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Lontr Prawn Out Offensive on G--illipoli
Peninsula Has Been Abaniloni'j]
11v Powers.
"Without the Turks being a .are of
the mo.-ement a great army has been
withdrawn from one cf the areas occupied
on the Gallipoli peninsula,"
says the official announcement of the
withdrawal of about 100,000 British
troops from the Su\\a and Anzac j
Thus the long drawn out and costly |
efforts of the French and British j
forces to reduce Dardanelles forts and j
break their way through Constantinople
have come to an end, for although
it is believed the tip of Gallipoli
peninsula will continue to be held
by the allies, no offensive movement of
any importance can now be made
against the Turkish defenses and the
opinion is generally held that the active
Dardanelles campaign has been
virtirfl.ilv priced
The British and French lines at the
southern extremity of GaLlipoli are
protected by warships and the allied
forces there are in sufficient numbers
to occupy the attention of large Turkish
forces which would otherwise be
transferred to another scene of active
Lloyd-George's Summons to Labor.
The British minister of munitions,
David lLoyd-George, in reviewing the
work of his department, told the house
of commons that while the supplies of
guns and ammunition had greatly increased
and the cost had been de
creased, the success of the allies depended
on whether organized labor
"would allow the government to recruit
-a -sufficient number of men for the factories
which had been erected for the
manufacture of war munitions. "Hundreds
of thousands of precious lives
depend on labor's answer," he said, and
he appealed to organized labor on the
ground of patriotism to meet the neces.
citioe nf situation.
Speaking for the labor party, J. H
^Thomas declared that organized labor
Vould be found willing to follow
wherever the minister of munitions
led, if their rights were properly
guarded, and he suggested the passage
o! a bill to this end.
Progress of the War;
In the Western war zone the British
front has been the scene of heavy
bombardments. In addition engagements
between aircraft have been a
feature of the fighting, not less than
44 combats in t'ne air having taken
place on December 20, two of the German
aeroplanes being shot down and
- j J !
Cottiers driven on in a tLamag-cu. wum- j
iion, according to a British report, and j
one of the British machines being re
^corded as missing.
On the rG fkeonre-gmmmm RAA
On the Greek frontier the entente
allies continue to fortify themselves in
the expectation of an attempted advance
by the Germans if not the Bulgarians.
An Athens dispatch says the
Greek troops have interposed themselves
between the Anglo-French lines;
and the Bulgarians by the occupation;
of Doiran.
rr + c oo-oin ci Ril IfTpHan !
KjX yi U*tCi5tiD CI5UAiioc w* *0vw* ?? ?
armies entering Greece caused the
Germans to ha!t their allies at tae
border, according to an Athens corre-1
spon-dent. Germany is said to have j
notified Greece to this effect and to1
have begun the concentration of;
Austro-German forces at the border.;
The concentration will be completed 1
by Thursday and a decision as to the;
makeup of tne army to march on Sa- {
loniki will then be made, it is de-'
The Darty of Former Premier Gou- j
nafis, now minister of the interior in'
' t'he Skouloudis cabinet, seems to have
been easily successful in the Greek
' elections, which were not participated
an to any great extent by the follow"
ers of 'Venizelos, the ex-premier, whose
party was in the majority in the parliament
recently dissolved by royal
$^,000 TO $60,000 WASTED
A Columbia dispatch to the Angus'a
Chronicle says an appropriation ranging
from $50,000 to $60,000 will be
-Gorged by W. IW'. Moore, adjutant-gen*
-snail, in his annual report to the genassembly.
The fund will be used
the maintenance of the national
' guard, making up the deficiency to the
' federal government and a general improvement
of the state camp in Lexington
The adjutant-general will not ask at
this session mat me uumusi- ui i cements
in the national guard he increased.
One battalion of coast artillery
will he added during the year,
the company at Greenville already
having been mustered into the service, j
Others Intimate, However, That the;
.Mission of House is Important
and Delicate One.
f.Vashington, .Dee. 21.?'Secretary |
Lansing tonight declined to add anything
to the announcement by Col. j
House that he was going to Europe a: j
the request of the president and sec- |
retary of state.
From ouier official sources, However,
came the intimation that the international
questions at the capitals of bel- i
ligerent powers were of such an extremely
delicate nature that they could
not be discussed. It was suggested
that Cel. House's statement should be
taken at its face value and questions
as to whether he would make formal
inquiries concerning the prospects of
peace elicited no response.
