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^Weddiiiirs and Entertainments for
P Brides?Uoys and Girls Home
W From College.
I Special to The Herald and News_
I Prosperity, Dec. 24.?Mrs. T. A.
I Dominick and Miss Lillie Warner j
were quietly married Tuesday evening
at the home of the bride's parents, !
Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Warner, near
Miss Warner is unusually talented,'
A foifting held the chair in mathematics j
^n Columbia college for several years;
and until her marriage taught in
Mrs. Dominick will be quite an ac-j
quisition to Prosperity's society. Mr. i
I Dominick is one of the leading mer-!
m chants of our town and his friends j
|aa wish him well.
f A r. and Mrs. Dominick left (Tuesday [
"night on the 9 o'clock train for parts j
known only to themselves for a shori!
wedding trip.
[ Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Langford an- j
nounce 'the marriage of their daughter i
Rebe to Mr. Authur Eugene Tinsley on 1
j Tuesday, December 21. Miss Langford !
j, a charming young woman and vervj
I patented, having held a responsible po-1
sition with the Bank of Spartanburg. j
I ' Mr. Tinsleiy is to be congratulated
r rpcn winning one of Prosperity's fair-.
\ est daughters, and good wishes follow ;
H Miss Tena Wise is home for the
holidays. She holds a position in the.
Beaded school of K el ton.
Dlrs. Addie Hodges is home from CoWProf.
Thorn well Haynes of High
Jl^oint, X. C., has joined his family at
rthe home of Mr. u s. .tsowers.
Miss Eunice Shealy of Anderson college
is visiting her brotaer, Mr. T. L.
> Shealy. . j
k The Winthrop girls are home are as
^**%>llows: Misses Katie Mae Nance,
Margaret Wise, Cairo Wyche, Ruby j
fWheeler, Mary DeWalt Hunter, Susie j
Langford, Susan Quattlebaum, Jose-!
phine iMay, Helen, Wheeler, Moss Feli
lers and Hattie Wise.
Prof, and Mrs. L. A. Sease of demit
son college, are guests of Dr. G. Y.
Misses Nannie Wheeler, Annette
Long, Agnes and Erline Monts of
k Summerland college are home for the
^^yuletide season.
W Mr. Joe Sitz of Gadsden, Ala, nas
W come over to jcin his wife, who te visiting
her mother, Mrs. H. P. Wicker.
Mr. J. D. Quattlebaum has returned
v from the mule market.
Mrs. Joe B. Hartman is expected to
leave in a few da^ s for a month's stay
in Columbia. I
Mr. J. C. Taylor arrives home today
from Batesburg to spend Christmas
wrifVi tho rtrkmpfolks. . !
Miss Elizabeth Hawkins of Nichols
Avill spend Christmas week at the home ;
of her father, Mr. S. B. Hawkins.
Mr. A. G. Wise, accompanied by his
wife will leave Saturday for Tennessee,!
where rtir. Wise will purchase anotner
t car of mules.
Mr. and Mrs. C G. Wych-e of Washington
are visiting their parents.
Mr. and Mrs. James Goggans are
spending a few days with Dr. and Mrs. j
. rr. Wyche.
Mr. J. D. Luther is spending the
holidays in Columbia. >
Miss- Annie Fellers is home from
. Ohicora college.
/ Messrs. Harold and Frank Wise of
Little Mountain spent Monday, with
% their uncle, Mr. A. G. Wise.
"The Dustic School," a most amus-;
ing play, wrhich represents the school I
maarc asm will be given at the;
ill LvJ J vw* w -~o ~ 7 _
town hall December 31st. Admission j
10, and 20 cents.
the many friends of iMr. A. H. Haw-1
kins will be glad to know that he is
some better, though still confined to
kills room.
f Mrs. L. A-. Black's friends will be J
/ glad to know that she is improving, i
Mrs. Bus'nnell Miller is visiting Mrs. J
^S. Miller. ^ j
k 0. Counts, Jr., is expected home;
j T?ir?Vimrmr1 Va.
f>liaa.yt> num .
race Burton Reagin is home '
school near Pomaria.
;ant reception was tendered j
de and groom, Mr. and Mrs.;
Siley of Spartanburg by the j
irents, Mr. and Mrs. P. L. j
of Prosperity, at their home ;
street Friday evening, De-1
le?Miss Rebe Langford?
i^as voted by tie Harvest JUDiiee wu-,
Jest as '.he most beautiful girl by many j
$iroughout the state, and is beloved by
93: for her amiability and talent and
Sis for several years held a most re onsible
position with the Bank of j
ftlr. Tirt&ley is well known througfo-J
K the state as a most popular young
P^ver, being a graduate of Wofford
!nd Vanderbilt university.
