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1 Excursi?
! ;
Account Christ
The Southern Rail
low round trip fare
Christmas holidays, ti<
cember 17th to 25th,
limit returning to rea
/ point prior to midnigh
For detailed in!
local agents, or commi
Christinas an(
. Excursio
Between all points
Line and points on coanec
*" * ? i- r\
1 ICKeis on saie uct
24th and 25th, limited reti
Janaury 10th, 1916.
y i
Atlantic Coast
The Standard Rail]
For ticket and Pullman res
T. C. White, Gen'l Pass, i
* '
Of County Board of Commissioners. (
Notice is hereby given that the annual
meeting of the county board of
commissioners for f Newberry county
will be held in the office of the county
, supervisor on Thursday, January 6, ij
The law requires that all persons J
holding demands of any kind against I
the county, not previously presented to '
the board, will file the same, properly
ritemized and sworn to, with the clerk
thereof on or before the first day of
A January, 1916, so that they may be ex-' j
* amined and ordered to be paid at said |
Jas. O. Sample, County Supervisor.
H. C- Holloway, Clerk, etc.
Wanted?Subscriptions to the Needle- i
craft, the Ladies Home Journal the
Saturday Evening Post, the Country
Gentleman, t'ne Southern Cultivator,
the Progressive Farmer, Farm and |
Fireside, McCall's Magazine, Wo- |
man's World and other papers and *
magazines. Please give lyour new '
i t :?.; ? v.
or renewal suuscnyuuus tv mc. uui
tls I. Epting, 1704 Nance street, New- 1
berry, S. C.
The regular annual meeting of the |
shareholders of the People's National ?
Bank of Prosperity, S. C., will be held d
at the bank on January 11th, 1916, at I
- - * - - ? ' -i-.ii ~ C 1
E;K a. m, ior in<e eiecuon in ^
. and for the transaction of
siness that may come up.
R. T. PUGH, Cashier, j
( Vinol Creates Strength
Hill Home, Hawthorne, N.Y. |
have used vmoi ior many run- j
mm, weak or emaciated patients with 11
Menefi t. One young woman was so weak i p
Knd ill she could hardly creep to my door g
Wior aid. I supplied Vinol to her liberally i
wBF and in a month I hardly recognized her. I
V She was strong, her color charming and \
W her cheeks rounded out"?Mother M. J
Alphonsa Lathrop, O. S, D.,
We guaranteeVinol to sharpen the ap- *
petite, aid digestion, enrich the blood j
E and create strength.
Gftlder & Weeks, Druggists, New- J
berry, S. fC. j J
i ? r
| Whenever You Need a General Ton 5; <
k Take Grove's I
The Old Standard Grove's Tasteless
^ chill Tonic is equally valuable as a
[General Tonic because it contains the f
i^ell known tonic properties of QUININE I
1 IRON. It acts on the Liver, Drives i
K Malaria, Enriches the Blood and r
Bids up the Whole System. 50 cents. (
? -'I
n Rates !
mas Holidays j
way announces very
arrnnrt of the
'? "
ckets to be sold Deinclusive,
with final
ch original starting
t, January 10, 1916.
:ormation, apply to
unicate with
Pace A /rant
/toi* x uooi ngviii.
Columbia, S. C.
1 Npw Ypar
n Fares
on th^ Atlantic Coast
:ting lines.
ember 17th, 18th, 23rd,
Liming until midnight of
Line Railroad
road of the South
ervation and any desired
i, address
Vgt., Wilmington, N. C.
[? j
Iw v^..w *
& UUI 9) 0
I S<
( for those light, 5jj
I brown breads and 5
| pastries, with the 5
| tantalizing odor I
i and delicious fla- p
Ivor' 2
Rising Sun i
Flour I
i VP
i I
j Self-Rising and |
D L. D I
1j\cuuy i repureu
First aid to tedi- 4
I ous baking and lag- 5
ging appetites. I
f ?
I Your Grocer i
| Kno ws a )
U., _ , J,
ttvigbratlng to the Paie and SlcUy
rhe Old Standard general strengthening: tonic.
iROVE'S TASTELESS chill TONIC, drives out
rtalnria.enricheU'ie blood, and builds apthesysem.
