert, Emily
Hoof, Roberta Lominick, Ruth 'Digby, .
Kathrvn Harms and Wp.nrv "RikarH
The gold medal given by Mr. P. C.
Jeans for excellence in recitation was
delivered by the superintendent to Miss
Fannie Eleazer. 'The contest for this
medal was i-eld last Friday night. The1
other speakers were: Nancy Fox,j
Annie Dunstan, Janie Howie, Grace! >
'.Wilbur and Inez Hutcheson, all of the
Waverly Literary society.
The gold medal given by Mr. John
M. Kinard to the most worthy member1
of the Athenaean Literary society was
presented to Mr. John Floyd. This
contest was settled as follows: The
members oi the society elected six!
boys to compete for this prize in a!
debate. Joe Vigodsky, Clyde Ward and.
Eldridge McSwain were the affirma-j
tive speakers, and John Floyd, Clyde.
Harris and Lee McSwain were tfre neg-J
ative debaters on the subject: "Reolved,
That a State-wide prohibition
law would be of greater benefit to
South Carolina than a State-wide com
pulsory sdhool attendance law. The
debate, every part of which was a
credit to the school and to the contestants,
was held last Monday night. \
Several prizes were also delivered
to pupils of the lower grades.
T:e gold medal given by Mr. J. L. j
Keitt for the highest scholarship average
in Boundary Street school was
awarded to Daggett Norwood, witn:
May Tarrant only three-elevenths ot 3
a point behind him.
The gold medal given by Mr. J.
Marion Davis for excellence in schol- 1
arship at Speers Street school was j
awarded to Marguerite Wertz, with <
ADDie liamara oniy a sxiia-u natauu <
of a point below foer.
The gold medal offered by Mr. Z. F.'1
Wright for the best scholarship at 1
West End school was awarded toN
Minnie Williams, witJh honorable men- 1
tion of Willie Mae Culbertson. ]
The Davis and (Wright medals were i
presented in a most pleasing manner i
by Dr. A. J. Bowers. ")
The gold medal offered by Dr. Young 1
11. Brown to the seventh grade pupils' i
of Newberry country for the best es-1"
say on the "Care of the Teet/a" was' 1
awarded to Susie Maude Wilson, of j i
Speers Street school, with honorable C
mention of Nellie Wise, of Prosperity.' i
Three casn prizes for essays of "Al- .<
cohol and the Human Body," offered ,
by iibe local W. C. T. U., were pre- J
sented by the Rev. J. W. Carson as! J
follows: The High school, Miss Annie ]
Kinard, $5 in gold; to Speers Street ]
school, Susie Maude "Wilson, $2.50 In \
gold;lbonorable mention of Marguerite c
\ 1 i
Annual Banquet Tuesday >iarbt?May
Krin<? Your Wives, But >ot Your J
Husbands and Sweethearts.
? I
At a meeting oeld Wednesday after-!
tioon by the committee appointed by
the local Newberry College club, Z.
F. Wright was elected chairman, Chas.
P. Barre, secretary, and W. B. Wallace
treasurer. It was then definitely;
decided that the regular alumni banquet
would be held on Tuesday night
next. June 8th. Dr. Harms, Prof..
Voigt and Dr. .Jno. B. Setzler were
appointed on the program committee.'
From information now at hand, the
committee is looking forward to l.avej
present at the banquet one hundred or l
more alumni and ex-students. Such
alumni and ex-students may bring
their wives to the banquet. |
Dr. Jno. B. Setzler, chairman of the
enrolling committee, is now busy tak-,
ing the names of those who say that;
they can be present on the evening ofj
the 8th. Any one who wishes to come
can give Ibis name to Dr. Setzler. The
price per plate will be one dollar; it
is requested that this amount be given
as soon as possible to Mr. Wallace, the
The young ladies of the Calvin Crozier
chapter will serve the banquet j
and, judging from past experiences, a
delicious treat is held in tore for
those who attend. It is being planned
to make this occasion one of t/.:e great
and happy events of commencement
Newberry Building and Loan Co.
