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it:Villi ii .i l.v'.V'
thMi LOAr S Lilt.
?'!).N?iKJiS>.MAN is HOiTFl'I. ASi
To ;;; ii.ii. i;Ki>ris.
]i;is N<-i'iiL<r f?: ni-Ue to Say as Vet
Kcjraniiiur Nomination For Columbia
Ihe Stale, 27th. |
Representative Lever reached Co-j
lumbia frcm Washington yesterday. It j
is intimated that he has ccme to take I
a final look over the situation in Columbia
before making his recommendation
to the president as to tne postmastership.
As to this he would sa\
"I presume I shall hear something
of the postmastership for Columbia in
my short stay in the city. Those who
4.v :?i. + tno narvnltar iov of
LiUiiK 10 ?
the congressman are badly mistaken.
I have found it a burden and an aggravation
to be borne philosophically
rather than to be sought after as an
element of strength."
Representative Lever, since the first
week in November, has been engaged
with the joint committee of the house
and senate, on which he is one of the
house appointees, in an effort to devise
a workable plan of rural credits for the
country. The particular phase of the
rural credits subject with, which Mr.
Lever's sub-committee has had to do
is that of farm land credits. The subcommittee
substantia'; ly agreed last
Friday to a bill which will go before
the full committee one week from today.
Rural Credits Legislation.
" My work on the joint committee
since early in November has been exacting,
but I have found it inten sting,"
Mr. Lever said. "That legislation
which will enable the farmer to
borrow money at a low rate of interest,
the principal repayable in in
stallments, is an absolute necessity, is j
proved by the overwhelming testimony
of all students of farm economics, as
well as by study of the results of European
systems, some of which have
been in operations && long as 150
"The bill which will be laid before
the full committee provides for a well
worked out plan, nationwide in its
scope, for farm mortgage credits under
strict federal supervision. The!
management of the 12 district land!
banks, capitalized at $500,000 each, J
this stock to be subscribed out of funds !
in tfce treasury of ihe United States,!
unless otherwise subscribed within 90 j
days from tfte passage 01 me ac^, wuij
t>e under the direction of a federal j
farm lean board, appointed by the |
president of the United States. The f
initikl capital stock of the 12 banks i
w ill amount to $6,000,000, with im- j
mediate loaning capacity of $120,000,-!
000, which will be increased in the
ratio of 20 to 1 as borrowers come into
the system.
"These regional banks will do business
with local associations of farm
borrowers, organizing under federal I
charters, and all applications for loans j
are approved and recommended by j
such local organizations to the land !
bank. The rate of interest to the
farmer will be the interest at which
the bonds will sell in tile open market,
plus 1 per cent. It is thought tha'.
the security back of the bonds has
ieen made so strict that such bonds
"will readily sell at- 4 per cent, probably
less, and this means that the interest
charged to the farmer would
be in the neighborhood of 5 per cent.
The amount which the farmer is to
pay upon the principal each year is
left optional with the borrower, except!
+ V* * V, ^ Arl f A r O ] A'l ,1 I
LI 1CLL lilt? ilia.VllAlUUl pruuu iv/x a luun ,
is fixed at 36 years. Provision is mad?
permitting land banks to accept time
deposits and in certain exigencies to
operate through special agencies. Such
time deposits may be loaned on shor
time mortgages. !
Talks of -Preparedness.''
"We have attempted to adapt to the
needs and conditions of this country
the best features of the best European
systems of rural credits and I believe
that the legislation which will finally
result from cur efforts will provide u
plan which will be both practical in
operaiion and of immense benefit in results;
while the country is in a furor
over the proposition of military preparedness,
it is well for some of us
at least not to overlook the matter of
industrial, commercial and especially
agricultural preparedness. These are
;as necessary to the national defense
-as are standing armies and formidable
-lira vies."
-'What do you think of the presi
denrs program of preparedness?" Mr.
'.Lever was asked. "Oh, I suppose that
<cangress will authorize a considerable
increase in the army and navy," he
said, "as well as an increase for coast
defense, but congress is by no means
unanimous on the proposition. Those
who have to provide ^e means of
raising the taxes to care for the additional
expense imposed by this program
have the task of a full grown
man upon their hands. Internal dircct
^ * V>
S i ul _ ' . i ' ..