A true ton ic For 8dults 8ud ck ldren. 50c St
No. 666 ;
Thia it a prescription prepared especial T
7ive or six doaes will break any case, and i Jj
i taken then as a tonic the Fever "will not !
eturn. It acts on the liver better <. 31 i *-r
Calomel and docs not gripe or sicken. g<
lOur Greats
f .. ^ .' *<>Vf> -v., y?TPTy???i? ^? >? ~ '. '-"* ' +**/ ?>?o> <11*1(1 be
ly.r 'H'.n :?c*;~M. ' ; \y> Of ally
*~ ' r** . ... . ._ 1 rfnr?? th
~'OZZT- '-~X * ""*' >**? ?? - ?^ ..
.?,< ; ' ' fact it
I, ?-- i family.
The Best Two for All the I
in Their I
i j
We are happy indeed to introduce and to t
able to make a clubbing arrangement that wi
enable our readers to have The Housewife tt
coming year.
The stories are high-class in every waystories
that will appeal to and please yoi
many with gripping excitement and interes
holding qualities.
Particular attention is given by The Hous<
wife to seasonable, sensible cooking, househol
hints, and matters of particular interest 1
mother and child.
The Housewife is a large, well printed mags
zine; subscription price. 50 cents per year,
is on'y because 'the publishers are anxious 1
develop their subscription list in the South th?
we have been able to secure a rate on thes
subscriptions that enable us to include it in th
year's clubbing offers with The Progressh
Farmer. "We know you will be highly please
if you decide to take the club. Including Tt
This great combination of farm sem
fancy work and good cheer for the er
in connection with your subscription t<
You know our paper. It is a clear
weekly?your county paper. It gives j
important news of the world and the g
You cannot afford to miss this fjrea
The Herald and News 1 year
The Progressive Farmer?weeklyThe
Regular price
All three one year each
(only 3 cents a week for a
Mail or bring your subsciptions at
The greatest t
x$\ / /& ^ in modern fee
stf is MOLASSES.
down the feed bill and buili
|g||jjF Red Sf
agy Horse and Mule Mi
It's something the horses and mu
appetite?starts the saliva runn
Far superior to an all grain feed
Wm mules a treat, and at the same time
Wrn Our RED SHIRT (first grade) Hors
contains Corn, Oats, Ground Alfalfa,
and pure rane molasses, and analyzes
Protein 10%; Fat 3%; Fibre 12<J
12%; Carbohydrates 55%.
^ 1p#t at?,: Fibre 12%I Carbohydrat*
| grain and ground Alfalfa Meal.
^ First Grade: A balanced ration containing 3
? keeps them in good condition. Increases the floi
fat a reduced cost of feeding. Contains grount
Ground Alfalfa, Pure Cane Molasses and Salt.
^ Fibre 12%: Carbohydrates 60%.
We manufacture also RED SHIET Scratch Fee
Bice, Cottonseed Meal, Cow Peas, Meat M<
Protein 18%; Pat 4%; Fibre 12%; Carbol
Ml As shown on the bags in oar ad. nearly all o
xsnnS^ products, even to the bags and twine. W
% *or O**3' Corn, Wheat, Alfalfa Hay i
1 We also carry a full stock
?57/ /? yy Our feeds as shown ab
ifcS / Of Vi on scientific principles 1
?/ llw 1 \\ greatest nourishment i
It \\ COflt. Let ns shown
3i ywrfM^s H ]| c0* your feed bills di
ai- If us for prices,*
m jr / Mefcwy & Ca
Seeking Sheriff's Slayers. rhea:
Albany, Ga., Dec. 20.?Posses today an^*
ill were searching for several ne- ^a;
roes Wno fought a pitched battle with
Beers Saturday night, resulting in
Le killing of Sheriff D. R. Moreland. ^
is reported here they have arrested ^
m Keith, the negro iX' or eland was wo,e
yins to arrest when the shooting be- beer
in. Threats of lynching have beep j in a
ist Offer!
FHT? Yni!
Progressive Farmer is made to cover
3us as they are in the South. Yes,
ide for you?and if you will road
ed its teachings you will raise more
per acre, more corn per acre, more
tter livestock, and make a money
ng factory out of your farm.
Progressive Farmer has the strongest
practical household department
agricultural paper in the South. Its
features make a special appeal to
men readers and help them as it
le men.
Progressive Farmer has a regular
nent for farm boys and girls, and a
3tory for both young and old. In
is a paper for every member of the
ramily?Both Leaders
l , T^r .?r,??rTr,r,'=J I
I :
se, farm help, fiction, fashion,
itire family at
k \TI\ nrriirci
uvu jmiLwo
( cut, live, up-to-date county
rou all the local news and the
reat war.
t bargain.