Col. House, who is the president's
close personal friend and adviser,
made an extended tour of European
capitals last spring and talked with
U ; (rnrnrnmiant n ffi i Q 1 o /vf d-ATTTl O T1 V
lllg 11 gVyCllllllVUI. \jx. v^. ^ ,
France and England. There was much
speculation at the time as to the object
of the trip and the circulation of
varied reports caused the colonel to
deny that he acted as the personal
representative of President Wilson or
had gone on a mission of peace. Hs
said he traveled as a private citizen,
but indicated that as a loyal citizen
should do, he would communicate such
information of moment as had come to
'him to the president.
T^tpr he had a long: conference with
the president and was understood to
have given 'nim a comprehensive renew
of the state of opinion abroad as
he observed it. What he reported never
was revealed, but it was known that
his picture of the situation did not alter
the president's belief that the time
then was not ripe for any step from
Washington towards initiating a peace i
I he Kayo Lights
Like a Gas Jet j
npo light the Rayo
i lamp you don't
have to remove the
shade or the chimney.
Just lift the gallery
and touch a
match. It is just as
easy to light as a gas
burner and it requires
little effort to keep it
I S. I
are the modern
lamps for the farm.
Simple in design ?
yet an ornament to
any room in the
Use Aladdin Security
Oil or Diamond
White Oil obtain
best results in Oil I
Stoves, Lamps and
The Rayo is only one of
our many products that are
known in the household !
and on the farm for their
quality and economy.
Ask for them by name and
you are sure of satisfaction.
Standard Household
Matchless Liquid
? Gloss
Standard Hand Separator
Eureka Harness Ofl
Mioa Axle Grease
If your dealer doe& not
have them, write to our
nearest station.
(New Jersey)
Washington, D. C. Charlotte, N. C.
Norfolk, W.Va. Charleston, W.Va.
Richmond. Va. Charleston, S- C.
I ' l l i
they hardly expected her to regain her!
strength as she has."
i.YIirs. Monts, when interviewed, gave
the following statement of praise for
"1 will try to tell you of the benefit j
Tanlac has been to me. 1 was so weak 1
I could hardliy walk any distance. j
When I tried to work, even at light;
casks, I became very nervous. I was
lcstless at night.
"Before I took 'Tanlac, what I ate ,
fane. ^ nm intonta di ffprin c -c/l nillph !
that I did not care to eat. Now, since i
taking Tanlac, I enjoy my meals as 1j
once did; I can sleep well and I feel
like getting up when morning comes.
I hope Tanlac will do for others wha:
it has done for me."
Mrs. Crapps said, regarding her condition
and that cf her husband, as
"Mr. Crapps and myself both are
taking Tanlac, and we have been greatly
benefitted. I have suffered much
with chronic appendicitis and kidney
trouble. My back and sides frequently
pained me intensely. My husband
suffered with loss of appetite and general
"I can not praise Tanlac too highly, j
for it certainly has proven an inval-,
uable remedy for my family. My con- J
dition is much better in every wayj
than before I began taking Tanlac, and '
my husband, too, has found it of great j
Mr. Meetze's endorsement of 'Tanlac,
previously published, said he bad!
"gained ten pounds in three weeks" j
while taking Tanlac.
Tanlac, the premier preparation, is j
sold at Gilder & Weeks, Newberry; ;
Prosperity Drug Co., Prosperity; Lit-:
' tie Mountain Drug Co., Little Mountain.
Price. $1 per bottle.
I County of Newberry. I
The People's National Bank of Prosperity,
S. C., Plaintiff.
L. E. Kempson, F. 0. Kempson, M. H j
Kempson, J. B. Kempson, the British
and American Mortgage Com- j
pany, the Newberry Savings Bank,
and the Tuscarora Fertilizer Company,
Defendant^. j
Ay aa order of the court herein j
I will sell, at public auction, before
the court house -door at Newberry, S. j
C., within the legal hours of sale, on
salesday in January, 1916, the same,
being the 3rd day of the month, to the,
highest bidder the following described
tract of land, to-wit:
All that piece, parcel or tract of land j
lying and being situate partly in No. 9
I and partly in No. 10 townships, county j
| of Newberry, State of South Carolina,
I containing two hundred (200) acres,
more or less, bounded on the north
I and west by lands of John A. Shealy j
- ~ - uJ
ana rmcKney wiener, ou me east uy i
lands of J. A. Sligh and J. B. Kempson,
and on the south by lands of Bennett
jiWiller and Andrew Counts; same being
the identical tract of land conveyed to
L. E. and F. 0. Kempson by James B.
Kempson by deed dated November 9,
1909, and recorded in Deed Book No.