: . u'*> D
<i i . .1 .i nil..- ..on la.
hr-c ..a."- * o . ? <inei3 ?i '
..iCj. h :..n i - r::.li i:i its churacter
a:.(i to which tii?- future shc:;hl contribute
its jList share of expense, but
is L.'iie also that the Panama cunai
has been built largely out of current!
funds in the treasury and of course the
Panama canal is a permanent institu1'
^ ^ K-tr t V* o fntnra
liUXI LU ue VIIJU.'' CU ?J.? I.U6 imui V. vivn
more than the present. l\Ve have j
something over $200,000,000 of these
bonds which might be sold and thii j
would go a long way in providing for;
the additional expense for preparedness.
I belie, e, too, that the income
tax law can be modified in such a way
as to provide for a larger revenue,
and I would favor, in addition to this
a federal inheritance tax."
Another Wilson Temi.
"Is there likely to be any opposition
to the nomination of President Wilson?"
Mr. Lever was asked. He answered
promptly: "i: the president
desires the nomination, he can have it f
by the unanimous voice of the convention,
and I am inclined to think
that the country will demand a continuance
of his services during this
crisis through which we are passing."
Mr. Lever will return to Washington
next Monday to be present when
the full committee receives the rural
credits bill from the sub-committee,
and it is understood that he will present
to the full committee several
amendments not agreed upon by the
George C. Wheeler Takes His Own
Life With Revolver.
News and Courier.
Saluda, Dec. 26.?G-eorge C. Wheeler
killed himself here this afternoon at
4 o'clock by firing a ball from a 38calibre
revolver through his head, the
bail entering just above the right eye
and emerging at the back part of the
head. The killing took place in the j
office of his. stables on Main street, j
It is believed ..hat a fit of despondency.
? - ?i - ? j? i '
ana nervousness was xne cause 01 cue i
act. Xo one was near at the time of
the killing. The deceased was found
by his son, ^Claude Wheeler, and Eric
Barnes about twenty minutes after the
shooting took place. He was then in
a dying condition and lived only a few
minutes. At the inquest held this afternoon
by Magistrate Ramsey the following
verdict was found: "Trie deceased
came to his death bv a pistol
shot fired by his own haud, either voluntary
or involuntary/'
George C. Wheeler had for many
years been one of the county's most
prominent citizens. /He was a man of j
wide business interests and was identi- j
fied with many movements for the up
* i J X* 4.1. _ i J T_T^
Dinning 01 me iu?u a.xiu wuiitjr. ll~
was one of the first mayors of Saluda. :
Mr. Whee'er was 56 years of age andj
was born and reared in Saluda co-un- j
tv. He leaves xiis- widow, who was a i
Miss Werts of this county, and several j
children. The burial will take place i
Monday afternoon at Travis Park cem- J
?? i
Destruction of 18,000 Tons of Allied
Shipping: and Many Lives Looms
up as Important Development.
The French steamer iVille de la Cio-j
tat, from the Far East for Marseilles
with many passengers, was torpedoed
in the Mediterranean. The loss of life '
is estimated at <Sl>. The steamer was
said to have been sunk without warning.
Casualties likewise are believed to
have occurred in the torpedoing of the
Belgian steamer i.Viinistre Beernart, j
two bcai loads of the crew of which!
are said to be unaccounted for.
The activity of the submarines of I
the Teutonic allies is further evidenced I
by tne fact that within the last few j
days they have sent to the bottom j
British, French and Belgian shipping
amounting to a tonnage of nearly,
Should the American citizenship of!
one of the surviors of the Japanese
steamer Yasaka be established the
sinking of that vessel by a submarine,
it is announced from Washington, will
be made the subject of diplomatic negotiations
by the American government.
The British Indian army corps has
been withdrawn from the front in
France "for another field of action."
Again there has been considerable
fighting between the British and Arabs
in western Egypt, near the Tripoli border.
London claims success for the j
British and Constantinople for the
The British have repulsed a Turkish
attack in Mesopotamia. 'The Turkish
losses are estimated at 700. The
British killed and wounded numbered
Little fighting of consequence is go-j
ing on elsewhere except by means ofj
'*: jj , - ; ; . ( ; -r ion-;. iiotli !