?52 big issues 1.00
igain offer
lor only St.98
II three). ^
once to
(, S. C.
3 mmimm
din* ^
da' Sflhe stock. * ^^CttOUM PflOf^ M
lies like?gives them an
ing and aids digestion. 1 =5%^^
* Give your horses and
\ save money. l||?|p
ic and Mule Molasses Feed
, made appetizing with salt 111
as follows:
f0; Carbohydrates 57% ==?
CT| Second Grade ? Analyzes: Piv- jnSS
tern S-ViVo* rat ^ra70 ? ?.?
d Grade) This analyzes: Protein 9%: ^
12%; Fibre 12% ; Carbohydrates 55% ^
) We manufacture also a dry mixed (no $
Horse and Male Feed, which analyzes: <
es 57%. This is composed of straight |
lolasses. Cattle are very fond of it ? >
v and enriches the quality of the milk f
i Corn, C. S. Meal. Wheat Middling, c
? - - ~ -)/W . N
Analyzes: jfrotem loyo; ra.t *
rzes: Protein 12%; Fat 2%%; Fibre X
55%. ?
restive Tankage, Ground Corn, Rice ^
ting. Keeps the hogs in good condition, fin
d and RED SEIRT Baby Chick Feed, jfm
jed of Ground, Corn, Ground mj
Ground Whes.t, Barley, Maize, ^1
?al and Linseed Meal. Analysis:
liydrates 40%.
f our feed ia made from Carolina
re are, therefore, fat the market
uid any other kind of Hay'
rd and officers are reticent as ro
information, of arrests they ma;
More Money to Fight WeeyiL
rashington, Dec. 21.?An additiona
000 to extend the agricultural de
ment's campaign against the bol
" ? " --AA C-1 J- k ? ,
vii m souinern conuu ueius lui;
1 requested by Secretary Houstoi
, memorandum to congress.
j n*> ' <$>
!< > ;
; v ^ < > <$ < > <?><$> <t> <S> <$><$> <3> <$><?><$> <$> <?>
Tl^.z-v /*if tt r?/vT-i an.1f -/->! ao rv/-? 1 ttvi/lotr
A li\7 VI t J ViVC ^U. Idol J.' 1 1U.CI J
for the Christmas vacation. Work will \
be resumed on Monday, January 3. j
Some appropriate exercises marked
the closing of the fall session at the
different schools. The exercise at the
West End school was particularly at-!
tractive, consisting of a well-plannedj
and well-rendered program of an nour'
and a half. The exercises were held in j
the large hall upstairs in the school
building. The primary department at j
Speers Street school, consisting of the
first four grades, alsorender ed a veryj
beautiful program. More than thirty
mothers were present to enjoy it. It
was so good that it was repeated by
request. Most of the grades in all the
schools were impressed in some instructive
way with the spirit of the
Christmas season, and its many val
liable lessons.
At the High school on Thursday afternoon
an informal reception in the
nature of a bazaar and Christmas tree
was given. A most enjoyable feature
of the occasion was a cake walk. Altogether
the children made $14.10,
which will be used in paying for an
np-to-date, standard unabridged dictionary^
Friday afternoon at the High school
a joint debate was held between.' the
Waiverly and the Athenean Literary
societies on the subject: "Resolved,
That our army and navy should be materially
increased." The Waverly, represented
by iM&sses Annie Kinard,
| Kathleen Wendt and Irene Hunt,
championed the affirmative, while the
Athenian, upheld by Messrs. John Higgins,
Joe Vigodsky and John Floyd, defended
the negative. The affirmative
Friday night Miss Bessie Kibier's i
music class gave a very entertaining
recital at High school
Honor Roll For Term.
High School.
(Tenth. Grade?Annie KinaTd, Irene
; Hunt, Bertha Gallman, Joe Vigodsky,
j Grace 'Wilbur, John Floyd, Roberta
| Lominack, George Rodelsperger, Jo'nn
I Higgins.
Ninth Grade?Emily Hoof, Roberta
! Mann, Drayton Nance, Frances Hou|
seal, 'Nancy Fox, Ruth Schumpert,
i Marie Sease.