17, at page 888.
(Terms of sale: One-third of the
purchase money in cash, and the balance
in one and two equal annual
installments; the credit portion to be
secured by a bond of the purchaser
and a mortgage of the premises sold,
the said bond and mortgage to provide
for interest on said credit portion from
the day of sale at the rate of eight
'per cent per annum, and also to provide
for ten per cent attorney's fees
~ 1 /->/->r?r> enif Vwv tin at. !
-til tJClijC \Ji tUHC^UVU U1 sun uy uu U.V
torney, and for insurance on the
buildings on said premises, which is to
be assigned as additional collateral to
the said mortgagee, with leave to the
purchaser to anticipate the payment of
the credit portion in whole or in part.
The purchaser shall be required to
immediately, upon the acceptance of
his bid, deposit with the master one
hundred dollars as evidence of good
faith in his bid; and in case he fails to
deposit said amount, the land will be
resold at once at the risk of the former
purchaser. The purchaser will be' re.
quired to comply with the terms of
said sale within ten days after the date
of such sale; and in case he fails to
do so the master will resell said land
on some convenient salesday there
after, after due and legal advertisement,
at the risk of the former purchaser,
on the 3ame terms as specified
above. The purchaser will be required
to pay for all papers, recording of
same and-for tlie necessary revenue
stamps for said papers.
Master for Newberry County.
The Newberry Savings Bank, Plaintiff,
The Silverstreet Warehouse Company,
I Defendant.
Pursuant to an order of the court
herein, I will sell at public outcry to
i '
the highest bidder at the court house j
in the town of Newberry, in said coun-!
ty and state, on salesday, the first
iMonday, in January, 1916, the following
described property, to-wit:
"All that lot of land situate in the
county of Newberry, within the corporate
limits of the town of Silverstreet,
in the State of South Carolina, containing
two and % (2%) acres, more
or less, bounded by lands of or form
eriy of estate of Thos. J. Maffett, deceased;
B. M. Havird, by Main street
of said town and by land for^^y of
Maggie S. Longshore, the said lot of;
land being the property of the Silver- i
street Warehouse Company, and made
up of three lots of land conveyed to
said Silverstreet Warehouse Company i
by deeds recorded in the office of the,
clerk of court for Newberry county in j
record of real estate conveyances in!
Book 13 at page 610, Book 17 at page ;
104, and in Book 17 at page 361.
"Also all that piece, parcel or lot of
land situate at a place commonly1
called and known as the "Dead Fall,** j
in the county of Newberry, in the State j
of South 'Carolina, containing two and i
88-100 (2.88) acres, more or less,!
bounded by lands of or formerly of
T. S. Blair, P. J. Stevens and D. G.
T a nv* w-i s\ V\Air? or + T-l n lori/1
JUI VlXig2)LUilC, LUC gallic UC1115 tuv; icti-LVA |
conveyed to the said Silverstreet iWarehouse
Company by deed recorded in
the office of the cleric of the ccurt for
Xewberry count}*, in Book 16, Record
of Real Estate Conveyances, at
page 662.
Four 70-saw air-blast "Lummus"
cotton gin made by the Lummus Cotton
Gin Co., and condenser, elevator,
j line flue, one double box hydralic cotton
press, a 50-horsepower steam engine
made by Atlas , one 70-horsepower
"Lombard" boiler for said engine,
and all piping, belts, etc., including
the complete outfit of the plant of
said the SiLverstreet Warehouse Company
at Silverstreet, S. C., together
with such accretions or additions as
may from time to time be added thereto
until said debt is paid."
Terms of sale: One-third of the pur-|
chase money to be paid in cash, the
j balance'on a credit of one year from
the day of sale, with interest on the
credit portion, with leave to anticipate
I ^ <-> 4- V* /1 A /I { An in
Liic yoiviueui ui iuc uic^uiL yui nuu 1x1
whole or in part. The credit portion
to'be secured by a bond or noe of the
purchaser and a mortgage of the prem|
ises sold?purchaser to pay for all pa- j
pars, revenue stamps ana for recording
the same. The bond or note and
mortgage so taken to contain the usual
stipulation for the payment of ten
per cent attorney's fees in case it it.
collected by suit or placed in the hands
of an attorney for collection. The
purchaser at such ^ale is to insure the
I property against loss ?r damage by
fire and assign the poilcy of insurance
to the master as security for the payment
of the credit portion of the purchase
money, and the mortgage must.
