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|||jc ||eniii) anD Jem
Bartered at the Postoffice at New*11Jj,
S. C., as 2nd class matter.
? tt ? ttt t fntttlt?
Tuesday, December 21, 1916.
There are only a few more -days left
in which to send that present to the
editor for the Christmas time. Remember,
we only ask you to send us
~?-vr>+ r , o?vk n? to sive us at some
TTiLitH. l^uu uiv o~ o w
time in the future anyway, and we are
asking fnat you send it now. One
year on your subscription that is nowdue,
and another year if you J ike to
pay it at this time, but send us the
price for one year this week. It will
fot.a Anir si .so. which is a /very tiny
KWkV T ? ,
matter for each one, hut a simple matter
in arithmetic to see what 1,000
such payments would mean to us if
made right now, and there are tha4
number on our list toat we have carried
for at least a part of the present
year. Now, honest, don't you think
it is a very small thing we are asking
of you. We do not like to talk about
these matters in the paper, but it is
the only way we have of having a
heart to heart talk with each one of
tyou. Tne label on the paper opposite
your name will show the date to which
you have paid. Look at it as soon as
you read this, and think of us, and if
it bears the year 1915 send us your
check and feel good yourself, because
you can have the satisfaction of know
ing that by so doing you nave maae
us feel good.
We would be pleased to have those
of our subscribers- who paid in t'he four
magazine proposition the extra 18
cents to let us know if they are receiving
the magazines, and which ones,
if not all. Please write, that we may
sesd [your letted on to the agency
through which we made the contract.
In some cases we "have been told that
' /inTYiinc airl
ID 6 niag&xuutss <ii t; iivi V \JULk m ^5 , w.
"we want to lodge the complaint from
our subscribers. We have not sent] I
off for the last batch because we want-1
ed to know if the other were being
sent, having heard from a few that the
magazines were not being received. We
have a contract "with the Publishers' i
Subscription agency of Chicago to send
- - . I
the four magazines as published and
if they are not sending them we do
not want to send them any more monej
but will return it to those who have
paid us.
The Herald and News will print another
paper on Friday, but, according
to our custom to take off one issue at
Christmas time, there will be no paper
printed next Tuesday, but we hope to
-* 1 ?? 4-Vjv -irvK f/\r thfl Tl-PTt T^Vi
gtfl UtWJH UU ixro /vu ivi uuv ??
day, and then start the new year. We
wish very much that every subscriber
who has been carried through the year
would arrange for us to put the figures
'16 after his name on the label
before the end of this year. Will YOU
not do that? It would >be a small
As announced some time ago, we \
have arranged with the Progressive j
Farmer to send it and the Housewife
In connection wit'n The Herald and
News?all three?one year for $1.98.
(This proposition gives you three good
papers for only 48 cents more than the j
cost of The Herald and News alone, j
In order that you may see the House-!
wife and the Progressive Farmer andj
know just what you are to get, we
are having sample copies of both sent
to each subscriber of The Herald and
News. Look them over and then send
your subscription right along for one
year for all three?$1.58. The ProgressiTe
Farmer very kindly offered to
send a copy of each to each one of our
subscribers and we have sent them
proofs of our mailing list which they
will use in sending out the samples, j
We notice that there is talk of mak- j
ing an effort to consolidate Lexington
and Richland counties. The effort now !
is to take all of Lexington county over :
- ? i-- ! AV 1 A ?? J TP 4- V* o - /\ fT A ai? 1 ^ Or/?
lli IU XVLUIUiUKl. 11 Ciicii, ouuu.u
through there is a portion of Lexington
that could be served better by com-!
ing into Newberry county, and we believe
that it would prefer coming to
Newberry to being put into Ric'nland.
The weather 'nas been fine for the
dragging of the road-s since the last
recent rains and we hope that a lot
of dragging has been going on.
T^T r^nmiAV iir AT mn
tjutinLAiiin vrri.tx.ft.
At a meeting of tie bo^j-d of health
of Newherry to be held on (Thursday,
December 30th, 1915, at 4 o'clock in
the afternoon, a 'health officer and a
secretary will be elected to serve the
following year, 1916.
The health officer's is fifty-five ($55)
dollars and the secretary's salary ten
Hiis Is a Jei
If ^ di
I ? I :
| chainssse
r i n g s v |
precious /&?
stones ?mi| y<
| silverware Nr = in
toilet sets ^ ?
= = ar
1 ELGIN I ai
I A Jewelery )i
And Our Stocks Ar
Larger Than Evei
No More I
WAV * *
Link with yo
graved. T. IV
Watch Fixer <
11 11 .1
win sen mem
engrave ther
For Sale
January c
We will sell at
premises to the h
"The Blease pro
i T"i n.
ana inompson si
Terms of Sale:
Balance one and 1
Plat of lots can
of Frank R. Hunt
B. B. HAIR, Ai
($10) per month.
All applications for these positions
must he in writing and in the hands of
the secretary of this board not later
than 12 o'clock noon on day of said
By order of board.
S. S. Cunningham, Secy.
Thursday afternoon, December 23,
Christmas exercises beginning at 2
Hymn, "While Shepherds Watched
velery Xmas
When considering your holiiy
gifts you should seriously
link of jewelery.
