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The General
Now 1
Session Began At Tweh
" * -- r
Matters or importai
The Law Makir
Special to The lierald and Xc
Columbia, Jan. 11.?The
As this is the sesond session *
will be taken in organization. ;
to the actual work of the sess
When it comes up to the a
mittee of the house will be c<
departments and institutions oi
gating $3,147,754.38, as again:
less than two and a half millio;
lina wants over $80,000 more
erease of $44,000; the adjuta
$133,000 additional is asked f
Florence wants an increase of
lions and departments want in
Comptroller General Saw;
- 1
rior exceed the estimated reven
seven mill, and that it would
mills to raise appropriations,
will doubtless trim the estimat
The Legislature will pro
county officials in the matter c
and there seems to be some
expense should be borne by th
will be measures to make the
+1,,^ lnv onrl T'lPnrp'sfMltative 1
llliO la ?v , aiiv ^
the ways and means committee
for a sentence of imprisonmen
The stocks of liquors in t
to be disposed of.
The '
The state tax commission
share of the Legislature's atte
of. the commission, as made t
< , a ? ti,?
senate lor connrnianuii. mt
probably receiver good share
be proposed to the law as it si
fights of the session.
State Ho
Another subject which m
the state in reference to the St
tion is asking for $150,000 m<
being urged that the state shou
and the State Park property ir
both plants should continue to \
for white patients, while other
rapidly as possible to State Par
? - r-v 1 1
only until the Mate I'arK pian
of the institution.
The appointment of Dr.
senate for confirmation, and 1
$6,000, made by Governor M'a
The term of United State.'
throp college expires this moi
vacancy at its session beginni
Laurin as trustee of W'inthrop
of these positions will be fill*
have been trustees of Winthrc
The terms of the followi
assembly will hold elections fc
^ W n inn of Florem
... v_.. ^...rr
\ ore of Edgefield, judge of th
and W. M. Hamer of Dillon,
lina; W. H. Glenn of Anderso
bers of the board of director?
Green Mbody, state librarian.
It is practically certain the
another term without oppositic
Comptroller Genesal Carl
the present term of his office 1
the governor when A. W. Jc
state tax commission and the
rest of the term.
The legislature will also c
caused by the death of M. I
Greenville, and Mr. Riley of 1
this position.
There may be other trust
record of who they are is ava
to qualify and therefore they
retarv of state. This is liable
arc those who are insisting* tha
and get commissions before t
The state warehouse conn
session. Senator John L. Mc!
to succeed himself, and the na
also been brought forward for
n Annual Session
je O'clock Today?Some of the
ice Which Will Come Before
ig Body?Big Increase In
nriations Asked.
J no. K. Aull.) j
general assembly convenes at noon today,
of the present legislature, very little time
and the two houses will speedily get down
ppropriation bill,*the ways and means eom;nfrouted
with requests from the various
: cue government for appropriations aggre>t
appropriations made last year of a little
? ,1.0it re I "niversitv of South Caro
11 U.W11CH JL liV w ...
than last year, Winthrop asks for an innt
general wants an increase of $45,000;
or the public schools; the reformatory at
some cx'O.uJO, and various other institu-1
ytr estimates that the appropriations asked
ue of the state by $971,404 under a levy of
be necessary to increase the levy to ten
In view of these figures, the legislature
es very considerably.
Prohibition Law.
bablv provide assistance for the regular
)f the enforcement of the prohibition law,
difference of opinion as to whether this
e state at large or by the counties. There
punishment more severe for violation of
l^iles of Orangeburg, who is chairman of j
: of the house, will present a bill to provide
t without the alternative of a fine,
he various counties yet oh hand will have
?ax Com mission.
will doubtless come in for a considerable
ntion. The appointments of the members
?y Governor Manning, will go before the
acts and doings of the commission will
of attention, and various amendments to
lands now may precipitate one of the real
spital for the Insane.
ay be discussed at length is the policy of j
ate Hospital for the Insane. This institute
for development and repairs, and it is
ild declare its policy as to the city property
1 the country. There are those who think
)e developed, and the city property retained i
s think the institution should be moved as
k, the property in Columbia being retained
t can be fully developed to meet the needs
C. |;red Williams will come before the i
:he increase of his salary from $3,000 to
inning, will 110 doubt elicit a good deal of I
Term* Expire. |
> Senator B. R. Tillman as trustee of W in-!
nth and the general assembly will fill the
ng today. The term of Col. D. W. Mccollege
expires at the same time and both
id. Senator Tillman and Col. McLaurin
?]) college since its foundation.
