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(Continued from Page One.)
and loved ones for three years, until,
through the influence of my fatner and
A. S. Wallace, who was a member of
congress of this district, a proclamation
was issued by President Grant
pardoning all the member of the KluKlux-KIan.
Calhoun Long, my brother, and I returned
home in time to adorn the Red
Shirts for Hampton in 1876.
In the month of December, 18S3, I
was drawn as a juror in the United
States court in Columbia. There were
about forty cases brought up from
Marion county charged with conspiracy
ana mtimiaanon, aiso violating tuc
United States election laws. iT.he court
tried several cases, two of which I remember
quite well?Messrs. T. C.
Moody and Ed. Bethea; the court sat
in banc, United States Circuit Judge
Bond and District Judge Bryan. I (
have now pictured in m mind a picture
of that learned and patriotic old Judge j
Bryan, who was always for the right
* and, I am satisfied, was pure in heart,
and I only wi&h that I could find words
to express my opinion of t'nat noble,
Christian, learned and just old judge.
I sat on the jury who tried these two
good men (Messrs. Moody and Bethea)
and the worst evidence brought out
on them was that at a meeting of the
Republican party they called the leau
ers a "band of political cowards" \
(which they were), and I was the onlyj
man for acquittal on the jury. I kept j
it tied up for three weeks, after which \
time t'aj court ordered a mistrial. The
cases were a1.? r?o! pressed at the next
In 1884 I ran for sheriff for Union
county and was elected. (Taking charge
of this office on the 1st of January,
1885, I was elected to it for four terms
in succession.
There were two raids on the jail
while I was sheriff, both without success.
At that time I had the 'honor of
being the first sheriff south of the
Mason and Dixon line to successfully
resist these raids.
After going out of tfie snenns orace
I was elected chief of police of the city
of Union for two years.
In 1908 I ran for sheiff of Union
county and was again elected to that
In tiie twenty-two years that I held
offices in any county the expert accountants
always found that my books
"were correct and balanced to a cent. |
I have written all of this to sho"
the good people of South Carolina that
I have done more for white supremacy
and good government in one day and
night than Richard I. (Manning has
done in all 'nis life, and have been
black-listed by 'him in my old age,
when lie knew I njeeded the office.
He is not a Democrat, but an Oligarch.
He wants to rule and govern
everything, and if the people will notice,
he wants to appoint non-residents
to fill the offices in our own state when
we have just as good material at
If you remember he appointed a
non-resident physician to take c'narge
of the Hospital for the Insane, and
now again he has appointed A. C.
Mann, a non-resident of this state, as
a magistrate to fill the unexpired term
of Josepih Sanders, who resigned.
Mr. Mann made the statement to a
lady at his boarding (house table that he j
was a North Carolinian. It is true i
he took a law course at South Caro-i
lina university. Mr. Mann came to
Union Ia6i spring and has never paid
a cent of 'ax'-s in Union county, unless
he has paid them recently, and did
not register until the 4th of October,
1915, after he had applied for the office
of maeistrate.
i noticed in the Times and Progress
where they stated toat Mr. 'Mann naa
been here a sufficient length of time to
become a citizen. They are both mistaken.
The paper also stated that
ire was always in his place at
church. If they will look on the city
council docket tney will find that A. C.
Mann was charged with shooting firearms
in the city of Union and pleaded
guilty on the 30th of April, 1915, sentenced
to pay a fine of five dollars,
which sentence was suspended during
good behavior. This shooting was
done at his boarding house.
I will state here that Richard I. Manning
is not a suitable man for governor,
as he makes too many mistakes.
I notice that the supreme court turned
-- TV 1.?T ^
mm oown on xne rxuc?n.ttut;o \*uyc, m
Kershaw county, in reference to removing
a sheriff for the balance of his
term, and the supreme court reinstated
Sheriff Huckabee.
If Richard I. Manning has blacklisted
me and not appointed me a magistrate
of Union county after he iiad
left the appointment to the Union Bar
association and they unanimously
elected me, and this was also endorsed
by the county delegation and backed
by one of the strongest petitions ever
gotten up in Union county, and sent a
private detective to Union "with, five
namo3 of men to see and get together
in a meeting "witli instructions to leave
' me entirely out and vote between A. C.
Mann and J. J. Colson, to make an
[ enemy of me, I will accept it as such
| and try to entertain him the best I can.
As Richard I. Manning seems to be
so particular in appointing men to fill
smal! offices in the state he should
nave u?ed some of this discretion in
the management of the Sumter bank,
i Vi r\ tt* o c yv'Vion QATV1P
| v>JL ixc ao pi toiuruv, i>iivA*
I thirty odd thousand dollars were missing
111 the summer of 1914.
My reason for going into this matter
so fully is, whether true or not, I am
generally accredited as being a
'Bleasite." Governor Manning was
elected to office to relieve partisanship
in politics in South Carolina, and I
want the people to be in position and
to be able to decide whether he is I
making any effort in this direction.)
In other words, has he shown himself
strong enough to fill the bill?
(Signed) J. G. Long, Sr.