The costume of the well-dresd
man or womdn would be in>mplete
if lacking in|the adornenc
and refinement lent by
.refully chosen jewels.
The jewelery being shewn this
?ar excels that of any proceedg
season, and the assortment
id number of designs that
e so pretty one is enabled to
ake a suitable selection withit
the suspicion of having
ade a mistake. The jeweler of
ewberry realizes Dame Fashion
is decreed this
jnas ?\
pany ^pjf
a Friendship
mr name en1.
Rogers the
and hngraver
to you and
n Free of
at Auction
&rd., 1916
auction on the
ighest bidder,
perty" on Main
One third cash,
two years.
be seen at office
NTER, Agent
Their Flacks by Night," grammar
Song, "Away in a Manger," ten
/-?V? i 1
'Dolly, Isn't Christmas Jolly?" Frances
Song,"Santa Claus," primary grades.
Dialogue?Five girls, three boys.
Play, "Night Before Christmas,''
fourteen children.
Song, "Looking for Santa Claus,'
primary grades.
Santa Claus and Hie Fairies," four
girls, one boy.
'"Christmas Candles," twelve girls,
one bov.
Song, "0, Come Little Children," intermediate
"Doll's Lesson," eight girls.
Song, "Silent Night," gramme?
St, Phillips School
Will give a Christmas entertainment
at the school house Wednesday
night, December 22. The exercises
will begin at 8 o'clock.
Departmental Superintendents.
A meeting of the township chairmen
.md departmental superintendents o:
the Interdemoninational Sunday School
association cf Newberry county was
held last Saturday in the Sunday
school room c-f the Central Methodist
Mr. R. D. Webb, state secretary,
was present and by his helpful enthusiasm
and ready information added
much to the interest of the meeting.
Jas. F. Epting, county president, actr.rl
or* ft'l o i r Til o n t VlXi miJifltirC 5? T1.1
tu acr viiaii uiau vi iuv ^ v
B. O'Neall Holloway, county secretary,
as secretary.
(The following townsiiip chairmen
were present: Township No. 6, Dr. W.
D. Senn; No. 7, J. S. Werts; 'No. 8,
I. P. Cannon; No. 9, W. C. Dominick.
The following departmental superin
tend-ents: 'Teacher training, Rev. T. C.
Croker; temperance, Mrs. J. M. Workman;
secondary (13 to 20 years old),
Miss Eugenia Epps.
The pastors-present were Revs. F. E.
Dibble W. R. Bouknight, E. Fulenwider,
E. V. Babb and J. W. Carson.
On motion it was unanimously resolved
to raise Newberry county to the
"Gold Star" standard. The requirements
for this standard are:
1 Annnol AAiin+v
J, niiuuai vvujuv.j
2. One or more township meetings
every year.
3. Every Sunday school represented
Xmas Purchi
Stock of A
"Him" V
Xmas Neckwear in indi
Xmas Hosiery in boxes.
Xmas Gloves, dressed a
Linen initial Handkercn
Auto Garments
Manhattan and Eclipse
Pullman Slippers, Tan <
Travelling Sets....
Drinking Cups, in attra
President Suspenders in
Stetson and No Name I
Hanson, Regal and Kor
You will not f
| able than these i
self. We'll bed
in the township conventions.
4. Statistical report from even- Sunday
5. Contribution from every Sunday
j school.
In order to meet the requirements of
the State association it was decided I
to hold township meetings in the early j
months of next year. To this end!
meetings were called for the following
Township No. 1, Aveleigh PresbyteThe
Happy tea
Next Christ
which every
Our LJ
Imagine how much mei
when everybody Has i
It's nice when all 1^
there is no asking?no
ments?no "broken heart
Let every
the Happ;
Next CHF
Let every one-the baby i
It's the sure w*
money when
The Comm(
The Bank that Aiwa]
is But Nine
ises /\re m wrae
attractive Holida
Whether He's Big
vidua! boxes
nd undressed Kid, lined or unli
iefs in boxes, ? and ? dozen....
ctive case.
i Xmas "boxes ......
? ii i 11
rect Shape Shoes in all learner;
ind anything more pi
irtides. So come in ?
? ? m
lelighted to show you,
. -?
rian church, Friday, January 28, 191 _
Townships 6 and 8, SiLverstreet Ln- ^ "
theran church, Sunday, January 23.
Township No. T, Ridge Spring school
house, Sunday, February 13.
' <
Township Xo. 9, Wig ltman cbapeJ,
Prosperity, Friday, January 21.
Other appointments will be matf*
just as soon as the county secretary io
notified. The secretary urges that
these appointments be made at ax
early date as convenient.
?? ?,l?4
mn y
mas will be the one in
member has received *
3 Savings
ab '
Tier Christmas will be
noney to make others
tq money of their own?,
coaxing?no disappoints."
Family be i
y Famil?
ly to have the
you need it
i_ |
trml RanL
A l/llU I/U1AI1
is Treats You Right
n_ nir
uays un
r. So is our
y Gifts for ]
or Little.
25c to $1.50
25c to $1.00
ned $1.00 to $1.50
75c and $1.00
$1.00 to $3.00
$1.00 to $2.50
$5.00 and $600 4|
50c J
* v'1 :
easing and suit- jH
and see for your
* ;
1 i

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