ng officials have expired and the general
>r the vacancies at this session:
:e, judge of the 12th circuit, and J. \Y. Dee
1 ith circuit; C. E. Spencer of Yorkville.
trustees of the University ot ^outii Laro
11 and A. H. Hawkins of Prosperity, mem;
of the state penitentiary; Mrs. Virginia
Lt all of these officials will be re-elected for
iton W. Sawyer will be elected to fill out
dv the Legislature. He was appointed by
>nes resigned to become chairman of the
general assembly will elect him for the
hoose a code commissioner for the vacancy
3. DeBruhl. Col. J. Rion McKfissick of
3ennettsville are announced candidates for
ay Be Others.
ees of State colleges to be elected, but no
.ilable. A great many of the trustees fail
are not recorded in the office of the seeto
cause confusion at some time and there
it all trustees should be required to qualify
hcv can serve.
* /
/>r- iL-n nn it tllli
ijiron^/liv. i llj/ 1* 'i \.awvwiv^II Ci c c??*^
Laurin will be nominated for another term
me of John J. McMahan of Columbia has
the position.
Demands Prov<
Than I
Amounts Asked by Various j
if Met in Full, Would Ni
J ani? AnnrwAincr fn i
V/ 1/ J J JL JLW Wf fc vr x
Tne State. i
Estimated revenue for ordinary ex-!
penses of thy state government for
1916 will be $2,530,580, according to
Carlton \V. Sawyer, comptroller general.
The various institutions and departments
of the government are asking
for appropriations amounting to
>3,147,7.">4 3S. The estimated income
is on a basis of 7 mil's as a state levy.
Ihe total amount asked exceeds the
actual revenue by $971,404. An appropriation
of $420,700 is asked for the
nnhlie schools of the state.
"The revenue of the state for 1916
from the taxes estimated and based
upon the assessment of taxes as of
.January 1, 1915, amounting to $310,907.101,
at a rate of 7 mills on the
dollar, would raise $2,176,350," said
t'ne comptroller yesterday. "We will
add to this the estimated income from
sources other than taxes, as follows:
Estimated Income.
"Insurance license fees, $97,300;
fpp* nf secretary of state, $16,000; cor
poration license fres, $184,969; income!
I tax, $31,126; support of railroad com-|
j j
Governor's office
Secretary of state..
Comptroller general
Insurance commissioner
State treasurer y .
Superintendent of education
'Adjutant general
Attorney general
Railroad commission
Public schools
State librarian
Public buildings
State electrician
Catawba Indians
Department of agriculture
Judicial department ....
Health department
Board of medical examiners
State geologist
Fax department
University of South Carolina
winthron college
The Citadel
Institution Deaf, Dumb and Blind
Sta/te colored college
State hospital for ihsane
Development and repairs, state hospital
South Carolina Industrial school
State penitentiary
Other cnaritafele and penal purposes...
Chief game warden
Historical commission
Interest on bonded debt
Expenses of general assembly
~ ? fo r/il in a
Medical Lonege 01 ouum v^c?
Pensions .
Confederate infirmary
Commission on state house and grounds
State wart-house commissioner ....
State board of charities and corrections.
Public service Clemson college
Board of fisheries
Totals v
At a meeting of t'ne Newberry County
board of education, held December
21, 1915, under the authority vested in
said board by section 1738 of the code
of laws for 1912, the following territory
was taken from the Garmany
school district, No. 27, and added to
Newberry school district, No. 1:
iAll that territory lying within the
boundaries beginning on the east at
the corporate limits of the town of
New-berry following the extension of
Johnstone street to the "State road;"
from said "State road" to where it
intersects the Columbia, Newberry &
~ ' - ? ? nn cf
Laurens railroad, tnence on me caoo
side of said railroad to the corporate
limits of the town of Newberry.
C. P. Barre,
S. .T. Derrick,
.T. S. Wheeler.
Co. Board of Education
For Newberry County.
- V
2 Greater
ncome of State
Departments of Goveament,
icessitate Increase in Tax
Comptroller General.
(mission, $14,0S9; fees, medical examliners,
$1,000; fees, law examiners, $.",0;
! board of fisheries, $3,388; interest on
deposits, state treasurer, $1,'30S; total
"We will then ha. e a total estimated
revenue for thy ordinary expenses of
j 191t> amounting to. $2,530,580. 1 have
; estimated the levy of 7 mills the same
j as in 191"). By reference to the approi
priations asked for by the various in1
stitutiorfS and departments, amounting
i to $3, 147,754.38, it will be noted that
they will exceed tli-s estimated revenue
of the state under a 7 mill levy b}
j $971,040. Therefore, if all the appro|
priations are made as ased for, it will
. __ r- 'i A :ll? ^nllor
I require a levy 01 iu uims vu mc uv/xiai I
j to raise them. Before the taxes of 1916
J are available it will be necessary that
j the state borrow $600,000 to $700,000 to
| meet the current expenses of the govi
Some Comparisons.
j Mr. Sawyer has tabulated the appropriations
made last year with those
, asked for this year as follows.