HF On this happy occasion the
W Wert- mct at the door by Mass, Annie
IjQg y "Milord, s-ster of tne '^-i h*> as
sistcj'b) Miss trace B. Reagin an<J(
Miss Tena Wise.
Miss Blanche Klbler escorted the
guests into the parlor, where they met
the receiving line, which were: Mr.
ai:d Mrs. P. L. Lan^.oid, Mr. and Mrs.
Tinsley, Judge and Mrs. Fuller Lyon,
Mr. and fV'lrs. D. M. Langford. This
room was beautifuKy decorated in December
roses and Southern smilax.
From here the guests were invited
to the dining room, where delicious
refreshments were served by Mrs. M.
C. Morris, Misses Susie Langford, Susan
Quattlebaum, Bessie Taylor and
Marguerite Wise.
iT'ne bride's costume was a lovely
?v ftmamdnt wArn
vvuuc Lxnicia, mc v^n-?? v? - ?
being an exquisite Florentine pink
Throughout the evening the guests
were delightfully entertained with
music furnished by Mrs. J. F. Browne.
The occasion was very much enjoyed
b>y the bride's many friends in
ch!s her native home, who wish for
them many years of 'happiness.
Misses Annie and Lucy Wheeler of
Columbia are home for a few days.
&rs. Mae Lee Chase has returned to
Columbia, after spending Christmas
with her sister, i\Irs. E. IW. Werts.
Dr. Joe Monts leaves January 1st for
Plains, Ga.,where he has accepted a
Miss Louise Richardson has returned
to Pomaria, after visiting Miss Clara
Messrs. Byrd and Roy Gibson of Columbia
are home for Christmas.
Mrs. Evans of the Newberry rest
room spent Christinas day at the Wise-!
Misses Lena and Laurie Lc-ster of
Hartsviile and Columbia are spending
the yuletide season with their mother.
Mrs. Kosa L<esier.
C. C. Wycne has returned to Spartanburg,
after a short stay with his j
parents, Dr. and Mrs. C. T. Wyche.
Wise Cal'mes, U. S. N. machinery
shops, Charleston, spent Christmas day
with his brother, F. X. Calmes. j
Little Misses Rebecca Harmon and
Elizabeth Browne left today for Ninety
Six to spend a few days with Mr. and
Mrs. W. P. B. Harmon.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cannon of Columbia
are guests of Mrs. M. H. Boozer.
Mr. E. 0. Counts, Jr., of Richmond.
Va., is nisiting his parents, Mr. and
Mrc F! O >
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Schumpert of
Wilmington, X. C., are spending the
holidays with their parents.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Adams of Greenville
are the guests of the latter's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey Harmon.
Mr. Herbert Langford has returned to
Columbia after spending Christmas day
witn his parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. M.
Dr. and Mrs. E. P. Taylor and Mrs.
J. C. Taylor of Batesburg are spending
a few days with Rev. and Mrs. Taylor.
Mr.. V. L. Wheeler has .returned from
Washington and will spend a few days
at home before going to Columbia to
complete his course at McFeat's Business"
The merchants are all wearing a
happy smile over the Christmas trade.
I Webb Wheeler, who is in school at
Xashville, Tenn, is home for the holirl
# >
wa * . t
Prof. Thorn-we'l Haynes of Hign
Point, X. C., gave a most enjoyable, instructive
and interesting lecture on
"Growth," under the auspices of the
Woman's Missionary society of Grace
church Sunday evening. Prof. Haynes
is a m-ost fluent speaker and it was indeed
a treat for the people of Prosperity.
Referring to the proposition to stop
A. Hayne, i.M:. D., to undertake to stop
the exploitation of worthless "nostrums,"
containing more than 2 per
cent of alcohol, through the newspapers,
etc, we beg to suggest that the
public had better look out. Of course
nobody lias aDy business exploiting
worthless nostrums through the newspapers
or otherwise, but is it really
"prohibition" at which the doctor is
driving? If so, let him devote himself
to putting a stop to this infernal
and indiscriminate sale of so-called
"Jamaica ginger," for medical purposes.
We do not know of any "patent
medicines" that are sold in this section.
iThere may be some but we do
now know of any that are consumed
because of their alcoholic contents. So
far as this newspaper is concerned, it
does not cater to patent medicine advertising
of any kind, and its patent
medicine business amounts to very little.