Paris and London report tie infliction:
vITj! poini on :l]p \V? i:.-: n line.
On the A ustro-1 la I ian front tie Ital-i
inn bombardment of the Tyrolean tee-i
tor has grown in intensity and on thei
Insonzo front the- big guns of both ,
sides are exchanging sheiis.
On t ic Russian front and in Ga- i
licia : ho re is no charge in the situa-j
t:on. whi'j in the Balkans the fighting
seemingly has ended except for isolated
battles in Montenegro.
Greece, according to Berlin advices,
has requested Bulgaria to withdraw
he r troops from Albanian territory and
the reply of Bulgaria is expected to be
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After Four Years of Discouraging
Conditions, Mrs* Bullock Gave
Up in Despair. Husband
Came to Rcscne.
Catron, Ky?In an interesting letter \
from this place, Mrs. Bcttie Bullock
writes as fellows: "I suffered for four
years, with womanly troubles, and during
this time, I could only sit up for a little
while, and could not walk anywhere at
all. At times, I would have severe pains
in my left side.
The doctor was called in, and his treatment
relieved me for a while, but I was
soon confined to my bed again. After
that, nothing seemed to do me any good.
I had gotten so weak I could not stand,
and I gave up in despair.
At last, my husband got me a bcttie of
Cardui, the woman's tonic, and I commenced
taking it From the very first
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If you are all run down from womanly
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iliv/l W liiUit M W...W?J J
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Write to: Chattanooga Medicine Co., Ladies'
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Instructions on your case and 64-page book, "Homa
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? !
How Vinol Made Her Strong'
Beallsville, Ohio.?"I wish all nervous,
weak, run-down women could have
Vinol. I was so run-down, weak anc
- * ? i tti iT_: i
nervous 1 couia not sieep. r^very luiug j
ate hurt me, and the medicine I had taken
did me no good. I decided to try
Vinol, and before long I could eat anything
I wanted and could sleep all night.!
Now I am well and strong, and in better
health than I have been for years." ,
?Mrs. Anna MiLLisoN,Beallsville,OhicA i
We guarantee Vinol for all run-down,
weak and debilitated conditions.
Gilder & Weeks, Druggists, New- j
berry,' S. !C.
? * T r 1_ _
JLiv-Ver-L,ax win mane yuu
Feel Better
That tired feeling, dull headache and
lasting grouch are most probably due'
to be clogged up liver. Now, don't make
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that bile and make yourself feel brighter
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in the 50c and ?1 sizes at W. G. Mayes,
Gilder & Weeks, P. E. Way's.
? ;
County of Newberry.
The People's National Bank of Prosperity,
S. C., Plaintiff.
L. E. Kempson, F. 0. Kempson, M. H
Kempson, J. B. Kempson, the British
and American Mortgage Company,
the Newberry Savings Bank,
and the Tuscarora Fertilizer Company,
Ay an order of the court herein
I will sell, at public auction, before
+Vi?k f>Anrt Viz-viico at Npwhprrv, S
C., within the legal hours of sale, on
salesday in January, 1916, the same
being the 3rd day of the month, to the
highest bidder the following described
tract of land, to-wit:
All that piece, parcel or tract of land
- i jdgg&tm
yi;.: s-tuatg partly in So. H j
in o. 10 townships. ccunty ,
: ><: . : c:tv, S'&te of So;ilh Caro4na,
... r/Iirg iwo hundred (-00) acres,!
r ! . bo;.: C--1 on the noru
. : " . by :a:i:'.s of John A. Shealj;
.i-.-i :'i. cliacy Wicker, on ti.e east by j
inds of -J. A. Sligli and J. 13. Kempson.'
; ?(! on the south by lands of Bennett'
- J ] I e r an J Andrew Counts; same being i
; o identical tract of land conveyed to
j. E. and F. 0. Ivempson by James B
Kempson by deed dated No-.ember 0, i
1'jOD, and recorded in Deed Book No.!
17. at page SSS.
'Terms of sale: One-tliird of the j
purchase money in cash, ana the bal-!
ance in one and two equal annual j
installments; the credit portion to be:
secured by a bond of the purchaser j
and a mortgage of the premises sold,!
the said bond and mortgage to provide j
for interest on said credit portion from <
the day of sale at the rate of eight j
'per cent per annum, and a?so to pro-!
vide for ten per .cent attorney's fees!
in case or collection or suit Dty an at-1
torney, and for insurance on the'
buildings on said premises, which is to j
be assigned as additional collateral to
the said mortgagee, with leave to the
pu.rcr.aser to anticipate the payment of
the credit portion in whole or in part.