! provide for this. Said property to be
s Id as a whole.
Master for Newberry County, S. C.
Viola McLean, Plaintiff.
B. W. Crouch, Bettie Havird, B. B.
Hair and the Bank of Prosperity,
j Defendants.
Under order of the court herein, I
t will sell at public auction at Newberry,
S. C., du:ing the legal hours of sale,to
the highest bidder therefor, on Monday,
being salesday, in January, 1916,
All that tract or parcel of land lying
and being situate in the town of Pros!
perity, county of Newterry and State
of South Carolina, containing twenty
five acres, more or less, exclusive of
! one acre of said tract, heretofore pur|
chased by B. B. Hair, and lying on
the east side of the Southern railway,
and adjoining lands of Samuel Bowers,
L. C. Kibler and others; said tract of
land being the same upon which for
years B. B. Hair resided, and known as
the Clarissa Bridges land.
Terms of sale: One-third of the pur
chase money to be paid in cash, the
balance in two equal annual installments,
upon a credit of one and two
years, with interest from day of sale
, at the rate of eight per centum per
: annum, payable annually, the credit
portion to be secured by bond of the
purchaser and a mortgage of the premises
sold, with leave to the purchaser,
to anticipate payments in whole or in
The bonds and mortgages for the
credit portion must provide for a ten
per cent attorney's fee in case said,
bonds and mortgages are collected by
suit or placed in the hands of an attorney
for collection.
The purchaser, upon the acceptance
- * 1- - t- - J x J i ?
OI ills U1U, iUUbt U.e?/i/aUL .YYlLli U1C 11 IO.T
ter in cash or by a certified check
the sum of two hundred dollars, and
comply fully with the terms of sale
within ten days from day of sale, or
the premises will be resold upon the
first convenient salesday thereafter at
the risk of the former purchaser.
The purchaser, upon complying with
Christmas Hi
The Charlesto
Carolina Railwa^
excursion tickets
Holidays, tickets
ber 17, 18, 23, 2^
limit Jan. 10th,
For rates, etc
agents or,
Gen. Pa
! the terms of sale, must insure tho
buildings upon said premises and assign
the policy of insurance to the
master as additional security.
The purchaser must pay for papers,
recording and revenue stamps.
Dec. 10, 1915. Master.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned,
as executor of the estate
of Adeline Philips, deceased, will make
, final settlement on said estate in the
office of the probate judge for Newberry
county on Monday, January 10,
1916, and immediatelv thereafter apply
for letters dismiseory as such executor.
All persons holding claims againsi
said estate will present same duly attested
on or before said date and all
persons owing same will make payment.
12-10-4t Executor.
Notice is hereby given that the of
fice of county auditor will be open from
January 1st to February 20, 1916, inclusive,
for the purpose of taking tax
returns of personal property for fiscal
year 1916. Also the following places
will be visited either by myself or an
authorized agent for the purpose of
securing tax returns. Namely:
Whitmire, Thursday, Jan. 6.
Glenn-Lowry Mfg. Co., Friday, Jan. 7.
Kinards, 'Tuesday, Jan 11.
Ghappells, Wednesday, Jan. 12.
P. N. Boozer's Store, Thursday,
Jan. 13.
Silverstreet, Friday, Jan. 14.
Little Mountain, Monday, Jan. 17.
Longshore. Manday, Jan. 17.
St. Luke's, Tuesday, Jan. 18.
Pomaria, Wednesday, Jan. 19.
Jolly Street, Thursday, Jan. 20.
Prosperity, Friday and Saturday,
Jan. 21 and 22.
O'Neall, Monday, Jan. 24.
iMaybinton, Wednesday, Jan. 26.
The law requires that tax returns
shall be signed and sworn to. Taxpayers
will take notice that no returns
will be accepted unless made to me or
my authorized agent, or someone qualified
to administer an oath. It is requested
that so far as possible all returns
be made to me or my agent. This
rj'ill n'/l rr> a in in
" 111 AJLU JULL^s 111 VI 1 Vl? 1U
your 1916 returns and help to clear up
any errors now existing. Come prepared
to give the name and number of
school district in which you live. Also
the school district in which you own
oother property. Do not ask that your
property be taken from the tax duplicate
of last year returns.
County Auditor.