As a matter of fact, we do not
know of any newspaper in the state
that would suffer materially by being
deprived of all tlie patent medicine advertising
it is carrying. But some
how we are not impressed with the
lrVa that Dr. Hayne is so much concerned
with the idea of trying to promote
prohibition as he is with the ii<v,
of 'Tying to eliminate t-rfe competition
cf legitimate patent medicines. And
in our iview it would be more to the
doctor's credit if he would p'ainly say
so, and not be going about trying to
secure hostile legislation against the
rnn-cninor; nvor anv cn-f^Tl fllTttS'V nT*P
UU H O V ? VA VW* J wmvu X'
text.?Yorkville Enquirer.
. ./
i in
Measuring laity in tlie Town Hall?j
Communion Strviccs in Frace
? I
Prosperity, Dec. 30.?Miss Mamie j
Birge of Xtw York is spending a few |
doM lrifn Vio-r initio AT r S S Rirp-p
uajo ? mi ii. v, x uiivivj ^,
Miss Eirge is in the employ of the Pan- |
American division of the American As- [
scc'.aticn for International Conciliation
as a lecturer on Latin-America
in the public schools of New York city. J
I Tiv- lectures are illustrated by col- 1
, ored lantern slides, and are given with
' the idea of promoting interest in our
Central ana South American neighbors.
_ TT 1. T "U ~ ^^4.
I MISS Hdiie nawiviiis iias as iiei suc?i,
Mrs. Marshall Garrett of Grier and
| Miss Euia Taylor of Newberry.
Mrs. J. A Simpson has gone lo Sum!
ter and Orangeburg to visit relatives.;
Mrs. Elizabeth Del A alt l:as returned
i from a short visit to Newberry.
Misses Julia Luther, t-iriam Coker
i i
; of Columbia are visiting at the home
j of Dr. R. L. Luther.
Mr. J. K. Mayfield of Denmark, was
a rnest at the Wise ho. el on Tuesday.
| Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Kohn, Misses
Marie Kohn and Gertrude Bobb shop
peel in Columbia on Tuesday and Wedj
Mrs. A. X. Crosson and Miss Grace
I 1/
B ten Recg!a jhave returned from Co[
'.i :no:a.
! ;r. and :"!rs. Prt Mitchell are hom?
; afror spending a few <lai.."s with Mr. and
M. Charl'e Suber of near Newberry.
Misses Susie and> Marv I.angford will
; attend the wedding of Miss Willie
Ea^.iel at Columbia college on January
.Mr. A. G. Wise returned Friday from ,
e.messee. where he has bought an-,
! o'.Ver car of mules.
j Mrs Lee Bradley of Macon is visitir.
; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. A.
! Si: gley.
i !r. -S-. S. Birge has returned from J
Dr. Godfrey Harmai^of Atlanta Den- j
tal collcge is homo for a few days,
j Prof Stemple of Newberry college !
I tc--? been visiting Rev. E. W. Leslie, j1
There will be comtaunion services in
Grace c" urch Sunday morning.
i 1 .
, A measuring party we will give
Our Grea
m <r Wamam
. ^ - . v~ ;
'lliil jfiftftlUfffflSKtll? F* mi
&**>,> x an
CAZcrt^ co1
<*>?<? < ?_ . .< )y??v irgtWBM. *. ? ? ?-?? .. an
mOi?iri??.> -' ', of
" " ^ ta'
TTK/i pAcf Tirrn 4r\f All th
in Thei
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For in a lishing pond
Fortunes and packages will be sold J
And free refreshments served to all. j
Cupid has been a busy little fellow!
(luriiij, ihe holidays and several cou- ;
pies have been made happy. Miss
Janie Lestrr c.nd Mr. D. Albert Cannon
on Tnursda.', the 23rd, and on
the same date roiss .Josie Brock anu I
Mr. W. H. Franklin, also Miss TCllen
Hawkins and Mr. Epting Kunkle. On |
Sunday, the 24th, Miss Mabil Derrick
and Mr. C. L. Lester. In Monday,'
the 27th, Miss Eva A. Hallman and Mr. i
M. C. Courtney of Columbia. On the
28th Miss Sadie Rabb of Winnsboro
and iMir. Bennie M. Epting. On the 30th j
Miss Fannie E. Eleazer and Mr. James i
Y. Milam.
' i
Wicker-Cromer. !
Mr. Robert 'Cromer, the son of Henry
Cromer, and Miss Ida Wicker, the
daughter of Mr. Monroe Wicker, were
married at the residence of the groom's I
aisfcpr. Mrs. Cleveland Stoudemayer, on
Sun-day afternoon at 5:30 o'clock, the
Rev. W. A Duckworth officiating. There
were present only a few friends.
LVi3l l/UVl
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