The regular annual meeting of the
stockholders of tlhe Newberry Building
and Loan company was held on Thursday
and the old directors elected, as
Prxl 1 P D mar* ?W. /"I UahoCOI
lUliV *> O . \JT. JJ. Uiiiti , M , \j . JL1VUOV.U.1,
C. J. Purcell, C. D. Weeks, Geo. Johnstone,
H. L. Parr, S. J. Derrick, M. L.
Spearman, H. C. Holloway. A dividend
of 6 per cent was declared on the capital
stock of $50,000. The directors
also met and elected the following officers.
G. B. Cromer, president; W. G.
Houseal, vice president; M. L. Spearman,
secretary and treasurer; Johnstone
& Cromer, attorneys.
0. L. Scfynmpert Chapter.
The 0. L. Schumpert cfnapter will
meet on Saturday, June 5, at 3 p. m.,
with Miss Grace Wilbur. Those members
who have no conveyance will
meet at the residence or Mr. H. H.
Evans and go by automobile at 20
cents for the round trip.
I will give a first-class barbecue
fh ? TYl TT An /1 O TV* il a Al/3
en, uuj i coiucutC 1U11C lll/XXl UIU"
town, S. C.) on 'Wednesday, June 23,
1915. Will have speaking by Mr. E.
H. Aull and other noted speakers.
Special attention to ladies and children.
Don't forget the place and date.
L. Clarence Pitts.
Mrs. Lizzie I>eal, of Newberry, spent
several days with her sister, Mrs. J. A.
Mitchell.?Cherry Hill cor. Saluda,
Wertz; 'Boundary Street school, Hattie
Mae Buford, $2.50 in gold; honorable
mention of Daggett Norwood.
Seventh Grade Exercises.
The promotion exercises of the" seventh
grades were held last Saturday
night. The following delightful program
was rendered:
Invocation, Rev. Geo. P. White, of
Union, S. C. /
Chorus by class.
Greetings by Daggett Norwood.
Recitation by Sue Ella Peterson.
Music by Hattie Mary Buford.
Declamation by Edwin Setzler.
t tij
uy CAiua, xayivi.
Music by May Tarrant.
Recitation by Mary Klettner.
Recitation by Abbie Gaillard.
Music by 'Marguerite Wertz.
Recitation by Susie Maude Wilson.
Music by Selma Crotwell.
Address by H. J. Gaertner, of Atlanta,
Chorus by the class.
The address of Dr. Gaertner was
fine and timely. Hae teachers, Misses
West and Mabry, are to be commended
Dn the well trained classes for these
HR /n tt'n a nn fi/n ^ ? rrV? n /\T^ a/\1
-L UUoc w uu- LU L11C 111511 auiiuui
witih distinction are: Marguerite
vVertz, Daggett Norwood, Mary Tarrant
kbbie Gaillard, Susie Maude Wilson,
Mary Klettner, Hattie Mary Buford,
Edwin Setzlerfi Sue Ella Peterson, Edaa
Taylor, Lillian Brown, Robert
Schumpert, Leone Swindler, Callie
Boyd Parr, Bertha Crooks* Harry Ep:ing,
Lola Taylor, Jerry Howard,
Claude Lathan, Caldwell Slmms, Ellis
Williamson, Eunice Dickert, Cora
Ewart. Other members of the class
ire: Annie Amick, M. L. Bullock,
Marie Campbell, John Chandler, Selma
I! rot well, Thomas Cromer, Frank Davmport,
Mary Digby, George Earhardt,
James Evans, Lawrence Hardeman,
ftarry Hardeman, Marguerite Jacobs,
S'orice Lominack, Beatrice Livingston,
3ynum Neel, Louise Perry, J. T. Senn,
S^lmer Wells, Hattie Woodward, Irrine
Leslie. All of the forty-four re
:eived seventy, frade certificates-^.
State Convention of Negyo Baptist?/ 19
of South Carolina in Annual V
Session in Newberry. ,<?
The Scare convention of negro baptists
of South Carolina convened Wed- fl
nesday in the 40th annual session in
the Betr.Iehem Baptist church in Newberry.