Union, S. C., December 31, 1915."
j Wealthy Citizen Became Strong Believer
in Tanlac After Se!
curing Results.
The enormous popularity of Tanlg?.j
is the great outstanding proof of its j
merit, and the great and only proof j
of its popularity is the praise given [
the premier preparation by those in;
r in nf\cninn to "know?thoSft Who '
lug UVCl WW ? --
have taken it, and perhaps never in
the history of proprietary medicine
have so many men, leaders in their
.respective communities, in business'
ana social life, given their endorsements
so frequently and freely to a I
proprietary medicine as have men of I
this standing given to Hanlac.
As the proof of the pudding is the
eating, so is proof of the medicinal
and constructive value of Tanlac gained
best by taking it. Big men are big
men because they have big reputations,
and they are jealous of those reputations.
Therefore, they do not jeopardize
those reputations by carelessly
recommending a medicine unless they
know fully whereof they speak.
For the big men, as well as for the
average person, the .plain comforts of
life count the most. That "we want
Overdrafts, Secured and
Real Estate
I Cash on Hand & in Banks
We ask youi
ment showing oui
any time during t
willing to do all o
manner as to assi
on a profitable b
Wishing all
Happy and Prosp
TU Ronlr TU
Hit lsuiin iuu
little here below" is true, but when we
ha\> to do without even that little,!
then the real hardship comes.
A good meal is not poetic, but hon- J
est declaration. "I can eat a hearty:
meal without discomfort," has a better
sound to the average man than the;
best line of poetry ever penned.
This is the condition in which A. D.
SHULL, one of the wealthiest and best j
Known business men of Lexington j
county, "who lives at New Brookland,!
just across the Congaree from Colum-1
bia, found himself. Mr. Shull is also
i-roniinent in the business affairs of
Columbia and of Richland county. For |
several years he was a captain in the I
si;ate militia, assigned to the field staff '
of a major.
Mr. Shull took Tanlac, and received
remarkable benefit. As a result, his
appreciation war so deep and sincere
that ne voluntarily gave a statement of
endorsement for publication. His state
ment follows:
"I know again now the pleasure of
eating, and after suffering for a long
time with indigestion and other stomach
troubles, I can eat a substantial
meal without discomfort.
"Before I took Tanlac, I was forced
to be very careful of my diet, and almost
everything I ate caused gas to
form on my stomach. That feeling of
fullness continued for an hour or more
after it became noticeable. Especially
did I have to guard against eating anything
containing grease or fats. Generally.
I was sluggish, lacked energy
and felt really worn out.
"My unpleasant symptoms have
? - " o raenlf r\? m 17
JUUW UiSctpyCrtl CU, as a. ic^oun. \jl
taking Tanlac, and I feel as a normally
'nealthv man. I am a strong
friend of tTanlac, and am glad to recommend
it to any others, for I know
that it will do good."
Tanlac, the master medicine, is sold
at Gilder & Weeks, Newberry; Pros-1
perity Drug Co., Prosperity; Little
Mountain Drug Co., Little Mountain;
Dr. W. 0. Holloway, Chappells; Whitmire
Pharmacy, Whitmire; D. G. Livingston,
Silverstreet. Price: $1 per
bottle, straight.
Teachers' Meeting.
The county teachers' association
will meet in the hi&h. school building
at Newberry next Saturday at 111
o'clock. All the teachers or tne coumy
are earnestly requested to attend this
meeting. It will be informal, but it
is hoped to make it interesting. The
question of field day will Ije discussed
and some decision reached.
rnrif i T
erry, South Car
.$530,214.32 Capital Stock
Surplus and ]
Dividend No.
3,309.42 Januarj
16,072.25 Dividends Ui
Bills Payable
i 62,357.25
* consideration of tl
r ability to serve yoi
he past. We are n<
I youi Banking bus
st you in conductin,
of our Friends ai
ierous New Year.
t Always Treat
r- ~~y.
Vinol Restored Mr. Martin's Strength
Wapakoneta, Ohio.?"I am a farmer
by occupation, and the grippe left me
with a bad cough and in a nervous, weak,
run-down condition, and I could not
seem to get anything to do me any good
until I took Vinol which built me up,
and my cough and nervousness are all
gone, and I can truly say Vinol is all i
that is claimed for it"?James Martin.
Vinol is a constitutional remedy for
all weak, nervous and run-down conditions
of men, women and children, and
for chronic coughs, colds and bronchitis
Gilder & Weeks, Druggists, Xew'0
Best Ground Insert Lense. $1.50 to
$3.50 pair.
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$4.00 pair.
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$2.50 pair.
Solid Gold Frames and Nose Pieces,
$4.00 pair.
Eyes tested and glasses fitted.;
Broken lenses and prescriptions duplicated.
All work guaranteed.
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Jewelers and Optometrists.
Dr. F. C. Martin
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% Artificial Eyes. J
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No. Six-Sixty-Sis
Thii it a prescription prepared especially
Five or six doses will break any esse, and
if taken then as a tonic the Fever tt-I!! not
return. It acts on the liver better than
Calomel and doea not grioe or
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The Old Standard general strengthening tonic.
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