Eighth Grad-e?Marguerite Wertz,
May Tarrant, Daggett Norwood, Susie
Maude /Wilson, Callie Boyd Parr, Edj
Win -Setzler, A,bbie Gaillard, Robert
1 Schumpert, Sue Ella Peterson, Mary
, Boundary Street School.
j Seventh Grade?Clarke Floyd, Fredi
na Scliumpert, Mary Frances Jones
I Ben Sloan, Alliene Dunn, Carroll Summ
| mer, Hayne McGraw, Mildred Tarrant,
i Ashby iM'cGraw.
| Sixth Grade?John Chappell, Ella
1 Dunn, Everett Hipp, Elizabeth Kinard,
jE.a Robertson, Marie Schumpert, LeI
gare Tarrant, James- Wallace, Mildred
I Fifth Grade?Wright Cannon, Maude
j Hamilton, Buford Cromer, Margaret j
f Kinard, Olive Morris, Willie Mae Cud- j
. bertson, T. IW. Smith, Boyd Wheeler, j
" * J - T*)? A D/iyvirjlr P,/vn_ i
irounn Vrraue?raimuc jjvrvrifti,
nie Mattox, George Fulenwider, Sam
Matthews, Mildred Livingston, Helen
Third Grade?Carolyn Tarrant, Sarah.
Mae Pitts, Miattie Lee Glenn, Ruth
Long, Ralph Hardeman, Coke -Smith j
Dickert, Henry Adams.
Second Grade?Mary Alice Hipp, J.
D. Hornsby, Nannie Laurie Boozer,
i Kate Bullock, Marcus Caldwell, Edward
Sehumpert, Minnie Morris, Mamie
-r-? r TT7 "D.,, 7TTVanV Adams.
I JDOOZtfi", JLd. YV . Uuaivv/U, A A ?? , ,
[ I Harry Thomas Summer, Evelyn Mc- j
Gray, Paul Denning, Anna Badham,
j J. C. Saber.
First Grade?Rose Turpin Tarrant,
Karl Long, Edith Dorrity, Cliford1 Kil-1
gore, Clara Davis; Dell McFall, Sarab
Buzhardt, J. D. Butler, Olive Bairns,
Lula Werts, Nolan. Wesson, jElizabe-h
Speers Street school.
Seventh Grade?Janie Dell Paysinger,
Mary Alice Suber, Aubrey Tilley,
Ruth Koon, Sam Beam, Irwin Leaveil,
Claudia Wheeler, Lillie Johnsonj
Lossie Mae Boozer.
> I
Sixth Grade?Harold Hipp, Earl
Chandler, Welch Wilbur, Carrie Nell
Swindler, Henry Lominick, Blanche]
Sale, William iMc-Swain, Edith Wilson,
Swindler, Henry Lominack, Blanche,
I mnn/i in-m "Vfo<3xi'a i n "Rriith Wilson. !
Oxl/IC, * ?? iiiiClJJJ. irivuu UAU, ?
5 . ' I
Flemmer Jones, Pearl Spots, Erich
Jones, Winnie Taylor, Nellie Lake, G.
V. Boozer.
Fifth Grade?Caroline Weeks, Her*
bert McTeer, Cortez Sanders', Rosa
0 Copland, Hubert Setzler, Minnie Williams,
Melzie Hallman, Griffin William's,
Colie Blease, William Eddy,
Elizabeth Harms, Troxelle Wright,
Henry Ganntt.
Fourth Grade?Margaret Farrow,
.1 Bennetta Buzhardt, Edna Sanders, Leii
t W TTVar-Tia WTt.' Glad vS
~ I'd, KsLLCV^Jjai, <J. '' . , . ,
3 Havird, Ella Bowman, Jennette Har3
man, James Nobles, Mildred Perry,
1 Ruby Redaick, Azile "WMtateer, Juanita
Hitt, A. Z. Dominick, Ross Wilscn,
Gladys Suber, Lawrence Spearman.
Third Grade?Etfie Player, Mildred
Spearman, Thomas McTeer, Edna Jacobs,
Sadie Jones, Ty.er Robinson, Estelle
(VVhitaker, Leon Taylor, William
\Moni Arthur A O.KM 1
Second Grade?Carlisle Kennedy,
Mildred Jones, Gladys Williams, Pauline
Klettner, Thomas Spearman, Margaret
Cnalmers, Ernestine (Melton,
T~.i TT..1 i. n rrk?l ? D^-rrfl
OULLLL t DifUZ.CI , X UCULLJUk. J-rv/rv iT^o,
iiarle Holsonback, Earl Turner,
First Grade?i^eroy Anderson, Robert
Kennedy, Mack Reid, Margaret
Shaw, Ralpn Bedenbaugh, Irvin Gregory,
Prin-ce Chappell, Voigt Taylor,
JL>eronda Milam, Marry Derrick, Elcfcredge
W est End.