The convention is composed of
the representatives from the negro V
Baptist churches and auxiliary bodies f
from every section of tf:e Siate, rep- .V
resenting an app-roximate membership
of 260,000. The efforts of the organi- W
zation are directed towards the fostering
of the causes of home and for- H
eign missions, education, temperance M
and Sunday schools* And while gath- fl
ering is not as largely attended as
it was last year, due undoubtedly to
the financial stringency, evidence is
by no means wanting that there will
be no abatement of interest and re- "
suit in any of these causes. fl
At 10 a. m. the convention was J|
called to order at which time the inj
troductory sermon was preached by
the Rev. J. S. Daniels of Chester. ^
Organization was effected by the W
reelection of the following officers:
I President, the Rev. J. J. Durham, ^
LL. D., Columbia; vice president, the '
\ Rev. G. W. Ralford, D. D., Aiken;
I secretary, the Rev. H. Watkins, D. D., |
SBelton; treasurer, the Rev. E. W.
Bowens, Spartanburg. The Rev. Dr.
A. R. Robinson and the Rev. C. H. 1
Graham, D. D., of Philadelphia, rep- m
resentatives of the foreign mission jm
board of America, addressed the coo. M
vention, after which welcome adj
dresses were made by lMayor Z. P.
| Wright and the Rey. E. P. Jones, D.
' D., of the wlhite Baptist church and fl
1 G. C. Golman and Maud Williams on
! the part of the negro citizens. These
i addresses were responded to by tihe -,-i
' president and vice president of the ;||1
j convention. w
Wednpsdav Tn2r'ht tho V.r*r
' mon was preached by the Rev. J. S.
, Earle, D. B,, Spartanburg. ,
Central M. ?. Church, Sooth.
(Rev. F. E. Dibble, Pastor.)
Sunday, June 6?On account of Newberry
college commencement, there
, will be no preaching services, morning
or evening. Sunday school, 4:30 p. m. Vj
I Epworth league, 7 p. m. ^
|- Monday, June 7th, 6 p. m.?Woman's
Missionary society at the residence of fl
Mrs. W. H. Wallace.
I Wednesday, June 9th, 8:30 p. m.? fl
; rlayer meenng; topic, "A Story Of the
Book of Psalms."
Owing to my absence from the V
charge, t:ere will be no service at
Mt. Tabor on next Sunday. On tbe A
first Sunday in July we hope to nave
a Tally day service for Mt. Tabor, ia
wbich we want to see every member
of tbis church present at the services.
We are planning for two services^
Further notice will be given.
May 31st. J. M. Fridy.
1 : 1
| We hare some Yellow Dent Seed Corn I
left that we will sell at a cut price. 1
Johnson-McCrackin Co. 6-4-tf
I will be glad to ha?e scholars who M
/ need coaching the summer months.
Mrs. J. E. Norwood, 1311 Glenn St. fl
6-4-tf. 1
Cnln 1 1- ' " - '
xui >3?ic?a coupie or young Miicn
Cows. Prices [reasonable. E. B.
Setzler, 2001 College street. 6-4-lt M
TTe hare 100 bushels Lookout Mountain
seed Irish potatoes booked for
July 1st shipment; let us have your .
orders on time. Johnson-McCrackin j
Co. 6-4-tf
ror kale?100,000 Cabbage Plant, all
varieties. Telephone 5004, D. A. 1
Livingston, R. F D. No. 2.
Lost?Gold Necklace and Pearl Pin
at Jolly Street school picnic. Finder
will please return to T'ae Herald and fl
News office. ^
Buy Your Gasolin and Oil from Sam j
Dominick, lower end Friend street,
opposite Baxter & Son. 5-28-4t 4
Y> anted?All the wheat in Newberry
county; will pay market price; want
to try my new mill. Bring you?
wheat and corn to the mill. Farmers'
Oil Mill, J. H. Wicker, Mgr.
5-28-4t J
Are Yon Going to Buy a Buggy?
We are selling High Point and Rock
Hill buggies below cost for cash. Every
buggy fully guaranteed. Please call i
onA inc mir linAS
5-25-4t PURCELL & SCOTT.
Bring Your Ante (if out of vrsp*ir) to ^
Sam Dominick's repair s$*?p. AU
work guaranteed. Sharp's old stai*d,
south side Friend street, apposite
Baxters. 5-18--tf1
DR. YOUNG ?. nmw3.~ J
' ?w ?

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