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.fr itni ^
filtered at the Postoffice at NewWry,
S. C., as 2nd class matter.
Friday, December 17, 1915.
For the state to recognize the denominational
institutions and to leave
the way open for their continued
growth it is not necessary to give
them money or provide funds for students
to attend them. This is neither
expected nor desired by these colleges,
we daresay. All that is needed is a little
more care paid to state scholar
smps, so max me state aau uuureu Alleges
will be placed on an approxi-'
mately equal footing in competing;
for the youths who are able to attend
college at their own expense. A simple
matter and one that does not require
any church lobby at Columbia.?
Laurens Advertiser.
We suppose that you mean to say by
that that those who are able to pay
tuition in our state colleges should do
so, and in that way the expense to
the boy or the girl would be about
the same or even less in the denominational
colleges. Well, if you arc
laboring under the delusion that any
? ??J - v.1 A f at?a "rr?'V> r\ e* fir*
voiisiutjriiuie lru-iiiuci wi LUUOC n u\j scuu
their boys and girls to state colleges
pay tuition at all you just sit down
and take your typewriter in hand and
drop a line of inquiry to Dr. Riggs or
Dr. Johnson or Dr. Currell and ask'
the simple question how manjy pay
tuition and then read their replies.
The fact is if we are going to have
state colleges, and we are, the tuition
should be absolutely free, and then
there should be no free scholarships,
but these state schools should be open
to every boy and girl in the state
"who is prepared to enter the first college
class. Under the scholarship system
we generally educate entire fami- j
lies and in many cases the sons and J
daughters of those who are able to
educate them, and, besides, we believe >|
tnat any boy or girl in South Caro- J
lina who has the capacity to take a
college education and who is prepared j j
to enter the freshman class of any col-1
lege can get that education without!
the aid of the state, and when he or 1
she does he feels much better for hav- j
ing done so and is better prepared for j
the struggle witn the world.
The state colleges and the denom-1
inational colleges are not rivals and I
?t.?. in ^ifporori't Hflssps and work in I
different fields, and so far as we are^
concerned, we do .not want to see any j
of the denominational colleges knock- j
lag at the doors of the state treasury ;
for state aid. We believe that the
state colleges could and should be run
for less money. Why, they say that
some of them pay the foot ball coach
as big a salary as it would take to pay
the salary of at least three professors
in our denominational colleges. And
there are other expenses that might
be cut.
The Herald and News has from 600
lar or a single check. It will be so j
ried through the lyear without paying
their subscriptions. They 'have not
taken advantage of our several offers
of paying up at reduced prices, and
we have come to the deliberate con- ^
elusion that it is their intention to pay |
up between now and the 24th of this
month as a Christmas present and surprise
the editor. We know you are all;
thinking about it and that in the next
nine days you are going to send us at
least one dollar.
?A C ~ ? A
i ou may jusi iai\.e uiit* <ji mus? uur i
lar bills and enclose it in an envelope
and send it along and we will give!
you credit for it and cake the risk of
exposure to the germs which they say
infest each one of these paper bills.
Or, if you prefer to pay for a year, \
you may send us your check for $1.50.
Any way that is most convenient to
you will be entirely agreeable to us.
Now, honest, won't you do this and
make us happy at this Christmas time.
Then we will immediately make some
one else happy, and in this way you
will have the satisfaction of making j
tn-n srvric hannv with but a single dol- |
lar or a single chick. It will be so
easy for you to do this that* we guarantee
that you will feel better by so
doing and muc'n more enjoy your own
Christmas. Try it. -
There have been big times in
Charleston this week. Sorry we could
not get away to take part in the festivities.
The rain on Wednesday put the roads
in fine condition for the use of the
split log drag. Wonder if any of our
friends who have dTags thought of
nuttine them into service. Snr'n finn
opportunities should not be neglected.
Do Your Christ
Gifts bought of us are
reputation as reliable Je1
piece of Jewelry that g<
We give you goods of a
better finish for the sam
for light weight and sho
places. Remember it 1
ence to know Jewelry
jA a! A! j..
give ineir enure ume u
the changes of styles, 1
doubt of where to buy
shoppers of the town
led straight to our store.
No More A
Present than i
Link with yoi
graved. T. M
Watch Fixer a
will sell them
engrave their
For Sale a
January 3:
Wp will s^ll at
premises to the hi*
"The Blease prop
and Thompson Str
Terms of Sale: '
Balance one and
Plat of lots can 1
of Frank R. Hunte
B. B. HAIR, Au
Any one yet thought about making
a noise that sounded like making a
move toward the organization of that
county fair association? A mighty fine
time to start.
Many a man fails to arrive because
ho started with cold feet.
Piles Cared In 6 to 14 Days
yoar druggist will refund money if PAZO
OINTMENT fails to cure any case of Itching
Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles iu 6 to 14 d ay?
The first application yive- Ease and Rest. 50<
mas Shopping
J At once in order to
avoid the rush which
S is sure to come, and
do it with P. C.
Jeans & Co. There
. you will get only
5 the best.
sure to please, for our
svelers is back of every
jes out of our store,
heavier weight and a
e money that you pay
ddily finished at other
takes years of experi,
and only those who
d it can keep up with
\ nr\r\f\ nlan whpfl in
is to follow the wise
and then you will be
sis & co.
. [i
_ 1
. i
ppropriate ;
a Friendship
ur name en*
Rogers the
to you and
1 Free of
it Auction !