Fourth. Grade?Ernest Taylor, Andrew
Thornton, Bertie Inabinet, Annie
Lou Connolly.
HP-U 4 A'r'n /-7 A P^rfll O
j. uiiu \jia\ic uriauj o vai i-vi, i/v* w**?
Gentry, Louise. Shealy, Zack Franklin,
James Lindsay.
Second Grade ? Enal Culbertson,
Br unfile Carter, ALvin Franklin, Aaron
Leopard, Mamie Lou Gentry, Hiram
Franklin, Louise DanieLson, Olin
Smith, Violet Tompkins, Myrtle Outz,
Olin Layton, Claudia May Hiller, Annie
May Haselden, Carl Hallman, Walter
Fulmer, James Fulmer.
First Grade?Sudie Crump, Mary
Chandler, Roiy Jones, Jack Senn, Alii?
Miller, Furman Goree, D. P. Ward.
Mollohon SchooL '
Second Grade?George Brown, Bertha
Craft, Lossie iMiae Tew.
Third Grade?Mamie Lee Arnold,
Helen Gruber, Hattie Tew.
Fourth. Grade?Harvey Malpass,
Ealon Mills.
Sixth Grade?'Nellie Brown, Edna
Makes Long Statement on ??r, De?
claring- Allies Xnst Hame More
Than Present 1,250.000.
London, Dec. 21.?Premier Asquitk
made his long-expected statement on
the allies' military position in the
house of commons today in connection
with introduction of a "supplementary
estimate" providing for the raising oC
the numerical strength of the British,
army from 3,000,000 to 4,000,000 men.
The house was crowded and: the
| premier's speech was 'listened to
[ earnestly and silently. In the peers'
! gallery Lord Fisiher, the former first
sea lord, and Earl Derby, director of
recruiting, occupied the most prominent
portion above the clock.
The prime minister, as usual, got
the heart of his subject in his opening
sentences and declared that although
the British, fighting forces i*
! the various theaters novr total more
i than 1,250,000 .men, the war's demands
| were such as necessitated calling out
the empire's "recruitable maximum."
Will Fight P5an.
A-lffrrfMiorh +"ha. nrAmip-r did not DUt
?"JH/uvu^ju. mv 2?* _
himself on record as either for or
against conscription, John Redmond,
leader of the Irisih Nationalists, at the
| close of Mr. Asquith's speech, flang
a bombshell by declaring that the
i Nationalists would oppose consoripj
tion bty every means in their power.
John Dillon followed with' a severe
arraignment of the British war leadership,
inquiring: "What is the use
of sending out more troops to 'be led
by men like those responsible for the
Suvla bay and Anzac failures?"
The premier'o statement of the need
of the army for "every fit man" includ- v.
ed a warm tribute to the overseas soldiers
and he took pains to mention
' Ka
particularly tne ' mtu IV ire
attested who have made application
from far distant places"?Hong Kong,
I Rhodesia and California?adding:
"This has been a commentary on "the
.lethargy of some of those here at
home. No more splendid' exhibition,
of patriotism and self-denial could- be
conceived, or one more calculated to
i carry conviction to the hearts of all
our gallant allies."
Another American Taken From Ship.
New York, Dec. 20.?wnineim uarwo
of Brooklyn, puir&er of the American
steamer Borinquen, was removed from
the ivessel off the harbor of San Juan,
P. R., by officers of the French cruiser
Descartes, according to the Borinquen's
skipper. The ship arrived here
According to Capt. Dow of the BoI
rinquen, the incident occurred about
II a. m. on December 15, while his ship
i was five miles outside San. Juan heur.
I, <n.i. ; -n\ r.
[ bor.
| Garbe, it was said, was a German,
but had taken out hig first citizenship
papcrs some time ago. He had beea
employed by the 'line about three years.
! AviinrvP5<n*v fVRVV f ?
Union co i ta ornw
/jam titig&h'sssatiiswh
?M^S^fSq^ JMIls in Red And (i?ld metallic^^x
sealed .-n"^ Blue Ribbon. V/
Take no other. Boy of yonr ?
j {V J.sasigto^s^.m^
) "C* -J years, kr.owa?j Best, Safest, Always Reliable*
Piles Cured in 6 to 14 Days
7oar druggist will refund money if PAZO
OINTMENT fails to cure any case of Itchinr.
BHrtd, Bleediag or Protruding ires uioior.'nji3,
The Ural application j?ive^ Ease and kest- 50c.

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