Made in Asked for
1915. in 1916.
$ 18,830.00 $ 16,830.00
7,020.00 7,400.00
10,340.00 9,900.00
11,095.00 11,095.00
13,650.00 8,600.00
15,320.00 18,000.00s.
24,130.00 70,001.56
6.845.00 7,845.00
14,089.00 15,800.00
287,500.00 420,700.00
?,476.00 2,559.03
v 2,550.00 2,600.00
26,505.00 26.505.00
7,500.00 15,000.00
12,120.00 12,120 00
; 106,920.00 107.070.00
54,676.25 68,143.75
3,000.00 3,000.00
| 5,000.00
104,151.44 187,069.29
156,249.32 200,595.78
(38,500.00 41,500.00
59,600.00 61,893.33
15,000.00 16,500.00
309,700.00 345,000.00
for insane.. 150,000.00 150,000.00
31,000.00 90,925.00
7,050.00 7,300.00
4,305 00 4,305.00
4,424.00 4,424.00
261,033.38 5,330.00
261,033.38 260,043.92
34,850.00 48,285.00
''''' 62,561.98 62,561.98
S3,315.00 42,420.00
282,545.25 282,545.25
... 17,454.75 19,436.75
i 1,950.00 6,700.00
15,000.00 25.000.00
6,700.00 11,548.50
45,691.00 61.382.00
7,600.00 12,900.00
91,211.03 277,172.82
$2,463,759.82 $3,147,754.38
We take this method of expressing
our sincere appreciation and thanks to
the many friend of Mr. Theodore Danielsen,
who so kindly ministered to him
and us during his recent illness and
death. Especially do we thank the authorities
of the Newberry cotton mills
for their tribute of respect in closing
down the mills during the passing ot
the funeral party.
We can only express our thanks, but
God alone can repay, and our prayer is
that the God whom he served will restore
unto all these ten-fold for their
many deeds of kindness in our time of
offliction. Wife and Children.
Teachers' Meeting'.
The county teachers' association
will meet in the high, school building
at Newberry next Saturday at 11
o'clock. AM the teachers of the county
are earnestly requested to attend thi<?
.? Tt will ho informal, but it
HlfCLlU5- u ?
is hoped to make it interesting. The
Question of field day will be discussed
and some decision reached.
Gov. Manning's
To The Gem
Wants Adequate Provision Foi
force Prohibition?The Ch
Position on Various Q
Special to The Herald and News.
Columbia, Jan. 11.?In the annn
the general assembly bv Governor Ri
ernor first takes up the matter of law ei
provision for the pay of special deputi
to enforce" the prohibition law whici
Briefly discussing compulsoiy sch
the present law the extension of the ]
advocates anticipated," and that he "
incuts to it at the present time."
He urges that the age limit of ch
and 'extile establishments be raised.
He recommends a special provisi(
ing teachers in a limited number of th?
i ie devotes only nine lines in the f
r t i 1 . ?- ! ^1. _ 1 1
oi higner learning, rererrmg trie iegisj
ous institutions.
He says that in his judgment "no
for educational purposes can be made 1
and efficient teachers in agriculture in
He commends the work of the s
credit to the commissioner for reduci
the cost of storage. He wants the li
defined, and recommends the creatior
which the commissioner shall be chair
sist of three members, to be appointed
of the senate. He stresses the impoi
the exception of the creation of the b
specific amendments to the act.
He urges a land registration basec
He discusses rural credits briefl)
plan to provide for long-time mortga<
kind is pending in Congress, with a
1 . ? ,
may be unnecessary tor tne stare at u
that the state provide a plan for shor
interest rates.
Briefly referring to the labor troi
the creation of a board of conciliati
appointed by the supreme court, one tn
missioner of agriculture.
He recommends the adoption of a
He commends the work of the st;
He recommends liberal approprij
An appropriation of $30,000 for a
sary appropriation to continue the vv
act are recommended.
He condemns the practice of lobb;
None of the $2,000 appropriated f
has been spent, he says.