C. B. Johnson and J. C. Johnson, Individually
and as Administrators of
the Estate of Thomas D. Johnson,
Plain tiffs
Mrs. Mattie A. Johnson, S. P. Johnson,
Hugh A. Johnson and Lois Johnson,
Dec. 14th, 1915. J. P. L. C.
ry court house, S. C., during the legal
hours of sale, on salesday in January,
1916, it being the 3rd day of the month,
All that tract of land situate in j
Xewberry county, S. !C., known as the j
uNathan Johnson place, containing two
hundred and seventy (270) acres, more
or less, and bounded on the n<^rth by
Pursuant to a decree in this action,
I will sell at public outcry, at Newberlands
of Malcolm Johnson, on the east1
by lands of C. W. Buford, on the. south
by lands of Miller and Buford,
and on the west by lands of J. W.
Terms of sale: One-half cash; the
balance one year from date of sale;
the credit portion to bear interest at;
| the rate of eight per cent per annum.
aliday Rates
n arid ^Western
y will sell cheap
5 account of the
on Sale DecemU
25,j 1915, final
1916. v
apply to ticket
cc A rt-4r
usta, Ga. P
And. be secured by bond of the purchaser
and mortgage of the premises \
sold, the bond to provide for ten per (
centum attorney's fees in the event of
collection thereof by suit or by attorney?with
leave to purchaser to pay
his entire bid cash. Should the purchaser
fail to comply with the terms of
sale, the land to be resold on the same
or some subsequent salesday, on 'the
same terms, at the risk of the former
Purchaser to pay for stamps and j
vA rwrvvfv^ * '
Pursuant to a resolution of tike
Board of Directors of tlie Glenn-Lowry
(Manufacturing Company, a meeting of ^
the stockholders of said Company is
hereby called to be held at the company's
office at Whitmire, S. C., on
the third day of January, 1916, at ten
o'clock in the forenoon to consider
and act upon the following resolutions
of said Board of Director^, providing
for an increase of the capital stock
of the Glenn-Lowry Manufacturing
i Company by the issue of seventy-five
J hundred shares of preferred stock of
! fViQ no r? iro Inn j-wf nna 'hiinj^T.o^
uug pux T?iuv VI A^U.UVH. VU
per share with, the preferences, liabil- J
ities and condition? set out in said resolutions,
Besolutions of Directors.
Whereas, it is deemed desirable that
j the capital stock of the Glenn-Lowry
| Manufacturing Company be further ln!
creased by the issue of seventy-fire
hundred shares of preferred stock of
the var value of one hundred dallars
per share with the preferences, liabilities
and conditions set out in the fol
; lowing resolutions:
j Therefore,
1. Be it resolved by the Director? of
the G-lerm-Lowry Manufacturing Com- N
pany, that the capital stock of the *****
; Glenn-Lowry Manufacturing Company
j be increased so that said capital stock
shall consist of twenty-seven thousand
five hundred shares of the par lvalue of
j one hundred dollars a share; said capital
stock to consist of four classes,
I viz: five thousands shares to be known
j as common stock; ten thousand shares
j to be known as preferred stock; five
thousand sharps, to he known as sruar
. anteed first preferred stock; and seven
thousand five hundred shares to be
issued under these resolutions and to
1 be known as 1916 first preferred stock,
i 2. Be it further resolved that the
I rights of the holders of said common
: stock, preferred stock and guaranteed
: first preferred stock shall remain as
they now exist except as the said rights
may be affected and modified by these
resolutions in favor of the holders of
j the said seven thousand five hundred
j shares to be issued under these reso
, lutions and to be known as 1916 first
I preferred stock.
3. Be it further resolved that the .
; holders of the seven thousand five hun- JM
dred shares of capital stock to be is- fl
sued under these resolutions and to M
be known as 1916 first preferred stock, M
shall have a preference over all other J
classes of capital stock of the Glenn- m
T AW**.* M ?? A hi M fv Patvi TVO V ^
lju ?i ,y Jiauui.d\;iuuu5 uwmpau;
tofore issued and authorized to be is-S
sued both as to assets in case of final
liquidation and as to cumulative div|
idends out of the not earnings of th*
company to the extent of six. per cent
per annum payable semi-annually on
the first days of. January, and July of
each year.
4. Be it further resolved that the
foregoing resolutions be submitted' to
the stockholders of the Glenn-Lowry
' Manufacturing Company to be considered
and acted upon at a meeting of
said; stockholders which is hereby
called to be held at the company's offings
a!. Whitmirft. S C.. on tia third
day of January, 1916, at ten o'clock A
in the forenoon.
William Coleman, fl

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