The purchaser shall be required to
immediately, upon the acceptance of !
his bid, deposit with th? master one
hundred dollars as evidence of good
faith in his bid; and in case he fails to
deposit said amount, the land will be'
resold at once at the risk of the former i
purchaser. The purchaser will be re- j
quired to comply with the terms of!
said sale within ten days after the date !
cf such sale; and in case he fails to j
do so the master will resell said land
on some convenient salesday there
after, after due and legal advertisement,
at the risk of the former purchaser,
on the same terms as specified >
above. The purchaser will be required
to pay for al-1 papers, recording of
same and for the necessary revenue
stamps for said papers.
Master for Newberry County.
2 :
The Newberry Savings Bank, Plaintiff,
Thp SilvArstreet Warehouse Company.
Pursuant to an order of the court
herein, I will sell at public outcry to
the highest bidder at the court house
in the town of Newberry. in said county
and state, on salesday, the first
I'v'onday, in January, 1916, the follow-1
'ing described property, to-wit:
"ATI that lot of land situate in the'
county of Newberry, within the corporate
limits of the town of Silverstreet,
in the State of South Carolina, containing
two and % (2%) acres, more
or less, bounded by lands of or formerly
of estate of Thos. J. Maffett, deceased;
B. M. Haivird, by Main street
of said town and by land formerly of
Maggie S. Longshore, the said lot of
land being the property of the Silverstreet
Warehouse Company, and made
? ' * i-i-_ i j j 4. ^
up or mree iois or laiia cunveyea iu
said S'lverstreet Warehouse Company
by deeds recorded in the office of the
clerk of court for Newberry county in
record of real estate conveyances in
Book 13 at page 610, Book 17 at page
104, and in Book 17 at page 361.
"Also all that piece, parcel or lot of
land situate at a place commonly
called and known as the "Dead Fall,''
in the county of Newberry, in the State
of 'South 'Carolina, containing two and
S8-100 (2.88) acres, more or less,
bounded by lands of or formerly of
T. S. Blair, P. J. Stevens and D. G.
Livingstone, the same being the land
conveyed to the said Silverstreet Warehouse
Company by deed recorded in j
the office of the clerk of the court for.
Xewberrv county, in Book 16, Rec-l
ord cf Real Estate Conveyances, at
page 662.
Four 70-saw air-blast "Lummus"
cotton gin made by the Lummus Cotton
Gin Co., and condenser, elevator,
line'fiue, one double box hydraiic cotton
press, a 50-horsepower steam engine
made by Atlas , one TO-horse
~ ~ ? J * ' U y-v C 1 ?sy,y% c O 1 A nr?_
JDOWer U UUlici iui cam cii- j
glL6 and all piping, belts, etc., includ- j
ing the complete outfit of the plant of j
said the SiLverstreet Warehouse Company
at Silverjt.reet, S. C., together
with such accretions or additions as
may from time to time be added thereto
until said debt is paid."
Terms of sale: One-third of tne purchase
money to be paid in cash, the
balance on a credit of one year from
the day of sale, with interest on the
credit portion, with leave to anticipate
tVio. nan'7nant nf thp P.redit. DOrtlOn in
whole or in part. The credit portion
to be secured by a bond or no .e of the
purchaser and a mortgage of the premises
sold?purchaser to pay for all papars,
revenue stamps and for recording
the same. The bond or note and
mortgage so taken to contain the usual
stipulation for the payment of ten
per cent attorney's fees in case it it.
rcilected by suit or placed in the hands
of an attorney for collection. The |
li..S " ?!.t S *. i i . . * .
property i:5;,i::;rr loss or damage by!
fire and i.ur. the pcilcy of insurance!
lo iL'j mi:- * r \ -. v;:ritv t.?r lire pay- j
:. < ni or' the cr( ilt portion of the pur j
rhase money. a?:d tlic mort? mus' J
provide ior this. Said property to be
s? iu as a whole.
.Master fcr Xewberry County. S C.