* ' ^ -d - - ^?s\?4-i^v wrsrXr r\?
lie uricny 1CIC15 LU U1C v\v-fiiv
and says that he will transmit a spe
He closes with a plea for economy
The Message
Following is the full text of Go>
delivered to the general assembly toda
Gentlemen of the General Assembly:
The constitution imposes upon tl
the general assembly information of
to recommend, for their consideration
necessary or expedient." 1 avail mys
and submit for your consideration the
1 desire, at the outset, to unite witl
God for the blessings that have
ing the past year. It is a ma
note among our people a spirit
1 _ __ ^1 _
better understanding" among; mem, a
order, and a determination on their par
ities and to develop our resources,
earnest desire to co-operate heartily '
to press forward progressive work tha
and more efficient citizens. During tl
with health; and no serious outbreak
labors and the pursuit of happiness,
provision crops have rewarded the la
have been blessed in securing reasona
money crop?cotton?notwithstanding
high ocean freights and the lack of <
about by the war in Europe. Our
thrift, self-reliance and effort, which
prosperity than could have been antici
and reverence we lift our hearts in
for all these blessings vouchsafed to u
Law Enforn
... P , i __lr _
The principle or locai seu-guvci
hearts of all Anglo-Saxons. My aim
should be enforced by the regularly
that duty. I must call your attention
extraordinary measures to enforce its
legislative enactment, has been prohibi
often take the view that when we ado
from it. This law, particularly, will n<
are provided for its enforcement. I
obey the law and to create a public sen
it is law, whether the law is to his 1
case that if a law is disapproved or d
It is needed at this time that such a
respect for law and order be fostered
to bp a habit with us to obey all laws.
be determined by our attitude toward:
erty must be assured so that our mil
M. I WIMIII MII?lllillj<IBIlll I 1 ' i il _ 1 '
(Continued on "
iral Assembly
r Speciul Deputies to En\
iet Excutive States His
Questions and Makes
ial -message of 1916, delivered to
chard I. .Manning today, the govlforcement,
and asks for "adequate
es whenever and wherever needed
h west into effect on the first of
100I attendance, he says that under .
principle "has been as rapid as its
can not advise important amend[ildren
working in factories, mines
>n for a one-year course for traine
high schools of the state.
)rinted pamphlet to the institutions
lators to the reports of these vari
wiser expenditure of public money .
:han to provide salaries for trained
rural schools."
tate warehouse system, and gives
ing insurance rates and lessening
iability of the state on its receipt
1 of a state warehouse board, of
7 /
man, ex-officio, the board to conby
the governor, with the consent
-tance of licensed graders. With
oard, he does not recommend any
:1 on the Torrens system.
stating that he has prepared a
* ' r i.t. -
*e loans, out as a measure 01 inis
strong probability of passage, it ?lis
time to act upon it. He urges
t-term credits for farmers, at low
ubles in this state, he recommends
!on of three members, one to be
' the governor and one by the comt
workmen's compensation act.
ite board of charities.
itions for Confederate veterans.
ittle tick eradication, and the necesork
of Clemson under the Lever
ping. ,
or special legal advice for his office
the State Hospital for the Insane,
cial message in reference to this
?Jno. K. Aull.
in Full.
pernor Manning's annual message
' %
le governor the. duty "to give to
the condition of :the state, and
, such measures as he shall judge
elf of this constitutional privilege
: following message: . l
ivou in giving thanks to Almighty
been vouchsafed to us durtter
of profound gratitude to
of greater unity of purpose,
n increased respect for law and
t to improve our educational facilPeripit
me to assure you of my
with you in these endeavors, and
t will make all of our people better
- -A ?-? Vn
ie past Year we iidvc uccn mv-oovu
of disease has interfered with our
Abundant harvests of grain and
.bors of the husbandmen, and we
.bly profitable prices for our chief
f the unfavorable conditions, the
demand in foreign trade* brought
people have exhibited a spirit of
has brought its reward in greater
ipated a year ago. In earnestness
grateful acknowledgment to God'
nment is one that is dear to the
and effort has been that the laws
constituted officers charged with
, however, to an act that requires
provisions. The sale of liquor, by
ited throughout of the State. We
pt a law the victory is won. Far
ot be effective unless proper means
t is the duty of every citizen to
timent in favor of the law because
iking or not. It is too often the
lisliked, it is trampled under foot,
sentiment in favor of regard and
and encouraged, that it will come" ,
Our progress in civilivation will -~-J
- i C T li-Po r\rrvr\
5 IciVY OVZCllJLllY Ul ill.v anu 1
ids can be at rest; the feeling of ]
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