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$ After Half a Century.
,-r^i : x . i ? r mi tt ^ ^ 1
me seiui-ctuiieimiai vi me naaiu
and News of Newberry, of which El-.
bert H. Aull is the editor, is a capital \
specimen of journalistic achievement. I
The fifty-six pages contain a great deal;
of matter of historical value; the nu- j
merous contributed articles appear to 1
be written with care and precision and ;
the usual departments show the habit-1
ual skilful and attentive characteristics
of the editor's work. There are
numerous half-tone illustrations and
the printing and press work of the edi-1
| tion are creditable to printers and ed- j
iters alike. The advertisements of the j
business concerns, of the city of New-,
F berry and the various towns of New- j
berry county indicate^a flourishing:
commercial and indUstri^ condition of j
? the people and a c&mmuiity of intel- j
ligent and energetic business men. i
Fifty years is a long life for a South j
Carolina newspaper and this edition J
of The Herald and News is proof of i
strong hold on the affections of the,'
people whom it serves.?The State.
It Is a Fine One.
The Newberry Herald and News last1
week issued a semi-centennial edition :
of 56 pages, which is creditable to Ed- !
iter Aull and his assistants. Getting;
fe out a big paper like that in a small
town is so-me job, and we bet $5 to the |
hole in a doughnut that Bro. Aull lost
money on that edition.?Rock Hill Red- j
ord. , !
The Newberry Herald and News eel-1
ebrated its -semi-centennial anniver- j
sary this week "with a fifty-six page,
edition, containing a most interesting !
* history of that excellent paper, much!
special matter about Newberry and
Newberry county, and numerous in- j
teresting and valuable articles on vari- !
ous subjects. The paper makes a i
most excellent showing from every j
standpoint, and reflects no little credit'
upon Editor Anil and his staff, includ-!
ing his printer sons.?Yorkville En- j
quirer. |
The Herald and News of Newberry
issued a semi-centennial edition on
I Friday of 5G pages. It contained much j
historical information, a big'write-up j
of each town in the cotmty, and besides j
a very large amount of advertising. !
An interesting article is one by Mr. j
Hugh iVYilson of Abbeville giving some ;
iiistory of the printing business, with i
a photograph of Mr. Wilson. 'The edi-i
tion is a most creditable one.?Abbeville
Medium. j
The fiftieth anniversary edition of
The Newberry Herald and News is just j
off the prfcss. It speaks well for the j
enterprise both cf the town and its j
k editors and managers. We hope that I
the service performed by the Aulls will j
Jvx pvpti Jareer in the next half hun- !
dred vears.?Spartanburg Herald.
J The Hera'd and News. - !
The Herald and .\e? s c: Xewberry J
observed last week its semi-centennial. j
It did it in grea; shape. The week's i
V edition was one that any paper could j
be proud of. There were in the edi- j
tion more than fifty pages, and all con- |
taining most interesting reading mat- J
ter and excellent descriptions of the j
men and industries, past and present,!
of Newberry county. There were many i
advertisements, too, indicating the ap-!
* * - * _ 2 !
preciation oy me Dusiness rnenw ;\ew- ?
berry of The Herald and Xewsf, and its
^ editor, Col. E. H. Aull.
Fifty years is a long life for a weekly
newspaper in South Carolina. We con-j
gratulate The Herald and News on:
having reached this good age, and we |
wish it many more years of age and
prosperity?our good wishes go par- i
ticnlarly to its editor, who has now for
? many years been identified with theI
paper?we may not always agree with ;
Colonel Aull-, we would not wish to
read his editorials if such were the
case. But as The Herald and News
comes each week to tne omce, it is
opened in the confidence that there is:
^ in it good reading and suggestions for;
R thought, and so it should be.
* "We wish for Colonel Aull many more
years of successful editorial and newspaper
work.?Greenville Piedmont.
One of the most creditable editions
of its kind we have ever seen, the special
number with which The Newberry
y Herald and News celebrated its fiftieth
anniversary iasi wees must nave involved
an immense amount of work for
Col. Elbert H. -Atill and his assistants,
and the liberality with which it was
supported by the merchants and business
men of Xewberry nnd Whitmire
and Little Mountain and Pomaria and
Prosperity and Kinards in an interesting
study in itself. T>e edition is a fine j
t exposition of the resources of XewA^)erry
and Xewberry county; while the
well-written reminiscential and historical
articles which it contains will
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jreat many pictures and mo^i of them
are admirably printed.?News and
The special edition of The Newberry
Herald and News, commemorative of
the semi-centennial of the founding of
that newspaper attained the high- water
mark of excellence in special editions
and we extend to Editor E. H.