.-A 1Q1?
I VK?} It/JL V 1
auction on the
yhest bidder,
>erty" on Main
One third cash,
vo years.
De seen at office
*JTER, Agent
At the High School Friday Night, De- i
cember IS, 8:15 O'clock.
The following program will be ren-1
dered tonight (Friday) at the High
school by pupils of Miss Bess Kibler,
The public is cordially invited to attend.
"Cnffn ~ e /~< r A,.
ui LIIC UUCJ51S ^uuci;,
from "(Masked Garden Festival," Ludwig
Sehytte?Olive Morris.
''Traveler's Song," Theodore Oesten?
Carolyn Epps.
"Bohemian Dance," Adam Geibel,
?Selma Crotwell.
"Coquettish Smile," H. Engelmann?
S-ara Thompson and Sophie Nell Crou
"Papageno's Magic Melody," Mozart i
"Cradle Hymn," Martin Luther?Ed-1
na Sanders.
"Prairie Blossoms," I? W. Russell? 1
Grace Summer. !
"II Corricolo," Denand de Grau?Sophie
Nell Crotweil.
"Jewell Dance," Heinrich Engel? j
Edith Wilson.
"La Petite Amourette," Walter Ruel
Cowles?Mary Keith.
"Electric Flash Galop" (duet), Rich-1
ard Goerdeler?Selma and Sophie Nell
"Beautiful Blue Danube," Johann
Strauss?Gussie Sligh.
"A Joyous Peasant," Robert Schumann?Hainie
' TJunororiori TJotipp'' 7Tf>in rir?Tn TTVnaiil
iUU i/wuvvj *v** muqv*
?Olive Morris.
"Charge of the Uhlans" (duet),, Carl
Gohm?Mary Keith.
Church of the Redeemer.
(Rev. Edward Fulenwider, Pastor.)
Nothing preventing, the following'
will be the program of divine services
at the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer
next Sunday:
10:15 a. m., Sunday school.
11:15 a. in., the "hour of worship and
the preaching of the Word of God. Being
the Sunday before Christmas, the;
pastor will preach a special sermon \
on the subject "Some Bad Roads and a'
Good Road." Text, Isaiah 40:3, "The!
voice of him that crieth in the wilderness,
Prepare ye the way of the Lord,
make straight in the desert a highway ^
for our God." v |
iWe are living in an age of travel.;
'Good roads.'' is a subject that is con-!
5tantly before us, and it is one of na:ional
interest and importance. All of
Xmas Purcha
Stock of A
- ! ""
"Him" W
Xmas Neckwear in indiv
Xmas Hosiery in boxes..,
Xmas Gloves, dressed an
Linen initial Handkerchie
Auto Garments
Manhattan and Eclipse S
Pullman Slippers, Tan co
m i
Travelling sets
Drinking Cups, in attracl
President Suspenders in ]
Stetson and No Name H;
Hanson, Regal and Korr<
You will not fii
able than these ai
self. We'll be de
us are traveling through this world to
the next. Just as fhere are bad roads j
and good roads in the physical world,
so there are bad roads and a good road
in the moral and spiritual world. John
the Baptist was that voice that cried,
"Prepare ye the way of t'ne Lord, make
his paths straight." Jesus Christ is
the great Master-Builder who has mads
; the straight, safe, comfortable highway
that leads to eternal life. Many
-striking and comfortable lessons wil!
1 be presented in the sermon that will
be especially helpful to those for whom
Don't Forc
Our Li
Christmas S
KT/MI7 i
nuw *
Many have signi
becoming members, ax
extraordianary enrollm
co-operate with us in
Christmas for yourself
/ No matter wh
???2* ;may be- you
** I you save very
( Hnlidav E
Become a Member and
Spirit the yc
The Comme
The Bank That Alwaj
is But Nine
ises Are in Orde
in auu vc A, luuua
rhether He's Big
idual boxes
d undressed Kid, lined or unli
jfs in boxes, J and $ dozen....
;ive case.
?mas boxes
!ft Shape Shoes in all leathers
nd anything more pl<
rticles. So come in i
lighted to show you.
?! II IIBIIWII Willi iwmmmmwmwmmmwmmwmmwk*
1 the road seems dark.
4 p.*m., the Catechetical school meets
in the church.
7:30 p. m? the evening service of
song and prayer. The. pastor will
| preach on the subject, "The Three
Great Things Needed for a Happy and.
! Useful Life."
Come to all the services and worship
God with us in His temDle.
Evidently Cupid never (heard of the
eight hour working day.
Economy Is the road to wealth, but
it's a hard road to travel*. .
avings Club
fied their intention of
id we anticipate an
ent We invite you to
providing a Merry
and others.
at your circumstances \
will find the money
convenient when the . / '
xpenses come on.
enjoy the Christmas / . ^
tar 'round. ' [/ \
- ;
rcial Bank
s Treats Yoo Right
r i f
" : . t" ,# ' ; ' .*' "iDays
Off ,
ir. So is our
y Gifts for 1
or Little. j
25c to $1.50 I
25c to $1.00 J
ned $1.00 to $1.,50 I
75c and $1.00 rsS
$1.00 to $3.00.
$1.00 to $2.50 ' I
$5.00 and $600 fl
W* sH
easing and suit- I
md see for your- j||
S. CO. I
/ ' :.j.

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