Viola McLean, Plaintiff.
B. W. Crouch, Bettie Havird, B. B.
Hair and the Bank of Prosperity,
Under order of the court herein, I
will sell at public auction at Newberry, j
S. C... during the legal hours of sale,to
the highest bidder therefor, on Monday,
being salesday, in January, 1916,
All that tract or parcel of land lying
and being situate in the town of Prosperity,
county of Newberry and State
of South Carolina, containing twenty
five acres, more or less, exclusive of!
one acre of said tract, heretofore pur-!
chased by B. B. Hair, and lying on
the east side of the Southern railway,
and adjoining lands of Samuel Bowers,
L. C. Kibler and others; said tract of
land being the same upon which for
years B. B. Hair resided, and known as
the Clarissa Bridges land.
Terms of sale: One-third of the purchase
money to be paid in cash, the
balance in two equal annual installments,
upon a credit of oze and two
years, with interest from day of sale
at the rate of eight per centum per
annum, payable annually, the credit
portion to tie secured oy Dond 01 me j
purchaser and a mortgage of the premises
sold, with leave to the purchaser'
to anticipate payments in whole or in
The bonds and mortgages for the
credit portion must provide for a ten
per cent attorney's fee in case said
bonds and mortgages are collected by
suit or placed in the hands of an attorney
for collection. %
The purchaser, upon the acceptance
of his bid, must deposit- with the master
in cash or by a certified check
the sum of two hundred dollars, and
comply fully with the terms of sale
within ten days from day of sale, or
the premises will be resold upon the j
first convenient salesday thereafter at
the risk of the former purchaser.
The purchaser, upon complying with j
the terms of sale, must insure the j
build ines UDon said ^remises and as-j
sign the policy of insurance to the j
| master as additional security.
The purchaser must pay for papers, I
1 recording and revenue stamps.
1' H. H. RIKARD,
Dec. 10, 1915. ' Master. '
.Notice is hereby given that the undersigned,
ab executor of the estate;
of Adeline Philips, deceased, will make I
final settlement on said estate in the
office of the probate judge for Newberry
county on Monday, January 10, j
1916, and immediatefv thereafter apply J
for letters dismissory as such execu-'
tor. All persons holding claims against j
said estate will present same duly at-;
tested on or before said date and a.'l!
persons owing same will make payment.
!2-l0-4t Executor,
Notice is hereby given that the of- j
fice of county auditor will be open from j
January 1st to February 20, 1916, in-1
elusive, for the purpose of taking tax J
returns of personal property for fiscal j
year 1916. Also the following places j
will be visited either by myself or an j
authorized agent for the purpose ol j
securing tax returns. Namely:
Whitinire, Thursday, Jan. 6.
Glenn-Lowry Mfg. Co., Friday, Jan. 7.
Kinaras, Tuesday, Jan 11.
Chappells, Wednesday, Jan. 12.
P. N. Boozer's Store, Thursday,
Jan. 13.
Silverstreet, Friday, Jan. 14.
Little Mountain, Monday, Jan. 17.
Longshore. Manday, Jan. 17.
St. Luke's, Tuesday, Jan. 18.
Pomaria, Wednesday. Jan. 19.
Jolly Street, Thursday, Jan. 20.
Prosperity, Friday and Saturday,
Jan. 21 and 22.
O'Xeall, Monday, Jan. 24.
iMaybinton, Wednesday, Jan. 26.
The law requires that tax returns
shall be signed and sworn to. Taxpayers
will take notice that no returns
will be accepted unless made to me or
my authorized agent, or someone qualified
to administer an oath. It is requested
that so far as possible all returns
be made to me or my agent. This
will aid me in preventing errors in
your 1916 returns and help to clear up
any errors now existing, uome prepared
to give the name and number of
school district in which you live. Also
the school district in which you own
oother property. Do not ask that your
property be taken from the tax duplicate
of last year returns.