Anil our congratulations and felicitations.
The issue contained 56 pages
and contained a number of special articles
of unusual interest and of histo.'
'.I value, besides many illustrations.?The
Sumter Watchman and
Soutbron. ,
Tlie Herald and News of Newberry
is to be congratulated upon the splendid
special edition which was gotten
out last week. The paper contained
56 pages, and a worthy thing about it
was that the reading matter was most
excellent. It is a boost for Newberry
and Newberry county that will have
great influence. 'The edition was in
celebration of the fiftieth anniversary
of the life of the paper. Best wishes
to you, gentlemen!?Union Times.
The edition issued last week by The
Newberry Herald and News commemorating
its fiftieth anniversary is a
credit to all the Aull family. It was
- -1 - - J
a spieii'Qia pitice <Ji uewspayei num.?
York News.
The Herald and >'eivs.
One of the best special editions of
any newspaper it has been our privilege
to see is the one issued by The
Newberry Herald and News, Col. E. H.
Aull, who hps been the editor of this
paper for upwards of twenty-five years,
-f? onnirnrcorv r\f liic
v 1-U^C LI1C ii! CIV CJ.X unin T V.A UU1 J Vi. i.iu
paper to issue something worthy of
being kept in the families of all the
people of his. We wish we could do
something like that.?Johnston (Times.
Soml-Centennial Edition.
The Advertiser offers sincere congratulations
io Mr. Elbert H. Aull for the
splendid achievement in issuing a 56
page semi-centennial edition of The
Xewberry Herald and Xews. There
wj>s riot a dull nacre in the entire issue.
Tt. contained a number of articles of
historic value that should be preserved.
'The illustrations were profuse and of
a high order, addins: very materially
to the appearance of the highly credit
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of Frank R. Hunl
! able edition. Several sections of the
[ paper were devoted to leading towns
| in Newberry county, each of these giv|
ing evidence of a progressive spirit.
f The Advertiser congratulates The HerI
aid and News upon reaching its fiftieth
j mile-post and we trust that the 50
j -cars that lie before it will abound in i
1 " i
I prosperity and continued usefulness.? i
Edgefield Advertiser.
! ? I
; The Newberry Herald and News |
! rounding out its fiftieth lyear, cele- i
I brated its half century of existence !
^ A 1 * ~ _r\A fYrt enm T !
j wnn me issuuuut cm ct ou ??j.- j
I centennial edition last Friday. The j
issue is a credit to a town much larger j
; than Newberry, and the advertising j
! patronage etxended the edition was;
! quite liberal. In the edition there are j
j a large number of valuable articles.?!
1 Bamberg Herald. i
: I
A Mammoth Edition of
The Hcr.ild an-1 ^c?ys. :
Friday's issue or The Herald and
: News was a big undertaking carried
! ciit successfully in all details. BeI
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manager, "The Idler," special correspondents
and other good writers, the
immense paper of seven pfifts, with !
06 pages complete, contained a most
generous display of advertisements ;
frcm live-wire merchants who know
the value of printer's ink when prop- j
erly used. It was a stupendous job. j
which doubtless taxed the combined
brain and energy of the proprietor
publisher and this thorough though I
small force of office helpers in the 1
m chanical department, who deserve a i
large share of praise for their excel-;
lent and laborious workmanship. Col. :
Elbert H. Au 11, the untiring head and ;
heart of The Herald and News, has j
won the right to feel proud of this
special edition of his paper, as it is ;
the most splendid publication of its
kind that this reporter has ever undertaken
to read?and hasn't finished 1
reading yet. like a good many other
persons. The advertisements are attractive,
the original reading matter
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it instructive, and Uie entire edition is
a neat and handsome piece of work.
'The special edition of The Herald
and News of Friday, December 3, 1915,
is a valuable contribution to the literature
and history of Newberry county.?Newberry
The "Semi-Centennial Edition'' of
The Herald and News, Newberry, arrived
iast week after several delays.
These delays are excusable since they
made it possible to get out such a fin-1
paper. The staff of the paper, both in
the office and in the mechanical de-:
partments, arc to be congratulated j
upon its contents.?Laurens Advertiser.
To T'nite Two Counties.
Columbia, Dec. 10.?Petitions call
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; ing for an election on tne quesuos 01
consolidating Richland and Lexington
counties will be put into circulation
in a few days, according to a statement
by Norton W. Brooker attorney for
the committee.
flir. Brooker has issued a circular,
der.larine that the consolidation will
cause "a revolution in economic condition
in central South Carolina, if the
election is carried."
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