County Auditor.
state of south caro mxa,
l -:t . of \ew; ;:rry. r
C I'. Jo".in.~oa Mid J. C. Johnson, In-^B
divid.:a.!y und as Administrators of ^
tlie Estate of Thomas D. Johnson, fPll
Deceased, Plaintiffs. |||
Mrs. Mattie A. Johnson, S. P. Johnson,
Hugh A. Johnson and Lois Johnson,
Dec. 14th, 1915. J. P. L. C.
ry court house, S. C., during the legal
hours of sale, on salesday in January,
1916, it being the 3rd day of the month, I
All that tract of land situate & "9
Xewberj-y county, S. !C., known as the*^JVB
Xathan Johnson place, containing two fl
hundred and seventy (270) acres, more. fl
or less, and bounded on the north by
Pursuant to a decree in tljis action, M
T will <?<*11 at nnblif! mitrrv. at Newber- H
lands of Malcolm Johnson, on the east jfl
by lands of C. W. Buford, on the souths"
by lands of Miller and BuforfcL
and on the west by lands of J.
Terms of sale: One-half cash; the
balance one year from date of sale;
the credit portion to bear interest at
the rate of eight per cent per annum.
And be secured by bond of the pur(chaser
and mortgage of the premises gg
sold, the bond to provide for ten per^
centum attorney's fees in the event or ^
collection thereof by suit or by attor- HI
ney?with leave to purchaser to pay
his entire bid cash. Should the pur- w
chaser fail to comply with the terms of
sale, the land to be resold on the same
or some subsequent salesday, on the M
same terms, at the risk of the formeri
purchaser. A
Purchaser to pay for stamps anJ
Pursuant to a resolution of the
Board of Directors of the Glenn-Lowry |||
Manufacturing Company, a meeting of M
the stockholders of said Company 1
hereby called to be held at the company'o
office at Whitmire, S. C., on fl
the third day of January, 1916, at ten \ M
o'clock in the foren?>on to consider
and act upon the following resolutions ^ H
of said Board of Directors, providing
for an increase of the capital stock .
of the Glenn-Lowry Manufacturing V
Company by the issue of seventy-five 1 I
I hundred shares of Dreferred stock of
| the par value of one iiundred dollars
per share with the preferences, liabilj
ities and conditions set.out in said res- M
olutions, viz: '
Resolutions of Directors.
Whereas, it is deemed desirable that
the capital stock of the Glenn-Lowry
| Manufacturing Company be further increased
by the issue of seventy-five |1|
: hundred shares of preferred stock of
| the var value of on^ hundred dallars I 9
! per share with the preferences, liabili-.
| ties and conditions set out in the fol- ft
! lowing resolutions:
[ Therefore,
1. Be it resolved by the Directors of ^
| the Glenn-Lowry Manufacturing Com- j
: pany, that the capital stock of the
, Glenn-Lowry Manufacturing Company
be increased so that said capital stock \
shall consist of twenty-seven thousand
five hundred shares of the par ivalue of
one hundred dollars a share; said capital
stock to consist of four classes,
viz: five thousands shares to be known
i as common stock; ten thousand shares
| to be known as preferred stock; five
thousand shares to be known as guar- ' anteed
first pre!arret stock; and seven ^
thousand five hundred shares to be
issued under 7/iese resolutions- and to.
be known as 1916 first preferred stock.
2. Be it further resolved that the
rights of the holders of said common
stock, preferred stock and guaranteed
first preferred stock shall remain as
they now exist except as the said rights
may be affected and modified by these
resolutions in favor of the holders of
the said seven thousand five hundred A
shares to be issued under these reSo- \
lutions and to be known as 1916 first X
preferred stock.
3.J3e it further resoked that the^^^B
holders of the seven thousand five hur?
dred shares of capital stock to be
sued under these resolutions and m
be known as 1916 first preferred sto?
shall have a preference over all otll
classes of capital stock of the G-leS
Lowry Manufacturing Company 1?
tofore issued and authorized to b?
sued both as to assets in case of 5
liquidation and as to cumulative div-i H
idends out of the net earnings of the V
company to the extent of six per cent I
per annum payable semi-annually on
the first days of January and July of
each year.
4. Be it further resolved that the 9
foregoing resolutions be submitted to f
the stockholders of the Glenn-Lowry J
Manufacturing Company to be consid- H
ered and acted upon at a meeting pt I
said stockholders which is iiereby*
called to be held at the company's of-9
fices at Whitmire/S. C., on the third V
day of January, 1916, at ten o'clock
in the forenoon.
William Coleman, ':-;||||
v President. JH
i B

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